See Something …Say Something; Blind Intelligence

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When I Was a Child …

  I Spoke as a Child … I Walked as a Child … I Thought as a Child … But When I Became a Man, I Put Away Childish Things […]


Is the invocation of Presidential Privilege left to Mr. Obama a reflection of the office’s Executive Order privileges merely an continuation of over-steps whose unhealthy wanton displays of child-like disregards for our nation’s fiscal well being and security evidence enough that he is not for us …but altogether anti American?

Never Kick A Dog When He’s Down!

  First Published:   September 4th, 2011  Edited 2nd Revision:   September 10th, 2011 Related News Releases on This Subject: New York Times – Business Day Federal Regulators Sue Big […]

David Wittig …Sarbanes-Oxley & There’s No Place Like Home


There’s No Place Like Home.

If there ever was a prime case for the “…Whatever!” blind-eyes’ files; this one would take the lead in arguing for a need to exercise and reform …Sarbanes-Oxley.

For crying out loud!

I have long desired to express my opinions on the following distasteful disgusting matters which lead up to and surrounded the court awarded golden parachute to David Wittig.

I can’t even characterize this by saying that it makes for a sad socio-political commentary …for that would be to shade it with more respect than this truly deserves.

After all, PIGS We Are Not!

Today, I am taking a look back at a letter I wrote Friday, November 21, 2008 dealing with a principal commonly used in bankrupcy proceedings called Cram-Down.

It seems fitting to revisit it to achieve some degree of perspective in view of communities whose municipal bonds’ bond ratings are at risk in the face of of dwindling tax revenue.

And taken in perspective of TARP and various stimulus programs which have been walked through Congress under the pretext that their purpose is aimed at saving community jobs and services, I have to ask; as what point will America become like Germany …less than willing to support the pigs of Europe …those like Portugal Ireland/Italy Greece and Spain?

After all, are the PIGS …all that much different than any number of the hardest hit states here in America?

Without a doubt, The Germans have had to pay an exacting price to pay for reunification …not to mention what the PIGS’ bail-out may wind up costing the quality of their return on social investments.

So, tonight is an opportunity to visit the letter below while asking what are state and local governments doing to maintain tight budgets and exercise fiscal withstraint?

It seems to me that in the face of lowered property values …rising property taxes are a sad social commentary …one in which state and local community governance has thrown away prudence and reason in favor of the opportunity to ignor reality and the consequences of neglect …hoping that no one would take notice.

In that respect, I will introduce my letter by saying; “…pay no attention to the man behind the curtain …” You better pay your taxes, or they might just cram them higher property taxes down your throats.

Cram Down? vs. Higher Property Appraisals & Property Taxes?
Go Figure!
How does that translate to …Spending Cuts?
It doesn’t, does it!?

Example One = Job One: An Embrace & Esteem of What Is Systemically Too Big To Fail; Namely …Ownership!

  Based upon a letter written on Tuesday, February 5th 2008 Friday, January 07th, 2011 Final Revision:     Sunday  January, 9th, 2011 I offer my deepest sympathies to the […]

Are GSEs …Freddie and Fannie on Track to Collide with Public’s Interest; Hurtling Toward an Anti Trust Suit?

> Since when did it become pc for Uncle Sam to believe …that it is in the public’s better interest for the public to shoulder this mess …leaving the tax-payer with the burden to carry …the impact of those its deemed NOT too-big-to-fail?
> I would suppose it impossible to expect that the Obama administration would call for an anti-trust suit to break up their ballance sheets.
> But maybe the Tea Party could take up the call and make a charge to assail both parts (both sides of the isle in Washington) whose lesser wills have promoted this mess.
> After all, if our major body politic won,t take up the fight for “…We the People …” Maybe that which is least willwash our feet instead.