It’s the Bandwidth Bandits Baby …!

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Saturday, June 22, 2013


Bandwidth Bandits baby!

Beware of the guise of the Bandwith Bandits baby!

That’s right, it’s the Bandwidth Bandits, baby; and this …I, for one …damned well know …right, it is not legally above needing far greater further scrutiny.

If anything though …it’s all been just one big faux pas in all of which numerous are learning true rue.

For no matter how left to be damned and thrown under the bus …the poor unchecked NSA contractors to be …tis no more than a necessary nuisance I’m told …is that really just how it all must be …?!

So then, as blind faith …without knowledge …due diligence …oversight …nor withstanding any clear accountability …who knows better where the blind are leading the blind …in insecurity and that with fear!? PLEASE …!

So, then …if not for leadership’s fear monger’s profiling’s …no matter how unjust it is in all my nation’s indiscriminant compilings …my mobile devices would be thrice the bricks I now know them to be. (One has to get this …or what makes for a more perfect traffic jam.)

(For what better excuse’s reason …than clandestine political PROFILING’s fooling …gone wild in their senseless and greedy treason’s overreach that is striking me more and more like SS Gestapo-like snakes …and that truly bites in that it is the quintessential denotative definition of what is …unconstitutional over-reach …or what?

Here’s the clincher.

(Like the proverbial tip of the ICE-berg, the proofs in the putting …rather more like the willful and deliberate clandestine putting down of the likes of The Tea Party …and others of those who, would-be, could be, and those deemed as those who should be chosen on an illicit basis to be singled-out, and profiled likely Patriot’s …you know …the likes of those “…who cling to their religion and guns …as if it were a crime to struggle for those who will it is …to remain free.)

Double …bubble, toil and trouble; these sports’ spells have been spun over a cauldron’s white mansion made more to resemble a hovel.

Obama’s Six times the hay is but Liberty’s half burnt stubble …

…Is more becoming the likes of the remnants of what remains of faith, hope and love …and no longer resembles the once proud and true beginnings of a great nation.

Therefore, do nothing, but don’t come a-crying after what’s left …if such remains are not even fit for dogs in the wake of such egregious unchecked sinning.

For a front to the NSA to be …The IRS has been used by this administration post 2010 …in plain sight to plead; “…pay no attention to the man behind the party’s curtain …! Thank you very much …as President and Party Chief …no more Tea Party for me…!”

(Post 2010 ??? no more can we plainer see …?!)

The President may as well be saying; …

”Give us your weapons all ye who are heavy burdened …” yeah, right; like Uncle Sam-Obama will give you rest?


Foreword march …onward the liberal dream; there’s nothing stopping what Obama’s fears …save for the IRS and The NSA.

How lucky can one guy get to have at one’s disposal no more an unrivaled effective pair on one’s team?

Tea Party or not America has no chance to stand better prepared against such persona and politically predisposed prejudice so well focused.

But what then does this speak for the better part of America?

For without secured borders, his spirit …might more the likely be …pressing as a head usher …ever still onward …still further (forward???) IN JUST ICE …our colder greater future national plight will be; that of a wider …and more pervasive liberal rubble for all to see.

So what if The Tea Party’s been plundered …thanks be to the Bandwidth Bandits …one nation under Obama’s security.

So what of the individual …the church and the state, if the President is made the lord of the land?

PS:   Before I deployed to Saudi Arabia, in support of Desert Shield and Desert Storm; I read everything that I could get my hands on that would give me an insight into the mind of Saddam Hussein.

I soon discovered  that this monster came to power through an extremely  robust, ruthless and oppressive inteligence agency through an incredibly loyal network of key party individuals who held posts of prominance. Saddam quickly became known as the one who got rid of the party’s opposition and in like fashion his party soon  answered to no man …save the one its political idealology  were  purposed to  serve, and that would be none other than Saddam himself.

It was solely through his inteligence agency that suited his nature’s ruthless character which reinforced and built his powers and his party’s machinery. And the various aspects intertwined …altogether made for a very formidible political, economic and idealogically reinforcing  stronghold.

As I read, I marveled as to  how Saddam was able to position himself  in the midst of a party whose power circle made  extensive use of the vast knowledge  their inteligence agency was able to glean from ordinary private individuals. And it was through his party’s spy operations that Saddam was able to use this information to manipulate and intimidate others in order to catapult himself  to power.

As I continued to read about Saddam, I realized that the essence of what led to his rise to power …was also what served so very well to help him maintain his position long and often …always at the expense of those others whose many unfortunate were those who met  with their untimely demise  …at the behedst of his inteligence gathering operations.

As such, Saddam’s  private and public life  left a tragic string  of self-serving deaths and destruction behind in a wake whose  testimony speaks to the secrets of Saddam’s legacy whose victims  now lie  burried  in their  many, silent cold graves.

The man would litterally stop at nothing …and no lie was too small if it could help to serve to maintain what he hoped would remain of his madness  …a madman’s bare ambitions …none the least of which included any resemblance to faith, hope and love.

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