The Real Unemployed Step Up to Be Counted

When the Saints Go Marching In

This is a call to those who have been unemployed long enough to have fallen below the government’s radar screen and  are no longer counted in any real context any more.

To those who have  fallen between the cracks, I  say;  ”  …Stand up!

Stand up! Reregister, and be counted!”

Send a message to  the politicians who take the opportunity to marginalize the reality that the real number of those actually unemployed no longer matter.

How politically convienient is that?

How politically correct is this lie?

How much patronizining is one expected to accept these days …fat cat bankers not withstanding?

More and more, as the runup to the 2012 general elections approaches, what draws nearer are  the paradox of the overly optimistic prognostications  concerning the level of unemployment which President Obama cavalerly has declared would fall to acceptable levels prior to his bid for re-election.

What’s a body to do to avoid being abused  and taken for granted in all of this marginalized false misrepresentation of reality?

I for one know of no one who lives to be taken for granted. I for one have …up until this year …generouusly  contributed richly to the body politic, and candidates of my choice …but woe be to them and others …no more.

Instead, today …I am going to march down to my unemployment office and re-register as unemployed.

Yes, I am going to do so like I will also …exercise my right to vote.

But in the meantime …I will re-register; for that is my vote until then.

Who you going to call? Ghostbusters? How about mythbusters?

Statistics coming down on me? NO!!! My registration …instead  …coming down on you, like what?

Like Reality?

Yes, reality counts and B.S. walks, no?

Reality should be a refreshing opportunity to cause politicians to awake from under the radar blankets which have  comfortably lulled themselves to sleep …while raising  campaing funds in other arenas more promising.

To hell with that!

What matters is reality at the grass roots …where people are hurting.

So, I am urging all unemployed and unregistered to go back down to a state job center and register for work.

Get out the truly unemployed …get out the masses!

Register as unemployed …and read the looks upon  the politicians faces who have done nothing but hide from the truth that this nation is suffering …mostly from a lack of leadership which has affected  the well being of most sectors of our economy.

And like President Kenedy said; “…Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”

Do not expect a handout; but rather a hand up.

Otherwise,  take heart and make the choice to get back to work America; but above all things …chose to be in the number. Choose to be counted as one who is trying …making the attempt …one to at least hold the politicians’ feet to the fire.

Register to go to work, but …by all means  register as unemployed and be counted for the reality of it all.

Do not let allow this administration the luxury of pulling  any punches by the reason of a luxury …that of spinning the numbers in spite of those who have slipped through the cracks.

This also means …America does not need to be misled by  the false hopes associated with claims  hitched and tied ever so loosely to  temporary and  seasonally adjusted  holiday worker data which is a massaged and overstated data point …one which holds little if no water whatsoever.

Cracked pots  hold no water, and America is no dry hole.

Stand up and be counted for the truth of what  matters most …the truth of what is the matter.

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