Door Bell Debt Ringer

Depressing this:  And this doorbell’s debt ringer should serve you as a wakeup call, but it will not and does not even begin to take into account what future irresponsibility will […]

Jobs, Stammering Lips & Tongues

Thus, who should receive credit for a stellar December 5th Jobs Report is a no brain-er. Its credit goes …in my book to OPEC. I wonder if OPEC members had the foresight to short oil before tipping their poker hand’s and production intentions.

Waxing Righteously Upon the Backs of Parables

Waxing Righteously Upon the Backs of Parables

I find it an interesting objective commentary to closely view and scrutinize the observations and comments of third-parties’ consternations….the lowest form of which is otherwise known as gossip.

My case in point today is one which I have deliberately chosen to make, taking it from a lesson which came to mind in a lesser-known and seldom quoted Biblical parable …one which chillingly reminds me of the today’s events and affects of all things European.

The Achilles Heel of Capitalism

The Achilles Heel of Capitalism

What is the Achilles Heel of Capitalism?

a. Too big to fail

b. Too small to succeed

c. No due diligence, oversight and accountability

d. All of the above

Mutually Inclusive or Exclusive?

Is The Failure of Capitalism …Too Big To Fail?

If the failure of Capitalism is deep seated in “…too big to fail …” where is China on a scale of 1 to 10?

The U.S.has long promoted …if not flirted with too big to fail. Yet, in spite of the recent past’s intertwined financial catastrophes …the U.S.A. is still …reluctantly unwilling to demonstrate an ability to adequately exercise the sort of responsible constraints and policies necessary to fully come to grips with the realities and consequences still facing her in the wake of her failures …both in the here and now, as well as with many compounding issues which will extend out like an outstreched long hand …well into the future.

Like road bumps and pot holes; the catalysts of America’s most recent failures are …those which have produced some most revealing wake up calls.

God Forbid; Take a Lesson from a Review of the AIG of Yesterday and Today?

God Forbid; the Lesson from a Review of the AIG of Yesterday and Today?

Prefacing Comment to the Letter Below:

Taking a look back, two years ago …I sent out a short letter which commented on compensation in the wake of an AIG compensation party held at a resort hotel. This party went down shortly after TARP was passed by Congress …and all hell broke out in the wake of such an untimely opportunity to celabrate AIG recipients for their successes.

On March 18th, 2009, in response to this by measure of no lack of egregous, media-driven, political grandstanding, I sent out an e-mail which is a form of the letter that I have pasted herein below.

Two years later, I think these subjects are worth revisiting to remember the topics which surrounded every media story at the time.

And for one reason or another these issues preoccupied and permiated the American mindset …if, but for only a matter of weeks or so.

So, now …with th passage of two years’ time; I have to wonder how much honest esteem for such calls’ greater discretion remains?

And so, now again; I have to wonder what of any significance …has changed in the last two short years which have passed to cover over this subject’s matters and concerns?

Are the seeds of such concerns still growing? Have such produced any fruit multiplied 30, 60 or a hundred fold? Or is this a mute case of an old story gone passe in the wake of the Gulf …and now Japan? (They shoot horses; don’t they? How about Boy Scouts?)

Or did the seeds of blame and shame fall upon more than fertile ground …upon more futile stages or self-serving interests …merely failing to produce the needed wisdom in any significant abundance which would …could …and shouold serve the greater interests of all?

What work is to gain profit so few by taking a lazy and mindless course? Wouldn’t it follow that these more imediate pursuits will easily and soon forgotten?

Then, why not remember these shortcommings and …compare their woes’ measures’ lessons taken from a measure of a greater appreciation for a work whose wisdom and ethics’ mindful pursuits produce meaningful fruit?

So, then …in that which is intentioned to grow from long-lasting, applicable understandings within efforts …less lazy; why not embrace a look back in a meaningful comparison …if not merely to remember what preocupied our minds …if but for such a short time?

Therefore, in such a comparitively relative short period of time, I have to ask what has Congress to show for the passage of its time …in service to raise due diligence to a level …which is worthy of serving to provide greater oversight and higher …more nobler …more honorable levels of responsibility …and adherance to corporate governance in performance systems which demonstrates consideration for the priority of far more nobler assurances …those which strive to achieve to promote quality leadership by reason of adherance to high standards, transparency and the clarity of honest, open-door accountability?

In other words, other than our collective votes; what other enhanced ways and means of oversight has America acrued that serves to speak of improved achievable measures of oversight, safeguards …in openly improved levels of transparency?

Ben Bernanke; “…unsustainable debt …”

The following are two crisis words.

And …if there ever were two words today which have crisis written all over them …they are those uttered in Congress today!

The following two words which were those spoken loud, strong and clear.

The words were part of an address which characterized U.S. Public Debt as “…unsustainable debt …”

These two words came from The chairman of The Federal Reserve …Ben Bernanke today as the chairman spoke before members of The Senate Banking Committee.

Curiously, what I personally find as being less than sad is Congress’ lack of regard and esteem for tens of millions of voters who …last November, went to the pools to voice their collective, unified singleness of purpose.

By this Ben Bernanke was merely reaffirming the validity of the American voters who sent this massage earlier this last November.

Why should either the President and or Congress need one more man’s word to make the spirit of America’s will any more exact and any more unmistakably clearer?

As such, these two word’s stark reason and reality stand as a slap in my face …all in light of the light-weight approach to this administration’s budget proposal and the Republican-sponsored meager spending cut’s initial proposals.

Such as November’s voice was, such a will can not be allowed to be summarily swept under the rug …dismissed and otherwise marginalizing the will of the American people.

Re.: Monetary and Fiscal Responsibility;

And while bad habits are easily learned and obtained; they are not so easily worked free from …in reversing their affects’ impacts.

These take prayer and fasting.

Take a rather strange lesson from an otherwise foreign focus and vision …one generated in mixing an atmosphere of strong necessity with one of equally strong discipline and regimented resolve.

That’s why the Germans have been rather more successful in adopting …with their engrained mind-set of discipline …a more prudent and reasonable rationale in their approach to borrowing limits …capping their annual budget deficits and public debt to correspond to certain guidelines which pertain to strict percentage-based guidelines of their economy’s actual performance …foregoing the urge to bet on the come …as it were …as hope seems to have become warped here in America.

This more responsible sort of balanced approach to fiscal due diligence and disciplined oversight of the budget processes returns a service to the people of Germany which kind of reminds me of the purpose which the President’s Pay Czar was intended to serve …

…Namely that of accountability …in light of an emphasis which was supposed to be centered about openness and clarity.

CNBC’s Rock Star …Amanda Drury

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Re: An open letter to Amanada Drury

Amanda Drury, you are a rock star.
You have a sharp wit and the intelligence required to connect the dots.
In my last post: 666 China’s Currency Evaluation I really didn’t expect many …if any to actually make the connection.
Instead, I expected most to discount the numerical reference …taking it instead, merely …as a fundamentalist’s biblical reference rather than the rather obscure and implicit reference to the low-water mark of the market index.
CNBC’s Senior Host, Mark Haines should be able to appreciate this; as, he will be, among all people …the first to take credit for having called the Haines bottom of the market …its remarkable reversal’s pivot point.
In this regard, I must say; way to go Mandy!!!
Kudos for your intellect and your unassuming patience.
Outstanding amongst a forest of petrified redwood egos.
All the best, and keep up the good work!!!