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 Ulterior Motives

 The letter below stems from an earlier personal reply to Kansas State Representative Lynn Jenkins’s on-line question; Do you support the repeal of the new Government run health care package?


Should Obama Care Be Repealed, Reworked & Replaced?

 Yes, I support the repeal of President Obama’s health care bill in its present form.

As such, I look forward all the more to hearing the mention of the pursuit of sensible and effective ways and means to promote a better, more affordable health care system. I truly believe that there is a great deal of room to improve upon a system whose aim it is to educate, to motivate, to provide and offer incentives and rewards for taking personal responsibility for one’s health. As is, a more preventive posture of health and maintenance is far superior to a self-serving system …one which merely exists primarily to treat and harvest vast sums of wealth in approaches which favor, foster and develop several tiers of industries designed to merely treat symptoms …rather than curing the patient’s illness.

This is rather like a snake milking its own venom.

Preventive health medicine should reduce the need to treat and cure the patient, but today, there seems to be great focus and emphasis in treating the symptom rather than the patient and or their illness.

The profit motive seems to have caused a conflict as well as a distinct disconnect such that the medicine practiced today promises as much side affects as it does promise to the patient …especially when patients become overmedicated.

As such, I would like to see more opportunities in our health care system which would invite and grant individuals, groups and organizations access to certain alternatives.

Such greater choice would provide added flexibility by offering more choices in terms of therapeutic values as well as advantages in and at all levels of prevention, maintenance and care. I believe that much could be done to encourage individuals to take a more proactive approach to maintaining and caring for their health by rethinking and expanding our approach to the ways and means health care is provided and delivered.

The diagnostic, therapeutic and pharmaceutical approaches should not conflict in argument and treatment. They should compliment each other.

Unfortunately, industry lobbies compete and compete for pole position, whereas if and when combined, they should be allowed to compliment a balanced thorough approach to a patient’s treatment plan.

When working together, these multiple approaches offer and furnish vast increased savings …not to forget to mention a good deal of effective and efficient quality care where and when it is needed.

Here is a radical example of an aspect of health care which is totally ignored …a gym membership.

Go figure. It doesn’t have any revenue stream attached to a lobby in Washington.

Oh, well! You get the picture.

There are so many other examples aside from Pharmaceutically-based medicine whose roles should and could be allowed to play significant factors in offering and empowering individuals with the alternative means and methods which have been …otherwise missing in our nation’s healthcare system …that it is just exasperating when blindly viewed in contrast to the benefits returned to patients from the billions spent in pharmaceutical research and development.

As is, I receive no consideration for being an active member of my gym.

And whether or not such alternatives have been intentionally overlooked or otherwise marginalized, I believe that the present cost of our current approach to the type of medicine which is practiced here in America needs to be re-evaluated in our nation’s search and pursuit of a more cost effective means and methods by which health care is delivered.

Certainly there has to be provisions made to accommodate compatible and suitabliy complimentary health services whose goals it has always been …that of reducing the cost of health care …while, at the same time …also improving the quality and effective care that can be delivered …efficiently.

Additionally, if such alternatives were to be included in an expand system, the interest to access healthcare in and on a more personally direct level, I.E.; …outside the environs of one’s doctors’ office …yet, co-coordinated and supported with qualified certified affiliates while maintaining diligent means and methods of  supervisory oversight through the authority and auspices of one’s family physician …may well provide an individual the custom, personal approach needed to take an added interest in their own health. And would not that have a greater opportunity to impact how such a system could enhance and thereby empower individuals with responsibility all the more.

When there is an emphasis to offer choice rather than another pill …I believe there are certain definite advantages accrued in offering and making available certain therapies. These programs benefits and opportunities could vastly expand, preventive-based …and or therapeutic-based, pro-active customizable systems …whose industries would, could and should be allowed to offer, encourage, benefit and empower patients by offering customized choices in the personal pursuit of responsibly maintaining and managing their personal health on an optimal level …in the most cost affective and convenient means possibly available.

As is, people need and want customized choices in maintaining their health and would welcome a custom approach to a truly integrated, affiliated, coordinated system …one where pharmaceuticals might and most certainly would play a diminished role.

And in a system where the servant has become the lord, any efforts to improve the patient perception of the medical industry would sure to be a welcome change …especially at any accrued cost savings which would and could be reducing an approach heavily reliant upon costly drugs.

Think of the public’s perception of the medical industry if preventive therapy were to be encouraged as a first line alternative regimen to pharmaceuticals.

Anything which could be done should be …so as to encourage people to take steps to keep their at risk profiles low …especially those posed by the dangers of over medication.

This is worth a study in and all by itself. I would not be surprised if the data proves to be anything but alarming …and quite well suppressed.

Searching for and making alternative options available through one’s family physician …as in and through an expanded network of approved alternative providers would give the medical profession a badly needed shot in the are …a proverbial facelift …not to mention save money …big time …in time …and over time …time after time …time after time.

Thank you Cidy Lauper!
Never the less, choice has always been the cornerstone of our free market capitalistic society.

As such, It is past time for the medical enclave to get a grip …and loosen its reigns.

After all, is it not time that “…We the People …” start thinking with our brains while we still can afford to think straight?
And what better choice is there than that which offers the most incentives for those who are the most willing to put forth the greatest effort?

Think about that from just the mere logical aspect for a minute.

Then think about that from a cost savings standpoint.

This is a powerful perspective, but not until you consider how and what powers have suppressed this approach successfully for so long.

In this regard alone, reason and creativity are crying out for a change.
In this day and age where the mind set of entitlement has far outweighed …and all but stripped health care of its moral logic …its sad to think that its definition$’ values seem to favor (perceived or otherwise) those of a more  warped ulterior motive.

On the other hand, reason and logic …should be allowed to go, stand and serve in the better interests of the public.

And what could serve any greater need; maintaining the health of the individual …or maintaining the system?

I say that the both need a …more pressing, serious and longer review …if costs are to be successfully reduced to in pursuits to make health care an affordable, life-long multidimensional healthy pursuit in a system which empowers and serves the individual’s body more so than a governing body which serves the industries which feeds upon the individual’s body.

Right now, there is no denying it; both the patient and doctor are sick.

The governing body needs tax revenues …like a prostitute needs her johns. Never the less, that should not be cause for government to give license to the industries of Big Pharma to rape the public indiscriminately …at every whim and will.

Let us then, all be thankful that the pharmaceutical industry is not in the housing, banking or derivatives industry.

Never the less, there is a bubble which could well do to share its successes with other and newer …more cost effective industries …industries which are much better poised to provide higher levels of cost/benefit ratios.

And these industries are shelf ready without the need for too much tweaking required.      

In terms of both giving and receiving care …expanding the availability and choices within our health care system is certain to accrue certain quality and cost improvements.

There is too much at stake not to be vigorously engaged in looking for certain undeniable benefits from every alternative available. Many non-pharmaceutical therapeutic medical approaches are …without a doubt, now …THE missing pieces to the puzzle.

To allow these valuable choices to become excluded and or otherwise marginalized would be a continuation of a failure …one that of gross neglect in an on-going willful and deliberate politically steered oversight.

This is …and has been an aberration of service to America …much in part thanks to our very own members of Congress …vis. powerful legions of industries’ lobbyists.

However, if our nation’s health care system’s arsenal were to be expanded to include these neglected, valuable assets, they could otherwise …no doubt, make major contributions to the way our nation embraces the task of lowering health care responsibly …while improving so many other aspects which could raise the quality of the standards of health care in America.

Any discussion which hopes to achieve any material degree of success in reducing health care costs need must, in its debate …from here on moving forward …also include in the conversation …a serious consideration of the broader context (alternative preventive health maintenance) wherein which the spectrum covers an array of effective, low cost, creative, alternatives.

Otherwise, what we are merely maintaining will not be adequate to meet our nation’s most minimal marginal requirements.

And that’s not going to cut it.

Now, is the time to earnestly make serious and long lasting improvements  which will impact the quality of care, service and cost of how health care is provided here in America.

But more importantly, it will emphasize the strength of recognizing the importance of the individual and the freedom to choose wisely in view of the certain consequences when one fails to both have the opportunity and also fails to take what opportunities are available.

America has long be a land of opportunity and choice.

Why promote a system which fails on both accounts.

To invigorate the national conversation, I am making a case for choice …one which calls for the expansion of the availability and access to alternative forms of preventive health maintenance.

Let’s place health maintenance upon a higher and more certain pedestal by taking a tack which rewards prevention and lowers cost within various forms of therapy as opposed to “…take two of these, and call me if you are not feeling better. See you later. Bye …and don’t let the door hit you on your way out.”

I mean, let’s get honest, medicine was not meant merely to serve Big Pharma and their pill dispensaries …our hard working doctors and health professionals.

So, let this consideration be at the forefront of any debate’s discussion …one whose conversations tracks and follows in the public’s best interest.

Let this discussion continue unimpeded on a track which will harvest a good and healthy measure of oversight, accountability and due diligence.

May the tip of this conversation …like a spear, hit the target.

May it responsibly beneficially impact the efforts to make improvements in the shape of the health and welfare of our nation’s essential health care system and the overall vitality of those whose lives it may effect

All the best,


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