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 Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Post Benghazi Smokescreens …Sideshows and Cover-Ups


This is a short reply to a friend of mine who was …until recently, feeling under the weather.


Today, when I asked how he was doing, he reported; “…better, but still lamenting an abundance of …” what can only be characterized as an affliction by reason of exposure to too much B.S.


That’s not an abbreviation for Bachelor of Science either.


The following is my reply to my friend:



Tuesday, May 14, 2013I wrote …


Well, good …glad to hear you’re doing better. But in regards to your aforementioned B.S. …today was an indeed full of it.


There were no shortage of news leaks and innuendos about this, that and the other …an altogether extremely well-loaded day …perhaps an even-overloaded day at that!


As it were, there were leaks from no less than two …maybe three departments and Federal offices …pertaining to old and well known threats.


However, they were, in part …reiterated rehashed prior stories of well known threats presented, none the less …in the form of careful and current renewed reminders of terrorist threats abroad.


But what’s new about this, other than the timing and how these old reminders of threats were repackaged …not to forget that they were served together along with …new reminders that those professionals charged with protecting us against terrorist threats are actually doing their jobs (like a cat …short of bringing home the mice) …howbeit just not (so) securely enough   to preclude being accompanied by well-timed leaks.


How convenient?! …or, rather …how odd?


Never the less, whether it be by accident or otherwise thru ulterior intent …given …spoon fed and filtered to the press so as to heighten the plausible deniability of any accountability …the press has been the object of leak after leak …in reactions not wanting in either their quantity nor their careful timing …which, by the way …the press has just happened (as it were) to become privy …to an Associated Press wiretapping campaign.


Having been just exposed to the Full-Monty (…well, maybe …the Half-Monty) these revelations’ knowledge make for a seemingly unsettling atmosphere at the very least,


Now, fancy that! Wire taps on all the AP’s hard-wired lines!


Is it not enough revealing news that the Tea Party, and other Patriot organizations (Glenn Beck’s 9-12 organizations …not withstanding) have been made the singled-out object of The IRS harassments’ focus?


Never the less, in the wake of Benghazi, and the Tea Party denials, how can the revelations of the AP hard lines be seen as anything coming close to nearly as egregious as Benghazi nor as clandestine as the IRS leaning on the Tea-Party.


I mean to say; it is easy to delineate and distinguish the difference between Political break-ins and normal intelligence gathering …or what?!


Come on now, wiretapped AP lines? Do they actually still use this sort of old-school technology for anything but to buy, share …or otherwise trade and …give away intentionally leaked information …in an assumed way …without the disclosure of any disclaimer?


Liberally what all that is designed to be given and taken …back and forth between leaky quasi open news channels need not be preceded by a disclosure these post 9-11 days …or what?


Seems like Big Brother will and has done what it wants for some time now.


What’s the big deal MR. OBVIOUS?! For crying out loud.


Give me a bucket of milk to cry in!


Here’s whereJoanRiver’s would say; “…Oh, grow up!”


So when it comes to the shocking …startling revelation that (with respect to the AP’s hardwired landlines) information is and has been moving …back and forth between the bureaus and news agencies …the who’s who of what who is charged with leaking their own BS COMES AS NO BIG SHAKE?




That’s what today seemed like …the very least of which had the makings of a good old fashionedBenghaziand Tea Party-IRS political smoke screen and cover-up.


My-Oh-my! I declare!


Nothing like the threat the truth behind a couple of good stories to get the fires of the side tracks’ and smokescreens’ rumor mills stoked up to a white hot fervor, no?


Then, why pay no more attention to the man behind the curtain …or what?


Such a day as today …one so full of this sort of BS …!; it sort of reminds me of Storm’in- Norman Schwarzkopf who …back in the days of Desert Shield & Desert Storm became famous for his successes in leaking misleading misinformation (…essentially, BS) though the press on a daily basis …winning the war behind a curtain of a series of a well planned (LEAKED …HOWBEIT) deceptive campaign …LIKENED TO end runs as it were.


Except here, today …it is more of a politically charged smoke screen in which the obvious has been laid down to obscure greater interests like Benghazi and the IRS botched bunglings …those weightier issues which affect the balance of America’s liberty and the pure unadulterated interests of Her freedoms …once denied …and once again and again …at the very top by boobs whose only defense is has been to claim incompetence by reason of ignorance …primarily being misguided along the rails of political ends down the wrong track.


This sort of shenanigans resemble a whole lot like a host of a series of incidents and accidents from a comedy TV show back in the day called …Hogan’s Heroes.


The more culpable Sgt. Schultz-like Colonel Klinks come to mind today, no?


I can hear these well known beloved typecast characters’ voice coming to me now through the voices inWashington.


These principal actors are singing in unison today; “I know nothing…!?”


“I know nothing…!?”


The conventions of denial are as if the principals of Washing are like deaf, dumb and blind monkeys!


Nothing more than crack pots which can hold no water.


They are broken cisterns which, like sieves …can hold no water.


They merely leak. They have no integrity.


With so many departments, agencies and bureau chiefs making the same claims of ignorance, the well known three deaf, dumb and blind monkeys have nothing on Washington Intel theses days, yes?


Pardon me …I am going to have to close here; I have to take a leak ….just say it isn’t so …OKey …Dokey?!


Well, ok; leak it if you have to …but please, no more cover ups?


IsBenghazia cover up? It is until the truth is uncovered!


Isn’t it time we call a spade a spade? After all, on need not ask what matters when the truth is clearly given a chance to matter more than the lame question which is challenged by the truth.


Like liberty, the truth actually does matter more, and without question, it does so more than the obvious nature of the ignorance of one dumb, self-serving question.


However, there is just seemingly no end to the spectacular run-a-round whose side-shows are being generated in all of this post-Benghazi stuff.


It is as plain as the nose on my face. These smokescreens’ sideshows are competing for center ring in a three-ring circus …but the main attraction still remains Benghazin and now more recently …the IRS’s politically driven witch hunt …an egregious breach of Federal trust …that is far abreast and well outside the definitions of National Security Interests.


And I would have to agree with my friend.


Consider the source, and then go figure.


Benghazi, is then, the gift of unanswered and avoided questions that just keep on giving.


Thank you President Obama, Thank you Former Secretary of Fate Hillary Clinton. Thank you for avoiding everything, the truth not withstanding.


And above all, thank you for denying essentially everything …for admitting essentially nothing. Oh, and thank you for continuing to make false counter accusations …leaks not withstanding.


Bottom’s line; no matter how you try to wrap the package of sidetracks; it’s still all pretty much the same B.S.


Same as it ever was …same as it ever was …!

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