Ben Bernanke; “…unsustainable debt …”

When Strung Along

The Costs Are

The Costs To Be

All the More

The Costs to You and Me


Word up!

Or rather, two words down.

The following two words were mentioned today by Ben Bernanke in a mutually inclusive context …one which pertains to how he qualified …but then, curiously soon thereafter …chose to re-qualify the character of what context these two words mean …both in the context of short-term as well as long-run considerations.

Reading between the lines of these mutually exclusive contests though …there emerges a will which is divided and raises the opportunities for more than any number of conflicted arguments as to what constitutes the matter and substance of Mr. Bernanke’s definition of what a crisis is.

And the more I meditate on his terms …which seem to hinge and turn on the U.S. Government’s ability to manage or cope with this non-crisis problem …the more I want to look at what the man in doing behind the curtain.

After all, the cost to carry and just float the note …that of the public debt, represents a sizeable opportunity for any more sober man, woman or child to take exception to Mr. Bernanke’s assessments.

As was, when I listened to his testimony before Congress, I became somewhat confused.

And I had to ask myself how is this crisis become …a non-crisis?

And in listening to his reason, I became aware that …by Mr. Bernanke’s own definition, his assessment hangs on The U.S. Tax Payer’s will and ability to service the debt’s costs.

So, I assume Mr. Bernanke believes that size does not matter …or, rather; it does not matter yet …by reason of a latter re-qualification?

And in considering this perplexing paradox, I have to write down my following impressions.

First, let me say that …if there ever were two words today which have crisis written all over them …they are those Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke used as he spoke today in Washington.

And although his words spoken were carefully chosen, these two words rocked the financial markets today …causing the DOW to suffer a staggering triple digit loss.

The following two words were those spoken loud, strong and clear.

The words were part and parcel of an address which, at first take,  drastically characterized U.S. Public Debt as  “…unsustainable debt …”

These two words today, came from the chairman of The Federal Reserve as he briefed members of The Senate Banking Committee.

Curiously, what I personally find to be a bit more than disconcerting stems from Congress’ more than apparent lack of regard and esteem for the will and intent of tens of millions of voters who …last November, went to the polls to voice their collective, unified solidarity in an unmistakable singleness of purpose …namely calling for heightened levels of accountability in terms of greater fiscal responsibility.

This translates to a public call for an oversight of all matters of the federal budget.

Consistently, throughout all of the briefing’s first day, all of what Ben Bernanke said served to reaffirm the validity of the call which American voters sent to Congress in this same regard last November.

Why then, should either the President and or Congress need one more man’s word to make the spirit this …America’s call and will. any more exact and any more unmistakably clearer?

As such, these two word’s stark reason and reality stand as a slap in my face …all in light of the light-weight approach to this administration’s budget proposal and the Republican-sponsored meager spending cut’s initial proposals.

Such as November’s voice was, such a unified will can not be allowed to be summarily swept under the rug …dismissed and otherwise marginalized.

Is this any way to serve and honor the will of the American people?

I rather think not!

If this disparaging unrecognized divide’s ignorance and avoidance is not enough of a slap in the face; I do not know what else would and could be a stronger affront to the sensibilities of the earnest voters who cast their votes with greater hopes which are now more threatened by the disappointment of these recent fiscally irresponsible developments.

And if last November’s united plea wasn’t clear enough …is the sage-like wisdom of the likes of one Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke any more promising of that which would, could and or should cause Washington to straighten up and fly any more upright?

The president’s budget proposal demonstrates a level of esteem (or rather lack thereof) which totally falls miserably short of what actual regard is worthy to honor the trust and unity and solidarity resolve for which the American People have called for and have come to expect in higher levels of accountable fiscal responsibility.

Sadly, what Washington seems unwilling to answer America’s calls …much less, listen to the likes of just one more man, The Federal Reserve Chairman?

Are they all incoherent …like the drunken sailors they appear to be?

Go figure.

But in Washington …what is Ben’s voice worth if it isn’t just like any other day …just one more day and another dollar. So, what is but one more voice …in the wilderness; if it also …isn’t worth the more than tens of millions of voters?

So, I say; good job Chairman Ben …even if Congress and the President won’t listen …I’ll bet Americans everywhere are all the more.

If the conclusion is enough to lead one to conclude that all is uselessness; nay …I say! History has given the victory to American voters time and time again.

Nay; in all things …against tyranny; we stand. We are more than conquerors!!!

My point is that Mr. Bernanke’s testimony in the chambers of this Senate’s sub-committee should be no more emphatically needed than the singleness of America’s hearts’ purpose …that which were …and still all are …unified in all of the resolve of this one manifestly evident overarching purpose …fiscal responsibility!!!

Yes we can speak united and stand in the with a unified intent …that …linked in the strength of all our resolve …stand and believe to bring back service and accountability to better serve this nation’s purpose’s ways and means in a more just and honorable end …all across the board with significant and robust impact.

Ben Bernanke’s comments should not be needed to have already have turned the battle to the gate.

Heads like those of a well trained team are more responsive.

Whose heads have turned in Washington since November?

Not many?

Who have spoken up in this regard?

Still fewer?

Esteem? Regard? Worthy? Honor?

I rest my case.

Yet, as if America needed one more voice, Bernanke’s agreement should be a voice which emphatically weighs in to further strengthen the American sentiment expressed at last November’s mid-terms.

And Mr. Bernanke’s words should …if they could …merely add to the common agreement.

Such as it is though, today …I have to wonder what it will take to break down the strongholds in Washington? What weapons and what warfare will it take to pull down such an indignant willingness which has raised itself above the will of the people?

What will it take to triumph over much of what has caused Washington to raise and hold and maintain their disdain with disbelief’s suspension?

A more sobering truth …that is what I believe will.

And that will is well intentioned to stand free and ready for any opportunity to fight and defend liberty for which the is Nation STANDS!!!


And this SINGLE STRONG RESOLVE SHOULD BE MORE than enough to send an unwavering and most certain urgent CLEAR AND TRANSPARENT message TO THOSE IN WASHINGTO …ALL

This is a growing call whose urgency is growing. This is a cry which is in an agreement …a call for a more certainty …a call for a more honest hope …a hope which that which is worthy of the honor of whatsoever is trustworthy and capable of building unity around a singleness of purpose …wise purposes ….those which build up …even when the lack of due diligence all has all but broken down.

The way I see it; the American people are willing to row together …so now, all America seems to need is …a leadership which has eyes to see and ears to hear.

What’s not to understand?

And, the way I see it; the more we stand around here all day in the rain and wait; the more this call’s purpose becomes …all the more urgent.

So, what of the terms described in Mr. Bernanke’s re-qualification as to what …or when the American Debt will become an actual “…unsustainable debt …?

What of the cost of being willing to put off today what can be done tomorrow?

What of the price tag whose price must be paid merely to realize the significance of a crisis tomorrow?

Is today’s opportunity a reality that of merely a choice to make procrastination today’s reality?

Is this the lever of Washington’s preparedness?

Is this poor choice actually the only, or merely all that is available?

Is this poor choice’s merit one more deserving and worthy of the trust and hope and will of the Americans who voted last November?

I rather think not!

Failure today to recognize the additive cumulative annual costs and annual opportunities squandered and lost is enough to re-qualify Mr. Bernanke’s re-qualification …or at least put the word “CRISIS into enough of a clearer …more sobering perspective.

These rising and mounting costs should be more than enough to wake the dulled senses of any bunch of drunken sailors, you would think …no?

Well, maybe not …for today MUCH of Washington D.C. is expecting Americans to march forward like a bunch of lemmings …unwilling to make the slightest decisions to commit to sow the seeds of a more significant sacrifice.

So in a continued blind march, Americans will pay more to move forward carrying  more, but receiving less) in the procrastination of an ambivalence …numbed  and desensitized …toward a sure and swift destination’s untimely sudden sure demise.

And if, America allows for excuses which cause Her to shuffle silently forward along the same ole path …carrying still ever larger burdens …the crisis which …otherwise would have …could have ….and should have instead been lifted from our shoulder and thus better served the will of America today …will …

When Strung Along

The Costs Are

The Costs to Be

All the More



The Costs to You and Me.


After all, what fireman ever was meant to do his job today …by standing around in front of a burning building …trying to figure out how to put out the fire tomorrow?

If the crisis is not recognizable …the problem is not actionable by reason of a more than abundantly clear …blind neglect …I call procrastination.

These are but two or three factors of dereliction of duty …none of which are worthy to speak for service to America …let alone the legacy any would hope and or want to leave to any future generations to cuss and bemoan.

Today, Bernanke’s words serve however …to unmistakably declare that America’s number one economic threat is Her Debt …coupled and married to derelict, unbridled, deficit-driven spending habits.

This translates to the consequences of spending habits which have been …are ….and threaten to continue to be …much too overly reliant dependence upon borrowed foreign capital.

Same as it ever was …same as it ever was. I’m just saying; who needs talking heads …even if one more is so much more the more deserving as the likes of one so prestigious as the Ben Bernanke …when, Congress has …for the most part …all but just about chosen to neglect the American voters’ express will and manifest common voice as called for in last November’s mid-terms.

So what is it going to take to more urgently move Congress and President Obama to believe to serve the people …one more sage?

For crying out loud, if the will of the people is not enough …and if Ben Bernanke doesn’t do the trick; what will?

For a sad social and political commentary one needs only to set the stage with one more prop …enter the budget …followed by the deficit …followed by the Republican call for paltry spending cuts …the Presidents comical (in-character) reaction to such not withstanding.  

Such as it is, rather than take a stronger stand in earnestly approaching spending cuts proposed by Republicans is like bringing a flyswatter to a nuclear war.

So the opportunity to actually do something which might otherwise serve an otherwise neglected American will …has gone …for the most part wanting ….lacking the significantly power to impact and alter Congress’ rather unimpeded spending and deficit-reliant habits …those which are rather blindly supporting the President’s 3.7 trillion ….1.64 trillion deficit?

Come on, is America facing a crisis or isn’t it?

Come on, is America’s leader’s unwilling or lacking the resolve of the American voters?

Congressional representatives have proposed spending cuts to reduce the budget.

How much? 61 billion …and for all this pentene represents …this is no more than chump change.

Seriously! Come on now!

The size of this insignificant figure’s initial announcement prompted the president to make a knee-jerk …political statement in a photo opp…declaring that he would not stand for spending cuts in the wake of those breaks which were included in the legislation which extended the Bush Tax Relief provisions …extended unemployment benefits and reduced payroll taxes 2%.

Seems like the president is just preparing for 2012 in grasping at anything which might serve to further divide America rather than strengthen and build Her up.

Again, I ask; what does 61 billion amounts to when compared to the President’s budget?

.16 % …that is what! That is less than two tenths of one percent of the president’s total budget. So, by his initial knee-jerk reaction; I can see that …not only does Congress not get it …President Obama doesn’t either.

So, seeing that 61 billion dollars represents less than two tenths of one percent of the president’s budget proposal …why should I believe that one more voice should tip the scale of intelligence any more than the manifest expression of the American People?

WoW! In this comparison’s contrast, am I to understand that Congress will now be more willing …or more apt to respond any more to the express will of the people?

I do not believe that I will hold my breath while waiting for any answer forthcoming …or not.

None the less, how am I to reconcile this budget and a paltry call o to reduce spending against and with the express strong desire to reach out and pull together to move more united …in agreement …swiftly toward a better common good?

How can Congress not get it?

The basic tragedy is …or rather has been Washington’s resultant lack of will to trust to offer the private sector its chance to shine.

Its real opportunity has been sadly marginalized in favor of one social scheme after another …the resultant …the whip of shame and blame …the opportunities intended to serve as excuses to avoid taking responsibility and ownership which would otherwise shine if only given encouragement rather than the whip.

Yes, the people have spoken with a singleness of purpose …that in …and with a will which was voiced unanimously in last November’s mid-terms.    

Yet, for all that has failed in the sting of this administration’s whip and chains …those it offered as hope and change …are those which persist in offering little more than the same bondage …burdens and debt.

Additionally, I find another similarly, and equally sad reality very perplexing in an equally disturbing manner.

How is a Republican proposal which amounts to no more than trying to kill a giant with a pop-gun …adequately serving of any esteem for the express will of voters who participated in the American political process last November?

What ever happened to the expression:   “Come bold …or stay at home!”?

Could it be fear? Or could it be 2012.

And if both be the case, they serve my point well. America’s expression last November is no more being served than a lie serves deceit to push an ulterior motive further down the road.

Those more prone to laziness kick the can down the road.

The more responsible take the bull by the horns and become doers by reason and will which take logic to pursue more actionable means and ways to achieve success …rather than avoidance …both, in the short tem as well as in respect to long range goals and solutions.

Fine kettle of fish it be if we are to settle to become the slow cooked frogs of tomorrow.

Let me be clearer.

Today, Ben Bernanke re-qualified his statement’s two words by saying that the problem is not yet (get that) NOT YET a short-term problem, but rather a more prominent long term problem.

I couldn’t believe my ears …literally found myself asking myself; “…what?” …out loud.

By this, I mean to say that I am one to beg to differ.

And in this respect, just about any well trained, more a sober Boy Scout worth their salt has been MADE to know that PREPAREDNESS is the principal …the   “KNOW-HOW” which leads to an order which seeks to stand ready to prove how well prepared one actually is.

In actively seeking to be stand ready and prepared to prove the test of one’s metal, the order of obtaining any level of a well prepared state of readiness is taken from two things; knowledge and by balancing knowledge with it application.

By practice of this priority …the order of learning to apply knowledge is the doing.

And in the esteem for truth …the opportunity to do one’s BEST …Honestly …in one’s HONOR is, quite frankly …the refreshing due diligence which has been a missing piece of the puzzle around these here parts lately.

Such is a noble approach which seeks to honestly elevate truth to a priority …which then …when handled with honesty …opens more doors which lead to choice opportunities to achieve higher performance.

And such performance …in turn enhances whatsoever virtues and chances of good report which become …in sequence …those which rise from the organic abundance of what is naturally and spiritually available …those opportunities whose virtues are most efficient to build upon.

Being prepared …being well ordered, following a pursuit of sequential objectives in order to achieve a goal requires a certain vision whose aim takes achievement seriously.

By esteeming what knowledge may be learned when it is applied …when it is also taught by leadership by example …a legacy of leadership results in a well proven path of experience.

And while good habits and character are difficult to learn, bad habits are equally difficult to unlearn …let alone, kick altogether.

I know this unfortunately from experiences whose values …or lack thereof I would rather forget.

And this my friend speaks to say; .Congress and the President’s budget shows about as much contempt and regard for wise solution as they do the wisdom and well-placed will of the American people.

And this is a matter I regard with the same level of regret mentioned above.

Need I say again; bad habits easily learned though they be; are way more difficult to break …especially when one lacks the resolve to be prepared in the least to …kick the dammed …God-forsaken bad habits.

Please allow me to quote the Bible; for In a spiritual sense …God never leaves nor forsakes His flock. They leave first …by choice …in free will.

In this regard; God promises “…return unto me and I will return unto you …”

In my take away, I must then ask; when will the President and Congress turn and esteem the voice of reason and take heart in their primary obligation to serve or otherwise act and honor the express will of the people?

In this regard, am I to assume that Ben Bernanke’s qualifications speak to a coming crisis rather than a current crisis less pressing? (The simple answer may very well be that we are blind and not prepared …more inclined to becoming less so with each passing day and every lost dollar …sadly reticent …without a will to engage …complacent to accept less …not knowing …not realizing that such a will …or lack thereof is what will actually cost more…regardless of the fact that last November’ hope would suggest otherwise.)

In contrast, I believe that America’s patience is running out as Congress and the president are running out on “…We the People …:

If then leadership is akin to kicking the can down the road, I could only say; they is doing a bang up job!!!

But I believe that anything but this is the truth of all of what reality is and what honestly ….actually …..Really matters.

Thus, if associating time with an hour-glass is …like associating the function of urgency to a CRISIS …am I being asked to dumb down …and down play the reality of a more urgent reality …one which is crying our for honesty and resolve more than complacency and laziness.

What fields will produce if a farmer never returns to his fields to sow?

Ecclesiastes 3

     1To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

     2A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;

Regarding Ben Bernanke’s statement today …he seemingly felt it necessary to back -track and re-qualify his own words “…unsustainable debt …” saying the crisis is not eminent …but rather twenty some odd years away.

Just because it may be sustainable …under what means and measures are currently necessary …does not in my mind deservedly qualify as justification nor allow it by any more means to serve to diminish the delicacy of any crisis …let alone sweep this threat …this debt of oppression under the rug.

Since when did burying one’s head in the sand become part and parcel of America’s national security policy and posture …albeit our national pride not withstanding.

Ben Bernanke, please!

America, please!!

Congress, please!!!

Mr. President …forget you; I know that this is falling on your deaf, and dumb ears. You have a party to serve and an upcoming election to win.

In this respect …which is in no respect …not for the American people who voted last November, do your thing …continue in believing your campaign rhetoric.

And in your; Yes we cans …I will bet you …no you won’t be allowed to do whatever, but excuse yourself on the way out the door.

So, regarding the relationship between fiscal responsibility and any national trust; whatever of that …which is extended by the American people may be summed up by the expression; “…once bitten twice shy …baby.”

The facts of this budget proposal stink about as much as the poor performance which resulted in the uncertainty created by the abandonment of the private …the business and corporate sectors of America.

And this translates to an abandonment of the American worker as is apparent just by taking a long hard look at the stagnation of the ravenous and devastated housing sectors.

Therefore, on his say so, then …rather than the express will of tens of millions of voters, am l to believe that …by one man’s voice …that re-qualification is all that is necessary …all of that which needs be sufficient to make this none-crisis a more manageable …none-crisis …less costly not withstanding.

Yes, Mr. Bernanke offered these words …only then …thereafter to re-qualify his very alarming words; “…unsustainable debt …”

Shock jock he is not unfortunately.

Maybe that is what America needs if Her leadership disregards and is lacking in esteem for the will of the people.

In Bernanke’s re-qualified clarification …his original two words “…unsustainable debt …” became transformed by saying that such as it now is …spending, debt, debt load and deficits would become an unmanageable   problem …say, perhaps …twenty years from now.

….er, as if it is a walk in the park today?

Well pull a rabbit out of a hat; I’ll just burry my head in the sand and go back to bed …and continue to look for hope in Alice’s Wonderland instead …in the meantime.

In the meantime …meet me round the pub for a pint and we can think about this more, yes?

Well, Bernanke said it; so OK …everything’s OK. Congress and the President have it all well in hand …along with the say-so of the Ben Bernank, right?

After all, Greenspan was an intellect too wasn’t he?

Have you ever been cold cocked by a sucker punch you didn’t see coming …one you were not prepared to receive?

What about pulling the blind-eyed, bone-heads out of Congress instead?

Americans did a pretty good job of that last November; no?

Could it be done again?

“…Yes we can!”

And that is a will which is responding to a reality which says; “…No, you haven’t!”

I am not a frog to wait around in a pot to cook me.

So, I applaud those who …like voters this last November, stood up to say; “…No! No, you can’t!!!”

America can no longer afford to remain ambivalent and complacent.

Being unprepared is the crisis.

Being unprepared is the urgency of sobriety.

There can be no hope without the intention of integrity.

And there is no integrity in shame and blame.

And there are no solutions in shame and blame which divide and fail to build up.

The basis for building comes from an understanding of the Latin origin …in the word for building.

Edifice is just another such example. It is an English word whose etymological Latin root …along with another similar English word; edify …both share their roots with another common English word …education.

Ed? Hmmm? Does not appear to be what is happening in Wisconsin thought does it.

Maybe that’s because the state is sucked dry and being broke needs a more reasonable solution in which to bring both together again.

Hmmm? Let’s see to build up or to tear down? What time is it? What season?

What reason is there which considers self as a justifiable service ahead of more noble charter ….contractual obligatory mandated service?

But, in order to build anything, you have to have a strong private base …edified and built up in all and every opportunity possible.

And that strength does not and can not appear out of nowhere …and such as it is today …it especially will not rise from a politically driven atmospheres built upon elevated levels of shame and blame …which threatens to tear down what has long provided the necessary substance and capital to support and benefit institutions of any state’s ed’s building processes.

Looking at Wisconsin, I must simply say; how special ed has become.

To edify anything …it is sure wisdom which says; “…it is best not to bite the hand that feeds you.”   And that would primarily be the private sector …for sake of any reasonable hopes for ed to survive in any serviceable form …that is …of course, unless …it is the express will and agenda of the left to tear it down …destroy it altogether and then pay for it twice in its costly replacement.

And in the abandonment of the private sector …this is essentially what the wisdom of this administration and its party’s agenda has and is just about to leave with as 2012 offers them an invitation to leave.

The private sector’s solutions not withstanding are those which this administration has all but whipped to death …chastised …overlooked …and more than abandoned in a continuing aired mindset of cavalier class-division -driven contempt for that which has long well served to strengthen and build this great nation.

Thus, what good purpose is served …if, in order to strengthen the weak; the strong are caused to diminish in strength.

It is my understanding that strength and the opportunity follows when strength is offered …like liberty and freedom …to one and all alike …with equal incentive and opportunity around.

America is today …preoccupied with anything but what will make Her strong …and that is making Her weak and Her people sick and tired of the burdens Washington is asking the private sector to bear.

And as tax revenue has dried up …this is the reality which is become; “No you Can’t.”

America can not sustain a healthy recovery in an environment which is not willing to show and demonstrate anything but contempt for its obligation to serve the democratic will of the people of these United States of America.

Why then stand idly by and allow such weak provision’s which merely makes for excuses which serve no one’s hope …save the overly entitled?

I, for one …am not asking for more contempt of the united American voice.

No. Instead, I am merely calling for a unified leadership which …like the single voice of a common people’s purpose seems to know abundantly more than well enough …how to distinguish and discern the difference between political driven contempt for its citizenry’s express will …from that which better offers a deliberate, well intentioned will to serve and to build unify and heal an otherwise dishonored …and an otherwise neglected American People.

America will not much longer idly standing by …only to be placated and marginalized by paltry approaches to giant problems and the ginormous threats which have …for too long …been allowed to beset this great nation …weakening and almost bringing these United States of America to a house that is still somewhat more divided …than it is unified in the agreement of Her express will.

America have asked for, and therefore …without question; deserves a unified leadership culture.

This leadership needs to act more responsibly.

American voters need to press their representatives and hold their members in Congress to take accountability so as to adequately resemble the express will of those who have voted the convictions’ hope of their conscious.

To the end that our elected representatives respond in kind is the only feedback I have to discern whether or not such resolve matches the level of my concern which would otherwise fail to manifest my representative’s commitments’ courage and resolve.

This sort of resolve and courage are the substance of a belief which acts in a highly responsive open honestly. It is the proof of a courage …the will to carefully choose to deliberately take swift and daring actions to demonstrate the courage of a more united will …a will whose conviction is to that which strengthens and edifies hope and builds up every dimension of every institution.

Such open honest power is a potential which when released acts to positively impact and cause beneficial change.

Such power needs not rely upon blame and shame; it is too otherwise resolved and preoccupied with solution’s and resolution’s targets.

So, why be preoccupied and side-tracked gazing in the rear view mirror.

Something is gaining on America, and we are divided because we have allowed this administration to focus on what is in the past rather than what opportunities we have all but overlooked in making them the red headed step child of a mantra …repetitive blame and shame ….which have divided and torn the house down rather than build it up.

However, if this resolve is more forward and deliberately urgently moves to utilize and galvanize a more united posture in purpose, America will be more able to rise up under lighter burdens …all the more in ever increasing heightened levels of united self-sustaining determination …in solutions that pay returns in terms of dividends rather than escalating yield to foreign creditors.

The fear of escalation debt service costs are all but if not much of what holds …if not that which threatens to hold this nation captive and stagnant …motionless.

But resolve moves free and independent of such stifling captivity.

And if the determination of a united resolve is willing to sow unity in freedom, we will reap unity in still more …an abundance of hope in the same.

However, sow to debt and you will reap bondage.

That is a law …especially if one is principally preoccupied in sowing one …while altogether forsaking the sowing of the other.

If America is willing to accept, meet and live through the sacrifices needed to shoulder and share and do the heavy lifting …America will reap a harvest …if America does not grow weary.

Nothing is grown well without sacrifice. Any farmer knows that in order to dress and keep it; his land requires some sacrifice, namely blood, sweat and tears.

So in a common and united will, one which we are prepared to live, work, fight and die for …let our sacrifices stand and speak to urge and promote a form of leadership which provides and returns actual significant commitments and services which in turn …offers little more commotion than a flim-flam promotion …one pushed through class warfare and promotes promises whose appeal lies in solutions whose intention it is to merely to divide …and promote disgruntled   …highly charged emotional atmospheres of dissatisfaction.

To this end, shame and blame are highly effective, polarizing and powerfully capable of moving and stirring the masses.

Yet for all the damage such a political appeal feeds upon …the resultant social damage results from the management of a misplaced blind anger …into a mob-like mentality whose resolve is anything but objectively focused upon a single solution which is any more promising than the emotions deceitful techniques leveraged which use shame and blame to justify …what? Hope? Change?

So, how is that hopey …changey thing working for you?

In a hope that sows incentive and opportunity …that is which is efficiently …far more promising of hope.

It is found in endless opportunities by focusing forward …not backward in anger.

As such, if we look forward …we will land and plant our footing upon a more sure foundation.

Our focus needs to be on promoting harmony in the discourse of a discussion which favors solutions …those capable to unite …and bond common interests …those which lead toward solution rather than division.

A house divided against itself …can not stand.

I say; a house whose leadership will not esteem a common call …shall also fall.

And so …today, if …by one man’s fall; all are made to suffer …by another …all shall rise.

And because the president’s budget falls miserable short …and because the Republican call for spending cut do as well …that is; they also fall miserably short of meeting the urgency of the needs of the crisis that the American people have asked their representatives to manage …I see numerous changes on the rise.

I see opportunity on the rise. I see hope on the horizon and I definitely see change.

I see this because what I see happening now is no more change than it is hope.

Americans deserve better. Americans deserve a will equal to Her call for hope and change.

And in this crisis, we can ill afford to be placated by being asked to pick a number, have a seat   while politicians ask us to wait while they continue to do the same thing over and over …while offering “…We the People …” what?

Is a poised offer of .0016 of the president’s budget all that much of a significant sacrifice?

I rather think not.

In close, I ask you to consider this.

Ask your congressional representative to get up out of the chair …step up to the plate …to act in fast forward, multidimensionality to address solution in incentive based means which promise and reward strength …rather than seek to politically leverage the weak.

Why go ugly early? Did I say this? You bet your sweet bippy I did.

If a 1.64 Trillion dollar deficit is not ugly now; what will ugly become if you sit all day in the rain and wait?

Ask for your representative to put more meat on the plate.

Tell them you need them to hit a home run.

Then, demand them to come big …or else, you will send them home come 2012.

American went without accountability too long and we see where the lack of due diligence leads.

America has just about gone without a budget for the better part of the last of what has just about going on three years now.

Where …has the forsaken private sector solutions been all   this time …possibly carrying more of the burden in the wake of higher property appraisals?

And now, with a 1.64 trillion dollar proposed planned deficit …need one ask where the lack of due diligence will lead …again?

Let your voice be known …our will …not theirs …is the will of the people whose will be done.

Now …get to it …and when you are at it; ask for them to put a cherry on top.

After all, what is service if one can no longer distinguish and discern who is lord and who is become servant?

“…Feed me Seymour!”

Thank you,


P.S: If you can not make the connection in my closing reference line;

“…Feed me Seymour …!” then rent and watch the movie, Little Shop of Horrors.

Afterwards, re-read my close …and you should then have no problems clearly understanding what I meant by asking:

“After all, what is service if one can no longer distinguish and discern who is lord and who is become servant?”

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