Energy Policy’s Missing Word; “…Multidimensional…”



 and …:

The Word; “…Multidimensional…”


Lynn Jenkins, U.S. Congresswoman from Kansas’ 2nd District …kudos to you in regard to your recent interview with Gerri Willis on Fox News. You looked great and came off very well.   ( See the top link above …)

However, please allow me to  ask you to consider using a strong, positive power word.

Incorporate “…multidimensional …” into your energy conversation’s dialogue in the future.

You will make a stronger impact if you use “…multidimensional …” to characterize the nature and scope of the problem of the current policy which is lacking in both vision and scope …by virtue of the fact that the current policy is not “…multidimensional …” and therefore lacks the breadth needed to combat the problem.

In order to achieve energy independence, freedom has always equated to choice.

Variety is the spice of life.

Choice boosts competition and lowers price …rewarding efficiencies regardless of scale by reason of flexibility …which enhances national security …while reducing trade imbalances and strengthening the posture of any state’s ability to conduct foreign relations …on a sovereign less-conflicted diplomatic basis.

Lastly, the move and pursuit of efficiency brings about technological solutions which reward innovation and encourage private enterprise …or ownership …which in turn translate to higher tax receipts in the wake of greater prosperity.

Yes, in my opinion “…Multidimensional …” is the key word missing in our national energy conversation and the policies which have the mutual best interests of   “…We the People …” primarily, first and foremost above those of all of America’s many energy producers.

Lynn, while I can’t lobby you and pad your re-election campaign coffers like the big players in Washington; but I can give you the key word to add to your play-book which will have more long lasting impact upon securing the success of your political career than any industry lobbyist that ever has ever offered to take you to lunch and or dinner.

Speaking about dinner; in that regard, I am looking forward to meeting you again at Hellen’s next Wichita fund raiser …God willing!

All the best,


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