“…Pick your battles.” Its About Ego – Not Race; It’s …An Easy Pic-A-Ticket to 2012.

Who? Donald? Boldness? Courageous?




Just  P l a I n  


Hand-Picked Saps?


I believe there is a bit of wisdom in considering the expression that admonishes one to; “…Pick your battles.”


And so, with respect to Barack Obama’s response to Donald Trump’s recent cajoling  …I have to wonder; why did President Obama pick this moment to respond to the matter of Donald’s obsession over Barack’s birth certificate?


I mean …as much as Barack could have released it in response to Sarah Palin. doesn’t this timely release speak volumes to Obama’s ulterior motives in this  “…Pick your battles.” moment’s worth of opportunity?


I mean; Obama couldn’t have picked a better moment to leverage the true Trump nature …blowing smoke up the skirt of Donald’s pride driven honor.


I mean; you have to give Barack his due in playing the pride card …blowing Trump’s ego …as if Donald needed anyone to blow his own horn for him.


None the less, when one considers the possibility that Barack would rather run against Donald Trump than Sarah Palin …the release of his birth certificate should serve cause to raise more than merely a few eyebrows in this regard’s ulterior motive, no?


Go figure. Obama must know …or believe that Donald sucks the oxygen out of the GOP’s chances.


And then look for a suitable answer as to why America should not ask Fox news to come up with more suitable programming which will avoid wasting still more time on the likes of weakness more so than seeking conversations with representatives whose  true and honest character offer substance worthy of real hope and change


In other words, Fox …good luck shooting yourself in the foot …further if you want to run rather than limp.


I mean, America has wasted almost three years on Barack Obama, the Senate, Ben Bernanke, Larry Summers (long gone since packing) Timothy Geithner …Nancy Pelosi, Henry Reed, Barney Franks …… among others


America has better to offer.


So, where are they?


Evidently, not on Fox News, no?


All the best, and …


Bring on what is fresh ….and what is real.







Michelle Malkin; you rock woman! Truly Great insights!







God help us America!


Allen West! Don’t run just yet!





Be your own man! Wait for a more worthy running mate …one of worthy of your own choosing.


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