Either Trough and The Political Boffins Therein

   Edited 1st Revision:   Friday, November 11, 2011


 I was listening to a discussion on a financial news network the other day and the discussion turned its attention to focus on the S & P’s not-so-recent, fading  downgrade. As it were, the topic turned to a consideration of how a country should use (…or rather avoid abusing ) its debt.


As my mother would say; “…if you do; you’ll have to clean it up.”


Ah, yes …but I digress …

Never the less, invariably …the discussion’s topic landed on issues which centered about what could and what should be done to bolster growth while also ensuring that public policies actually work together with the private sector to do as much as possible to establish the most solid assurances of a secure foundation conducive to quickly rebuilding the sagging confidences of both the commerce- consumer partnership. After all, they should not be made to fight one another …but rather compliment their relationships …on all stages …at every level.

Bottom line missing in today’s atmosphere filled with rancor and class hatred; both need to row together …as one …with unity …in rebuilding a relational trust which this administration has done little more than break down for to serve its own selfishly politically-driven …socialist leanings and agenda.

After all, as can be seen in the wake of the past few years, if public policy fails, the consumer is the one to take it on the chin first.

So any possible potential which could translate a new found hope into a lasting, widespread organic economic recovery has to take place in policy which favors both.

And the way to do so has always been in the ways in which favor matters which strengthen and bolster ownership rights.

What farmer harvests a crop before planting season?

In other words, giving always precedes receiving.

What muddles this law up is the preoccupation of taking.

Note:   The seeds of Political Greed are sown in the same self-serving manner are those sown in the Financial arena.

But, when discretion is applied to favor ownership and the individual in particular; therein is an order and a magnitude of truth which emerges to rather strongly suggest that …when ownership is brought to the forefront …into any equation of a consideration …that favor tends to pay huge dividends.

It is then, the individual’s right to private ownership which mirrors the laws of agronomy. And in this manner and form …the laws of giving and receiving make perfectly clear and reasonable sense. It is not like the difficulty in answering; “…which came first, the chicken or the egg?” …or, what?


Put on your spurs cowboys and cowgirls! Let’s dance!


Without such natural chemistry …in the lack of more visceral spirits …uncertainty will instead be more likely to continue to thwart the hopes that a broader manifestation of any organic growth may be in order …let alone inflate the crushed sense that the opportunity for increased prosperity is on the rise.


As the discussion progressed, its focus turned to an issue in which the debate’s argument concerned what actually makes for a return on investment …I.E; …the bang for the buck ..which is …of course …in essence …is an issue of the value of the dollar. In Regan’s day this was a subject referred to as an aspect of Voodoo economics, but of course then …the debt to GDP ratio was quite low …and therefore borrowing money as a viable public policy …had …at that time …a green light …a “GO-FOR-LAUNCH.


As it were, the discussion turned to a question regarding the value of the various uses of public debt as an economic and a political tool. (…a Voodoo Tool?)


However, as the discussion came to a head …a particular interesting point was made …calling attention to a particular economic law. In this regard, there is, no doubt …a tipping point wherein which debt and the size or magnitude of debt will produce an unavoidable affect of diminishing returns.


In terms of drug abuse …this is known as smoking and or drinking more and enjoying it less.


AKA: Tolerance …which by itself is a misleading oxymoron.


When …or, should I say that by the time this phenomenon rears its ugly head; it is already too late in that the drug or any such other substance overwhelms the bearer to the point where burgeoning debt ( …DRUG …or any other witchcraft-like Voodoo Crap) no longer offers any more reasonable marginal economic good.


In other words, euphoria is no longer an option and pain becomes the unavoidable greater stark reality that has gone undetected in the haze for quite some time.


Welcome to pain management 101. You can check in anytime you like; but you can never leave.


Beyond the arrival of this wake-up point …the pendulum of ECONOMIC GOOD …dissolves and swings rather badly …crossing the economic threshold OF THAT WHICH SEPARATES WHATEVER MAY BE DISTINGUISHED AS EITHER GOOD OR EVIL.


Recently, this has been made more difficult in that  …honesty is a commodity that is in short supply.


Sort of makes getting a grip on reality all the more difficult …especially when the political will is also found wanting in the balance.


Never fear though, in these instances …there always seems to be an abundance of promise-filled political rhetoric to fill the voids, and make up for such shortfalls …regardless of whatever has fallen through the cracks.


To which …I can only imagine my mother saying; “…be careful; don’t step in it.”


Ah, yes! And again, I digress …


Never the less, EUROPE IS already THERE, and AMERICA IS STANDING ON THE PRECIPICE …holding a potentially big old bad bag of it too.


I mention this because, it also just happens to be that one of the CNBC’s post-debate commentators made a particularly memorable, base and broad sweeping comment after the debate. In this, he obviously intended to paint the character of all of the candidates who participated in last night’s CNBC Presidential Debate with the same brush.


In short, CNBC’s guest commentator quipped that it was obvious that all of the Republican candidates worshipped together at the same trough of (I.E.; at the church of …) tax and spending cuts.


Well, Mother! If, that don’t beat all?


Then, in that narrow regard and to that open-minded gentleman …in the wake of what ineffectual policy to date that this administration has been pursuing; I have one question.


Q:   What is the corollary of such?


A:   Tax and Spend?


Hint: If you really need to ask who built the Hoover Dam …you are the sort who really wants to live in a weak and feeble country …one without a legacy.


However, in view of what Washington has been doing and what it has and will cost, looking at how fast America is rushing to resemble Europe I have to ask; at whatsoever other trough is there which could possible offer any greater cost-effective, organic hope?


And in what has been done during this administration’s great big waste at its trough …what is there that could brighten America’s prospects any more organically than the insanity being currently dumped into the trough today?


For goodness sake! That is not change. That is continuing to do the same old tired thing …while hoping one hand …and wishing on the other that things will change for the better.


If significant change and meaningful hope is to be derived from within the context of the freedoms of Lady Liberty; then, give me true life and give me real liberty …not more taxes and more spending.


I say; to hell with debt driven, fake and disingenuous, politically-motivated, costly, public policies which pay no dividends and leave nothing of any benefit to future generations.


Today has come and manifestly produced a point in time where the growing cost of servicing America’s Debt Load has resulted in producing unsustainable interest costs whose payments are no longer serving the social good.


Not me! No sir!


Viva la laissez-faire!


Who in their right mind would want to continue to worship at this trough?


I am sorry for those who do. Otherwise, to these I would say; go regulate your self and the horse you rode in on …and while at it …feel free to worship at the trough of your own choosing …maybe somewhere in Europe perhaps!


Worship at a trough?




Who do that Voodoo that you do?




How do you do what you do too Princess Pelosi?



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