Imigration: Growing Apart; Falling Together

Photo by:   David Lacasse Digital Painting Caricature of Paul Ryan Like a spouse whose marriage has fallen apart and is now, suing for terms of divorce on grounds which seek to […]

Happy New Year …!

Here is wishing you a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year …even as your soul prospers.

Look! Who’s Rocking The Boat..?

Photo Credits thanks to Dani McCreery at Wheatbelt Photography Look! Who’s Rocking This Boat? Look, who has principally been making the waves…! The Economy, amidst an environment of continued growing uncertainty, […]

Whatever, The Conversation of Handling Debt

I grew up in Hutchinson, Kansas, and I can still hear my father say; “Bill …,: he used to say; “…you have to learn to live within your means …” to which I dared never reply; “Whatever..!” Today, I would ask that you to join me in saying that private conversation is now publically long overdue.

Paul Ryan …Why My Favorite

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A Sagaciously Simple Essay by Charley Reese; 545 vs. 300,000,000 People

Regarding 545 vs. 300,000,000 People

Charley Reese’s final column for the Orlando Sentinel

Consider the following as an opportunity to read a truly inspirational essay from a well-seasoned writer.

After reading an essay titled: 545 vs. 300,000,000 People …I became instantly inspired such that I simply must pass this man’s work on …as so many others before me have as well.

I received this essay from a friend via an E-mail which came to me this week.

It so impressed me by its sagacious simplicity that I just had to look at it in more depth.

Afterwards, I expanded my meditation and contemplation of it …conducting a Google search in which I used its title as my search parameter: “545 vs. 300,000,000 People”

I took the liberty to post my search returns below. Please take a look at these sites. If you do, I believe that you will find …as I did; that there is …not only a wide spread acceptance and agreement of this author’s essay’s simple …yet powerful theme; there is also a spirit whose powerful appeal also speaks to reach deep into the character of the American human persona.

In this regard, I believe the essay’s strong appeal emanates from an unmistakable call to collectively take strong individual responsible action for what was intended …in purpose, to serve all Americans in making this a land a land of free opportunity in which one is free to pursue his or her happiness.

Yet, for all this, there is a certain thread of a theme throughout the essay …one of blame which …like the three fingers which point back to self …on a hand which points away from self.

And in this regard the one to blame is not the system; it is the apathetic individual.

What is the bottom line?

Americans must take more personal responsible action and become more engaged …rather than become more blame gamers in a sea awash with apathy.

NATO; Cuba; Bay of Pigs; Libiya; Germany and France

View Hope As Repetitious Annual Deficits?
Can America Afford
to …continue …to …
Execute Effective Foreign Policy
A Strong Homeland Security
In What Was …What is …and What Will Be
…if Not 1st Prepared?
Ready For What?
Sabers Rattle More in the Face of U.S.
Weakness & Vacillation?

If you are not with us …you are against us? Where did I last hear this?

I believe this is what came from President Bush as he led the charge to stand against Iraqi dictator Sadman Hussein in the wake of the Iraqi dictator’s post Quwati invasion’s peace.

Hmm! Noble cause as the president’s charge may have been; as it were, I wonder why the president’s efforts met with so much international indifference and contempt.

For a possible answer, take a look back with me a bit.

In view of the recent celebration of The Bay of Pigs 50th Anniversary last week, I think it altogether fitting to also take a look back at a letter which I wrote around the first part of 2007 …especially since it is also the case that Barack Obama made the decision to essentially dump the Libyan mess into NATO’s lap.

Consider the following as a prefacing introduction prior to any such a look back ward …

Hey Barack! Hey NATO!

I would hope America is ready and willing to take the responsibilities needed to shoulder the burdens of the tasks in Northern Africa. If something is worth doing, it should be worth doing well, yes?

Yet, for all that …the leadership which caused Barack Obama to mount the charge into Libya is one which is also fast wilting and withering on the vine.

This does one thing well. It makes a fine example of an excuse for failing to show the conviction of such a charge’s initial courage and conviction.

Tea Party Serenity: Living A Reality Within One’s Means

Serenity: A Living Reality …One Within One’s Means

Peacefully …in Unity …Prepared to Actually Handle the Affects

of …

Inflation’s Oncoming Reality …Debt Load Costs Not Withstanding

Like the Revolutionary Tea Party of old; there was a certain fight which preceded the peace which resulted from the effort. No pain …no gain.

My father used to say; “…If it is worth keeping; it is worth fighting for …”

Isn’t time to hold our elected servants to this rule …the one which should apply to how much America values fighting for accountability and fiscal responsibility?

Now that America has had almost three years to consider these values; isn’t it just about time we stand up for stronger measures which safeguard such values …those which are worthy of a truly great fight’s effort.

Then, let’s go the distance …even if it takes us the effort to last till the last round, OK?

TKO’d in the 2012th round! How about it America!?

Are you ready for it?

Re.: Monetary and Fiscal Responsibility;

And while bad habits are easily learned and obtained; they are not so easily worked free from …in reversing their affects’ impacts.

These take prayer and fasting.

Take a rather strange lesson from an otherwise foreign focus and vision …one generated in mixing an atmosphere of strong necessity with one of equally strong discipline and regimented resolve.

That’s why the Germans have been rather more successful in adopting …with their engrained mind-set of discipline …a more prudent and reasonable rationale in their approach to borrowing limits …capping their annual budget deficits and public debt to correspond to certain guidelines which pertain to strict percentage-based guidelines of their economy’s actual performance …foregoing the urge to bet on the come …as it were …as hope seems to have become warped here in America.

This more responsible sort of balanced approach to fiscal due diligence and disciplined oversight of the budget processes returns a service to the people of Germany which kind of reminds me of the purpose which the President’s Pay Czar was intended to serve …

…Namely that of accountability …in light of an emphasis which was supposed to be centered about openness and clarity.

Obama’s Budget Fudges It

Take note then, in America’s continued embrace of fiscal irresponsibility …equity markets will experience returns to higher volatility …providing the Treasury the better opportunity it both will be seeking and needing to raise cash …making it easier when it must beat money out of domestic and foreign managed stock market indexes.
Bond markets will not be fooled though, and like recent rises …yields will climb beyond expectations …at alarming rates of change …further squeezing equities at times least expected, or …when treasury needs a fresh infusion …as it will always will become the case …with commodity prices rising in step and then falling according to each and every treasury and European bond auction which will …in turn send waves through international currency markets like a skipping rock’s ripples in an otherwise calm pond.
However, the XLB materials’ index and its components will be anything but calm …and may very well be the rock which is being launched by the likes of artificial programs …the likes of QE-4 QE-5 or 6.
I don’t know; but it kind of looks like a girl.
Sort of reminds me of Ozzy Osbourne’s latest telephone commercial …4G …5G, 6G?
What’s the next greatest thing being flung into the pond Ozzy?
Will it be a fiscally responsible Congress …or just another beaver …er; I mean …Bieber?
To understand the inside joke: