Guiding Lights’ Lamps Leading Forward

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Saturday, August 10, 2013


A Guiding Light and a Lamp Leading Forward

Today, as ever before, both the Republican and Democratic parties battle ceaselessly in a senseless struggle …striving against one another to outpace each other’s best misplaced steps …falling over one another, as if …they both were dancing with two left feet. And in all of these battles whose duration is that which has lasted almost as long as the American Civil War; it is apparent and abundantly clear that both hellish sides are hell-bent on dismantling one another …no matter by whatever means necessary …regardless of the ancillary costs. Sadly, now …more than ever, now …is neither the time nor the place to abandon such an increasing, crucially important, fiscal regard.

Just by such a lack of regard, the means by which our nation’s partisan battles’ costs …as well as how such will likely impact the national mind-set is enough to cause bewilderment to cast doubt upon those who bear the responsibility to provide the sort of oversight which will ensure and further the quality of our nation’s system of higher education.

By this …I mean to imply that, by our very example …we are leaving behind a pitiful legacy whose rueful example have been indelibly engraved upon our young in little more than a sea of tumultuous and boisterous discord …fomented by blame and shame rather than a spirit of ideals which would otherwise point to examples which should …on the other hand, teach unity and whose pursuit is patterned after denotative, well-defined cooperative searches for solutions.

Teacher on the left! Teacher on the right! What is your message and where is your method’s impact? Where is and how is such detriment capable of leading the apprentice and the journeyman to mastery? In what all may be left behind, what is the sum impact of your destruction rebuilding …and what of devastation’s future costs?

In such contemplation; I remember that a man once said; “…The thief comes but for one purpose, to steal …to kill and to destroy.

And in like manner, this satanic process’s deliberate disregard …is like an emphasis which has overshadowed a higher road’s truth …and has caused a proud nation to cave in turning to an endless shallow depravity …turning from the light of a lamp whose purpose has long been to illuminate a higher road of freedom.

But such a guiding light no longer serves a lower road …one seized in endless obsessive pursuits …compulsively chosen for the promise their means hold in each attempt that successively divides one another all the more.

In traveling the path most traveled, the low road seems to have taken both captive, and now sadly …the best the other can possibly do …is, as they have successfully done so far …is to continue to ignore the truth …throwing it and respect completely under the bus …doing so at any cost …regardless of the price of any outcome.

And in this disregard …a couple of truths ring loud and clear …especially in the light of all that has come and gone since the November 2010 Mid-Term Elections.

And this would simply be:

…whereas, might does not make right …

….and whereas, right may strive to make might;

…still, tyranny and absolute power corrupts absolutely …most of which stands in total abject contempt for the open transparency of truth and its clarity.

And try as both parties have fought one another in and with all their might and means; the truth for which “…We the People ….” stood upon …as evidenced in 2010’s precious historic moments …that foundation’s self-evidence is a manifest unified clarity one in truth and true purpose …and it shall not soon be forgotten …especially, today …in spite of the clear light of such august and deliberately robust unjust attempts to sweep this movement’s spirit off the political map of fiscal responsibility and under the rug.

No! The groundswell of the Tea Party’s foundation NEEDS NO OTHER MEANS in the order of justice to shine brighter TODAY than ever before.

The truth, for which it stood in 2010 …then, is now become …all the more significant in view of the scandalous efforts which both parties’ attempts have been making to marginalize The Tea Party’s original ground-swollen outpouring …in its spirit of truth …in seeking to renew fiscal responsible accountability.

And yes, this nation’s “…truth for which it stands …” continues groaning, ever more the longing for a just rest and a fiscal peace of mind …a missing and lacking measure of confidence in all that which may …otherwise be held to be self evident …that this nation of free peoples will continue to carry the 2010 groundswell’s spirit of unity safely far forward with and in the honesty and integrity of and by both The Tea Party’s noble and inseparable means as well as in and by its just and noble ends pursuit of unity.

Such means and ends are a just nature which has an indivisible character a character that a nation can learn from by example …not as from a pack of belittling shameful lies …and, yes …as one nation no longer divided and no longer entwined in a mess of divisive deceitful scandals and obstructions therein.


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