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Wednesday, July 09, 2014


My FAVORITE: Paul Ryan & Why …!!!

Let’s Talk Numbers


Who is Best Prepared to Talk Numbers.


Let’s Forget Eliciting Emotional Haste.


Instead Let’s talk numbers for a change …one whose opportunity it is that which will truly give Hope the  chance to make for true change …multidimensionally …all across the board …all around the world.




                                  CONGRESSMAN PAUL RYAN

Chairman – Committee on Budget ;     Committee on Ways and Means

 Subcommittee on Health


                  PAUL RYAN, Polling Strong


                                    Huff’s photo of a buff PAUL RYAN’S workout routine …




While AmericaMay SEEM As “Fit as a Fiddle” …Paul Ryan ACTUALLY IS “Fit as a Stradivarius.”



In fact, he is not only well fit, Ryan is both willing and able  and well disciplined and one who is most knowledgeable …thus, making for one who is …among all, highly capable to speak authoritatively on the matters which have produced the  imbalanced condition currently besetting America’s balance sheet.


I believe, from an economic perspective, without a single exception …every issue which Washington has touched in the last three decades has finally come fully forward in such a manner so as to produce a cumulative form of an inexcusable virulent infection …one whose head and base have today, become a festering cesspool …a breeding ground of stench wherein this reliance upon debt has become the popularized ways and means by which Washington has self-perpetuated itself. Today, without the availability of a cure, this widespread outbreak’s rapid growth of debt …now stands almost unimpeded in the absence of adequate antibodies such as organic tax revenue growth.


Hence, an anemic economy stagnates without strength of leadership which understands the underlying root causes, and the pool increases incrementally day after each day debt creeps forward.


Without ample resistance, this sort of virus’s toxins have infected the patient (America) whose weakened

immune system has already become overly compromised in one particularly toxic deadly manner …namely debt load.


It was once said that the only things in life which are certain are death and taxes.


Now, I would argue …it would not be altogether far from the truth to insert debt ahead of those two certainties …making debt’s certainty a most certain paradox within a realm of growing uncertainty.


No wonder no other single issue presently stands to jeopardize Americans’ futures more than debt. And as such, debt threatens …one and all, both now (in the present) as well as all those who follow today’s Whimpy-like debt-dependent citizens for generations to come.


America’s future prosperity has never been held hostage under the siege of Her debt’s affects like what we’ve ever experienced before. Debt is impeding growth, raising the need to raise taxes and steal American’s freedoms which provide critical incentives for future private and public prosperity and growth …both of which produce organic tax revenue.


This is why I believe that Paul Ryan best understands what is the remedy to fight and eliminate what all has, for years …thwarted and held back America’s organic growth.


If onlyAmericacould be made to see to realize and understand what is happening to our Lady Liberty’s freedoms.


Yet, truth be told, America has already become quite alarmingly weak …such that Lady Liberty is become still more vulnerable to future attacks in an indifference whose considerations are become increasingly self-based in greed …so much so …that, no matter what the slightest seemingly insignificant or benign nature Her present and future problems incursions might be; even the slightest onset of the hiccups stands to pose real and present dangers …threats which will only devastatingly add to what all is an already overwhelming undermining pressure that has been gnawing away at America’s ability to carry the aggregate load of Her Peoples’ National Debt …a debt whose burden, Washington has deemed only fitting to place upon the shoulders of their respective constituencies …


…their constituencies’ future generation’s not withstanding.

Like frogs placed in the pot to boil, tragically, the American people do not realize, like Cindarella … the urgency nor nature of our nation’s late hour. For this matter, I believe that Paul Ryan is best suited to make Americans realize the weakening and debilitating characteristics and consequences of that clock’s

squeezing affects which such threats such a debt represents …both in terms of its unavoidable consequences as well as its annualized (yearly service interest payments) maintenance.


Paul Ryan knows of these losses which are continuing to rise in the wake of our nation’s lost service to our nation’s increasing addiction to debt.


Like the frogs mentioned above, this all should make perfect sense, seeing that all we Americans have …by virtue of the price we pay at the pump, have been made to know just how addicted we all are to oil.


Therefore, in so much as these real and present dangers steel from every individual …some more than others on the basis of income and ability to pay at the pump; likewise, our looming, burgeoning national addiction to debt has produced real threats which thwart just about everything Washington chooses to undertake.


Again, for this reason, I know of no other individual who better understands this more than Paul Ryan.


His Congressional posts have given him a cat bird’s seat from which to see the affects which America’s debt and its load has had, is having   and will have.


I believe that Congressman Ryan’s full well understands just how the growth of debt acts as a progressive means to incrementally dampen economic freedom and prosperity. I truly believe that Paul Ryan knows all too weel how debt creep limits both individuals and society in an otherwise more free environment. I believe that Paul knows all too well how debt merely serves to make for excuses to exclude income and expendable income from the private sector …making private ownership to suffer while …at the same time making for greater service requirements …I.E.; interest-service payments …which are no more than costly payments required merely float or tote the note.


Paul Ryan knows that these annual payments are yearly, recurring line items in the budget …ever-increasingly larger payments whose bite has produced increasingly larger incursions whose extent has gnawed far away and deeper into and beyond the government’s ability to return and provide its social mandates and perfunctory commitments.


In short, Budget Chairman Ryan knows of this budget creep’s affects in such a manner to best know how to halt its threats.

No one else I know seems to be willing and able to sound the alarm like the Congressman …not to the point of having a plan which will meet our nation’s challenging diminished abilities so as to meet these current obligations more responsibly.


For present and future’s reason’s cause, Paul Ryan …like no other is most fit and able to make America understand what should be seen for what it is, namely; debt and service creep.


Above all, there is none other who could better provide the sort of common sense approach that this nation needs …as one like a Paul Ryan who …I believe …will be able to unite US ALL …for the GOOD of ALL …future generations not withstanding.


Such as America’s history has arrived at this perilous point in time, so too …Representative Ryan has met the enemy and full well understands the precocious position that the national debt’s price and its service requirements’ costs are exacting from our pocket books …our freedoms and quality of life no less.


And so, now …like no other time in our nation’s history, Americans seemingly by one man’s fall …by one man’s rise …all now, needs must rise up to be made to understand the consequences of their debt’s purchased precipice …and the precocious significance of this ledge’s   dangers.


For America man no longer stand by in ambivalence spouting “…Whatever…’s…” with continued indifference while standing so close to the edge of doom’s certainty …one which looms before this very real and certain abyss …the shaky purchase which “…We the People…” one and all have been made to stand upon in this deciding hour of our destiny’s unwritten fate.


And so, while half of America has been mesmerized by a promising liberal mantra purposed in; “…Moving Forward…”; Paul Ryan …on the other hand, has been more than busy …having his hands full while trying his best to see his ways and means committee’s tasks through in ways and means which will more likely best manage this mess …having to face the most painful, realistic music without the medicine to do so.


And if the truth be told, Americans deserve the best opportunity to listen to and hear Paul Ryan …for I believe he is the one best qualified who knows how to tell it like it is.


For the simple reason of affording greater choice, I believe Ryan is the guy who can deliver America with a leadership that best serves all their fairest and largest shares of opportunity through ways and means which …I am sure all will agree …offers more access to greater affordable better choices to dance to the tunes of our own choosing …and that with way less government interferences.


So, for me …the choice is clear; One more step forward into this liberal denial, and it will place an already tenuous economic patient’s recovery further   into limbo …if not directly into ECONOMIC HELL. Such a step further forward will set America backwards, merely sealing the fate from which such jeopardy there will no longer be any ways’ nor means’ hope that will be capable of ever charting a meaningful return out the   abyss which is before all to plainly see.



But who …in a liberal world of denial, would ever be willing to believe this?


As such, I see that many who are satisfied with the progress of the administration’s social changes/accomplishments are those folks who are content with the administration’s gains …such that they are become so satisfied to likely argue (or the most part) that America is still living “la vida loca…” So, rhetorically, I ask; “…who cares if there is no one who can make “…We the People…” to understand a better more just cause than to what better destination where Paul Ryan’s convictions may lead?”


Is it not as if, the demise of the economy is just another social cost …one which, having once served liberals with an open invitation to craft and execute with no more promise than shame and blame …an affordable and purposeful rise to power?


If so, does this also justify “shame and blame’s” ways and means now that the pretenses of shame and blame’s pretenses and purposes’ good intentions seems to have been (NOW) the continuing basis with which to continue cavalierly discarding the baby with the bath water?


Having once set out with shame and blame as the weapons in the liberal armory, the administration sought and took the opportunity to the winds of a morally discontented high ground’s camp. Yet, since taking this ground, the administration has since then, shucked and shrugged and shirked its focus upon economic concerns, seemingly casting the private sector altogether under the buss at every turn.


So then, the economic engines ofAmerica’s free enterprise system were in more ways under this administration under fire at every turn.


So as it were …as a priority of lesser concern …one dismissed in time as one’s focus narrowly obsesses upon what one wants rather than one’s needs it should be no surprise thatAmericais still struggling economically?


As it once was, when shame and blame were in vogue …it is now and forever shall be.

So it would seem that, TODAY …as America has been made to stand before the abyss; rather than push away from the table and distance ourselves from debt, why shouldn’t a good deal of America be screaming out loud in opposition? Who in the world would want another opportunity to blame and shame someone for pushingAmericainto such an abyss? (Well, ok; maybe the devil himself would, come on!


Who in there right minds would want to move more forword and invite disaster to their doorsteps?


So, it is beyond me what more than the economy liberals deem more important to pushAmericaforward and off a cliff into the pit of continued economic hell.


Be that as it may, the economy and debt seem to (NOW IRONICALLY) be of less or …of little …maybe even nore so …of little consequential value to give consideration its due.


This is why Paul Ryan is my favorite. He is a realist who will take the helm and steer America clear of icebergs, abyss, Never-Never Land’s …Dorothy’s ruby red slippers and most of all …away from a pervasive misleading and misguided mindset whose shame and blame has done nothing but usher us to this tipping point in our nation’s history.


Again, Paul Ryan is capable of deliveringAmericawith a wakeup call and make those who refuse to see just how unfit our nation is become.


As a member of the Subcommittee on Health I know Paul understands the consequences of the economic impactAmericamust be able to withstand given any number of future economic attacks which stand to pose a threat toAmerica’s peoples. Given America’s lack of urgency and the lax state of our nation’s economic preparedness, sadly …most can not, and …still more, tragically…deliberately (in stubborn-false pride) will not to imagine …and therefore cannot see with the acute clarity Paul Ryan possesses.


Some simply have lost focus on the economic priorities and consequences which so easily has, is and will continually threaten and besetAmerica’s peoples’ current and future best chances for an efficient and effective return to prosperity. I believe It is abundantly clear that, in a world where the lack of transparency …there is instead been made no small measure of deliberate stubborn subterfuge which has spared no small excuse’s opportunity to refuse private ownership’s our (“…We the People’s…” more reasonable service.


However, there is one who I will continually stand up for …one who is most able and willing to stand against this widespread mindset’s denial. With  respect due to Congressman Paul Ryan; I believe that he is one who fully understands what is needed to stand against this sort of delusion’s denial.


Not only is Paul Ryan understanding, he is also both willing and able to stand ready to defend America’s current and future best interests as a representative …not as one of those of a political party first, but those of “…We the People…” first and foremost in and with the spirit of true, open and honest just leadership.


Chairman – Committee on Budget  

Committee on Ways and Means



However, today …more than ever …Americaneeds this sort of leadership at the helm.


Americahas not been moved forward in the “…Whatever…” spirit of denial and abandon of what made Her such a great nation.


So, Paul Ryan is just this one, who is (in my humble opinion) the very best qualified to stand and challenge liberals who, hastily …have tragically given themselves to see all matters as opportunities to distract America’s focus upon greater matters …interjecting sidetracking issues which, instead have swayed America’s train of though off Her economic tracks.


This is no way to sail a ship whose tack has been disturbingly sailed of its true charted course in and with no small degree of debilitating partisan politicized bias …a self serving bias which has done more harm than good which would have, could have and which should have moved America farther and further forward more efficiently in ways and means which would have, could have and which should have moved “…We the People…” far more swiftly forward with a lot less debt on our shoulders.




That’s right, less debt …period.


None-the-less, reality stands contrary to America’s blind mindset (a willingness whose ability has risen upon blame and shame …and now stands as doubt gone astray …a detrimental ill-willed spirit whose ability seeks and desires have fostered a suspended belief in the American spirit of freedom.


Such as an unavoidable impedance which is come to stand in America’s way; Paul Ryan …in my opinion understands what needs be done to make Americans understand the true path where the best hopes of   “…The American Dream…” may actually be realized.


In this, I tie my humble opinion to an endorsement of Paul Ryan which I base upon my highest confidence and trust which he has earned serving America on key committees which are most suitable to building a knowledge of how best to maintain the sustaining engines of America’s economy which are given to support the individual’s right to engage unfettered in private ownership.


Paul’s service uniquely qualifies him to seek and successfully run to obtain The Office of The President of the United States of America if for no other reason of greater more pressing priority than that which is tied directly to Washington’s inability to make decisions which consider the economic fiscal dire consequences they have upon our nation’s ability to sustainable Her National Debt …our nation’s standing and position of waning power in a world which is rapidly being filled with virulent threats both foreign and domestic in the wake of our nation’s ineffective weak and vacillating inept current leadership.


Paul Ryan will fill the gap …and rebuild the bridges that this administration has worked so hard to dismantle.


Paul Ryan will work harder to rebuild what this administration has worked hard to destroy, namely American credibility.


Now, let’s talk numbers for a change …one which clarifies the truth for an honest Hope for a change.

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