Jobs, Stammering Lips & Tongues

Thus, who should receive credit for a stellar December 5th Jobs Report is a no brain-er. Its credit goes …in my book to OPEC. I wonder if OPEC members had the foresight to short oil before tipping their poker hand’s and production intentions.

Power. Ground & the Last One Who Touched It.

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…Raise the people …not the debt.

Now, here’s a novel idea …                 …Raise the people …not the debt.   After all, it should come as no surprise; People […]

Kudos For A First Step To Move Us All Forward

To Rand Paul:

Kudos for speaking your mind today Rand Paul!!!

You are so right in one respect. This vote to raise the debt ceiling is not going to stop the annual deficits’ from contributing huge sums to the debt. Your are right this bill will not stop the fact nor the affect that each yearly deficit will continue to grow the public debt.

In this, this still will not much alleviate the huge sums which still need to be borrowed in order to sustain the spending habits necessary to support the governmnet in a lean revenue environment …one in which tax receipts are still a very scarce and harsh reality.

The paradox of reality’s pain has not yet well embraced.

Otherwise, it would have been more than well met and dealth with the necessary degree of resolve demanded in principal and scope by means which would have otherwise …resolved …long ago …to reconcile our debt in and with a rather greater certain measure of calm fiscal sanity.

And you are right that it will merely slow it down a bit …still allowing the debt to grow by 7 trillion dollars …rather than 11 trillion over the next ten years.

I understand why you declared tonight that you will not vote for the Bill when the House Bill is presented to the Senate.

On principal, it is no wonder why …over 60 Republican Nay VOTES were recorded in tonight’s House Vote.

Harry Ried’s Game Let’s You And Him Fight

In consideration of all of Senator Reid’s digs and innuendos’ …his pat answers make no more than one gigantic piece of work …which is still not going to work for “…We the People …”

His scripted sound bytes have even gone as far as to suggest that former President Regan’s deficits bear a strong resemblance to today’s debt’s relative magnitude.


For one, to suggest such is to obviate …overlook and turn a blind eye to the fact that today …the health of the economy and the prevailing lack of confidence herein …only causes today’s deficits and prevailing economic malaise …to pale …when …and if …truth be told …is allowed to serve as a more sobering measure of a more truthful comparison.

Therein, the Senator’s drivel doesn’t make for a stable leg to stand on before making such broad sweeping comparisons …those whose logic and arguments are both untimely and can hold no water.

A cracked cistern can hold no water …such a cracked pot not withstanding.

Cut, Cap & Balance

In my humble opinion, there’s got to be a better way to safeguard fiscal sanity other than by putting a chastity belt around the federal government’s purse strings.

They put muzzles on mean wild dogs don’t they?

Horses and stagecoaches come equipped with reins, yes?