Controlling Labor – A Look back in Anger

Photo Credit, Thanks to Prad Prathivi As for my post’s title; I should have labeled it …Mismanaging Labor. Alas, I believe this fellow …Tony Crescenzi, got to the heart of […]


Is the invocation of Presidential Privilege left to Mr. Obama a reflection of the office’s Executive Order privileges merely an continuation of over-steps whose unhealthy wanton displays of child-like disregards for our nation’s fiscal well being and security evidence enough that he is not for us …but altogether anti American?

The Real Unemployed Step Up to Be Counted

This is a call to those who have been unemployed long enough to have fallen below the government’s radar screen and are no longer counted in any real context any more.

To those who have fallen between the cracks, I say; ” …Stand up!

Stand up! Reregister, and be counted!”

Send a message to the politicians who take the opportunity to marginalize the reality that the real number of those actually unemployed no longer matter.

How politically convienient is that?

How politically correct is this lie?