One Bad Apple

Support American ownership.

And if you can not distinguish a winner from a loser; then, America will do the job by replacing you in the wake of your miserable failure.

Yes, failure is more of an option than a faddy fashion accessory …pejoratives not withstanding.

Hand outs are no way to craft incentive for ownership …save promote ones own political office …and that is so passe’.

And in this wise; beware …there are bad apples whose design it is to spoil the entire lot by making those who are to come …losers ,,,one and all by reason of an unbridled …unchecked debt.

So, the next time you hear someone speak for all by saying; “…We do not believe that the government should be in the business of picking winners and losers …” better take a closer look under the hood.

Kick the tires while you are at it too.

Your kids and their loser kids may thank you for taking a closer look.

Own your destiny; manage your character.

Craft your fate …and offer your children the opportunity to do the same as well as you now have a day with which to do something constructive about private ownership.

I like my apple pie served up warm and fresh.

How about you?

Recovery; It’s A Gas …Part 3

Should consumers despair that they …as of yet, still do not have the luxury to chose a commercially viable alternative at the pump?
Or should Americans take heart and stand up and celebrate the huge opportunity to make a call for a tremendous change …one which really would …should and will make a world wide world of difference for the betterment of consumers everywhere?
The choice is a no-brainer.
As such, for now …America (largely) has made no such choice to either stand nor make the call for such an alternative bridge fuel …in mass.
And, such as has been the case to date …this (non-call …at it were) has long stood to produce an advantage whose single most dominant luxury is being enjoyed (…like no other position can afford) …by one single segment …of an industry group …one which is comprised by a handful of rather lucky dominant oil exporters.

Recovery; It’s A Gas …Part 2

After all, without choice …America; She is an enslaved patient …force-feeding a system holding her as a slave to forces which are out of the dwindling subset of institutions which once served Her once dominant enablement’s …those which once upon a time added to …rather than detracted from Her self sovereign ability to control Her own destiny.
I would not call that service befitting the better interests of Americans …at this time.
I know nothing …indeed!
However, I do know one thing all the more; I wouldn’t mind having a better opportunity to make the choice to install a cheap …economical filling station in my home.
Now that …I know would be a total gas!!!
Wouldn’t it?
Well, maybe not for those who have put on and invested their bets in going long in calls …on CRUDE.
Talk about being made the cow’s tail …?
How now brown cow?
How now …is anything but CRUDE.
As a matter of fact …it just may just the gas America is looking for …the solution which the man behind the curtain does not want you to see.

Recovery; It’s A Gas

In the wake of the sell in May and walk away market mentality, Consumer Confidence is becoming increasingly …overshadowed and punctuated by the tenuous reality that America is facing a real and present threat which endangers Her sovereign interests …a risk in regards to the consequences of Her single-dimensional dependency upon a one-sided energy’s policy platform.

Organizers vs. Agitators

In time, what’s the big deal if the net affect of giving up a measly tax credit or two offers big oil the opportunity to reap a harvest …allowing them to play an even greater (dominant) role in developing bridge fuel technologies after a cogress which is fiscally addicted to a Fed’s accomodative weak dollar (deficit- driven) fiscal irresponsibility.

As a politician, any one can survive …as long as one can maintain a


-like populist stance.

But, in reality; a well known man once said;

“You may fool all the people some of the time, you can even fool some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all the time.”

So, seriously; don’t be agitated, and for goodness sakes don’t be aggrevated.

For there are and have been many …who for years, it can be seen …have been pretty good at knowing how to peddle snake oil.

So, don’t be taken in unaware …by the very sensual and emotional nature of all their promises’ appeals and charms.

So, be sharp as a two edged sword, because you will need the truth to deal with whatever may be in each chamelions’ reptilian repitoir …populist non-sense not withstanding.

Care for some nice shinny rubby red apples, deary?

Don’t fall into a pit.

Become organized and plan to vote come 2012.

Above all, don’t confuse a community agitator with a community organizer.

Bottom line; don’t be fooled by a chameleon.

Chameleons crawl on their bellies like a snake …or any other reptile.

And while they pretend to speak for all …they speak for no one but themselves.

O Joshua!

Energy Policy’s Missing Word; “…Multidimensional…”

The Word; “…Multidimensional…”

Lynn, kudos to you in regard to your recent interview with Gerri Willis on Fox News. You looked great and came off very well.

However, let me ask you to consider using a strong, positive power word. Incorporate “…multidimensional …” into your energy conversation’s dialogue in the future.

You will make a stronger impact if you use “…multidimensional …” to characterize the nature and scope of the problem of the current policy which is lacking in both vision and scope …by virtue of the fact that the current policy is not “…multidimensional …” and therefore lacks the breadth needed to combat the problem.

In order to achieve energy independence, freedom has always equated to choice.

Variety is the spice of life.

Choice boosts competition and lowers price …rewarding efficiencies regardless of scale by reason of flexibility …which enhances national security …while reducing trade imbalances and strengthening the posture of any state’s ability to conduct foreign relations …on a sovereign less-conflicted diplomatic basis.

Windfall Profits Tax vs. An Oil Lobby = Why Term Limits

Windfall Profits Tax vs. An Oil Lobby

or …

Standing in the Way of Choice

A growing discontentment is leading to calls for a windfall profits tax which is translating to political rhetoric in what may likely come from Washington’s knee-jerk reaction to manipulate and profit from a growing dissatisfaction fueled by fuel price shock.

It should be easy to clearly see that such groundswells’ calls are likely to be arduously opposed and met with indirect counter offers in open invitations by oil lobbyists’ whose efforts it will be …to try and change your congressional representatives’ minds.

Like …that isn’t or wouldn’t be an indirect opportunity to serve any Senator to make a discrete invitation in the form of an unsolicited call for additional campaign contributions …or, what?

So far, The Senate (unlike The House) has pretty much refused to speak about …much less, consider Nat Gas.

Poor old Liberty! Where are her choices gone?

Demand Destruction Vs. Washington’s Lip Service

Choice seems to favor liberty. I know, I have visited and lived in communistic and former communist sattelite countries.
However, America has not and is not truly taking advantage of its diverse energy resources.
Likewise, in spite of the fact that America has long known that it has an energy problem; America has failed to become busy in a meaningful manner which agreesively promotes a build-out of a wider energy infrustructure.
Evidently, America’s policy makers do not share industries desire to actually ernestly desire to achieve energy independence.
In view of this failure to redeem the time; Washington seems to me …more willing to invite any policy detrimental or otherwise …which is cabalbe of weaking the dollar and thus fan the flames of inflation …still further than whatever means the Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke has at his disposal …in his near empty arsenal.
Such poor policy choices as it is make for a lack of choice though. And, in my humble opinion …threatens Homeland Security in a way which most people are being taken unawares.
As such, America’s (comprehensive???) energy policy (…or, lack thereof …) reflect a sad lack of consideraton for Lady Liberty which is consistent with Washington’s lack of esteem for what should, otherwise be delivering …service by Her duely elected public servants.
Sadly, in the absence of an adequate abundance …let alone …a bare minimum of any due measure of what responsible considerations should otherwise be offering America Her the badly needed due diligent of responsible service; Wahsinton’s lack of esteem in its lax regard …is failing to promote a healthy energy independence …and have pretty much dropped the ball. “Yes (…Barack …) you have …!”

The Demise of QE-2

The Demise of QE-2

Oh, Really?

Speculation and QE-2 Go together like a horse and buggy.

Or was that …like a 1.64 Trillion Dollar deficit and a rather conflicted Federal Reserve?

Or was that like a 3.7 Trillion Dollar Budget and a rather conflicted Congress?

In view of the administration’s disdain for the express will of the people such as became manifest and more than abundantly clear last November…the question remains as to whether or not QE-2 is to go …or stay and become supplanted by what may become QE-3 is anybody’s question …or is it?

Unlike what would otherwise be like a deep black secret …the demise of QE-2 is anything but …beyond top-secret.

Instead, whether QE-2 is to stay or go …is something which Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is not surprisingly …now, more than less …obligated to disclose openly to the likes of Congress …namely, to satisfy the likes of a more than entitled curiosity …the itchy ears …of the likes of those of Senator Ron Pall not withstanding.

Re.: Monetary and Fiscal Responsibility;

And while bad habits are easily learned and obtained; they are not so easily worked free from …in reversing their affects’ impacts.

These take prayer and fasting.

Take a rather strange lesson from an otherwise foreign focus and vision …one generated in mixing an atmosphere of strong necessity with one of equally strong discipline and regimented resolve.

That’s why the Germans have been rather more successful in adopting …with their engrained mind-set of discipline …a more prudent and reasonable rationale in their approach to borrowing limits …capping their annual budget deficits and public debt to correspond to certain guidelines which pertain to strict percentage-based guidelines of their economy’s actual performance …foregoing the urge to bet on the come …as it were …as hope seems to have become warped here in America.

This more responsible sort of balanced approach to fiscal due diligence and disciplined oversight of the budget processes returns a service to the people of Germany which kind of reminds me of the purpose which the President’s Pay Czar was intended to serve …

…Namely that of accountability …in light of an emphasis which was supposed to be centered about openness and clarity.