Whatever, The Conversation of Handling Debt

I grew up in Hutchinson, Kansas, and I can still hear my father say; “Bill …,: he used to say; “…you have to learn to live within your means …” to which I dared never reply; “Whatever..!” Today, I would ask that you to join me in saying that private conversation is now publically long overdue.

Jobs, Stammering Lips & Tongues

Thus, who should receive credit for a stellar December 5th Jobs Report is a no brain-er. Its credit goes …in my book to OPEC. I wonder if OPEC members had the foresight to short oil before tipping their poker hand’s and production intentions.

Either Trough and The Political Boffins Therein

Any Trough and The Political Boffins Therein

I was listening to a discussion on a financial news network the other day which focused on S&P’s downgrade. As it was, the topic turned to a consideration of how a country should use its debt.

And invariably, the discussion’s topic landed on the issue’s which centered around about what could and should be done to bolster both growth and ensuring that public policy establish a solid foundation which could rebuild confidence to translate hope into a lasting, widespread organic economic recovery.

Without such there will likely be no broader manifestation of any growth …let alone an increased sense of prosperity.

As the discussion progressed, it focused upon an issue in which the debate’s concerns arrived at what actually makes for a return on investment …I.E; …the bang for the buck ..which is …of course …in essence …is an issue of the value of the dollar.

As it were, the discussion turned to regard the value of the various uses of public debt as an economic and a political tool.

Waxing Righteously Upon the Backs of Parables

Waxing Righteously Upon the Backs of Parables

I find it an interesting objective commentary to closely view and scrutinize the observations and comments of third-parties’ consternations….the lowest form of which is otherwise known as gossip.

My case in point today is one which I have deliberately chosen to make, taking it from a lesson which came to mind in a lesser-known and seldom quoted Biblical parable …one which chillingly reminds me of the today’s events and affects of all things European.

Moody’s Plausible Probable Likelihood

Moody’s A Plausible Probable Likelihood

Are you kidding?

“…in the wake of the worst political rancor since the civil war …”

Jim Crammer Friday, July 15, 2011

In Washington …the nature and rules of brinkmanship’s dynamics are always being written and rewritten, as they have been time after time again.

Why then would …or, what then could make the question as to whether or not Congress will raise the debt ceiling before the last minute …a question whose lackluster resolve’s and groaning dynamics different any more than any other thing which this “do-nothing” Congress has touched recently?

Well, then …consider this point of conjecture.

But let me set the stage first.

Is there any one you know that …when they walk into the room, there is a rushing like mighty sucking noise?

You know …the sort of person/organization who believes and acts as though the whole damned world’s charter was meant to serve as a mandate which justifies and encourages wiping their feet on any who take up an opposing issue …regardless of the costs.

And if you have any doubt about it …just ask them.

Well, in Washington’s play …I believe that its brinksmanship in its (ownership) matter of the debt limit debate …merely serves as just such a sucking example …one in which partisan politics extols all of the best virtues and all the worst vices of wiping one’s feet on the other …all at the expense of “…We the People …”

CNBC’s Rock Star …Amanda Drury

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Amanday Drury …CNBC’s Rock Star

Re: An open letter to Amanada Drury

Amanda Drury, you are a rock star.
You have a sharp wit and the intelligence required to connect the dots.
In my last post: 666 China’s Currency Evaluation I really didn’t expect many …if any to actually make the connection.
Instead, I expected most to discount the numerical reference …taking it instead, merely …as a fundamentalist’s biblical reference rather than the rather obscure and implicit reference to the low-water mark of the market index.
CNBC’s Senior Host, Mark Haines should be able to appreciate this; as, he will be, among all people …the first to take credit for having called the Haines bottom of the market …its remarkable reversal’s pivot point.
In this regard, I must say; way to go Mandy!!!
Kudos for your intellect and your unassuming patience.
Outstanding amongst a forest of petrified redwood egos.
All the best, and keep up the good work!!!

666 China’s Currency Evaluation

Bond Prices demise? How?

That’s not just even the half of it all.

None the less, today …Ben Bernanke’s call to cut spending and embrace physical responsibility was about as weak as his attempts were to justify down-playing QE’s impact upon commodity prices and the unmistakable presence of inflation …passing them off as factors attributable chiefly to the expansion of demand stemming from developing emerging market nations.

No matter how the Ben Bernank slices it, and no matter what components he can righly, justly, or otherwise care to conveniently factor out of the inflation indexes, low wages and or labor components are no means worthy to justify the excuse to continue down a path which destroys the strength of the American dollar …for merely a greater interest …that which allows thee governmetn to skate free …merely to justify paying a lower (weak-dollar) interest service costs …merely to afford to carry the public debt ….merely to be able, primarily …just to float the note we tote.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain …INDEED!

Clarity? Transparency? Perposterous!!!

So, that is a recap of my last post in a nutshell …any rise interest rates, not withstanding, because that is the central and pivotal …jobs …housing …liquidity …debt load (public debt costs) treasury yields …bond prices and lastly …the Fed’s balance sheet all not withstanding.

God knows we couldn’t have these two items (The end of QE and …the rise of the debt limit) scheduled side by side.

No, we will now …not have these items on the calendar at the same time. God forbid!

Think of it; rising interest rates impact upon the service costs of our public debt. Good Lord! We wouldn’t want to send our foreign creditors the message that we need to borrow more money …just to float the note.

Ax the Home Mortgage Interest Deduction?

Stimulation vs. Depression

One moment it’s stimulate; the next it’s depress.

So what’s next; more uncertainty?

That would be good for housing and employment now, wouldn’t it?

CNBC; you can’t seem to make a consistent supportive call toward private sector solution in many of your segments …”The Call” not withstanding ….at least not in one viable practical solution which validly is capable to consider that which promotes the rights of the individual over and above the needs of the state …our Beggar and Beggar-like …Big Brother.

Which came first; the individual or Big Brother?

Read the constitution if you can’t answer this without hesitation.

I don’t know; but, the last time I checked …the government was ordained and establish to serve the needs of the individual …and not vice versa.

I know! I’ve lived in a few countries where the worker served the state …mostly without a single shred of private incentive.

CNBC, since when did the servant become the lord here?

Make no mistake about it; I do not work or live to serve you either!

Likewise, in your discussion of: Tax Incentives & Reward vs. Tax Penalties …I have to ask; …where is the slightest mention of the private incentives’ side of you conversation gone hidden?

Me rather thinks that you have deliberately, blindly …or otherwise stuffed this more meaningful other side of the discussion into a little black box and carefully placed it in the back of a dimly lit room?


Make no mistake …the answer which serves the private sector a better solution …most certainly does not lie in the public solution.

But in as far as …so much potential as the private side of the equation has …why have the other (still bigger government and its needs) so swamped out the interests of “…We the People …?”

Why then has this lop-sided conversation’s considerations continued unchecked along such detrimental lines?

So, rather than continue to be blind-sided; I must ask ….

So, who’s on your side? Who’s got your back? Whose interests are being served here in this lop-sided discussion?

What’s to loose?

The rights of the individual …or the needs of a failed ,,,self-serving government hell-bent on establishing and moving forward a socially engineered new liberal order?


To America, in regard to Her …The Deficit Commission …I say;

Beware, do not become the administration’s next …

New Whipping Boys …the next one gone up …given upon the Chopping Block …much without so much a consideration of what actually works to move freedom forward efficiently …alas; the demise and power of private enterprise …up in smoke.

For an example of the impact of taxation; see the causes of “The Great Depression.”