I Pity The Powder Keg of Our Time and Money

4105722502_605bcdaba9_o   “I Pity the Poor Fool…!”

In this condition, pity may be all that is left to show for what all is left behind in the wake of insurmountable US debt …a debt whose wake’s coming tragedies deservedly should loudly speak to boldly reflect the sign of the times’ corrupt travesties. So then, pitifully …it is well past high time …if not altogether too late to sound and herald the warnings of this jeopardy’s approaching fate.

Case in point, The US Debt Clock;

Photo courtesy of Alan Cleaver via Flickr.com


But how strong …how clear and how many times must such warnings need to be sounded in order to capture the unwitting victims’ attention of those who are walking down the tracks of this locomotive’s approaching dangers?

How many times must a man walk down? The answer my friend is not blowing in the wind. The answers are just those which we have blown …as in fraudulently blown in waste and abuse. The answers to date have not just been our opportunities lost. For, from now and beyond, there has been very little solution …let alone that which has been offered in the way of consideration to date which is capable of addressing the threats which now stand to jeopardize the prosperity and well being of our future generations. However, without giving heed to debt’s dangers, I must stop to ask in turn; where have all the flowers gone …long time passing?

Yet, as flowers bloom and fade, what matters most …in time, will form the remnants of the better parts of today’s capability to grasp, understand and come to terms with the plight of our future generations and their field’s rows of empty furrows in what promises to be a series of lean harvests. Of course, then …in that case, today’s warnings gone without heed will not matter to this present generation of Baby Boomers. When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn? What will they say when they consider and realize that we did not care to lift a finger?

So then, how and who will be made to be understood that the notes of a healthier fear that threatens to shake the ground where the youth of our nation stand to be awakened to their dark fates?

If you miss the train I am on, you will know that I am gone. You can hear the whistle blow a hundred miles. Lord I am 500 Hundred Miles from my home

So, this strong threat and its enabling environment’s atmospheres which have fostered this festering cancer must now be exposed and made to so clearly be made known to protect and safeguard our future generations.

However, if it is the case now, that …they can not be made to realistically embrace the unjust ways and means by which they are being made to become the broken, there sadly will be nothing to save them from being more certainly be crushed and pinned; tied and chained; shackled and forcibly nominated to unwittingly carry the bulk of today’s growing annual US public debt load.


However, once clued into this; the resultant full grasp of this problem’s size, scope and unwieldy proportion may likely go ahead and set off the powder keg rather than merely quench the fuse.

In this dream’s awakening’s manner greeted by  despair and haste …the reality will likely be the nightmare that unleashes whatever’s promises there are left which will only make for a fiery tempered mindset which  may actually serve fan the fire which is driving the fuse to the powder keg.

And in this hot-headed manner, I …for one, will not be surprised to see a swelling temper’s manner shared by a vast common citizenry …all the more lit up and emboldened.

As is now become commonplace, such anger is already become indelibly etched in much of America’s mindset thanks to the media. Gang violence as portrayed daily by the media is undeniably as bad as poor leadership’s pitiful manifestations which have fallen into question at every turn in one fiasco after another.

Trust of our public officials is become questioned and in short supply while our nation becomes torn apart in division by the self-serving same would-be so-called servants.

So, what is there which will stem the well armed dissatisfaction behind those who hold to a growing discontentment?

More in this last year, those who hold to contempt of law and order have demonstrated more dissatisfaction through uneasy irrational mob-like unrest.

Undeniably, America is growing angry. America is becoming a powder keg.

Who bears responsibility does not matter when the national mind is a pressure cooker hell-bent beyond the mere spirits of blame and shame ….where after, neither the truth and or the lie can satisfy the thirst of rage. When the sight of justice is overlooked, there usually is a hurt …a damage whose injury cries out in a hunger which can never be satisfied. Such is the source of my pity which sees a bed too short for one to lie down in …and a cover too narrow to cover the short sighted pattern of angry behavior which we thoughtlessly promote without so much as giving thought nor care to those we injure.

No wonder that trust is as in short supply as leadership is in every dimension and vain imagination …as on every stage and at every level.

The nation is the most divided that I can remember …and I lived through a civil rights period as well as Vietnam …just to name a couple periods of unrest.

But now, our mounting woes have constructed some kind of a genuine cause for a pity of sorts …a winner of a powder keg …one with not much fuse left …one pitifully without fail-safe measures …for there is apparently no one who will listen. How then, shall they me made to understand? Like babes weaned from their mothers’ teats? For precept must be upon precept. Here a little. There a little. But even as line must be upon line; yet, for all this, they will not to understand. (Isaiah 28)

Truth be told, aside from turning her back on wisdom. I believe that America is on the verge of running out of the time before this fuse hits the keg. There is no denying; the fuse is already lit.

Soon, there will be no more room left for excuses …no time in which could hope be given to even raise a finger to make room for solution-less empty blame.

Soon, without blame …there will be no thought given to the void brutish nature of the practice of ascribing shame. Even that will no longer serve to usher in the void of leaderless blind solutions’ promises of hope and change. Already America has seen through what is no more flimsy than this administration’s meaningless red-line gestures.

Yes! There is now, more than ever …no more room for excuses to hide missing, damaged or trashed IRS e-mails and hard-drives.

There is No more room for excuses and denials which merely serve lies’ denials in endless partisan political claims.

And in the clear view of the light of truth,  There is no more time left which is worthy …or could be made so as to justify what all could be given to hide the tragedy of Benghazi-like foreign policy failings. America deserves the truth. And so, there is no more room for excuses which seek to dismiss such a gutless spirit’s question which delivers deceitfulness home in a remorseless manner by asking; “…what difference at this time does it make anyway…?”

Now, more than ever, America needs no more cowardly cowering exits in which leadership repeatedly seeks to dodge and run away from effectually dealing with the tough international responsibilities which come with the job’s descriptions, duties and obligations to the nation, our nation’s allies and those all who make up the world’s communities.

Aside from putting politics first above these duties, particularly at or around election time as was the clear case in Benghazi on 9-11; there is no room for this sort of never-ending, self serving, narrowly biased partisan pattern of conduct which trashes and shuns higher and more nobler considerations with such cavalier disregard. What leadership is it which gives away the priority, pledge and allegiance to homeland security in the land of the free merely to favor the drunken short-sighted …short-lived …fleeting gain of political greed’s elixir. Woe to that wreath, the pride of Ephraim’s drunkards, to the fading flower, his glorious beauty, set on the head of a fertile valley– to that city, the pride of those laid low by wine!

America is not merely the land of the free for no good reason.

No, America is the land of the free …and the brave.

Since when was America made to idealize those who fear the truth.

No, as it is written; “…you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”

Lies trap, ensnare and enslave; but the truth go figure this precept of fearless leadership is cut.

So, in freedom, there is no room whatsoever for this sort of tainted cowardice …especially when it comes time for truthfully dealing openly with matters which involve foreign policies.

Therefore, with respect to open clarity, there is also no more room for nuclear excuses which seek to hide behind the failures of inept diplomatic weakness and failure when so much is at stake with respect for the precious trust and reciprocal support that our allies expect from us as in all matters involving unwavering trust relationships.

Just consider the time that it has taken our nations’ generations to earn the trust and respect given us of our allies. Certainly, then …now, is not the moment in time to hide behind, withdraw, tarnish and destroy this sort of costly stellar reputation …no, nothing justifies even the slightest hint of a manner which reflects a spirit of pride’s narcissistic, self-serving, oxymoronic leadership vacuum in matters which involve that of an ally’s trust.

However, if leadership’s characteristic weapon of choice is become nothing more than the fabrication of lies used to erect smoke screens and mirrors behind which to hide behind at every turn in each debacle, it is time to stop dreaming and start believing in another course which offers truth the chance to usher in a more substantial chance for real change …a turn away from kidding ourselves in a fresh embrace  which involves a shift and turn back to whole heartedly embrace honesty’s spirit of truth.

Now is the time that this nation needs must turn to this spirit of truth in all things honestly if it is that we are to step back, turn and move away from the abysmal pit into which we have been misled predominantly by another contrary spirit which is unequivocally opposed to truth, clarity, transparency and openness.

So what sort of call for such a change is there which is worthy to serve as a wakeup call which is up to the task of standing against this destructive spirit’s divisive drive which has sought, at every turn …to divide and beset the nation in every way it possibly could?

What is capable of standing up to dissuade and lead this growing national mind-set’s strong angers and the bind up the wounded and bewildered national sentiment?

To answer this call and to strongly argue for a return to honesty and virtue, I humbly ask you to give your attention to the argument of the well placed plea made by a man whose cries were televised on a segment of MSNBC’s Dylan Radigan Show.

The link pasted below, offers an impromptu series of Emmy-like strong performances whose stark prophetic calls make valid and sound arguments which more than form the basis for the need for sweeping changes  …multidimensional cries whose warnings speak of unchecked widespread rampant institutional injustices practiced in wanton corruption and disregard for the institutional mandates and mantles under which were meant to otherwise serve the public good’s betterment …yet have instead been allowed to fester and spawn the cancer of innumerable public scams.

Such as it is enough …the segment’s arguments are enough to cause ones blood to boil. However, it is the undeniable validity of its claims substantiations which clearly justify its arguments’ fresh calls for so many of the needed epic changes mentioned.

Watch and see if you do not agree that such a broad set of reproofs and corrections are not now long overdue …all the while the fuse burns.

(Taken from the MSNBC program The Dylan Ratigan Show)

It is wisely said that that, time is money. Yet, what took Rome years to build could be destroyed like another financial crisis …in a matter of brief moments.

Having said that though, money cannot buy back time which is spent either wisely or foolishly …especially, if it is the case …while Rome burns.

Furthermore, a long time ago …a man once said; “…the love of money is the root of all evil…”

Nevertheless, one can run out of money and still take some degree of solace in the comfort of still having a measure of time leftover to try and rewrite fate.

Having the time on ones hands to come back from utter brokenness speaks to the heart of redemptive stories …tales of which there has been given much conjecture …classic tales which depict ones struggles  against all odds.

Thus, many of these so-modeled stories and tales have come to us from many venerable forefathers, one of which, with respect to time wrote; “…idle hands do the work of the devil …”

However, let me point out that there are those who will invariably argue; “…there is no rest for the wicked …”

So then, between these two, lies both a paradox of wisdom and foolishness, no?

Whatever’s a body to do? Let Rome burn? Eat drink and be merry?

Should I come or should I go now? (I merely jest rhetorically though.)

So then, what then is to be expected in the wake of our burning so much time and money? Are we to expect and then, accept that there is a wise modicum of such? And am I to be made numb to the extent that I swallow the ludicrous moderation between the wise use and the foolish wasting of both time and money?

God Forbid…!

Furthermore, should I lift and elevate such a corrupted veneration which promotes the continued endorsements of such foolishness and vanity …the pair of which exacerbate a look back in ager rather than to smartly pave the way ahead in pity in spite of the odds?

Again, I say; God forbid…!

Such corruption seeks merely all the more to excuse and justify the resultant unavoidable so-called wisdom its opportunity costs deem worth forsaking…namely, the strong, independent, and free character of a sovereign people …beholden to no one, king …all debt notwithstanding.

One thing remains certain though. When one is out of time, the value of money diminishes appreciably …if not altogether, way too abruptly …at least with respect to ones current needed use for it.

More certain, debt …like taxes both have their equally sobering impact and affect as when the private sector is made slave to see to it that it is swept down a sewer drain in a whirlpool of fraud, waste and abuse.

Therefore, if anything remains at the point at which one runs low on both time and money; there will be a most certain resulting confusion followed by a haste which will produce a bewildering bitterness of remorse …serving only to stir one to anger with ever more of the same stuff of which makes for fraud, waste and abuse.

Who are you going to call; a politician …a bureaucrat? One might as well call Ghostbusters!

In Radigan’s terms and strong verbiage; they both extract (suck to the point of extort) equally.

Such, as is our nation’s extracting’s shameful plight …like a man once said; “..I pity the poor fool.”

Where is Mr. T when you need him…?

I pity the poor fool…!

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