Jobs, Stammering Lips & Tongues

When I Was a Child …

…I walked as a child …I spoke as a child …

Re: December 5th’s Job’s Print:


11 For with stammering lips and another tongue will he speak to this people.

12 To whom he said, This is the rest wherewith ye may cause the weary to rest; and this is the refreshing: …yet, they would not hear.


Label …! Label …! Label! Listen! For crying out loud …! Check the label…!

For I’ll wager that, nine times out of ten …it will say;

“Made in …

…China, Taiwan, India, Mexico, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Philippines, Indonesia, Haiti, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Dominican Republic….or Peru.”

$o what? And why should I care about who is responsible for what may have made for the makings of so many part-time seasonal jobs?

Why should I care whether it would it be ISIS …or Russia …or, perhaps OPEC …?


It might even likely be partly Santa’s fault. But I doubt it is Honey Badger’s doing.

Above all, the increase in the number of real (full-time) jobs depicted by the Job’s Report is in no ways attributable to the Obama Administration’s maelstroms’ of detrimental policies that have resulted in building anti-nationalist roadblocks …those whose barriers are no more than liberal monuments which have risen to speak as testimonies to what all has destroyed demand which, also have sinisterly kept inflation coincidentally low. But the vast majority of the administration’s chains and fetters are those which have also discouraged jobs formation. This has more than thwarted the private sector and has led to failures which have overall hurt the opportunities of the poor, the middle classes and those who are retired and dependent on fixed incomes.

However, in giving credit to the Obama administration, specifically by reason of what respect and energies have been given to keep the costs of financing Obama’s record-setting deficits marginally sustainable during his time in office, much of the credit for this opportunity goes to The Federal Reserve’s monetary policies which have had also been thwarted by TINA (…There Is No Alternatives). Yes, the Fed has had no other choices but to keep rates low …primarily, in the interest of giving the US Government its only opportunity to service its debt without producing policy which infringe upon the government’s abilities to deliver on its socially mandated obligatory goods and services.

Think about what it would mean to the Federal government which is fed by tax receipts if its cost to float the note …the burgeoning Public Debt were to markedly increase.

Therefore, TINA is a NO-BRAINER.

But, in keeping to any course that resembles honors honesty, this is precisely what has placed undue pressures on the backs and shoulders of the poor, the middle class and those who depend on fixed incomes …not to mention the impact TINA will mean to future generations who …for this dereliction of duty will have to pay the pain for this administration’s exorbitant borrowing practices …those whose esteem has added record-breaking sums to what promises to become the sum of a nearly unsustainable public debt …even as they have artificially been kept near ZERO for the longest time in our nation’s history.

Fancy that…! For Debt, the administration will take no responsibility, but for jobs …they will claim it all …even if it is a temporary Holiday season phenomenon.

In this, the administration’s jobs-killing juggling policies have had no real affect at producing what liberals  all of a sudden would like to use to erroneously portray what they believe is the real role of government, namely creating jobs. Honestly! What about giving the private sector more credit and opportunity as a better opportunity than TINA could ever hope to be. Yet, as deluded as politicians are so arrogant; I have to wonder why they celebrate every opportunity to elevate their mandate above that of the private sector …?

Nevertheless, the administration has no leg to stand on in claiming the credit for the Job’s Report’s numbers in spite of its long anemic pattern of job-killing public policies. Yet, such arrogant attempts though, could not prevent the liberal’s camp (one and all) from touting that their policies actually had resulted in creating so many jobs. Honestly! How could anything possibly be any more lacking in originality, vision and foresight than the administration’s shameless attempts it used that day to project its spin …claiming that its policies were the reason to celebrate its opportunity to take the lion’s share of credit. Talk about the baseless merit of its spin which liberally had sparred no opportunity in crafting its use of its verbiage which included; the words “…created jobs.”

Oh, excuse me! Instead of using the word “crafting…;” I should have chosen the more politically preferable verbiage “…in creating spin …” which actually connotes “…an act which brings into existence something from nothing.”

Their cavalier use of the word “create” actually rather more resembles the cavalier ascription of God-like attributes to mankind and government alike, all at His expense; as if I could only vomit.

If the administration wants to honestly take credit for something let it be for the debt that they have created …jobs …not so much though.

Debt maybe …but jobs, not so much.

How could anyone in their right minds be so gullible so as to be made to believe that the administration’s policies have had anything but a net negative impact upon employment? And how could any not take notice of the real and more honest report’s attributes …those which were overlooked, dismissed and had altogether gone missing from any number of liberal assessments following December 5th’s Job’s Report?


On this note, the vast majority of the liberal media, for that matter …are no less culpable as they are responsible (in no small degree) for the administration’s policies which altogether consistently exemplify a misleading essence, the sort of fare whose conceptions rather more resemble the offspring of the inbred child spawned from those whose loins dare aspire to breed where sewage spawns more noble leadership.


Such as is the essence of this lies’ filth and waste, the byproduct of living for every guile opportunity to reproduce itself in what all else could only spring forth from the likes of that which, having been so poorly planned, stands now …as what illegitimacy may attempt to erected itself after the manner of a hastily conceived inception, only to afterwards to stand half so spineless …as a counterfeit pretender which clearly and pathetically lacks the true clarity of a more tried and true precious stone.

But then, after the true essence of and in the absence of success …in the midst of failure’s unforeseen Surprise, it should come as no surprise that this administration and its supporters wouldn’t make every effort and attempt to hide from such (the 2014 Mid-Term not withstanding) by taking refuge of any means it could make to take as if making a covenant with death would be enough to avoid the affects of the coming storm’s deluge.

Such delusions will neither shrouded, cloaked nor shield these. The likes of brittle shales are not enough to overcome the over-flowing flood’s scourge. It is not as if lime stones will serve to strengthen such a pact’s pack of lies. The crown of their pride has caused many before hand to be taken with the same sort of delusion. Many others have erred through the strong drink of leadership and power. This is not the first time history has recorded that such have erred like this to loose their way. Such as they are, this sort of folk lack foresight yet, yet are curiously full of empty promise. Beware of their empty promises of change.

Such is the hope of failure’s claim to fame. They quickly road into town, picked up the coat tails of other’s failiures only to cast them down in blame as those entitled and responsible to right a ship which they have summarily set on fire …fanning a blazing divisive trail strewn with the shame of blame while promising to deliver bucket filled with hope in epic proportions of change. Yet, all the while afflictions and destruction came to roost in an environment where uncertainty and the seeds of division have been sown instead. Such have resulted in producing an unavoidable snare …a trap which these folks in their   obstinate refusal to take note of will …at some point in time …fall backward and will be snared …only to be taken by the master trapper in the simple minded traps of their own making.

These are they which the fowler considers …easy pickings.

How then shall I make them to understand…?

So then, what is ushered in with the promise of hope, is simply taken rather handily (by the fowler) and led away to meet with a fate which is a doom reserved only for the dumb which is full of promise to rather certainly eclipse the nearly inescapable horrific former encounter …as if the first slap in the face was not enough to get one’s attention.

Should all be, like …Dumb’s Dumber and in true to form and the fashion of these tragic comedic characters …welcome with open arms the second round of financial undoing’s ruin by once more turning a blind eye and the other cheek to issue such as it were …an open invitation for such mayhem?

Me thinks, in this case …rather, like …N’OT …!

Who in their right minds cares to …in failing the call to perform due diligence the first time …would, should and could welcome such again for seconds?

Bozo …? Bozo the Clown …?

Oh, come now ye my brethren …come now!

Have we not had our fill of being made to play the puppets on strings…?

I should say so …then…!

Then speak up …!

Pride being what it is though; there are those who refuse to take understanding as though they were babies in need of being weaned from their mother’s teat.

Therefore, in the pit their pride, so as to avoid any appearances of ownership for the failings of their   policies, why wouldn’t they conversely be the same to make every attempt to lay claim to the successes of others? If memory serves me, I believe these folks quickly learned habits whose patterns’ nature resulted in taking part in character assassinations …in and with blame and shame …trash talking the friend of a royal prince? Can you say Bush? Did you ever say; “…It was Bush’s fault…?”

What’s a boomerang if not an opportunity whose example might best be understood in light of an understanding of the principal of cheerful giving.

In this …the lesson is that one receives what one gives.

That’s why the Saudis make such cheerful givers. They get it.

What hasAmericareceived from giving Bush such fits though …?

How shall He cause them to understand …? As babes weaned from their mother’s teat…?

Did not this thoughtless pool move amongst those whose other familiar spirits leveraged every opportunity to endear themselves to all by pointing incessantly to the failures of others …Bush not withstanding? And if memory serves me well, is not this lot the same who …quickly ascribed blame and shame just as quickly as they have here now, chosen to grab a Prince-like sized gift …to whom true credit and (…just maybe) a little thanks should be due?

Yet, of these folks …those among the administration and those among the liberal press …there came no such mention …for these are they …the politically greedy who choose instead to give no such recognition to another …claiming it all for themselves.

Can you say boomerang …?

What then which was missing from the Job’s Report’s picture is clearly what fails to account for how the administration’s policies have all culminated in an additive sense …aggregately producing a record number of job’s-killing uncertainties whose job’s-negative byproducts’ many affects have all been strung willy-nilly …fairly much due largely in part …if not mostly out respect to a political order (which, pretty much is to say; out of efforts in maintaining chaotic containment) together in an end to end fashion to stand as a series of phalanx whose impedance has line by line netted a certain strategic degree of calculable demand destruction which has all but thwarted the forward growth and free movements of America’s domestic commerce …that is, up until the recent reductions in energy prices’ impact have come to affect and rewrite the real economic rescue-story which is being played out robustly upon local stages in every theatre …all across the global economy.

Imagine that …! A blockbuster movie being released without the prefacing aid of any number ofHollywood’s usual multidimensional ad campaigns. That’s just not natural. It’s downright abnormal.

Look out though. Don’t you look a gift horse in the mouth though.BoomerangCity…!

My what a pitty …?

So then these folks are without excue, and there is certainly nothing natural about the administration’s abnormal handling of the Job’s Report in view of its pervasively abject passive silent denial’s …especially when their robust takes are compared to the manner in which they saw it fit to be filling their politically empty tanks’ credit reports.

I do not approve of this sort of greed though. It does not look good.

It was not becoming …that of a president …that of the press …that of their party’s image.

Well maybe it does …tarnish itself as is unbecoming of the administration’s long-standing patterns of blame and shame …the stuff upon which the walls of The Obama Legacy were built charged and forged from within the very essence of exemplary post-tragic partisan political tragedies …round I.

Yet, in spite of the better part of what factors the media deliberately choose to omit from within its assessments rather narrow perspective, the public would have been better served if a more honest, broader report were to have been made …treating such a pivotal matter with greater objectivity rather than merely to make it serve as a temporary premature whistle-stop-like opportunity to twist the report into an amalgamation which artificially fit an errant twisted narrative.

And the 2016 campaign has begun …with a wishful baseless whimper.

And rather than nobly reporting an overall more fitting set of facts which would have provided a more pertinent backdrop which …more accurately should have forthrightly, been treated logically to account  for the report’s valid causes …which, sad to say …the sentiments of lesser liberal spirits altogether avoided.

Oh, if only they could have suspended their denial for one brief moment …doing so within a politically cloud-free, uncluttered clear context would have offered the matter an objective backdrop. However, as is so often is the case, the answers offered by both the administration and its liberal cheerleading squad …the liberal media …all chosen to entirely forego even the slightest mention of the matter within an objective lens in order to view the context’s broader perspective.

Get out of the way …you’re blocking the view of my profile’s good side …!

Sadly though …all day long …what mantra I incessantly heard coming from any number of media sourced (CNN, CNBC, NBC …NPR and the like) sounded like a broken record …each choosing to hold tightly to the White House Press Corp’s condensed speaker points. Not one seemed willing to deviate from the narrative by diving into a larger pool of well known facts.

It was as if the truth were poison ivy to these folks’ fraternity. The truth of the matter was dropped in favor of pursuing any and every  opportunity to  let loose this single-minded, imaginary scripted fairy tale-like interpretation …unmistakably a liberal fantasy of their own private making …one more in tune with its own masterpiece of classic delusory …a hog-tail’s fictitious hand crafted animation.

Little Pigs …Little Pigs …Let me in…!

So pervasively filled were the airwaves with this, that I could scarcely believe what I was hearing. So, it is for this cause that I am compelled to write, because it became painfully evident that, on this day in December …moving forward, I likely will encounter many more chances in which I will be made to endure this sort of propaganda …days which will likely eclipse this one’s prevalent abject lack of honesty and respect for the truth.

Oooo’oh say, can you see …

Sadly, this day hapless lackluster signals merely herald those many more which undoubtedly lay ahead …those which likely will come not in spin but those which follow after the dire nation of great division …for which cause manifest evidence which errantly translate promise into bloodshed’s weak and dizzy falling prey …an illness whose change mutates hope into illnesses merely in exchange for a near death’s sickening spin.

Brother can you afford to spare me your change…?

Good Lord above …! I hope this change comes to not.

I pray it so …! Spirit of The Living God …I pray it so ..!

So what of the truth? What of the spin …and the blind put up in such a narrative? And what of the partisan political perspective …those which are quick to let loose their stiff-necked narrative’s censor with abandon?

And what value is theirs in keeping true to a tightly spun  set of speaking points in which their efforts treatment allow no respect for that what otherwise dare to make comment contrary to its censored track?

Who is running this railroad’s goat rope show amuck …?

Yes, I digress, but when who will be persuaded …and how shall I make them to understand …?

Undaunted by the facts and unfazed by the obvious, the strange bedfellows of the liberal press and the administration have more than joined forces following the job’s report. They demonstrated their determination of their liberal resolve more than ever …lies above the height of hypocrisy.

No, the ends do not justify the means …it just opens up more cans of worms. It’s just that it’s really difficult to get the damned genies back into their bottles once they’ve been let out.

In this wise, the administration and the press seem rather hell bent on going to any lengths in equipping themselves by whatever means it takes to score points, and that would include walking straight into the full flurry of a maelstrom’s gale forces just to propel the spin of a self-serving composition of their own making foreword …truth and the better part of prudence be damned.

Damned the torpedoes; full speed ahead…!

In like manner, the way these folks chose to throw caution to the wind has me hogtied.

I am truly concerned with such haste for more and more the net net has resulted in a culmination whose pack’s chorus seems to have embraced the erroneous release of fiction all the more …even to the point of generating spin which, like the lyrics of a song whose hastily prepared mantra resembles propaganda more than what one might believe is worthy of being spread across the nation’s public’s airways.

However, neither haste nor sincerity is any guaranty for the truth …let alone anything worthy of making one free.

I am afraid forAmericaby reason of how we react and choose to respond to crisis. And even though …a few years ago …I might have prefaced this aforementioned concern by first saying that I am concerned for America in regard to how …in almost every dimension there is a most pronounced overlooked practice which is missing …that of an emphasis placed upon due diligence. Well, today …in spite of the fact that I started writing about that, today I realize that I started to late and so, this preface is a little too out of place. And I say this, for as a nation   …our mindset is gone well over this to the beyond-point landing, as it were …at a point well beyond even the air terminals of both shame and blame and the other …finger point’s grass strip. Now, we …as a nation are in the forest terminal and cannot see the forest for the trees. Now, it it were not for lies and half truths …we’d never get our aircraps out of the hangupers to get them in the hair. Now that’s the plane trout of the air stream I fish in …and you can take that to the frank.

Bottom line, the truth does matter, cuss you can’t pull a fish out your bass and fly fishy shooting straight at the sane thyme.

One either speaks the truth …or lies; not both.

Q:   How can you tell if a politician is lying?

A:   If their lips are moving.

So if one either doesn’t care to tell the truth or can’t tell the difference, don’t land in the forest.

Trees are like forests. They all have em.

Liberals are like Democrats. They’re full of em. Care for an animated graphic representation?

Never mind, I’d rather fish for bass.

As it were, on December 5th …no small effort was spared to seize every conceivable opportunity to make it possible for the administration to take credit for what might tie the report to the appearances of their policies …as if their policies were to be suddenly taken as “…all that and a bag of chips …” anyways.

This, actually …is not too far from the likes of those mentioned in the passage of Matthew 23:24.

…like those who strain at a gnat in order to swallow a camel …

…or like whomever could pull whatever whim or fancy out of a magician’s hat …in a way that might be fashioned to make the administration look as if it had single-handedly made more than a Tinker’s-Hoot worth of difference in the Job’s Report’s number.

Cast in such a light as it were, one might get the notion that these who occupy The White House are real true rock stars …not…!

Well, publicists they might be, but they did nothing constructive which would speak for the lion’s share of the reported Job’s numbers …at least, not in manner which could have merited the honor which they took away in their heaping helping’s proportions. And in this regard, I take this sort of delusion as evidence that these folks are obviously just plain hard up for attention for some reason …obviously for any reason …even if reason itself doesn’t truthfully matter. So, what’s my take away? It obviously must be…that these folks landed somewhere in some obscured forest …somewhere where the truth of most reasons’ matters goes to die …a place wherever whatever could reasonably be made to submit and serve their political greed’s sustainability.

Speaking about being hard up and badly in need of any basis to connect the two together! The truth of the matter is that the two (Obama’s policies and The Jobs Report) had little if nothing noteworthy in common. As such, any contrivance which conveyed that the administration deserves to hitch its wagon to the Job’s Report so as to take and or thereby receive credit for the report in any way is totally unfounded ludicrous hog-wash.

To speak liberally to this point above, I suppose that there are those who might ask: ” …what difference does it make now anyway?”

In this wise, Hillary’s rhetorical question speaks to make my point all the more clear.

Boy, talk about getting a lot of mileage out of a one-liner …and it’s like; Oh …! Ooooh! Look there! It’s another road kill…!

Thanks, but no thanks! I’m not hungry for possum.

Praying that this one stays sleeping …or drunk …or drugged …or whatever else happens to get shredded amongst the trees in the forest!

Furthermore, on the same token, any basis beyond the report’s release of its data which enhanced the   anticipation of a Santa Claus Rally gave the administration no license to lay hold of and claim responsibility therefore …any opportunity to claim ownership not withstanding. To do so would equate to the salacious limits of the folly of one’s own fictitious crude imaginations.

But such as it was, the spin was so thick that it gave me a headache …and I know that I was in no ways alone on this, for I spoke to several others who were taken by the same nausea attacks.

However, try as they may, these characters could not cover up the larger overarching reality of what contributing factors and   attributes it were that actually had built the heart of the Job’s Report’s data.

For the cause of the greater portion of the real untold story …the one which liberals chose not to report, I say to them; “…You did not build that Jobs Report …”

Yet, as foregone and as overlooked as the truth has become in the political processes, it is more at the heart of this matter. And it obviously matters more than the one for which the administration and its cronies were all falling over themselves in taking credit for what otherwise more significantly deservedly belong to others …those to whom credit was being denied.

And for this reason, the better part of all America’s sincerest interests, an earnest focus needs must be given to an unfettered opportunity to objectively view the December 5th Job’s Report within a more open and honest, much broader context.

Yes, what is missing is a fresh panoramic view from the mountaintop …a view which has the opportunity to overlook well above and beyond petty politics …looking out on a horizon to envision distant borders with a holds a perspective respective of the benefits which a knowledge of the facts can only provide.

Such farsighted views are far above and beyond the chintzy and cheap politicized, well-veiled, short-sited attempts which choose instead to stand on the tiny beds on which sleep the small-minded censors who seek merely to shield and protect their frail and fragile bodies from the tragic tragedies of their own hands makings.

The  light of freedoms truth  must be given the greater voice so as to deliver an honesty to  …those who deserve to  rise on wings of eagles …well above the fray to stand in accuracy upon  what needs must serve the better part …that which is clearly  more accountable and open worthy of serving objectivity more than …namely what in  reality has been hidden behind  lies after being covered with half spun vomit.

Sadly, these sorts of sad sacks cut off their nose to spite the face of the facts …favoring the pursuit of pushing this sort of  slimy partisan spin. Such as it were, their reports totally lacked any the sort of appreciation for objective truth which was evidenced in full view in what proportions of truth that was  nearly altogether missing in their spin …all of which makes me wonder how media outlets can take pride in pretending to specialize in objectively reporting business and economic news this way.

As for me, I find more often than not, most fail miserably within respect for taking an unbridled abject lack of respect therein …that is with respect to their approach to objectivity …or, in this case …whatever abject they may deem worthy of their dismissal.

As such, whatever …in this case …more resembles a cracked pot …one that is incapable to hold water and therefore the contents …like that of an empty cistern consistently lacks a basis for whatever respect the greater part the truth which is missing …otherwise might have had to offer.

Cracked pots are like that though. They can not help that they are, like …cracked …totally biased …blind …or paid to spin the facts without the substantive greater measure of its foregone missing contents. Empty and void though, in the light of their outlet’s prevailing empty liberal cultures and conversations’ biased voids …in short …those who carry them around (as they have something better to offer) receive their pay, promotions and advancements with real and undeniable substantive encouragements …the rewards for avoiding mentions of whatever may have leaked and is gone missing so well. So well? So whatever difference does it matter now anyway …?

Don’t answer that. That question is rhetorical and holds no water any way.

I rest my case. Cracked pots are simply not capable of holding virtue …their jobs …ok, virtue, not so much. Screw up …move up …especially true who move among the right people at the right time.

As for those who would hold out against reason in favor of pushing a poor position …those such as those who hold fast to the abject pretense of sound logic …these are those whose spirits have them lying to themselves and are not to be trusted. So, no matter how sincere one might come across …regardless of whatever medium what network chooses push out over their networks; the facts speak for themselves, crackpots are cracked and can hold no water.

Aside for being empty, crackpots are valueless seekers of it …being far from noble and wise and therefore, in essence …virtue less without scruples. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that such are otherwise incapable of shedding any meaningful objectivity to enlighten …such as it were the Job’s Report’s economic data.

For this reason, such a twisted perspective is not to be trusted for objectively. Instead it should be questioned the more in pursuit of what most likely could significantly provide the more revealing missing pieces whose factors would form the basis of what really is at the missing heart of this Job’s Report …namely energy in light of a National Energy Policy …like the one also abjectly gone missing from among the administration’s embarrassing long laundry list of the scandals it has had to try and contain.

Suffice it to say, I will not try and list them all so as to save you …the reader from their greater many griefs …all wanting for their respective truths.

So then …the spirit of truth all but immediately leaked from these cracked pots the moment the Job’s Report’s data was released, and was nowhere to be found. In that instant, the essence which mattered most …the one of honesty …its clear transparency is that which could have otherwise stood and risen to promote the public’s better understanding. Instead that essence was wasted as seed is gone wanting …spilt out upon the ground …merely to have its conversation fall upon deaf rocks among other things.

Pity that such was missing from the conversation. Yet, still more disturbing was all the vomit which found its way to the piles which had previously been piled upon on the administration’s tables. What’s likely to become of these folks sorts of noteworthy puke?

I’d say; “…Nothing but spin …” and so it was.

No wonder foreign energy decisions now dictate an increasing greater part of domestic and international economic policy.

Truth is not the only thing which is gone wanting.

The collisions of foreign needs and wants …those from both friend and foe alike …daily impact such things as …the value of the dollar …GDP …as well as America’s M1 …all of which increasingly promises to invariably make for stronger and stronger ripples which impact the landscapes of foreign reations. These ripples make for unique challenges when it comes to effectually planning and efficiently navigating the future’s head waters both domestically abroad. So far, sustainability is becoming increasingly an overused word …made more and more meaningless each time the liberal press makes empty attempts to spew its vomit forward.

Nevertheless, with or without, Hillary and her hopes to tie her dead horse to Crap and Trade in order to hitch it to a national energy policy …that to pay for a single-payer socialized health cover …energy will invariably affect how The Feds monetary policy must be exercised.

God forbid Hillary’s folks would seek to thwart future organic growth by seeking to place another economically stifling tax on carbon based consumption …those which will masquerade as just another Goldman Sachs-Wall Street opportunity as was the case …a disaster of epic proportions …as when Larry Summers’ and Timothy Geithner’s Mortgage Backed Securities obligatory schemes hatched anew to spring forth from the financial products divisions of any number of investment banks …the same products which enabled the shadow banking industry to issue Credit Default Swaps’ add another wellspring’s feather in these strange bedfellow’s obsequious relationship.

Unreggulated as they were in large part, the later one of the two industries went unregulated and under-funded to such a degree in such a manner that, with respect to the industry’s solvency …as when their products performance began to fail …the ginormous threat that these industries’ failures represented …simultaneously, nearly brought about the total collapse of all the economies of the entire world.

And in respect to Dodd Frank this economic threat is a real condition which still, pretty much remains quite fragile all the more at this point in time …being that the world’s economies are still more than before beholden to still larger pools’ whose term equate to greater burdens of debt …which are policy dependent …being much more inter-dependent …as in …one sneezes and the others catch the same cold virus.

Doctor …! Doctor …! Give me the news …the facts and not just the pins and needles!

For this reason, there should be no wonder that a particular puppet master (the one/s who holds …or is holding the ticket/s out) is one not having any trouble pulling the administration’s strings …whether it be via in respect of the Fed’s Speak ahead of its policy or in anticipation of its ability to adroitly address and respond effectually to future inflationary environments’ trends.

So, to a lesser degree …yet within the same respect of any spirit’s anticipation of what should result in producing a Santa Claus Rally, The Administration has been seemingly all but too happy to be abjectly playing the Puppeteer’s game of “….let’s you and him fight…” a game otherwise known as “…playing both ends against the middle …”

It is therefore, clear …this game is …not one played out on a solely clear-cut domestic game board. Neither is it the case that it is merely limited to a foreign play amongst many others.

Nevertheless, it would be an understatement merely to say; the impact of energy policies are wide ranging, when …in the reality of an international scope …whatever affects energy, also …in every sense impacts just about everything that depends on its stability …and that in a broader global context beyond one which is limited even to narrower international regional concerns.

For this reason, this wide ranging concern, needs must translate to focus on ensuring stability in ways that do not enable or encourage or empower (politically, privately or otherwise) its abuse …as was the case of the rampant abuses which came devastatingly to a crash.

For this very same reason and to prevent this tragedy from being repeated …those who might otherwise seek to chart their political careers’ paths to the stars by mimicking the unfettered manors which encouraged, empowered and enabled   Wall Street like so many other ancillary unsavory unchecked supporting co-conspirators …if not all others in this House of Cards to rape all that their drunken hands could touch .. in harnessing the power of securitized housi

No wonder in pride, the administration should turn to fill its tables with its practices full of spin.

For reason of its uncompromising pragmatic pride, the administration and its cheerleaders are suddenly become …once more refreshed …giddy, drunk and tipsy from making such lies the refuge of its covenant of choice. And rather than speaking the truth in honesty …and instead of reaching out in all clarity and open transparency not withstanding, this reaction to The Job’s Report is one red flag from which to take no small degree of caution.

In all of this, the administration demonstrated one thing above all else. For the sake of an obsequious pursuit of partisan political greed, like a puppet …its reaction mimicked its master’s anticipation by hogging the lion’s share …if not all of the credit for the Job’s Report.

The essence of Obama preceeds him. In this, he is more than just a little predictable if not merely with respect of a certain crown of pride.

Such as he is, and in this regard …his familiar spirits’ …his manners all minding …the press …out of respect for little else …all followed suit like a chorus line …and deliberately …and predictable turned a blind eye on the broader pools of deeper realities …those which make for a multidimensional international landscape.

But what of such an understanding as should have and could now be taken in any understanding from those who …deliberately overlooked and choose not to make even the mere mention of any one of any number of the overarching multidimensional aspects of geopolitical, economic and financial factors which comprise the actual constellations of this reports actual sponsors in the universe …the actual puppeteer/s which stood center stage …were given a pass that day to happily remain sight unseen … directing the whole show (as it were) undetected as they played “…let’s you and him fight?

Therein lay the better part of understanding I believe.

Never mind that the master puppeteer stood undetected in the center ring of this circus, the administration and the media’s minstrels still would have me believe that they are large and in charge of this game.

Yet, I know clowns when I see them coming. And in full view of all their gloating which I observed on December 5th …I would say with all certainty that these pretenders spared nothing …and held nothing back; but instead, came out in full force …dressed in full clownish regalia …to stride in pride …to make muster in a time so as to offer the appearance of that which could be made to appear as becoming …all that and a bag of chips.

For all that, taking their bow, their credit should go no further than to obtain no more than a consolation prize …and that no more fitting than that …say; a gag gift at best.

In my mind, obviously …there is nothing else which could become them that which deservedly is more fitting.

So, why is it that the President, the liberals of Congress and mostly all the members of the liberal press saw fit to stride about their realms’ respective media’s platforms …taking full credit from Santa by reasons which espoused their embrace of the administration’s stellar public policies …those which made the report’s print possible?

I don’t think that hubris had anything to do with justifying such a misplaced suspension of reason.

And why …while, in seeking to hog all this credit did most in this liberal assembly choose deliberately or otherwise to give a pass to the real executive director/s that actually sponsored and made this puppet show possible?

Why was this motley crew’s master puppeteer/s afforded more than an exclusively reserved measure of clandestine-like privilege and kept confined in the shadow of that day’s Job’s report? After all, no light was shed in this direction at all. And so, not even the slightest mention of the prime sponsor and the actual reasons for the report were even offered a hint’s worth of mention. Regardless whether this was conveniently contrived or not …or whether or not …this matter was overlooked out of respect …or perhaps, the lack thereof is not at the center of my curiosity.

What is though, is what was given to making so much by so many to so little deserving so much mentioned that day …that which went out as the line of the heavens line given to the inclinations whose notions believed that their realm was deserving of that seizing the lion’s share of the credit which was liberally taken that day by none other than the administration who might as well be saying;

“…Shine a light on me …tap dance, one …two …three …and I believe I’ll take a bow …thank you very much …Praise God …Amen.”


Could it really be that the liberal camps are full of nothing but the greedy? Or are these …they who are just politically starved and hungry …those whose political appetites have recently been in fasting in the wake of the awfully brutal post 2014 Mid-Terms’ cycle?

As such and hidden more like puppeteers, the real contestants …the folks which remained sight unseen and totally unmentioned …those which seemingly were relegated to remain back stage …these seem to be rather more the one who are likely laughingly content ….preoccupied and busy …to have been engaged in playing a favorite game of mine which I call; “Let’$ …You and Him …Fight.”

In this, the real director/s of such a game engage in the benefits of the better part of the play …content to remain …as it were, voyeurs …taking titillating pleasures in opportunities of both sadism and masochism simultaneously.

Sort of brings to mind the jingle; “…Double your pleasure…! Double your Fun …!”

This administration, his press; their both like, Dumb…and Dumber!

America’s not under their thumb …or what?

Bummer? For I hope thatAmericawould be neither under the played pair nor the player in this game.

Rather, and all the more …I would that all of America be wide awake to the perils of this sort of game’s consequences …the sooner the better, for there is no better opportunity to wrestle with this than in out and out outright open and clear honest transparency …the sort of stuff which has pretty much been lacking around here in these parts.

For this reason, please pause and take time to take a bird’s eye view of the landscapes and realms of this game board and its players.

I offer this …imploringAmericanot to become the unwitting complacent victims of these folks greedy political spin …nor of those who would play both ends against the middle …as two take to be both fools.

So, considering the rules by which the principal players direct the game’s play; consider the purpose for which they exert their dominance …releases their energy …and extend their influence …shedding all their might across many borders …regardless of any whom might fail to take into account their intent nor impact.

In this, there is no room for those who would cavalierly stand up as delusional pretenders …attempting to seize and parlay their play for whatever self-serving reason may come at any season …whether it be Santa’s or The very Son of God’s …certainly not merely one made to merely serve an unadulterated partisan political greed the more …for no better foreseeable apparent part.

Therefore, I find that the power of such principals and their gamesmanship …unquestionably makes for an unavoidable unsavory impact by reason of their power’s delusions and an inability to diplomatically openly embrace their gamesmanship within open and transparent honesty. Sure, this makes for interesting studies, but then so does watching snake charmers. However, a snake has a very predictable nature, and in terms as to how a charmer must know this, he can not take an assumption of a false negative. Every attempt to make counters must be made in terms of only what defines reality.

If definitions lie in the bed of ludicrous fantasy …the fantasy of ludicrous reality will put one in the grave.

Charming snakes is no pretty way of dying …make no mistake nor room for delusions about that.

As to who is more effectual, I see those who have the better grasp of clear transparent honesty …those who also are also capable of holding such without fear …comfortable …without need to spin anything …even when the truth is painful.

Honesty is always the best policy is an expression which will never go out of fashion.

As such, those who speak the truth are my leaders and my heros …for they alone are truly worthy of receiving …

 ….power and wealth and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and praise!”

 (Taken from Revelations 5:12)

Certainly like no others below…!

So, in keeping with any other contrary contemptuous contemplation which sets about to set itself on a throne enthralled above the truth is one gone begging for the opportunity to open a doorway to a rude awakening from a world of full of hurt the likes of which are not yet understood …those in whom no safe refuge will be found from a perfect storm. So, while the ripples may be seen in the influences which are shed abroad …those who take refuge among lies will have no affect in the void of others well beyond their borders. For even in hiding behind their stone, in ways which flow contrary to and in such a manner …their lies are no pact with death which I would describe as, “…rivers of living water.”

However, speaking of that which is flowing more than political spin …with gas prices being down as they are; why (…$uddenly…!) should it come as any “$urprise!” …such that the impact of all of this ripple’s drop in energy prices should not be clearly impact one’s perceptions so as to be subsequently taken in any other way than that which it is …a planned and well organized …well thought out liturgical-like premeditation?

Honestly, I do not know how much better the sequence of these chronological interwoven events could have been any more so meticulously orchestrated.

It was as if each measure of this symphony was so cleverly well played that a standing ovation should deservedly be given to the performers …moreover, rather than to those political pundits and their media hosts …those who actually stood up on December 5th to take an insipient partisan bow.

How the administration took a bow though ….does indeed stands to defy the brilliance of coincidence …most certainly easily eclipsing the legacy of the many divers levels of the administrations ineptitudes and hypocrisies …its delusions and deceits not withstanding an opportunity to take what it erroneously believes is its own …its sole ownership of what it believe is the inertia which it alone set in momentum within the timeframe of the Holiday seasons’ heights of consumers’ spending.

What could be more delusional than such an over-shadowing greed which is so desperate to grope and seize any opportunity which might be made to serve as an excuse or as a pass to excuse a shame-fill past full of a practice which has built a legacy of blame?

In this regard, there is no amount of spin which will cover the short bed with such a narrow cover.

No! The Rivers of   the spirit of blame which has been flawing whatever which has been flowing out of Washington has bee just about anything …anything which is expendable …save for what has been building in whatever pent up is now standing to demand a newness …in whatever is refreshing …not withstanding the rest welcome in any new chance for a rest which might otherwise come in a salvation free from the lies of such vomit.

Gasoline prices down? Fill’er Up…!

The economy’s measure …GDP? Rev her up…!

Well then, if such is no surprise…why have so many been falling over themselves to make and fashion lies so as to permit them the taking of   credit for what really belongs to so many others who have been content to remain hidden in and among the rocks (wealth …gold …and any other assortment of gems …shale not withstanding) behind which they may have looked for an opportunity to take refuge?

Yet, where instead, is gone the stone which the builders rejected …?

Isaiah 28:16

Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD, Behold, I lay in Zion for a foundation a stone, a tried stone, a precious corner stone, a sure foundation: he that believeth shall not make haste.

I, for one …could not believe that the tables of the drunken liberal politicians and the media could hold such a great a load of puke. So thoughtlessly full was their error that day that I could scarcely believe what I was hearing and seeing in broadcast after broadcast. But greater was my shock in that they were all making attempts to feed the masses with the vomit of these errors from what was spewed across its tables that day …as if Americans were merely worthy of feeding on the scraps dropping of the edges of their unclean tables.

It was one thing that all were all drunk with strong drink. And it is …in this same sense, understandably quite the same …to have made errors in their stupors’ clouded judgments. And it is no surprise to expect to encounter nothing short of vomit from such tables.

However, in this …therein leads a way down a path to a most egregious lack of respect whose spirit views America with a lack of respect, and I abjectly rebuke this and hope all others would as well.

I am given to see America and All Americans worthy of much more respect and honor …among many orher more nobler noteworthy things.

For I am one who is not ashamed to say that I was shocked by and embarrassed for America for the sake of a widespread lack of better judgment which emanated from realms which should have known better than to have denigrated their respective American electorates and audiences.

Such as it were, the President, The Administration, like his party’s more liberal members and the members of the liberal press …all lined up that day …taking no thought of treating Americans as if all were deaf, dumb, blind and stupid enough to swallow the deceit of their vomit.

For this reason, I believe the height of such hypocrisy is in keeping with the nature and character of the liberal mindset …which, in that day gave opportunity which was taken to express the misguided hope of a short-sighted destiny …showing their true colors …treating most Americans …if not all common   Americans don’t have a brain in their skulls.

I, however …am no one to whom one of these pied pipers defer …those to whom they strain at painfully   disdaining from their realms keeps and ivory towers …those over which they deem well enough to defend by defining as those being gullible enough to swallow whatever vomit they decide must be spread across all their respective tables.

Such was the fare served up by the liberal media following the December 5th Jobs’ Data release.

Really now! Could political recovery  …let alone one as complex as an economic one be as easy as inflating a balloon …like, all that simple?

Didn’t one just burst a few short years ago …? Huh?

Son then, moreover …why flirt then, for a second time, merely to invite the same?

2 Peter 2:22

But it is happened unto them according to the true proverb, The dog is turned to his own vomit again; and the sow that was washed to her wallowing in the mire.

I believe that this message is meant to be taken as a fortuitous (4 2s) admonition.

Never the less, whether or not OPEC might merely be looking to take consolidated positions in collapsed Oil Sands plays …for a song? Politicizing a one-off Job’s Report should in no ways sit very well with anyone. It certainly does not sit very well with me.

No doubt, soon …it looks as if there will be easy pickens to be had …like shooting fish in barrels …the oil sands not withstanding.

So, turning the battle to Understanding’s Main Gate; who, above all others …would be those who more likely might be anxiously saying to themselves;  â€…It shouldn’t be long now! …;”?

Hint: It is not those who are directing their view of reality away …looking away …a long way away …looking toward 2016’s general election.

No, those that are living for today are they who are minding the matters of the day …NOW …!

Be Here NOW …Damm it…!

But why stop there …in just one dimension. The impact of lower oil prices’ reach has many other implications …in many beyond the HERE and NOW.

Such as it is being played out, this play’s actors could not spell it out more simply than if they were playing to a full house whose audience were merely comprised of infants and toddlers …those waiting to be spoon fed …one line at a time …here a little …there a little …not as with meat, but as those wanting for milk.

Yet, as a child yearns for milk, even the creature groans for a time at which to be released.

So then, when will the media wean from to wean children  from their mothers’ teat.

In the meantime, I admit, the strong possibility more than exists to more than suggest that there is a real and present manifestation…as one of many whose many clandestine operations are all being conveyed one line at a time …in  real-time as, say; “…With stammering lips  and another tongue…” as once was mentioned by the Apostle Paul in his 1st letter to the Corinthians.

Incidently, Paul’s letter’s mention of Isaiah’s layered multidimensional precepts coincided at a point in time in which his context served to address and correct numerous egregiously confusing practices …those which had inCorintherroneously promoted disruption and division rather than to serve and promote unity in the bond of peace.

Such as it were…this covetous atmosphere’s lack of decency and order was merely resulted in generating a cloud of confusion to obscure the better part of understanding. It was at this part of his letter …specifically  (1st Corinthians14:19-21) that Paul, incidentally makes reference to Isiah’s 28′s famous passage which begs to ask; “…How shall He make them to understand? …;” coaxing his readers in direct respect …to regard understanding in a manner like that becomming of those who are mature and civil …to be men rather than chdren in understanding …and that, in the sense …to be “…spiritually mature.” After all, Paul was a gifted Prophet among a otber things to those whom he ministered …to those whom His God had ears and eyes of understanding for him to fill.

Regardless…and aside from “…when I was a child …I walked …” so forth ….” on and on so forth as if  …the incessant (never-ceasing) stammerings of babies’ lips …and or as those not yet weaned from tbeir (collective many) mother’s teat ….all not withstanding…

So, what more fitting could serve to aptly illustrate today’s divided childish audience?

So let me return again to the matter of developing a mature profitable preference of for feeding the eyes of one’s understanding …nourished with the capacity to digest meat.

By this, it is more desirable for babes to grow and take meat than dogs to return fo the vomit of their last meal.

Therefore, in specific regards to entertaining what invitations’ lies will only lead to foster the promise of deceit’s detriment…entreating and luring special favored preferences which will be given to benefit those whose clandestine plans it is to deliberately milk a deceitful program of ilgotten gain …upon a skewed stage at theatre whose play’s acts are scripted to culminate in the 3rd act …at which point a condeming 2nd inevitable productiin’s lack of understanding will be the stripped barren and fruiess reward which will serve the final sentence of those who merely turned the cheek on their due diligence …not once alone …but for this very real second time.

Why?  …for the better part of and in and with a will which chose both …refusing to listen and hear and see and perceive in favor of a crown of blind pride …in the wontan abandon of prudent public service …all only to favor and promote the love of money …the root of all evil.

For this reason …I believe…

Lower prices at the well head will prime the economy as one primes a pump.

So then, for the meanwhile…in the holidays at any rate …it is full speed ahead.

However, in regards to understandings or …for the better part of understanding, I must ask;  how long will it last?

In other words, will this economic game’s spirits manefest phenomena  whose fruit capable of producing long  lasting benefits…for all?

Me thinks Orwell, rather the more will laugh from the grave as consumer spending overheats the economy …inflating it like a ballon over refille. like a well fattened Twice Baked Stuffed Potatoes …while The Federal Reserves debt-laden books and Federal public debt stand and rise higher without opportunity …without second chances…no more than the chances I would give the futures of the generations it has bell allowed to mortgage in favor of fictitiously filling the recent deficit-laden deficient budgets gone begging for tax receits …those which have gone wanting in the wake of the 1st to have burst which now must wade and wait through in these artificially made balances …looking forward ….leaning forward ….moving so in nothing but the lies which spanned such inceasant cesspools.

Therefore, how shall I cause understanding that …while we, like The Residents of Garison Kielor’sLakeWobegon…be made to suffer such woes? Should they come, they may likely only be eclipsed by what subsequent woe will will …once more …tragically stand to reiterate the former ignored testimony which failed to burst the stuborn pride and suspensions of epic disbelief …those of who chose to put on their crowns of pride to merely dance in a parade of ame and shame. The same are these who seemingly remain obstinately defiant of reality and truth  to have proceded in understanding much further beyond the first slap’s economic sting …recovery’s chances not withstanding?

So in woebegone, shall the cheek be turned for round two.

And while the world makes haste to make the dollar the refuge of their lies hidden behind no small convention of artificial  intervention they will be …for then cometh the hail of such a perfect storm provisioning …the reality to make all understand the salvation of a circumcision which is made without hands …the dollar will not be withstandable.

Therefore, pertinent is the intertwined dollar consequences …being many; How will the Fed Respond to Fluctuations in the Dollar in view of interests which affect conflicts between its balance sheet, Treasury & Deficits and its dual mandate with respect to the economy …which has long played a leading role relative to an entire cast-volatile being played out in turmoil upon a world’s economic stage?

So! …Come on Eileen…!

You know what I mean…!!!

Peace on earth …good will toward men …

except the bare-chested Russian,

Oh; and ISIL as well…?

Poor independent Oil Producers …

those caught up in the fray of the drop in oil’s price.

If nothing else, On Donner…!

On Dasher…!

On Blixen….!

On the backs of Retail’s Seasonal Help! Giddy Up!

Thank you OPEC …!

Thank you Santa …!

As for goods …those whose labels affixed say;”…Made inAmerica…” not so much thanks in return …or what?

As for domestic Jobs? Are these now …more than in part …Merely a good part whose real label is manifestly a Seasonal Rollercoaster?

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas …!

Farm it out there …!

Way out there …!

Why not …Off-Shore your entire Christmas.

Again …In checking out …Check out the label; it’s likely to have  been made in Bangledesh.

After all, much of what is purchased at X-mas isn’t made by those who speak English …which, by the way ….also speaks to issues surrounding trade balances, which affect the dollar’s strength and stability upon a stage in which its tug of wars  off-shores jobs …more during the holidays than any other time of the year.

So the answers to the questions above …matter more than any chance to turn and look away from reality no mater how reality’s sting may be sucking the wind out of a weakened pathetic erroneous perspective.

So, aside fromDixieLand; look away …look away to those …

who Are pulling your strings?

Why…? Reality! Deal with it …or play their …you and him fight game.

So, the questions related to whether or not; could OPEC (among others…) be preparing  for  Consolidation Opportunities? …are more than somewhat valid and pertinent.

So, in this …I ask; what anonymous players may have recently shorted energy…?

Who is it that may likely be playing several ends against our middle in cornering a  Down Market?

Care to fight about it?

Regardless of how one might fiedd one’s feeling; we all are in the middle of this together …like it or not.

So then, who actually did set this thing Up to go Down this way …?

Who  is Taking The Credit …?

And  with graver consideratons, I must ask;

In a manipulative sense, who might be  likely to have engaged in trading on foreknowledge …at a level …upon what  stage whose patform’s advantages exceed the egregious woes defined merely as “Insider Trading…?”

In other words, who stands upon pinacles sanctioned by  the public’s trust …only to take profit in obscene obscurred manners of self-aggrandizements?

For another question which  gravely matters …consider a bill introduced  January 26th, 2012by Senator Joe Lieberman for consideration in the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee …a bill which passed on February 2nd that same year.

It was know then as the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act.

Next, consider the following bill which …as its successor …ran this  2012 bill mentioned above …out of town …only to pave the way to make excuses for much greater  egregious lawlessness by allowing for such practices which make “…insider trading …” mere child’s play by any measure and standard of compare. In the successive bill which did away with the Liebermann bill, Congress granted themselves rights which  granted to members of Congress the unfettered priviledge to trade without the requirements  to either document or report their trades.

As I indicated, a year after the 2012 Liebermann  bill …it more than merely undone. It was completely superceded. And when signed into law, the second law  was arbitrarily announced with  no more than a mere  single sentence  …released in a rather obscur email …with little to no fanfare …and that, only after it had passed  the Senate and then the  House in what  atmosphere has been described by  the link below as; “…essentially empty chambers using a fast-track procedure known as a unanimous consent.

For this  reason, get a load of this …:

To see …how-congress-quietly-overhauled-its-insider-trading-law, visit:

As it were, following the General Election cycle of 2012, this subsequent bill passed the following year …after the 2012 General  Election’s cycle, essentially made null and void  the 2012 Stock Act. And in doing so, today it continues to stand and mock the American People, not  by  putting an end to the ilicit practices of these sorts of wide spread  ilicit practices’ huge loop’s of iligitimate pools of self aggrandickment  …practices which  promote all sorts of misguided greedy conflicts whose  excuses are no more  than that which is best described as …contrary to the better interests of  â€…We the People…”

This second bill exexpanded the clandestine-like trading rights which it afforded members of Congress …extending these priviledges  to include not only the Whitehouse but  also Whitehouse staffers.

Think of  what this  sort  of ancillary rumor mill might generate in term of any and all forms of subsequent “…Insider-Trading …” schemes.

Now if that isn’t a “…FINE HOW-DO-YOU-DO…;”  I do not know what is.

Who made the recent decision to Turnover and Offshore Assignment and management of Internet IP Addresses to a foreign entity?

Who is Responsible for Keeping Sea Lanes Open? The USN…?

For that matter …Who is Responsible for Keeping Cyber Security So…Openly Safe?


The USN?

President Obama ,,,?


New Jobless Claims Once Again Better Than Expected


The last Jobs Report  which was released on Friday, December the 5th….

See The New York Times Report…at; )

…totally overlooked what should have taken into account lower energy prices and the resultant additional seasonal hiring boost.

However, a choice at a pay grade upon some stage chose to totally ignore even a mere mention of such a consideration …but intead choose  a totally unreasonable and irrationale response …if not merely that such false credit could be made to serve a political end …to relieve the pain of 2014′s Mid-Terms.

After all, why should household energy   savings …those which translate to increased discretionary spending …and increases in expendable income not withstanding …be given a stage equal to the importance of the POTUS omnipotent?

Thus, who should receive credit for a stellar December 5th Jobs Report is a no brain-er. Its credit goes …in my book …to OPEC. I wonder if OPEC members had the foresight to short oil before tipping their poker hand’s in regard to their announcement of their production intentions.

And I wonder if The Whitehouse and its army of staffers had prior knowledge of OPEC’s intentions.

All conjecture aside, the figures of the December report obviously were gladly  received as an invitation with limitless opportunity by spin-centric Liberals …particularly, those throughout the ranks of the media who geefully embraced the Jobs Report as a seasonal opportunity to suspend a rather more sobering focus which bad been left transfixed in shock …to deal with the pain of a stinging more moderate reality …welcoming any reason to look awa. from those sharply felt and taken in the 2014 Mid-Terms.

Understandably,theses folks would seize any opportunity to also walk away …

So why would such folks discuss the matter in any other light …than which might further the liberal cause…truth be damned?

So, in the wake of the Mid-Term’s lingering pain, any conceivable opportunity to pause and turn aside from such, naturally provided a welcome greater hope for a badly needed change in their escapist-like refusal to swallow their medicine.

So, understandably, from what The Job’s Report could manage to afford in the way of pain relief, the media literally fell over themselves …deliberately letting their freakishly blind partisan reports fly in near total abandon …taking credit in a manner which corralled every conceivable cow to milk …and that for all its worth.

But don’t be fooled by those who would milk your cows and punch your doggies.

Truth be told, instead …what otherwise needed to be told more truthfully should have highlighted with a good deal more objectivity the natural order of economic forces of supply and demand rather than whose egos were pumped up and over-stuffed like a Thanksgiving Turkey.

Talk about baseless partisan back-slapping …!!! Oh Brother, please!

Nonetheless, embracing the abandon of more true principals, what abhorrently speaks instead is unfortunately a consistent and persistent abuse …whose questionable practices’ manners I find lacking and devoid of more noble well founded objectives which, otherwise …would have better served each of their respective media outlets’ reputations …if only they would instead choose to stand upon more secure foundations whose pinnacles would …should and could otherwise speak instead with what little credibility is left to salvage from their respective public and private organizations.

As it were, rather than report the job’s print and data objectively, the entire media spectra chose, instead …to burst into somewhat of what I believe to have been a to totally inappropriate, unjustified and rather unseemly pent up air of baseless celebration …one which pathetically struck me more as a rather strained excuse to make hay (hoop-la) by pointing to a celebration of partisan politics in a rather misguided non-event …that with little appropriate rhyme nor reason.

I mean to say that even with the discernable perception possessed by one at an eighth grade level …one could easily see the pitiful media and Administration saps were no more interested in accurately reporting the basis for the Job’s Report in truth.

I mean to say that they might as well have been simply grasping at straws.

But as it were …the chance to take hold of any sort of pain-relieving …side-stepping …toe-tapping salve is a choice which guided the day …over-arched by one other.

The motivation was just too great …and it was …I believe two-fold.

So, in desperation …to avoid addressing the truth of any potentially greater painful truth than what was felt in the form of the Mid-Terms’ losses’ stings; who in the administration would offer thanks and credit to OPEC…?

So, following this year’s Mid-Term sobering reality, any way the jobs report could be spun in a more positive light …truth be dammed, slanting the cause for the data might prove to be a remedy whose salve’s application just might serve to work, as such …to alleviate the pains of the Mid-Terms and provide a modicum of relief.

But taking all claims and pinning it to the administration’s public policies was just bad form …not offering a mention to OPEC not withstanding.

However, the reports which followed the release of December 5th Job’s Report did not follow in anything which resembled a spirit of truth, but rather (in deceit) …deliberately spun and intentioned to be taken to serve not …in part, but wholly …to satisfy a starved hunger and thirst for what relief might be made to look otherwise like …a resultant culmination of the Obama Administration’s years of failed public policies.

Good grief! If that is not a delusion which is down right desperate …I would hate to imagine what could be made to fabricate a bigger lie?

Answer:   Bigger bait for a bigger fish …say one to be taken in 2016’s future catch …?

Hillary says it’s energy. I continue to say that it is a tax on oil …such as the democrats led out with in the form of Crap and Trade’s carbon based means to securitize oil as Timothy Geithner and Larry Summers fashioned a Mortgage Backed Based Securities scheme which paved the way to one of the biggest bubbles in modern economic history.


As for me, I’m not one to be …looking for any flimsy excuses to escape from the wake of recent liberal political reality. I would rather embrace it truthfully without a table full of their vomit.

And I’m not ready to make excused for the rest ofAmericawho actually stood up to hand out liberals their ill-fated Mid-Term losses. I would rather bolster the approach to take reality by both horns and shake its nasty ass.

And I’m among not one …as if all others should and could only be made to see and agree and swallow the baited destiny of their social doctrines’ cause. I am one to stand up and refute and replace public sector solutions with moderated private ones.

And I, for one …am not one to stand quiet and idly by in the wake of such strong and persuasive hallucinations …not even those as seen by liberals through their rose tinted glasses as if after having dropped a full hit of 4-way window pane acid …all should turn up roses.

Truth be told, Timothy Leary could have offered a significantly more truthful December 5’s Job’s Report than as how any number of the media. So then, I guess I should not beat a dead horse. However, it would seem as though that the dammed horse just will not die …but rather than giving up the ghost …it is still making every effort in every choice to continue to unjustly spin itself out of the grave …reporting as if it needed to hog all the benefits of this report …crediting all to itself as if it were the only beast entitled to tie its bridle’s reins to OPECs hitching post in amidst the holiday seasons as if The December 5 Job’s report was solely …the calumniating machinations of the Obama administration’s brilliant visions and public policies.

Oh, Brother …where fore art thou…gone mad? Don’t stop there; might as well go all the way.Americais moving forward. And …with or without you;Americais coming back …God willing.

After all, it isn’t as thoughAmericashould be afraid of telling the truth in open honesty.

America has better things which are before Her …none the least of which have anything to do with the hay which liberal folks have been trying to feed America …new jobs or not.

Speaking of one new job, see the president’s December 5th‘s announcement of his appointment of Ashton Carter to replace former Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagle for the job of Secretary of Defense:

Re: Hagel, see my Google search returns hear at:…0…1ac.1.34.heirloom-hp..0.12.2108.RpcvX8EUAbg

Selah; putting dead horses and metaphors of the grave aside, evidently …even the President himself couldn’t resist in taking to the airwaves to …both, announce his new choice for the job of Defense Secretary, Ashton Carter …while also taking direct and full responsibility (or should I more aptly say; sole credit) for having single handedly produced December’s data … as if only an imaginary rabbit such as someone like Hillary Clinton could only have been one who was more qualified who would take any more of a bigger bow in claiming any larger share of this report’s credit.

Talk about seizing an opportunity to take credit …and grab a photo blab opportunity at the drop of a hat …and or a campaign contribution; Stand up Hillary! Take a bow …need I ask?!

I only make mention of Hilary in the context above …as the style of The President’s December 5th announcements’ classical photo is not nearly as ludicrous as an example which involved Hillary the week before.

As it were, Hillary had the audacity to claim that government …not the private sector, was the one which is solely responsible for creating jobs. In this, she mentioned that if Bill had taught her one thing, it was this pinnacle principal. Good grief! If only big government were to get out of the way of commerce rather than stifle growth at every turn!

Oh, Sister…! Wherefore art thou …standing on the economy’s garden hose …eating its apples …milking our cows?

I ask so, for …with respect to all the hype that I heard upon the release of The December Job’s Report  …each media outlet all but ignored the one, single-most, overarching …major contributing factor which actually made the report’s print altogether possible. And it is this which could actually, and more accurately be mentioned in a certain light, one as being …the New Job’s print’$ $ponsor.

Yes, and yet,  …and in still more of a certain yet, totally unmentioned and overlooked context …that which went without so much of a mention on December 5th …this sponsor might even be considered a sort of quasi-patron saint …one neither needing nor asking for little, if any …fan-fare or credit as would a dead horse is trying every trick in the book to rise again from its burial plot.

Yes, with little to no attempt needed to exaggerate this matter in any sense of the manner, that such as might be likened to that of the exaggerated lengths to which The President and the liberals in the media made …falling over themselves at every turn; I couldn’t help but wonder whether or not they are more skittish and fearful of the truth as they might be of their FAILED ENERGY POLICIES …OR LACK THEREOF?


FOR …in seizing every opportunity to claim credit for 6 years of policy successes which made this data point possible …is at best, well …not simply plausible deniability; it is a height of sheer lunacy which speaks to a lack of bearing at best which is nearly void of reality …one which in no means is capable of serving “…We the People… with the ways worthy of Liberty’s calling Her people to safeguard their freedoms.


Alas, I digress. But I do so with deliberate strong reservation …as earnestly as those who pollute and pervert the truth to serve their selfish ends …especially with insider foreknowledge.

They should and do know better.

Nevertheless…more on this shortly.

Such as it were, I guess I should not begrudge the liberals’ covetous controlling spirit …since it is the case that …having been stung …not only once at 2012′s Mid-Terms …Americalet them have it yet again …for a second time at this year’s Mid-Term.

For this manner, I am especially thankful that their party “turned their other cheek…” having ignored the motive forAmerica’s first.

After all, America has demonstrated a willingness to slap those who are lacking in transparent due diligence, yet there is soooo much spin out there lurking behind closed doors and veils draw tightly shut …those which obscure the clarity of what is claimed to be transparent.

Yeah, right…!?

Nevertheless, moving away from such stinging reminders as of …to whom partisan pundits should be mindful, I must consider the pressures which have progressively been building within the Democratic Party’s ballons …the resultant haste following such disappointments …those which burst so abruptly is to be taken with understanding, but no so as to excuse further digressions into the absurd …certainly not those with lead down to the grave in fellowship with the father of all lies where his bed is more narrow and shorter …where the covers will not conceal to cover one and all adequately.

So, I guess it is totally understandable that, at long last …in the wake of the Mid-Term …its stinging  defeat’s second reminder (the 1st being the Mid-Terms of 2010) should serve as more of a wake up call …not for them who wish to remain sleeping in their graves’ respective beds, but those who desire to sleep soundly knowing that the truth of these matters are worth embracing openly …with a spirit of truth …in honesty …aimed in purpose to result in reaching for what well-planned chart offers a just best course.

In this common manner, no one needs fear the sting of a loss, but join in offering congratulations to all those who strive together to sharpen our land’s collective swords …for a common purpose in which iron should be given to sharpen and strengthen our wits, not dull and weaken them.

Through diversity …our strength should serve to unify rightly not divide unjustly.

Yes, understandably, like blame and shame, the results which sought to deceitfully disguise and therein, subsequently seize and take credit for the December 5th‘s Job’s print of the data is not exemplary …but rather an sad example of a form of questionable irrational exuberance …one which is so misplaced that it should in no ways be welcomed …let alone embrace in the broader sense of a positive conversation.

Certainly, there is no room for falling over one another by claiming misplaced and unearned credit …especially since any credit due needs must be that which is waiting to be shouldered by future generations …in the wake of what this generation has yet to take seriously …the responsibility of pain in any honest manner or form not withstanding.

Moreover, it should only serve as a greater wake up call …that beyond the sting of the 2nd Mid-Term’s slap’s sting.

When we deliberately seek to avoid the truth by burying our collective heads in the sand merely to ignore and make pre-SPIN (PRETEND) that the foreign puppeteers who are pulling our strings to serve and suit their own purposes …have no consequences; we are making a grave mistake to blindly embark down a slippery slope …one whose path has real and dire consequences.

Heading down this path is not moving forward …much less; it is by no means sovereign …let alone independent, but rather riddled with a debt-strew tale from which there is and will be no return.

Thus, moving forward is not cajoling one another and patting one another on the back in the interest of building one’s party’s partisan politics …a consolation which overlooks starker consequences and the responsibility to freedom’s greater cause …namely “…We the People …” who do actually cherish the truth of any and every matter …those which in every case best serves by building the public’s good trust and confidence in an open and clear forum which weighs the value of every man’s consideration.

As is, the characterizations following December 5th‘s Job’s print were enough to make me wonder what favor of cool aide Washington has be drinking ….?

It is enough to make me wonder if I have been speaking with stammering lips and another tongue.

Regardless, I have it on good authority; as with those in the day of Isaiah; they will choose to hear nothing of it.


11 For with stammering lips and another tongue will he speak to this people.

12 To whom he said, This is the rest wherewith ye may cause the weary to rest; and this is the refreshing: …yet they would not hear.

16 …re: a precious rejected stone …denied before men by men drunk with power …wine and strong drink …men whose table was/is full of vomit.


Merry Christmas



Anything that might  call into question  the credit rating/worthiness of US Treasuries so as to  cast a shadow over the US’s ability to service its debt, undoubtedly would lead to fears as to whether or not the US might likely fall into default on its public debt.

This would be certain to  rock foreign economies and have widespread repercussions …sending title waves rippling throughout world markets on every stage at every level.

As such …there is no more room for bickering and bipartisan politics on any one interrelated  issues which  would affect this matter.


PS:   Congress Narrowly Avoided government shutdown December 12th, 2014

The Time’s Article

CNN’s Report

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