Look! Who’s Rocking The Boat..?

Photo Credits thanks to Dani McCreery at Wheatbelt Photography Look! Who’s Rocking This Boat? Look, who has principally been making the waves…! The Economy, amidst an environment of continued growing uncertainty, […]

NATO; Cuba; Bay of Pigs; Libiya; Germany and France

View Hope As Repetitious Annual Deficits?
Can America Afford
to …continue …to …
Execute Effective Foreign Policy
A Strong Homeland Security
In What Was …What is …and What Will Be
…if Not 1st Prepared?
Ready For What?
Sabers Rattle More in the Face of U.S.
Weakness & Vacillation?

If you are not with us …you are against us? Where did I last hear this?

I believe this is what came from President Bush as he led the charge to stand against Iraqi dictator Sadman Hussein in the wake of the Iraqi dictator’s post Quwati invasion’s peace.

Hmm! Noble cause as the president’s charge may have been; as it were, I wonder why the president’s efforts met with so much international indifference and contempt.

For a possible answer, take a look back with me a bit.

In view of the recent celebration of The Bay of Pigs 50th Anniversary last week, I think it altogether fitting to also take a look back at a letter which I wrote around the first part of 2007 …especially since it is also the case that Barack Obama made the decision to essentially dump the Libyan mess into NATO’s lap.

Consider the following as a prefacing introduction prior to any such a look back ward …

Hey Barack! Hey NATO!

I would hope America is ready and willing to take the responsibilities needed to shoulder the burdens of the tasks in Northern Africa. If something is worth doing, it should be worth doing well, yes?

Yet, for all that …the leadership which caused Barack Obama to mount the charge into Libya is one which is also fast wilting and withering on the vine.

This does one thing well. It makes a fine example of an excuse for failing to show the conviction of such a charge’s initial courage and conviction.

Lip Service? …or, Unity & Agreement …Purpose Both Won!!!

Not long ago, a wise man once said: You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”

Today, approval ratings stand to reflect that Americans are not fooed by all the hpye coming our of Washington in the wake of what is being characterized by outspoken politicians as a compromise.

This is the sort of charade which …overwhelming, growing numbers of Americans are growing weary of …and have voiced their strong disapproval of in regards to those in Washington who still seem to feel it necessary to continue to engage in endless, disingenuous grandstanding …bickering along party lines …arriving at conclusions in self-deluded summaries which stop at nothing to assume that they are the savior of all America’s woes …in spite of …and in view of stiff opposition whose interests are contrasted to Americas better interests..

The True Essence of O. …Half Hearted Reluctance or Merely Party Generated Scritpt?

Thursday, December 09, 2010   The True Essence of O. . …Half-Hearted Reluctance or …Just Plain Party Script?   Preface: As  a  trained, detail-oriented technician, I have been made to […]

Ax the Home Mortgage Interest Deduction?

Stimulation vs. Depression

One moment it’s stimulate; the next it’s depress.

So what’s next; more uncertainty?

That would be good for housing and employment now, wouldn’t it?

CNBC; you can’t seem to make a consistent supportive call toward private sector solution in many of your segments …”The Call” not withstanding ….at least not in one viable practical solution which validly is capable to consider that which promotes the rights of the individual over and above the needs of the state …our Beggar and Beggar-like …Big Brother.

Which came first; the individual or Big Brother?

Read the constitution if you can’t answer this without hesitation.

I don’t know; but, the last time I checked …the government was ordained and establish to serve the needs of the individual …and not vice versa.

I know! I’ve lived in a few countries where the worker served the state …mostly without a single shred of private incentive.

CNBC, since when did the servant become the lord here?

Make no mistake about it; I do not work or live to serve you either!

Likewise, in your discussion of: Tax Incentives & Reward vs. Tax Penalties …I have to ask; …where is the slightest mention of the private incentives’ side of you conversation gone hidden?

Me rather thinks that you have deliberately, blindly …or otherwise stuffed this more meaningful other side of the discussion into a little black box and carefully placed it in the back of a dimly lit room?


Make no mistake …the answer which serves the private sector a better solution …most certainly does not lie in the public solution.

But in as far as …so much potential as the private side of the equation has …why have the other (still bigger government and its needs) so swamped out the interests of “…We the People …?”

Why then has this lop-sided conversation’s considerations continued unchecked along such detrimental lines?

So, rather than continue to be blind-sided; I must ask ….

So, who’s on your side? Who’s got your back? Whose interests are being served here in this lop-sided discussion?

What’s to loose?

The rights of the individual …or the needs of a failed ,,,self-serving government hell-bent on establishing and moving forward a socially engineered new liberal order?


To America, in regard to Her …The Deficit Commission …I say;

Beware, do not become the administration’s next …

New Whipping Boys …the next one gone up …given upon the Chopping Block …much without so much a consideration of what actually works to move freedom forward efficiently …alas; the demise and power of private enterprise …up in smoke.

For an example of the impact of taxation; see the causes of “The Great Depression.”