One Nation Under Bernie …

Originally Posted:   Friday December 8th, 2010

Last Edited: Tuesday, December 30, 2010

Cry Not For Bernie Madoff

Cry not for me Bernie Madoff.

Cry not for me Bernie Madoff.

Cry not; “Whatever!” …for, whatever just might actually be.

Cry not America, “Bernie Madoff …;” and for the sake of God’s very own …don’t come, crying; “Amen!” America to me.

Awaken and cry the more America …for “Whatever!” is become of thee?

So then, in that regard America, cry no more for Bernie Madoff.
Save for the sake of salvation, I could not more bothered be!

For I much rather doubt; he’s neither once, whatsoever …considered the likes of you nor me.

Then, cry no more; “..Whatever!” …for, in our whatever’s America, our ills we, our sinful shortcomings shall see.

Blame’s the irreconcilable reflection of the greater guilt in his book …reserved for a remnant’s glimpse of how whoever he took.

It’s a fine kettle of fish.

It’s truly a bitch

In whatever …whoever Bernie has cooked.
For whom you may ask?

But of course …for you and Bernie …save me!

So, cry if you must …but please stop whatever you’re doing … for if, when you think to say; “…Whatever’s becoming in  all that is  bumming …the likes of what you see?

 So, don’t come crying “Bernie Madoff, and say not; “Amen!” to me.

For in this …me thinks …Bernie’s serving no more better role as scapegoat for the likes of you …more than me.

Regardless whatever role Bernie’s serving; this un-seeming fall guy …undoubtedly is more deserving …its  essence of which stuff …in some whatever’s more unseemly peculiar manner …all now raining down …still more guilt … falling  upon the crowns of heads …the likes of you more more than me.  

And so …I say; “Don’t cry for Bernie Madoff …” for whatever’s rather raining more steadily than dread.

And  … recently  …the more in less common terms …whenever  “WHATEVER !” …you said.

Did I mention …it’s falling squarely more on the likes of yours instead?

“How dare,” …say you; “compare him less mad … whatever the likes of you compared to me?

But this is where our differs split and where my points’  journeys agree.

Perhaps there’s no more left in Bernie’s life to keep us from looking within should we dare.

Such manners of compare do so often serve judgment well when, in misplaced pity …its logic lie more flawed in more elementary reason’s flare …the resemblance of truth which the real pity be …whatever’s become of you and me.

So, take this one piece of profit forward in heart, and take it squarely on the chin.

We were taken by no other perp … more egregious …of worth the likes of those of US within.

For there’s …admittedly …by far …no greater perps to compare …than the likes of you and me in whatever’s spin..

Why then; in ”Whatever!” …we cast our stones; with indifferent impunity without respect nor in regard to the traps we stand all together …much more in our whatever’s we’ve been?

Less then well storied it is not …how Bernie came a ravaging …than how much like boobs we all have our Zen.

For, when our mountain’s belies’ water’s flow and with our whatever’s our indifference goes …for what diligence will tend  …America’s oversight to set to slumber and conscious signals send out invitations to those which long lie therein waiting …per chance take a dare with hope a less egregious share …the response to which we all full well share

And through open doors beckoning, the slaughter will come …wolves more ravenous than the likes of our dear Bernie’s …and ours much worse a fate it will be …if we don’t take pause to seek a new more sobering song.

So don’t cry Bernie Madoff and instead …stand in common will …and join in agreement …unified that “WHATEVER” forever should no longer …our mutual national mantra be.

For if ours is to be a bright future …one of value ….kept like a treasure …in trust; then,  ours better MORE SO  …one a stronger will …MORE RESOLVED a will ours needs must be.

Such resolve is purposed to  …to have …to hold…to guard …keep …to be in confidence …much more assured certainly .

Plainly, we must not all become bigger Bernie’s; pointing fingers …shaking heads …engaged in upon a bickering doubting sea of doubt …obsessed with shame and blame.

Instead, we needs must awake and see …whatever has been a common journey …one whose ill-fated destination is an obsession whose sideshows are more inclined with concerns over scapegoats whose sideshows our future it thieves.

So, if in more the likes “WHATEVER” it is the future we choose …we have no one other to blame.

As such, if …we can not plainly see the difference   …such a dream ours will forever be …that of our mutual hangman …like Bernie’s worst nightmare’s burden …a noose he will forever bare   …like a yokes burden’s heavy bondage.

Bernie will have no choice in the matter, but what about the like of you and me?

Will Berine leave us crying  …wondering whatever is his shackles weight’s worth to me?

Regardless, how tainted the dreams we have purchased …regardless of which bull we have invited to entertain us …I ask; were these beastly nightmares   worth all the pain of indifference they are causing …the price paid for riding …both hands grasp off both horns?

So is the story more of the bull in our true reality’s center stage …or is more like the crowd in the circus whose tent is burning?

How can we take hope to look forward to change …when we will not reconcile …what has then become so  …buried by our indifference …if, in of the truth and due diligence …still all more we fail to see  …by continuing along the same lines forever …in WHATEVER we just will not dare come close to …the reality we just won’t bear.

But if you do dare so plainly see this; then …for God’s sake don’t cry for Bernie Madoff; and please, don’t come  a crying; “…Whatever …”

And now, more than ever …please, don’t come  crying to me!

Bill Landman

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