Hillary’s Epitaph; Ludicrous, Pitiless, Empty Drivel

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Hillary’s Epitaph; Ludicrous, Pitiless, Empty Drivel

H.EL.P.E.D. Herself

Most have heard of the Man from GLAD. He helped clean up messes.

Now, today we got to hear from this woman from HELPED. Her  inconveniences are a mess becoming  more like  those from SAD …as if, “…whatever difference does it make now,  ANYWAY?” shouldn’t actually now matter all the more …especially MORE than “ANYWAY.”

I MEAN, IF ANYWAY doesn’t matter; I’d have done whatever it takes to get to the top of the heap, right? Err, not!

As is, if the means do not justify the end, shouldn’t “ANYWAY” actually now matter all the more …AT LEAST  more THAN and above WHATEVER …that is to serve as a precautionary red-flag?

Let me explain.


 After hearing Hillary’s explanation as to  why she maintained her public e-mails on a private server in her private residence while serving as US Secretary of State, I simply came away with the impression that, according to Hillary’s justification; …no inconvenience is too small.

Really…!?  Is no excuse really too small for  Hillary to  do “…whatever…” at the drop of a hat…?!

Perhaps that is what drew Bill to her in the first place. She’s ready and willing to do whatever …at the drop of a hat …or, whatever is convenient.

Never the less, how  ironic is  such a convenience  now being made to appear as the least of whatever’s essence also is being used to serve as no more than  a flimsy cover  to  excuse the absence of her regard for the public trust.

It would seem, according to Hillary, that’s ok …but doesn’t this do rather more than simply highlight lesser of all standards?

Does such a paltry excuse actually deserve to serve and stand as a substitute as a replacement or a displacement of the  public trust?

In regard to  what she deemed (as  no more that a private whim) according to Hillary, this is about all that is  necessary to excuse  such aberrations of such a trust which she obviously has come to take for granted.

In her characterizations …such inconveniences are part and parcel of “…Whatever…” could be made to be perceived as that which is actually becoming to that of a public servant.

Go figure!

Furthermore, aside from and above any greater obligatory consideration which, in open and  clear transparency would have, could have and should have led her to consider her public and moral duties above those of her own personal interests …convenience not withstanding;  is this the type of nature and character  befitting that of  a role model’s leading priority worthy of the public trust?

Crime’netly! Hell no it isn’t…people!

I don’t mean to lecture, but come on now!

For crying out loud!

Is Hillary the best the Democrats can put up for 2016?

No inconvenience is too small, really…!?

So, in a typical American classic “…Whatever…”  moment…” when I mentioned  that Hillary’s news conference  left me with a   distinct impression that  (according to Hillary)  … no convenience is too small; I realized that Hillary had the gall to assume that  the American people would not be willing to swallow such a caviler, self-absorbed, narcissistic act.

My  friend  replied that Hillary did not affect his life …that he was not interested and that he would just as soon bury the issue and forget about it and her altogether.

“Whoa! Not so easy!”…; I replied, also adding;

 “…You mean like she, in the same way …in effect …essentially buried those which she …in  a matter of self-serving service shallowly also turned  her back on when the calls came in fromBenghazi?”  

I  swear!

Is it not within her spirits’ caviler natures to have become so consistently  true to the form and figure of such a weak character’s mold? Do not the manifestations of hers and those like her  speak for themselves?

Track records speak for themselves, and  Hillary’s is no exception.

As such, and in this manner, I found it consistent that  Hillary would seize an  opportunity to grandstand by opening up her news conference today by hiding behind the skirts (pretext) of those (all women) whose  high ideals (like Bill’s girlfriends) she pretends to champion, claiming  …as if it were that she is the sole proprietor of the only cottage industry which  needs must be allowed the license to continue  the battle’s struggle …that in the manner in which only she could best describe as in any one of her saga’s growing string of autobiographies.

But what of  those  women’s rights?

Would they not be better represented by another, one  nobler representative?

Makes one think, no?

So, today  …I couldn’t help but wonder whether or not her excuses today  were not also  born  out of the same weak spirits which have driven her to esteem concern for “…her own personal convenience…” above the esteem for public sacrifice …as well as those concerns which genuinely carry an honest concern for the rights of those she uses as a veil to hide behind.

Honestly, as I wondered, I was taken by the grips of reality. I came  face to face with this same weak spirit  which  helped burry those  who needlessly gave their lives and died valiantly to protect our ambassador’s life inBenghazi..?

So, in this way; I call for the end of a tired and disingenuous story. Bury the Hillary.  Leave her  with no more than a footnote here and now, as there …yes, as there inBenghazi.

A fitting epitaph might otherwise read: “…no  inconvenience is too small for me…”

Less is more.


What say ye?

What say “…We the People…”?

Deserve ‘…We the People…” such ludicrous, empty, pitiless  drivel?

As a matter of greater convenience, I rather think not!



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