Benghazi; Yes Indeed …Anything But Bipartisanship!

Could Apparent Benghazi Cover-Up


Be Treated as


Anything But Partisanship?


As if Bipartisanship is alive and well today inWashington…hmm?



Whatever happened to American Foreign Policy which would cause Americans to believe thatBenghaziwas anything other than the result of a lack of due diligence, a continued, and increasingly misguided, politicized exclusive drive of the Administration’s self-serving attempts to escape and distance itself from its lackluster Foreign Affairs’ policy …in spite of staking its claims to Bin Laden?

 None the less, both the press and the administration’s cries of foul and partisan politics is not doing justice to move its failures forward in whatever way it can …while having spared no opportunity to take its liberal share of the credit for what rightly belongs to a previous administration’s well prepared successes.

Caring to champion the character of its foreign policies’ ….adorned with such exclusive accolades in claims of having brought Bin Laden to justice …much without political bipartisan credit due the lion’s share …how curious is it that the administration’s lack of preparedness is now being used as the basis to call a pigs ass partisan pork?

How odd it is that the liberal press is calling the recent calls for additionalBenghazitestimony …solely motivated by partisan politics.

 Nothing could be anything further from the truth …yet, so spot on!

 This is what military intelligence calls the paradox of an oxymoron.

 Since when is concern for clarity and open transparency take on any less of a bipartisan spirit, save for at an advent like that of a cover-up? Hmmm?

Therefore, I declare! As obvious as the nose on my face is, then so too, of course …the Republican calls for State Department employees testimonies in the Benghazi hearings are nothing but partisan in nature …a just and natural one at that!Are the Republicans’ calls justified? Hell yes!

 Are they partisan politics …?

 Need I ask in view of the face of what all appearances couldn’t make for a better cover-up?

 Not …Duh! But …Double-Dunce Du’UH!

Under all the circumstances, of course these hearings are (partisan) …and they are for good reason and good spirit …primarily for no other better reason than (…and let me be Frank) …the Boy Scouts of America could have been more prepared in body, soul and Spirit to defend the freedom of America’s better interests …especially those abroad. For crying out loud Hilary!


Q:   What isn’t partisan inWashingtonthese days?

A:   The IRS harassing treatment of organizations whose names include “…Patriot …” “…Tea Party …” “…Glenn Beck …and 9/12 …”?

Not VERY!!!

For crying out loud! Everything coming out ofWashingtonis either a cover up or partisan in nature …often both!

 So why should I be bothered and or distracted when the liberal press and the administration cry “…Partisan Politics …!”?

 Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain crying …for he’s a fraud!

 The 1st link below is from Business Insider …containing a report named:

BUSTED: Internal Revenue Service Caught Targeting Conservative Groups For Tax Harassment


 The link below is from Ramparts360

 IRS Harassed Tea Party Groups-Call Your Congressman


For more on Glen Beck and …

The 9/12 Project; see …


 So then, when it comes to what is transparent partisan …CLEARLY more out in the open;

…When it comes to the comparisons and contrast between the success of Bin Laden and that of Benghazi …why wouldn’t America believe that there is no stronger AND more OBVIOUS dividing line between what makes for what has been proven to be successful and what makes for what has resulted in utter failure?

 Therefore, Bin Laden and Benghazimake for an interesting study in and along what is …nothing less that a clear and distinct partisan dividing line.

None the less, in keeping with its leading philosophies guided by existentialism …this administration and Hilary Clinton (…among their liberal camp) believe that through any amount of spin and sideshow’s side-tracking ridicule …it can have it BOTH ways …win or lose …prepared or not prepared.
But quite honestly I do not believe that most Americans are fooled by a liberal press …the President …nor any other politician which chooses for its best defense …to cry “…Foul …!” …using for a basis …the weak reason of all that which is no more than the obvious basics of conservative partisan interests …namely the truth …especially when discernment’s better judgments stands a better chance …to bring about more sure results while standing on a platform of winning prepared …rather than losing …not so prepared.
So, I guess now that being “…not so prepared …” has come so far into the realm of what is now to be considered “…PC Vogue,” I guess what Hilary wants forAmerica …is to turn the other cheek.

 What a great unprepared steward she has proven herself to be …NOT TO BE!

 What? Not to be a target …or not to be prepared?

 Or …both?
I just cannot wait for the sequel; bring on Benghazi II.

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