Like Bernie? Like, Whatever!

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The Thinning, is an original Youtube movie …not just my hair line, or whatever is left to call it that.

Nevertheless, may I suggest that you check it out and watch it? Sit back with an old friend and a glass of fine wine. Take a sip or two and watch the story-line’s drama unfold right before your very own eyes.

But be sure to wear a pair of rose tinted glasses just for the fun of the fiction’s fantasy, for that is all it is …that is until the plot thickens and you become gripped by the horror of the deceit and deception of this movie’s metaphor, for it has something to say about where our nation may be headed.

Oh, that all would turn out magical and we would all live happily ever after …and in the end …live to a ripe old age. Sadly, though …nothing could be further from the truth, for in a social fantasy like Venezuela, the weak and elderly die off, because the state cannot afford the costs associated with healthcare ….especially more so the cost to care for the aged elderly.

Avowed devout socialists know this and treat it like a holy grail …the stairway to heaven, and those of the Democratic party are poised to milk this fear to death and for all it’s worth …that, in spite of knowing “…We the People …” cannot afford such fairy tales.

Enter upon the stage, the magical promises of Bernie, and we will charmed by the Wizardry by whose magic wand promises all will live well beyond our years under the Democrats far left socialist regime ….regardless of the limited ways, means and measures of the US Federal Government which all those like Bernie know …is in hock up to the heavens.

I speak principally out of respect for Bernie …for now that Hillary has fallen from the good graces of those among the party; his Mickey Mouse charades have seemingly made him …THE LEADER OF THE BAND and a prime target among others half his age.

That would be Bernie Sanders ……not Bernie Madoff …although I believe that they may have more in common that they differ. They most certainly had no shortage of charm, charisma and a good story line too.

So, let’s see how their story lines intersect with America’s.

Let’s go back in time to 2005, where the wakes of so many damaging, costly and timely 2005 storms such as Rita, Katrina and Wilma proved to be, major contributing factors whose undoing’s costs hampered a then, democratically elected (Dangling Chad …notwithstanding …) Bush administration …presenting daunting challenges during an era of forgone peaceful (?) democracy …save the cost of waging wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

For all their costs, these storms’ and the combined financial load which resulted, presented monumental economic stresses which would understandably challenge any democratic free-market nation.

The sudden nature of these storms merely added to the existing exasperated financial burdens at this time under the Bush administration.

These sudden disasters came with a price tag which, understandably …wasn’t cheap and forced Treasury Secretary, Allan Greenspan’s hand …leaving him little choice but to overheat and juice the economy through easy money monetary policies which …in turn …over-revved and heated up the economy to a fever pitch …his policies also are credited for having produced record tax receipts.

Yet, sadly …financial leadership, like fiscal constraint and oversight was scare to be had in bearing the fruit of Washington’s lack of accountability at a time when due diligence was running as low as the former toppled Trade Towers were high.

# I believe it was synonymous to announcing Happy-Hour prior to a bar’s closing time …and …beyond this …then, calling it, Overtime …time and time again …in place of “LAST CALL.”

Can you say QE to the x-power of infinity and beyond?

Speak about fake news? What about Artificial Monetary Policies’ and what ushered in the need for such mass quantities of anesthesia?

Am I to believe, that …what man did or did not make or break, man’s machines will fix …?

I liken this contrast to …on Earth as it is in Heaven …for neither Congress’s fiscal will will ever meet the responsibility of the Fed’s task of responding to both the economy and to a buch of drunken sailors.

Most people do well to manage one thing at a time …let alone, doing two things at once well …particularly when one has a free will and is largely out of touch with responsible public service.

If man is subject to acts of God; how much more are his machines …man’s will or lack thereof …notwithstanding Congressional fiscal restraint gone wanting …?

Speak of Pain …or the avoidance of it notwithstanding, historically, man’s will has consistently proven that, financial weakness in an economy has a tendency whose ways are that which invites its own set of deliberate consequences and challenges to the table, especially a table which is filled with vomit.

Such as in a bar, many of those consequences are unintended …notwithstanding acts of God like those encountered in the wakes of 2005’s Rita, Katrina and Wilma.

Chalenges to Weak Leadership:

Can you say; “…a red line in the sand …”?

And so, before those words which were uttered by then, President Obama, it was to be the case of September 11th, 2001, at which time …the Islamic terrorist group, al-Qaeda, carried out and exercised a carefully planned attack …one of epic and unimaginable proportions against the United States that morning …doing so for the first time on, what was once thought to be untouchable sovereign soil.

However, since then …democracy’s privacy rights, once privileges, which were thought to be safeguarded and sacrosanct …have given way …under a totally different load …a political load carried forward in shame by another well-orchestrated series of campaigns through the continual ascription of financial blame for failure …a strategic way, or rather more like an opportunity which was seized and taken by another form of SHEER GREED …largely behind a misplaced veil of deceit …a misplaced blame which seething mad America was eager to buy into …bought and bit …hook line and sinker. However, it was this campaign which few realize was paid for and financed by the likes of funds derived largely from foreign PACs …those which …it is reported (…?) have largely (?) been banned, outlawed and curtailed …to what extent and credible level …I do not believe anyone can say for certain …under penalty of law.

Yet, it is well known that they don’t smoke marijuana in Muskogee …WINK …wink …?!

And so, from democracy, through blame …little has changed to alleviate these ways’ moves which have paved the way to acquiring more debt than any other panacea …ancient or otherwise …the all-time go-to temporary answer to …how to avoid and escape any financial and economic pain for a time …albeit on borrowed time …and …on someone else’s dime …without alleviation …particularly when one is drunk to its excesses …no thank you Saint Paul.

Is this really Moving forward (?)

If so, where to from here?

Socialism …?

Nice …!

Fine kettle of fish!

Out of the frying pan and into the fire it will be …as it seems to be in the meantime for US suckers.

From Democracy through blame …and from blame to socialism …in less than three decades we are …and still, we are still more addicted to debt and fake monetary policies …machine-like A.I. notwithstanding.

That all is well intentioned, but how does one expect a machine to reign-in Congress’ fiscal irresponsibility …?

In the meantime, Russia’s calling …

Try and reign that in with a Free Government Program, won’t you?

And by the way, just for the record …for whatever it’s worth …I don’t mean to beg for the likes of another fake Russian dossier. Please Lord …!

Otherwise, that’s what I call …taking a fast track to Nowhere fast.

Can you say; High-Speed Rail?

So, sit down, smoke a joint and relax. You’ll get it’s there already …sometime sooner than you can think.

You can think, can’t you ..?

Well, then …how about exercising a Word of Wisdom?

How about mixing it then, with a Word of Knowledge?

Above all, how about then, executing and operating both guided by discernment? Clue: To be able to do all, one must be able to listen attentively.

Do you have the will to manifestly exercise these operations out of any love of the Spirit of Liberty?

If not, your judgement will remain skewed as it ever was …same as it ever was.

Same as it ever WAS …!

Imagine that. Imagine a destination and a place which has turned your dreams into this all consuming addiction and its opportunity costs.

Imagine where its continuance will take you and yours along your nation’s journey to a place beyond time and space …to a place without dimension …

Next stop …? Up ahead along our journey …is a place known as the Twilight Zone.

Will it be a way forward …forward, or just another in the franchise known as A nightmare on Elm Street …?

If so, it shouldn’t be a surprise destination far from approaching the likes present Venezuela … a literal junk heap among a whole host of other socialist countries which also serve as reminders and legacies to the failure of their systems which bred corruption and spawned the financial failures of their social revolutions?

Unlike the branches of the vine, I do not believe America was conceived merely to be cast into the fire …!

So, sit back. Sip your wine and enjoy the movie.

I’m truly getting too old for this sort of thing …particularly with respect to both Bernie and or A.O.C., for America is getting to the point where in which She can no longer afford to reasonably do two things at once effectually.

It’s got to be capitalism for America is at a point where the two …can’t mix and be expected to produce the kind of fruit which sustains the sort of debt we have and are giving to our hopeful expectant future generations.

In that regard, lastly …in regards to speaking the truth to strength, I offer many thanks to my friend and former Wichitan, Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, for his wisdom, his guidance and his council in working with President Trump to ensure America remains strategically strong strengthened with WHATEVER SHE NEEDS TO STAND …HAVING DONE ALL TO STAND AND ENDURE WHATEVER COMES OUR WAY …for there is indeed …A GREATER PURPOSE UNDER HEAVEN.

For in enduring sustainable growth, I will gladly AND CHEERFULLY contribute to FREELY remain indebted to a free country (AT ANY PRICE …) rather than BE MADE TO BECOME a slave to any number of maniacs, despots, and whatever IDEOLOGUE-Tyrant who may choose to try to derail and undermine our Constitutionally Guaranteed Freedoms …especially the pretenses of SOCIALISM whose web of lies is currently being spun by the likes of Bernie Sanders and O.A.C.

Try as the far left might, the mighty and not so gullible. I pray men and women of stature stand strong …on guard, standing keenly alert, and shall not fall and be taken captive for whatever poses to threaten and weaken this great nation we Americans call the home of the proud and the brave.

So help me God …till the day I die!

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