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Whatever Could Matter More Than a Well Prepared Hilary?



On Smokescreen’s, White Wash


 Emmy-Like Performances



Of Hillary’s Answer:   What (ever) Difference Does It Make?



Since When Did “Indifference”

Justify Deference From “Whatever” Does?



2012 Presidential Debate Series:   FOREIGN AFFAIRS Debate’s Date


See Judge Jeannie’sJanuary 27, 2013video piece entitled:

Judge Jeannie:  ClintonDoes the ‘two-step’ onBenghazi

1st Peter 3:15 (KJV)

15  But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:


I could not believe my ears …listening to Hilary’s personal choice to seize an opportunity to craft another one more pathetically weak …more selfish and more desperate than every attempt Hillary made to put off her testimony before a hand-picked panel of a Congressional board of inquiry as long as she possibly could need to prepare, and for what …merely to stand and deliver her best well rehearsed act …an emotional play …a pathetic attempt to re-quality and redfine her hand-picked panel’s purpose …having the audacity to berate and lecture the members for their lack of deference with respect to not knowing the difference between whatever does and whatever does not matter.  

Talk about an Academy Award winning act; “…Pay  no attention to the man behind the curtain!”

…Or what?

And as I listened to Hilary’s off-color testimony …I couldn’t help but wonder whatever those …whose lives were deemed expendable …and without worth the matter to bother with …would say about Hilary’s testimony if they could only have a say in what actually is the matter …one which can not and must not be allowed to be merely swept under the rug across and upon witch Hilary now seems to be so entitled to walk.

But then, America will never know because those in Benghazi  were not given the chance to make a damned difference …as Hilary attempted to sell in her testimony …not now at least. For according to Hilary their lives matter still even less than the consideration that their desparate calls asked for in the moments and months before that continue to matter the most.


But, I am glad to now how they surely would certainly have plenty to say …could they respond to answer Hilary’s empty rhetorical morbid metaphor-of-an-indifferent question (as she chose to beg to ask; “…what difference does it make now?”) …if they could only be heard …crying out from their graves.

Consider then, and hear the questions of my perspective.

 Is this indifference all America can expect to receive from this inquiry after having just been made to wait for over four long unfair months …months in which I did not hear so much as a peep from Hilary …save what I was spoon fed from third-party diplomatic, Democratic party and administrative press channels?

Like the slow drip from a hospital-IV supporting a drunk who passed out, fell and suffered a split head …Hilary in this rather long period of her cocooned recovery …may as well have been in a coma …on life support …while being liberally given all the time she may have needed to gather her composure while also distancing herself and her “whatever” lame testimony from the timely nature of the tragedy.

However, no such considerations were offered to those who lost their lives inBenghazi. For them, the four months given to Hilary to ready and prepare herself and her testimony smacks of little more than the same lame  lack of consideration denied to them in the moment of their most urgent need.

As such, if their voice would be heard in the matter …and if they only could reach out from their resting place of limbo; I am positive than their testimony would easily choke-out the liberal spirit of indifference  which the media and press have given themselves in  offering lip-serve to  worship their broken Madonna.

All of their adulation kind of reminds me of all the effort and time given by all the King’s men and all the king’s horses wasted while  trying to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

What does that say of sitting on a stone wall?

Yes, but that is seemingly what this inquiry has become; a white washed stone wall. So high; can’t get over it. So wide; can’t get around it. So thick; can’t get through it.

This is my perspective of the inquiry I  got looking at this underexposed  picture

I simply  do not believe  that deference to clarity has  ever been this  inquiry’s intentional ideal  standard.

Yes. And in spite of …after over four months …people; let’s be fair here in deference to our nation’s every honest attempt to beg for what would otherwise make for a serious and open inquiry …it would see that America has hit this stone wall  …so as to preclude that it will ever hope for a properly clarified exposure to  the rather foggy details of the administration’s handling of their responsibilities.




For instead of serving to provide more clarity, this inquiry has all but served as a rigged  American beauty pageant …one in which its members have taken the opportunity to bend over backward to invite a liberal media circus in which it’s treatment is akin to putting lipstick on a flying pig …all while beconing a fostered  willing suspension of disbeleif.

And for all this, America has yet, to this point …failed to come to grips with what evidently may become little more than another White House white washed narrative …delivered thanks due again to justice denied …justice denied by reason of pushing counterfeit plausible deniability factors rather than time spent adequately to pursue the details of what should matter most …most of which has shrunk to insignificant treatment by any measure of compare to the base coats of paint being covered by any number of Hilary’s well-prepared antic’s’ and careful sidetracks which she has offered this far.

None the less, clearly what is at the heart of this FOREIGN AFFAIR’S FAILURE and the lame Congressional hearings is a single question which, to date …still remains unanswered.

I truly believe that America is primarily interested in and deserves to know whether or not the tragedy in Benghazi was a failure which was the direct result of a deliberate high-level administrative poor choice …that to do nothing at all.

In other words, was what happened …or what did not happen …a result of an intentional self-serving SEED …rooted in the seed of a politically driven  conflict of interest?

In the light of the seed’s origin; where was its Genesis?

I truly believe even the most liberals in America want to know the facts of this matter as well.

Remember the old detective TV series, Dragnet?

Sergeant Friday, its main character was well known for saying time and time again; “Please Ma’am. The facts …just the facts. Please, stick with the facts Ma’am.”

Cast in another light, every American deserves to know whether or not there were considerations made which weighed  any and all possible choices …and at whatever level were what choices made …who was privy to these considerations and their conversations …on what days ….and where they made in such a manner so as to indicate who knew what and when …and how to gage who was involved in ways which would have allowed the embassy to be given such disregard for  those  involved both directly as well as indirectly.

Obviously, if it were to come to light that the administration and or State Department had any direct involvement which reflects …in any way …the slightest willful measure of  politically inspired preference to reserve and withhold any and or all available, responosive supportive action  to those who were making requests for help; such warrants justified grounds for swift and serious rebuke in the highest forms of punishment for breach and deriliction   of duty  .

The failure of coveruing up  what may be thought might be made to look like  the untraceable snail trails of so much of a designed possibility that …by somehow creating  some flimsy fabricated  course to follow …a clandestine path of plausible deniability …then and only then …could avoid  this and stronger questions has no place in  adequately satisfiing what eventually needs must and …will  be satisfied following the conclusion of  this inquiry’s whitewash …or else, none has done their  job adequately to serve any better  purpose other than Hillary’s  whitewash performed before  the likes of a media-like circus that it has turned into.

For this purpose and none other, why consider the deference in purpose to which Madame Secretary Clinton offered in her personal assessment of the purpose of the inquiry.

In other words why choose to overlook what should actually be the inquiry’s primary objective before taking off on a wild goose chase to pay heed to Hilary’s emotionally charged misleading suggestion.

In this Manner, I believe that America …like Sergeant Friday always demanded; before the inquiry moves on to look at anything else …it must give its every primary concern to; “Please Ma’am. The facts …just the facts. Please, stick with the facts Ma’am.”

If and when leadership fails at any level, the considerations which would …could …and should have afforded decisive directives must be shared at every level without excuse.

“Please Ma’am. The facts …just the facts. Please, stick with the facts Ma’am.”

In the case ofBenghazi, where and what and when and why what failed to provide the delivery of …more and clearer choices is whatAmericadeserves to know from this inquiry.

America, I would hope to think will stop at nothing to doggedly pursue answers which nails whatever best resembles the appropriate ascription


of fault and responsibility for promoting or precluding a most robust can do attitude.

Failing in this matter would be akin to willfully misleading the American people who desire to come to a place on some day to hope that they can place their trust in the current man occupying the White House.

As long as a shadow of a doubt remains,Americawill not be able to move forward in and with the strength of honesty and trust.

Never the less, the President who declared; “Yes we can …” would be a shallow pretender in chief if he willfully did nothing whatsoever to answer the call to provide aid to the Benghazi Staff …if it were to come to light that it was the case that …by making a choice to do nothing …it would also implicate that any executive order was made such to protect and or improve his chances for re-election.

This gave finding …if ever made, would have grave implications.

None the less, somehow …Hilary, thus far has been willing to take it on the chin …playing the fall guy.

If if were to ever come out that the decision and true reason for the failure lies above Hilary …with the President; this would mean that Hilary is either giving the President a pass …or, jumping ship while the appearance of self-sacrifice gives her the best possible chance to salvage Humpty Dumpty …the President not withstanding.

However, if this ever was the case, Hilary’s “…buck stops here …” does little more than to give the President an opportunity to hide behind Hilary’s skirt.

All conjecture aside …what America still wants for are the facts and answers to understand how these events could have been allowed to develop a justification for making a choice (non-choice) which clearly led to a failure which, has …to date …produced no more than an abundance of the fruit of fog and speculation regarding what appears to be an egregious series of hidden and obscured poor choices …ones for which may forevermore leave a bewildered America guessing.



None the less, today, in the wake of Madame Secretary Clinton’s rash question …Americahas been given little understanding in the way of a more substantive answer which would otherwise offer a more rationale and reasonable answer.

However, such as her response demonstrated, she stood her ground and was not prepared to answer and justify anything more than her administration’s apparent abundant level of tight-lipped indifference.

As such, I am not surprised. Her abrupt outburst was a fully prepared performance which provided more than a mere suggestion of her continued lack of relative consideration regarding the matters which went down in theBenghazitragedy.

What could be more important?

Same as it ever was. Personal political interests and future aspirations.

Then, why …after more than four months later, is America still being asking to Click the LIKE button to “…Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain? ”

But so entreated,Americais asAmericadoes …and is seemingly being caressed, coddled by an abject partisan exuberance in its approval of her aspirations.

The evidence of such has been surgically released from most every liberal member of Congress in this inquiry as the press and media have liberally afforded them endless opportunity.

It is as if the press and Democratic members of Congress have gone ga-ga over Hilary …and she could do no wrong.

This does not apply to all members of the press and media, for FOX News seemingly is the sole=single media source which has not totally lost its objectivity.

As such, FOX is spot on in regard to its focus upon concerns with the details of whatever led to result in the withholding of a more decisive adequate  robust response …among so many of this story’s other interesting quirks.


See Judge Jeannie’sJanuary 27, 2013video piece titled:

Judge Jeannie:  ClintonDoes the ‘two-step’ onBenghazi

America has a right to know what matters in regard to each and every detail that contributed to whatever matters most …most of all that which permitted far less effort to be  afforded and to be extended to those in need of help.

With regard to whatever could matter more is why these matters should matter less.

Hilary, is this …in withholding aid, comfort and assistance to support our ambassador and embassy staff in their moment’s clear and present danger?

God forbid Hilary!

As for me, I say …in that regard; don’t let the door hit you in the bum on your way out the door …Hilary! Go in Peace!

Oh, and by the way; don’t bother coming back …no matter whatever deals you may have made with your party’s handlers prior to tendering your resignation.

This smacks of the consistency of your self centered …self-serving near-treasonous offensive nature!

God rest the souls who you hastened to ushered into limbo!

In their pressing most urgent moments …no such luxury of priority nor consideration could ever be made to resemble the fairy-tale-like treatments and considerations as given even to Humpty Dumpty …that Hilary has received thus far.

Try and cry as she may; does her well-prepared act justify enough of all she may need to rise above this white washed travesty?



I mean to say; God forbid that it should be that she believes that time is all that she needs to put herself back together again …save any sweet-heart deals made behind the scenes prior to tendering her resignation?


Honestly …in contrasting what light can justly be shed upon the level of   more fair definitions of considerations due anyone which may be more deserving   …by any measure of compare …it would appear that Hilary did not even bother to lift a finger (let alone …bat an eye …) to provide the slightest bit of backup …nor did she dare indicate that she made attempts to offer support in defence of those whose lives she may as well have flushed down the toilet …by being more prepared to do nothing.



It smacks as ludicrous that this “…Whatever does it matter …?” is all America gets …before the media asks ONE AND ALL TO BOW DOWN AND WORSHIP THE girl-pretender.

I still don’t know how the rather poor handling of General Patraeus’ rather sudden resignation could be seen as an excuse for …the Buck stopping Hilary from offering him anything which could be made to excuse, diffuse or derail the momentum of America’s curiosity.

In this wise, time may never heal the gaping gash made by this woman’s wounded honor …if indeedAmericais willing to be sold the lie “…the buck stops here.”

Oh really? Does it? Should it?

Since when did TYRANY become fashionably in vogue …?

So, rather than looking BEHIND HILARY’S SKIRT …WHY NOT LOOK INSTEAD …UPWARD along the political food chain …why not look upwards to question The Commander in Chief’s and his authority to defer to invoke “Executive Privilege” as well as terms LIKE   “classified” …click?!

Whether or not her hands may have been tied …so as to preclude her and or General Patraeus from acting or divulging whatever matters more; who knows what is at the matter which is troubling America if …without any more clarity from within the walls of the Whitehouse …America is left with nothing more which resembles any more clarity than what the press seemingly is anticipating will issue forth in Hilary’s announcement to run for this president’s replacement …so that she can directly invoke the same privileges which the press evidently believes she has apparently earned …a lack of clarity not withstanding.

Yet, the travesty of this inquiry is; none of the above should matter at all above what does.

But in exactly what all the King’s horses and all the King’s men are trying to fix;Americais being play for fools …overlooking what really does matter.



Above all, one thing is for certain, two of the embassy’s security staff had received orders from someone somewhere …ordering them to stand down.

One lower ranking State Department Communications Official is without work, and a CIA director is in the same boat along with Hilary.

Whatever happened to the adage; the captain goes down with the ship?

America, if we can’t adequately see whatever matters more; the captain will have had his sinking way!

Would you get on a Titanic without enough lifeboats?

Well, if you can’t recognize smoke; you may not be inclined to look for a fire.

Aside from Hilary herself, General Patraeus and the Communication’s officer whose resignations have been ordered or tendered voluntarily; there are two brave men chose to ignore orders to stand down.

Whatever matters less as to whomever it may have been who was involved with the decision making processes which resulted in the issued command …that specifically the one …the order …the authority to “…stand down.”

Obviously, there is a story which General Patraeus knows.

And after four months, shouldn’t Madame Secretary also know full well.

Never the less, why shouldn’t it matter more in the moment …over four months ago …when, there was (indeed) an actual window of an opportunity …in the crucial moments which existed …those in which Hilary, Patraeus …the communication’s officer  …The President …all could have responded to give their due non-conflicted considerations to a robust course of supportive action.

Never the less, that window’s limited opportunity was and forevermore will remain defined by a call’s unanswered foggy …clueless expression of horror …a bloody reflection of neglect for what urgent needs could have mattered more …those which were left to go WANTING …wanting for a


greater conflicted politically uncertainty …THAT OF THE POTUS …who, was too busy contemplating whatever could be more important than the conclusions and affects of a Presidential Debate series …in view of slumping dead heat polls …and an approach to an election and the

clouds early fog …one whose political motives’ considerations, will for some unanswered and mysterious overarching reason remain woefully and inadequately …afforded the slightest luxury allowed to second guess how much effort and whatever time may have been necessary to have prevented and or precluded the failure if …indeed WHATEVER warrants an executive order’s more appropriate, more decisive …and more timely response would have otherwise netted greater concern …that in terms of whatever more important could have taken the opportunity to reach for a more clear and less ambiguous simple and honest course of action.

Obviously, doing nothing failed in yielding a more successful outcome rather than whose nothing’s doing produced the administration’s successful failure …enjoyed in the harvest which delivered four to their graves while …at the same time …four more years to the POTUS.

God forbid that it should ever be found  that any more robust actions and interventions were deliberately held in check for sake of lame,

untimely political priorities …those which obviously have enjoyed their successes in the wake of carefully hidden details assigned their respective top-secret classifications …those which may as well be buried by those whose lives were taken from them who enjoy God knows whatever is more important.

None the less …I shudder to realize the necessity to continue to contemplate whatever factor/s and to whatever extent/s …if any which Political Greed may have more likely played an unsavory role of mayhem …which could easily well have  thwarted the President’s re-election efforts.

God forbid; whatever could be more important than that; HILARY’S BID?

And in this very plausible manner, I can only well imagine just how easily such an incident could be perceived as a serious threat …one capable to derail any political campaign.


But, for the likes of me; before my God …I can not imagine whatever would …could …or, should be allowed to take precedence over the human lives of patriots who have taken an oath to defend and support the interests of the USA.

I mean, if my President …or anyone who has taken this same oath for that matter is unwilling to personally act and walk as if to say;  “I’ve got your back …” and mean it …well then …that one is unworthy of the calls of their respective posts’ and or offices’ responsibilities.

In contemplating how that by …fearing what likely would compromise the public’s and media’s perception of who had just won the lion share of the speaker points in the last round of the Presidential Debate Series …I can only surmise how one might easily become overtaken by the influence of the media-generated hype whose resultant delicate fragrance overwhelmingly permeates what balances the lion-share of the post-debate’s polls.

Now, having said this, I do so consider the dates and the chronological order of these debates’ events more than coincidental  in that the last debate’s topic just happened to be none other than FOREIGN AFFAIRS.

For confirmation, see the following website:

Aside from conjecture; GOD forbid that doing less would be deemed as doing more   …liberally justified by no more than WHATEVER the administration deemed would do more to favor electioneering within the context of WHATEVER may be seen as politically justifiable …that given in spite of …WHATEVER THE PRICE?!

Good Lord …forbid that tyranny be proved as reason for the damage done in the instant for which no less due consideration was asked …yet denied!!!

Yet, paradoxically …the ironic luxury of every afforded consideration and opportunity both large and small have, indeed …been extended to Madame Secretary Clinton so she might be given due time to compose


herself before having to give her testimony in a manner which would be prepared as well as possible to respond in kind.

In keeping …every possible consideration short of moving heaven and earth was indeed afforded Hilary to offer her testimony before a less than robust congressional inquiry.

And yet, after more than four months, Hilary failed to contain her emotions when a certain Senator Johnson asked her a simple question …that to characterize the rationale of the reason/s which might explain the reason for the administration’s contrasting characterizations which changed in time and manner as in which the administration and state shifted their press releases’ characterizations for the reason of the attack on the consulate in Benghazi …particularly why it took so long to finally get it straight, thick up and dicular.

In light of Hilary’s emotionally charged outburst …obviously, four months time to prepare was not enough …that is, not enough time to prevent Hilary from nearly totally loosening it altogether.

Whatever should it matter?! …was the gist of her rattled response.

Yet, in spite of her apparent loss of composure; in reacting so with such misplaced anger, Hilary sidestepped Johnson’s valid direct question by answering his …by asking one of her own …firing both barrels taking a terse, offensive rather uncalled for, caustic …and rather belligerent defensive spirit.

In retrospect, I would give her an A for preparation; for all the time given to Hilary …she totally in whole …all but sidestepped the very hornet’s nest of the inquiries purpose …the crux of what if Johnson’s line of   questioning would have been pursued …would have opened up a whole can of slimier worms.

And these worms would have produced the clarity of countless avenues on which have not seen the light of a more truthful question’s light of day.

In this, Hilary masterfully stepping in a summer cow pature full of fresh fermenting Hoop’Lah.


Instead, Hilary avoided tackling the Senator’s questions …choosing instead to pull a rabbit out of thin air.

I find it disturbing that Hilary was so damned successful in deflecting the Senator’s questions in such a paper thin, melodramatic attempt to win an Emmy for which no sequel’s tears could have ever made a case for an excuse in the ever widening play for sympathy in such an obvious, ever-widening, self-serving lame and totally unnecessary presentation.

Bleh! Dog Germs!

This Congressional hearing was not at all intended to be …all about Hilary.

However, when given the stage …and an offer to pursue her own private (self-serving) personal, weak attempt to define a totally uncalled for assessment as to why this Congressional hearing had been convened.

Hilary proved that she had taken every opportunity to take center stage.

My impression is that, if America could do well enough without what answers really matters …then, her long awaited testimony was somewhat of a let down …for America obviously does not know how to prioritize whatever matters more in favor of buying into her definition as to whatever should matter less.

I for one believe that …if this hearing is being steered by those who are content to remain asleep at the wheel …its purpose will remain content to focus not upon   matters which matter more …but those which continue to serve those few who should be made to matter less.

Lastly, thisBenghaziinquiry was not purposed to be …all about Hilary.

Yet, in spite of all the success she has been given the luxury to enjoy, the manner in which she has chosen to characterize what should …could …and would be the purpose of the inquiry baffles me to no end.

Who put this woman in charge of the inquiry? Senator Johnson?

Who has set the priority of the inquiry’s prime interests and order of its processes focus?


Like Hilary, whoever it may be has also enjoyed four months to prepare.

I …for one, believeAmericadeserved more. I believeAmericadeserves more open clarity and transparency …not only looking forward, but also in looking back.

And in with respect to a certain certainty of any true prophet; today’s truth plays into the important order of priority if …if, tomorrows certainty is to be of a certain discerned nature of equally certainty.

Put in another way; if a man or a woman can’t give you the time of day today; why bother them with what will of tomorrow matter more?

However, it would seem that whatever matters most of all to Hilary is that which will favor to spoil her all the more tomorrow.

However, this inquiry’s stage was not a hail and farewell salute to Hilary.

That much became clear when Senator Johnson’s question set her off as if she had just stepped on a hornets’ nest.

Never the less, Hilary’s outburst demonstrated that she has become an unduly spoiled public servant.

She has apparently too long enjoyed the opportunity to develop a certain attitude fostered, I believe to think …by a certain diplomatic immunity.

Judging by her hissy fit, her perception of her immunity has obviously gone to her head.

I personally believe that hers is a democratic manifestation much more than a simple implied personal luxury.

No, I believe …that Hilary is an example of a certain few that have been privileged to liberally interpret a widening misunderstanding of the meaning and spirit of executive privilege …processes which favored her husband (or so Bill obviously thought) much in the same way Obama has been taken by a similar luxury of such powers given …or taken to himself to hide behind both Hilary’s skirt and this Nation’s misplaced democratic mandate in a manner in which may very well be


characterized by the broader context which …left unchecked has the possibility to further the tendencies of human character to flirt further with the allure of power in search of an everlasting, self-serving illusive eternal legacy.

Such as it is, this powerful allure is enough to cause anyone to turn to serve self and thereby further tyranny …more so than …whatever was more important.

Tyranny has a historical track record which expressly knows nothing of the price of human life …not to forget a mention of the costs to a nation which has a long and successful history of defending itself against such threats …as well as those ancillaries of tyranny such as of fraud, waste and abuse.

Never the less, and above all …the spirits which work together to fuel the spread and promulgation of tyranny know full well how to join to coach, teach, protect and reward its faithful proponent students.

Unlike the lofty ideals of a republic formed by and served by a cohesive set of laws, those of a democracy’s persuasion are subject to much greater implied processes whose limits of less certain interpretive borders are, as such …not immune to popular appeal …and therefore, more likely and prone to be ignored and abandoned in favor of whatever may be likely made to appear as mattering most.

Not that such actually does.

Billy Crystal’s characterization of Fernando Lamas was known for saying; “You know, you don’t always have to feel good. You just have to look good …and you know darling, you look marvelous darling …simply marvelous Darling.”

And that which matters most to the living seem to be becoming no more than what …its embrace of a lack of clarity promises to produce …that which rather more appears to be approaching fraud, waste and abuse within an outright atmosphere of an acceptable probable willingness to embrace denial.



A willing suspension of disbelief? Is this what Hilary was speaking of when she erupted while replying to Senator Johnson?

Yes, I would agree …this is not a fiction; four people’s lives were taken from them with very little effort.

Those who took their lives are still at large. This, after four months strangely is more consideration than that respect which   Hilary seems willing to give to honor the dead.

Curious though then, is her continuing lack of such …in favor of what?

Her chance to pursue and further tyranny tomorrow?

God, I hope not! I pray for the health of the nation that she leaves public life behind.

That would be enough to honor the dead in my book.

Turn you cheek Hilary and don’t let the door hit you on your way out the door.


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