Door Bell Debt Ringer

Depressing this:  And this doorbell’s debt ringer should serve you as a wakeup call, but it will not and does not even begin to take into account what future irresponsibility will most likely hold in store for you if you don’t wake us soon.

Nevertheless, if this wakeup call rings of any short sightedness, you might better see and understand what the look forward will mean in terms of what this conundrum will become to dwarf and exacerbate the wakeup call of this current ring’s look backward.

Therefore, if this wakes you up, take another look and think again.

It merely represents a paltry look back …one at what was …and now is.

However, what you should pay heed to rather than anything else is, what will be …that is, what the future holds.

For if the past is a habit, the future will be a raging addiction.

Have you ever lived with an addict?

Better lock up your silver and your fine china; here comes Bernie. Here comes Hillary.

I say this, for …this sort of addiction’s momentum reflects a most certain bleak future’s promise …especially in view of the propensity demons trated by any past ways’ and means’ current fiscal irresponsibility.

If the shoe fits, you probably won’t be able to bear it …at least, not much longer.

Depress you this debt bell? It is a highway to your children’s hell.


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