Geithner, Tripping Out in Disney Land


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Europe; Timothy Geithner’s New Disney Land

Tripping Out in Disney Land


If Andrea Merkel knows one thing well, it is that the long-range stability of any social system is dependent upon a reliable stable monetary policy which underpins and bolsters a stable currency …the likes of which have historically benefited her country’s former currency …the German Deutsch Mark …that is up until Helmut Kohl and the era which will be known as post reunification.

But know this …as well  does Frau Merkel; since the end of WW II, the German government was precluded from running deficit budgets as per the guidelines spelled out in of one of the many provisions of what is little known as the Status of Forces Agreement …a.k.a., The SOFA Agreement.

Helmut Kohl is also intimately familiar with the SOFA.

His people sent him to rest on one in the 90’s after this particular FISCAL RESTRAINT’ was rescinded and the allies gave the German Government a long rope with which to hang itself.

Under Helmut Kohl’s leadership and vision, his expensive, monumental commitment to reunification paved the way to conspire against the German post-war social prosperity.

The demise of this particular provision of the SOFA agreement is precisely that which threatened and ultimately effectually ushered in this new era and struck the death knoll of the luxury of the long-standing status of Germany’s prized pinnacle of their social system   …their coveted pension system …the center of which underwrote the largest piece of the German social system’s benefits.

Politically upset this long-standing benefit …and any politician could kiss their sweet bippy goodbye.

In keeping with Chancellor Helmut Kohl’s post-reunification’s efforts; Germany amassed a ginormous debt which almost immediately came with a ginormous service cost which immediately encroached upon said prized pinnacle …thus, reducing this prized possession   to a mere whippy fraction of its former glory.

Imagine that! A government’s undertaking …forming an obligation so large that its excesses have …risen …exceeding the need and its ability to consider the primary better interests of its people?

How much of an imposition would that be?

A slap in the face?
Now, that could happen here, could it?

News flash, people …it already has …on both continents.

After all, we have been conditioned and readied to live and serve a global economy more so than sovereign interests.

It is not like we all have become highly correlated so much as we have become slaves to serve a mutual panacea called debt service.

Hey gang! Let’s get loaded …debt loaded that is!

And who is the leader of this gang today?

Why it is Timothy Geithner to the rescue.

However, there is one who is less deserving of credibility …yet, one who still seems bent on teaching and guidingEuropein a lesson by a poor example.

Now, honestly …how could that be construed to by  …leadership by example????

Good Lord! Denial is not just another meeting with Timothy Geithner.

It is not like, Gheither knows how swap spreads and exotic mortgage products work. And it is not like he helped package and sell this crap to the world along with Larry Summers.

Now, I wonder what new crap he’s got up his sleeves that is not related to securitized debt?

And in this manner’s routines, I can’t help but wonder what business he has in offering advice toGermany.

Silly rabbit; tricks are for kids. TRIX Cereal …play it again Sam!

I can only imagine Geithner saying; “…Don’t do as I do; do as I say …”

Like, that example is going to go over any better than a led brick, no?

He might as well as offer up a securitized idea like Crap and Trade which is nothing more than a liberal’s road map to governmental prosperity. I mean, like …what else would or could one expect from a liberal other than tax scheme hell bent on justifying an unscrupulous means to raise money to fuel a out right bankrupt social system ….especially while free market capitalism stands on a precipice called a double-dip recession.

A reason to tax in any season does not well serve good timing.

It is not as though any liberal would not and could not embrace that as being a fair road to travel down.

However, taxes are a plan which is paved with no more good intentions than, perhaps the need for power?

Or perhaps Timothy could offer his example of leadership by reason of the crutch he enjoys at home …a printing press solution …one which could be called a one-world printing press’ path towards a one-world government.


Geithner might as well show up with an apple in hand …pointing to the tree of in the center of the garden …if he tries to sell the idea that German prosperity and stability lies in this path.

In this way, I rather doubt Merkel will bite.

I would cringe, for in this way; every government could become joined at the hip by inflation’s most efficient mechanism’s machinations.

However, knowing what Merkel knows, and knowing how and why Merkel is so opposed to taking a path toward embracing a choice to print and sell the Euro Bonds, one has to wonder what in the Hell does Timothy Geithner have to offer one who is in real need of a plan which desires to set a course instead toward the shores of fiscal responsibility rather than an example of manifest deficits.

In my humble opinion, Merkel andGermanyshould show Timothy Geithner the SOFA and offer him an early flight home.

After all, he has his hands full without needing to escape reality.

Isn’t Disney Land enough of a Fantasy?

Let’s get real …as in agreeing to equally embrace the necessary disciplinary measures of austerity.


After all, on this trip …there are no more short cuts to tune in …drop out …and turn on to any more.

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