The Irony of Glasnost

Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev
Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev
Glasnost Photo Credits: Thanks to Sebastian Niedlich

Beyond the former Reagan administration, former President Obama’s will forever be remembered for having said something like; “…this administration will be the most transparent ever …”

Yes, well …let’s move forward, for we must not lose sight of Hope in the clarity of what all truth is truly worthy of sustaining …namely, our freedoms’ love, which …if maintained in a more responsible manner …just might continue to be more fully capable of responsibly maintaining the Spirit of Liberty. Damned be the subtle evils of tyranny …!

The Mystical Search for Collusion

The Irony of Glasnost

So then …now, in all honesty …let us objectively move forward and lean in to closely examine and consider these two past presidents against the current curtain of our nation’s irony …a bureaucratic stronghold from behind whose paradox, has all but successfully superseded polarizing partisan surfaces …going beyond and below the Deep Black pools of the intelligence communities …only to mingle and intersperse the political waters with a muddied politically charged backdrop reserved only for hell itself. Such as it is …this is what I see has most certainly sprung forth from behind a curtain of a more sinister eerily familiar veil …ironically …that of our own making.

But, before taking a closer look at the makings of such a domestically rooted evil, I would suggest that  presidents Reagan and Obama are enough to adequately provide an appropriate, fitting and timely comparison from within which to make a valuable comparison to the irony of the Iron Curtain in a way which now unwittingly stands to mock almost every advantage of valuing any measure of the clarity of open and honest transparency.

So then, let’s talk about playing both ends against the middle, ok?

For this, I point to the Russians …for they are pros at playing this game, and let’s be honest; for they seem to always know where all the bodies and skeletons are buried. Furthermore, they also know whose strings to pull …and how to sovereignly exercise very clean operations precisely at just at the right time with exacting impact in such ways so as to always produce the fruit of their plans expected effect to exact their desired outcome too.

One cannot afford to fall not even one step behind …or, all may become lost …if, it already isn’t. Hmm?

Do you think that Edward Snowdon or WikiLeaks might have just had a little hand in the making of stuff in this way?

If so, then …perhaps Snowdon, and then …surely …Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks are both noteworthy examples as to the extent of how such deeply orchestrated cyber-attacks wreaked havoc on Hillary’s and any number of her extensive contacts alike …like those which resided on her private server …fully exposed and thoroughly open just begging to be compromised …gone wanting so without adequate oversight.

After all, Russian are likely not the only operatives that know how to recognize the potential of sour grapes when they see them budding on the vine …ready and lying in wait for the harvest’s picking …by cycle and anvil’s extensive training notwithstanding.

So then, to be sure …let’s be clear on this point looking toward a future …one which is promised to be chalked full …loaded with the state’s proletariats promises of endless free stuff.

The Proletariat’s Mentality:

Keep the worker working. The worker can’t revolt if they are working …working for carrots and potatoes.

So then, the proletariat’s opportunity lies in the questions: what’s not and who’s not working?

Beyond the adage which states; “…a friend in need is a friend indeed …;” the Russians also seem to know how to harvest and use soured grapes. So why would they be expected to stop after having made whiners out of Washington’s entire bipartisan lot …regardless whether they be of the bitter or sweet variety?

So, for starters, let’s …as the Russians did …take Hillary’s private home-based server by storm along with her nested home network’s entire list of totally exposed and subsequently hacked contacts. And let’s not forget to consider Hillary’s emails …whether they were (…as claimed) conveniently lost, deleted and or deliberately bleached.

Like Honey Badger, the Russians could give a rat’s bass who is making an excuse whether it be according to either or both Hillary and US Intelligence agencies’ denials alike.

As I noted earlier, they know where the bodies are buried. No investigation necessary …thank you please.

No appreciation need be given. But, the Russians might as well have said’ “…You’re welcome …;” but if you ask Hillary; I don’t think she would find this funny. Bernie perhaps, but …for sure, not Hillary.

Nevertheless, apparently the Russians do not seem to be the only ones both capable, able and transparently willing to admit what they found …howbeit, whether their stuff was dribbled out suspensefully …bits by bit …by skillful, in surgically-precise manners …by highly-trained professional operatives who chronologically and thoroughly orchestrated their work …doing so …so as to openly and in total clarity thumb their noses …in such an open manner so as to beg …or rather, force a tyrant’s total recall …at their beacon whim call, will and disposure …all in way and means which HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH Donald Trump …the candidate.

Unknown Memes and Little Known Peeps
Meme by Ben Ferguson

So, let’s not stop there at Hillary’s house, for you know the Russians wouldn’t and didn’t either.

So then, take Huma Abedin for instance …and that of her dear friend and often exposed, Anthony Weiner.

The ripples of Hillary’s widening blatant disregard for national security continued.

Take …for another instance, Debbie Wassermann Schultz.

For that matter, why not take the entire DNC (pre-election) as a most fitting example, which …not only meddled and colluded in a grand covered-up conspiracy wherein which the height and degree of this conspiracy’s political greed took on the sanctioned form of direct and deliberate interference …a hit-job which TOOK Bernie Sanders to the woodshed merely for the sole purpose of winning at whatever cost …all participation medals notwithstanding. Do they give out medals for political assassinations these days …? After all, wouldn’t that only be fair …?

After all, if that’s the case, wouldn’t it only be fair to ask Bernie to pay his fair share by rolling over and playing dead for the better cause of the DNC? Right …?! So then, what is interference and or collusion but merely a greater chance to fall into a deeper abyss beyond that merely of hypocrisy …losing every right and opportunity of the pot to call the kettle black, no …?

Take all these consistent examples together …stand them next to and compare them with the irony of a purely Russian policy whose early example in a previous era was (…and perhaps, still is …?) one which primarily points to a monumental principle whose purity and open clarity points to the rather more genuinely ignoble simplicity like the embodiment of one of Ronald Reagan’s most famous quotes spoken when he said; “…Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall …!”

What then, is more emblematic of Glasnost, Hillary?

I rather think nothing you nor your ilk have to offer.

Not to stop now. I believe I am on a roll which needs to be articulated.

So, let’s continue to …move forward (?) to a time where we actually have either the Russians or both of the likes of a Edward Snowdon and an Assange to thank for exposing the Clintons … if but to merely harvest all the laughable reasons …feeding both the press as well as one US intelligence agency with a series of sequential timely releases …one right after another …with just enough scraps so as to engender strifes in a calculated way that easily pit one team against the other …mostly in the wake of each one of any number of their shocking releases’ reveals …if but to merely enjoy the strength and disruption that each of their laughable Glasnost-like opportunities afforded.

Yes, through the irony of such clarity, if is no wonder how easily the Russians toyed with US intelligence bureaus after successfully feeding, misleading …and stirring up the pot of the US electorate to a frenzy in the runnup to the 2016 General Elections …like a Buzz Lightyear slogan; “…To infinity and beyond.

On Finding Collusion …or looking for ones ASS …to infinity and beyond …!?

Aside from one fake …paid for so-called Russian Dossier; to make matters manifestly worse, the US intelligence agencies which …along with The US Justice Department have made every attempt to appear …to date, as naive and as innocent as choir boys and girls.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to recognize a side-stepping …toe-tapping charade. And such as all appearances suggest, such leads to the conclusion in which both have been long since trying to cover up their past ineptitude in preferring the pursuits of deference in being willing, active bad actors by pretending to be unwitting participants in the largely orchestration of Russian’s gambits by playing both the first strings of both domestic ends against the middle …as if one (such as an odd man out) might wittingly and knowingly figure out a way to escape out of the foray …untouched and unscathed …having caused both ends to forsake caution and cast all prudence and reason into the wind and fire …and thus, rather willingly sacrifice America’s bipartisan political parties’ …systematically …tossing them both directly into a raging sea of angst …thanks to the Russian’s simple playbook …a diabolical machine which I will aptly call the MEAT-GRINDER. Perhaps, by playing … it is merely seen as a monetary charade of last resorts …the last resorts to keep inflation in the harbor …and stagnation at bay …doing so with no more than the latest new fruit of uncertainty.

Note: The last was Obama Care …which was just another such economic drag, which effectually was produced through no shortage of smoke and mirrors …a charade which was fielded in the form of a storm which also had a net effect which more than nicely excused holding rates artificially low merely to afford the interest service costs on the ginormous US Public Debt …just long enough …it would seem, merely to get through till the next election cycle …with or without solution …and any subsequent need to make to much out of another raise in the debt ceiling.

Perhaps the Russian’s gambit …aside from Glasnost …is a sidetracked play on their incursion into the Crimean and its subsequent annexation.

Perhaps such is an attempt to divide the unity and distract a more European’ NATO alliance in a way to further weaken and break the backbone of our allied resolve …in so many other ways at the same time.

At any rate, who is winning …and who is sick of winning now?

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