See Something …Say Something; Blind Intelligence

Teaser photo: “George Orwell” Thanks to A Few Good Men … …and to those families whose loved ones were left behind to die alone in Benghazi … Jesus once […]

A Tragic House Divided is in Full Denial

Tragic! There is only so much in the way of denial’s witch craft that is capable of covering up the sad socio-economic state of a divided house …one which has been so poorly misguided that even […]

Trump Pride; Shameless Incorrigible Attitude

With respect to the advent of the 2016 Presidential Election cycle, I offer this posting which follows in the vein of the last Geoblography post (A Rebuke to Reprove The Donald) posted on […]

Amy’s JetSki Bails On Old Navy Abandon

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“…But without faith …

“…But without faith

(or rather …without believing, if you will …)

…. it is impossible to please God …”

Without doubt, there remains an unchanging mutual understanding of the spirit of faith present in our nation’s founding father’s minds as they joined together to pen and purpose our nation’s declaration of independence.

…Raise the people …not the debt.

Now, here’s a novel idea …                 …Raise the people …not the debt.   After all, it should come as no surprise; People […]

It’s the Bandwidth Bandits Baby …!

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Usama Bin Laden; The Weapons of Our Warfare

Extremists and Despots vs. Truth and Vigil

The Weapons of Our Warfare Are Mighty

When extremists attack a problem with forceful lies and deceit, they often do so in order to achieve an objective with the least amount of resistance, harnessing the greatest discontent as quickly as possible through a narrow well chosen gate.

In this, then means of arriving at a desired end is deliberately caused by channeling an emotion response toward containment.

Despots have no solution …only the desire to throw rocks in a glass house without regard for the truth.

Beware! The more obvious the truth; the bolder the lie …even when the truth is plainer than the nose on one’s face. The admission of nothing is a form of denial which is the leading symptom of deceit …the symptom of a lie …counter accusations not withstanding.

Tea Party Serenity: Living A Reality Within One’s Means

Serenity: A Living Reality …One Within One’s Means

Peacefully …in Unity …Prepared to Actually Handle the Affects

of …

Inflation’s Oncoming Reality …Debt Load Costs Not Withstanding

Like the Revolutionary Tea Party of old; there was a certain fight which preceded the peace which resulted from the effort. No pain …no gain.

My father used to say; “…If it is worth keeping; it is worth fighting for …”

Isn’t time to hold our elected servants to this rule …the one which should apply to how much America values fighting for accountability and fiscal responsibility?

Now that America has had almost three years to consider these values; isn’t it just about time we stand up for stronger measures which safeguard such values …those which are worthy of a truly great fight’s effort.

Then, let’s go the distance …even if it takes us the effort to last till the last round, OK?

TKO’d in the 2012th round! How about it America!?

Are you ready for it?

No Child Left …or Right; Get Behind Me!

The three year anniversary marking the release and launch of Obama campaign slogan rhetoric; “Yes We Can!” is quickly approaching and one thing America has realized is…

No We Can’t!!!