Ducks of a Feather; part 3

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Wednesday, May 01, 2013


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Birds of a Feather

Ducks of a Feather

Ducks Off a Feather

Duck a Feather

Duck the Feather

A Feather of a Duck

Put a Feather in His Hat


Called it Macaroni

Preface to Part 3

What is the value of a pajority (as in …forming & guiding mob rule) if …therein, priority is made to be relegated to lesser obscurity in the absence and abandonment of the Spirit of Truth whose priority would …could and should be given the opportunity to establish and serve a better more perfect order and union?

I.E., “…It’s got a built in sauce rack …”

Part 3

In a liberal sense, I’m just saying; do not “…Ducks of a feather, flock together?”

However with and in respect of Flocking Ducks …liberals within the Obama administration seem to have become pretty skilled at ducking the toughest issues …principally those economic issues which impact fiscal priorities which are worthy of receiving the highest order of the nation’s attentions, yet have been given rather low esteem as it would seem that the greater the conflict …has merely made for greater political battles wherein which the political objective is the political opportunity rather than the actual meat of crisis resolution.

In otherwords, the political process and self-serving interests seems to have gotten in the way time after time with little actual interest in concensus building and unity.

As the political processes have taken preeminence relative to any true and honest and pure interest in achieving any measure of affective and efficient affordable resolve …crisis resolution has seemingly been relegated to neglect as the old adage …never let a good crisis go to waste …seems to have served the body politic …sadly, more so than the body electorate …those who actually must foot the bill.

However, in the absence of resolve, and resolution, what may be seen and taken as what is actually affordable …seems to be moving avoidance forward towards anything but fiscal responsibility.

And in many respects, among some of the toughest issues which face the nation, the public policies which directly affect the economic impact which spurs organic growth …the most efficiently …none impact the economy more than the consequences of  spending and taxation …the need to borrow not withstanding.

Where is gone the adage “…the government which governs the least; governs best …”?

In the recent string of costly quagmires, this apropros opportunity is a shoe whose fit would become a service to all in what is affordable efficient fiscal responsibility.

Crisis is unavoidable; natural resolve normally is sought out among what is most affordable.

However, the Nation of America can not sustain the unnatural approaches of another four more years like the last four.

Any bonehead can see, America bought the last four with no discernable bang for our buck.

Fizzle yes; but bang …Hell No!

As such, the fiscal elements of taxation and spending are inseparable with regard to how they impact fiscal responsibility. One affects the other, and together …they both affect the extent and degree to which the nation must, in the needs of its natural shortcomings …engage in (artificially stimulated ) borrowing (fueled by printed paper) in order (???) to finance any and all of the nation’s resultant subsequent annual deficits which trail any and all fiscal measures …good or bad.

The fiscal policies of taxation and spending are the most critical factors which, in turn … affect monetary policy by virtue of the third portion of fiscal policy …namely, deficits which …by naturally or artificial means …add to the national public debt …among other things …none the least of which is add to M1 …the money supply moving in the economy. Artificially, these printed dollars tend to decrease the value of the dollar …thereby pushing up prices …adding to inflation.

This third factor …the resultant …the debt comes with a component called “Debt Load.” It is the interest expense …paid annually just to service the growing debt.

It is the cost just to float the boat, or …if you will; the cost just to tote the note.

In terms of a mortgage; the debt load is an expense which may be likened unto an interest only mortgage expense.

Yet, like a variable rate adjustable mortgage; cheap is only as relevant …as long as rates remain low.

Once they reset …watch out …and Katy bar the doors! All hell …then …will break lose to blow one’s budget …that being the eventual case where worse is an unavoidable inevitable price to pay when ACTUAL ORGANIC GROWTH COMES TO TOWN.



Thus, with regard to honest concern for either side of fiscal responsibility’s taxing and spending components seem to have become all but obscured …left the room …having been the first to be shelved, placed on the back burner …side-stepped and totally replaced with any number of a hole host of other lesser, poorly-ordered pet social issues and projects which may have been turned to in order to ease the dissatisfaction which has resulted from an abundance of fiscal failures.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain …upon the stage and behind the backdrop of economic discontent …seems as though there have been no shortage of sideshows which have conveniently served to divert our focus from the administration’s leadership’s failings in and with respect to fiscal responsibility.

Yes, these lesser distracting issues hold great promise to sprang forth to form a façade which holds great promise to serve the administration by helping to obscure the Obama administration’s failures and inability to come to grips with the issues of its tax and spend public policies’ and their resultant growing economic quagmires lingering malaise.

Why, what an egregious shame it would be to ignore such an opportunity to take pause and change course and pursue everything and anything that would hold promise to sidetrack, obscure and overshadow the administration’s failures to effectually deal with and resolve the more pertinent matters which otherwise, should have received the deserving level of attention which more worthy higher priorities merit.

Yet, shoved aside, hidden …and placed well out of sight …fiscal priorities they are.

Yet, void of resolve …still absent from the media’s mainstream narrative …these unmentioned …unaddressed …and all but dismissed issues of fiscal responsibility are those which have NOT given rise to an economic recovery whose yield could boast a 30 …or a 60 …or an 100-fold return on a sizable and longstanding (GINORMOUS ARTIFICIAL) multi-year economic investment.

WHATEVER could offer more hope

in the lack of anything which resembles a more NATURAL …more ORGANIC order for hope’s opportunity …what could cause change more efficiently?

What is there to hide? The shame of failed blame?

When shame comes to town, obviously there is no place to hide failure

And now is not the time to replace and redefine what is the true meaning of the administration’s efforts to avoid honesty.

Certainly there is no need for an artificial, phony, sidetracked, hijacked and misdirected narrative.

What use is a fake and falsified narrative whose FAÇADE & VIEL is totally void of good promise and good change if greater needs and wants are altogether avoided to save face merely to avoid having to take responsibility for a growing wake of abandonment which is leaving behind a legacy …one of a string of costly poorly politically engineered disasters.

Honestly, America, if the man can’t squarely handle the executive leadership responsibilities pertaining to the fiscal demands of the nation, what nation should trust his leadership with the social ones which will promise to become more costly by reason of his inability to manage the priorities given each and every one of all of the full responsibilities and powers attributable to the office of the Presidency?

Therefore, in clear view of what choices form nothing short of clear “cut and run” fiscal abandon, I have to ask; what sort of character seeks the strength …yet, runs away from the toughest of his offices priorities?

Where if the public served in this regard …in failing to attend to the order of priority?

And in keeping with the liberal manner in which this administration has failed within the nation’s institution’s and their intertwined dimensions …one after another, its efforts to hide its prime failures now …stands as an enlarging testimony to a monumental economic and social charade …one whose legacy will forever stand to overshadow his party’s attempts to obscure the fact that The Obama era lacked the measure of a level of conservative respect for what traditionally has long well served to sustain actual justice and responsibility …the truth and honesty required to directly …establish judgement’s discerning and guiding eye for what is just, right and necessary in order to tackle  and to deal effectively with the priorities of the nation’s toughest challenges in ways and by means which efficiently resolve the issues plaguing the economy …doing so with effectual resolve …all unlike the sort of avoidance which, in terms of liberally defined requirements …knows better …but, still begs for the excuse for one to turn the other cheek …while inviting another recession of equal or greater consequence for one’s measure of blind-sightedness.

So why obscure, the root cause of what has liberally caused the lion’s share of such heartache by merely asking for another opportunity to …once more, skirt around the highest priority of such an irresponsible matter …as is fiscal responsibility?

Why then …is the administration beggingAmericato leave our heads buried in the sand?

Could it be that the administration seesAmericagreater possibilities in lower priorities?

Or, is it just that the liberal cause rests in the pursuit of lower hanging fruit?

None the less, the reflection of liberal leadership is such that has chosen to make its failures …America’s fate …reflective of the sidetracked course it continues to pursue …following a secondary chart whose course has taken a series of shortcut socially engineered tacks taken along lines of ignorance and ineptitude whose promise and path is such that it is pushing the growth of a greater social injustice in the wake of its abandon.

After all, avoidance …like burying one’s head in the sand is no way to manifest divine-like courageous leadership, no?

After all, in regard to the spirit of God who changes not …the definition of what is definite …what was and still remains …it is still 1st and foremost …the economy, stupid.

Today, it is no less so …especially since the all but abandoned fiscal issues are those which possess a higher order of priority and thus, merit greater attention.

Yet, in spite of the strength of their arguments’ merits …those which actually warrant greater concern and consideration; sadly, they become the red-headed step child of the liberal flock …whose first priority is become the first ordered one to be ignored …side-stepped, put on the back burner, increasingly …all the more so as the going gets tough.

Consequently, it should come as no surprise that these fiscal issues’ narratives have been treated with more avoidance and greater abandon …the closer time draws nearer to General or Mid-Term elections when sidetracks, diversions and shenanigans come out to take center stage like clowns at a Barnum and Bailey’s Circus.

More recently, it seems that, like the “…water off a duck’s back …” there is a preferential Presidential air of entitlement which has driven the Presisdent’s avoidance of matters which surround organic fiscal responsibility.

It is as if the president has been conferred divine rights and is now above such mundane matters below one’s vanity such as his.

Recently, it is as if the president has become drunk with the delusion of limitless liberty conferred upon himself …as if he had just been issued a green card without possessing a rudimentary understanding the awesome responsibilities of citizenship …and summarily has seemingly chosen to run a string of red lights as if it were his divine right to chose to  redefine the color green …with or without regard to cause and affect.

Now, like a sophomoric Spring Break …The President  is playing his Gone-Wild Green-Go-Card’s misunderstood entitlements as an opportunity to overlook the greater weightier matters of his office’s executive responsibilities …those which impact fiscal responsibility and the economy’s future sustainability.

Americahas a future, but it is one with consequences affected more and more by today’s responsible decisions …or lack thereof.

Therein, like water off a duck’s back …running from responsibility curiously seems to hold more politically appealing promise and immediate returns in moving the left’s agenda forward.  However the left’s avoidance of its prominent fiscal due diligence is center stage …namely with respect to the future impact the administration’s impact will have by avoiding its number one priority of fiscal responsibility today.

Where is a more politically attuned SOX (Sarbanes Oxley) when you need one?

Yet, in spite of this sort of added check and balance …the song remains the same, and so …it is still the economy …stupid! Poor public policies are today’s making for what will eventually fail to sustain the economy when …not if, the nation implodes.

The policies which have, to date …served merely to divide America thus far will merely serve as reminders of our lost and wasted opportunities when the real divider …economic chaos ensues in the wake poor leadership and public policies which have failed to steer America to a strong and sustainable healthy economic recovery.

Instead, just about every sidetrack has been utilized to sidetrack unity and in the wake of four wasted years of bickering …the promise of hope and change is continuing to fail to lead America …failing to steer US from the woes of debt’s unsustainable economic impact …collapse …the result of blind-eyed neglect spawned from wanton fiscal irresponsible public policies which will conspire to pit one against another all the more …more divided than ever …in a resultant of failure of unity …an illness like cancer’s affects which attack from within.

America is far from immune to this now more than ever …her future generations more so now …will have less to look forward to …as they continue to learn to look back in blame with nothing to inherit but the affects of wanton blind-eyed neglect.

How ironic it is that the former Senator Obama once defined the Bush administration’s spending and deficits by ascribing them as irresponsible and unjust.

However, since then, President Obama’s liberal spirits have gotten the best of him …seemingly leading the president to believe that he is entitled to  eclipse the very one he had shamed as a senator.

Since then, having tasted the elixir of presidential power …cloaked under an enabling shroud called blame ….the very same misleading critical spirit which enabled and led Senator Obama to make such remarks CAN NOT BE the same reasonable logic which empowered and led him to  first form his critical observations and then make such pointed, clear-cut, righteous observations.

However, lately this spirit of truth has been made to give way and yield to certain   more persuasive liberal license …one whose avenues and promise of adventure and opportunity has found an easy target to control in President Obama.

Under the influence of such a powerful elixir, it seemingly has made it exceedingly easy for President Obama to hide and put away his former spirit of truth, if he ever were in such a personage as Obama at all. And now …ironically, Obama hides behind the spirit of a lie whose lesser counterparts include spirits of deceit and hypocrisy, covetousness, envy and jealousy …truly the making of one once know by the name of Legion.

How odd it is that they (liberals) strain at a gnat …to swallow a camel?!

And in like form have saved no small effort to avoid including the truth in a narrative wherein which the Obama administration’s spending habits clearly should never become EQUATED and or compared to the very nature of former President Bush’s spending habits which …those Obama …as a Senator, had described as unjust, over the top and a shameful travesty of irresponsibility.

Yet, for all this Obama’s former castigations’ and indictments of former President Bush, President Obama’s contemporary actions (the last four +years) seem to speak NO Louder today …yet are being actually ignored all the more than his former righteous and well-placed critical observations of President Bush.

This contrast and its absence in any subsequent narrative is a measure of avoidance which should be clearly seen …at the VERY LEAST …most disconcerting …but for the some liberal strange (curiously familiar) reason …Americacouldn’t be bothered.

REREAD THIS AMERICA …with an emphasis upon familiar …as in and with respect to familiar spirits!!! Note, that this is not about family spirits either!

Instead; “…Whatever!” seems most prevalent and is in keeping with the lack of regard to fiscal responsible due diligence.

As such, it would seem that The Liberal Narrative has all but found it easy pickings to hijack and burry any and every opportunity which would otherwise attempt to connect the dots …and try and make any sense of the irony contained in this contrast.

Yet, for all that …and, in spite of any active objections and calls to highlight the obvious …the liberal media has instead, pretty much done all it can in choosing to actively steer clear of any mention …let alone engage in discussions which directly result in having to enter conversations that would build and sustain any noticeable narrative regarding matters and issues which surrounding the economy’s lackluster performance.

Naturally, it would ironically be …still more avoidance which would serve the libereal’s better interest …for the better part of the last plus four (+4) years …Obama’s public policies have produced much less economic gain than they have in successfully creating (???) …uncertainty …behind his party’s agenda.

After all, whose backdrop has produced little if any useful positive clarity and transparency. So, naturally …avoidance is the prevailing wind which leads best.

Instead …the liberal press has had no other better choice and opportunity than to sail and skirt around the failings of the Obama administration’s weak and ineffective fiscal public policies …most all of which …the data makes harder to spin into such headwinds.

You don’t pull the mask off the ole Long Ranger; and don’t spit into the wind.

And in keeping, the spin of the liberal press’s avoidance with respect to the economy is no more than a scratched and worn out surface of an old 45rpm phonograph caught in a rough groove …misdirected by a rut the needle cannot escape from …repeated no more rhetoric emblematic of hope and change …than getting caught in a four year revolving door. Play it again Sam …Play it again Sam …Play it again Sam ….etc., etc., …etc.

Instead of getting caught in such a losing narrative, the liberal press has plotted a two-fold course. Beyond pursuing every opportunity to avoid the afore mentioned narrative of the economy within a narrow and rather limited unimaginative context of raising taxes and increasing spending …Obama’s handlers have chosen to turn the helm’s wheel over to the liberal press to steer public policy to the 2014 Mid-Terms by leading by reason of its ability to build the preference of a public pajority …hoping to regain the utopia of a honeymoon it once enjoyed in the first two years of President Obama’s first term … the better part of two years, like the last +4 …which have all but been wasted with little more to show than a sing 16.9 trillion dollar debt to service with whatever and at whatever inorganic rate we can hope to imagine is manageable regardless of whatever comes from whatever direction …war or peace …rain or shine.

Reality, this president has married this nation’s butt to its debt …and it is a marriage whose making is what it is ….whatever; witch made it in heaven or hell.

So then …moving forward to 2014 does it not stand to reason that the liberal press corps and their darling Senator wanna-bees needs no longer be concerned about the economy stupid; more so than making whatever it “is” is about a whole host of lesser …yet, more emotionally charged, well-driven well isolated …finely targeted pet issues which (taken aggregately) have formed the veil behind which the economy still languishes  …swamped out by “WHATEVER!”

What else is whatever will come? Que Sera Sera?

God forbid!

Is it that America simply couldn’t be bothered; or is it that America …just hasn’t been given much of a clue …let alone the considerations of a well …or better deserved contrast which would …could …and should serve America with The Spirit of Truth!?

After the Mid-Term Elections of 2010, I was not bothered by this paradox, believing that Americans would …should and could better understand that Her economic well being was at stake. Seeing thatAmericaresponded then gave me reason and cause to pause, and I have not forgiven myself for not pressing harder …not writing more; but life issues and my physical health stood in the way.

But, now stronger …I am once again now, more than ever made to realize that the liberal cause is at its weakest, when it is in taken to the woodshed and taken to task …within a context of what its definition of the word is, is …when called upon the carpet …under oath …and asked for the truth.

Case in point …the evasively airy and whimsical existential testimony offered of former President Bill Clinton’s  testimony during his impeachment proceedings best serves well enough to nail down the shallow depths to which the typical liberal contempt for The Spirit of Truth will descend …in thought …to extend into avoidance thereof (The Spirit of Truth) in order to justify self …or, whatever will win an argument  …even if it means cutting off one’s nose …or in the case of President Clinton …the very least is of what is left of pen…is.

After all, as h…is wife would and has said; “…What difference does it make?”

Reread this slowly, and carefully contemplate the measure of what is missing …namely the nature of a measure of one’s character …that which is not befitting of public service …the truth not withstanding.

That is the mindset which brings me full circle to comment on whatever has hijacked the narrative and taken it along and off on such a sidetracked tangent?

Could it be that liberal existentialism is now become the Little Engine that could …be made to matter more that economic and traditional social sanity?

Bring on 2014, prefacing the return of the spirit of truth in constant fervent prayer.


End of Part Three …Go Shockers!


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Never the less, one must realize that this trend’s affects would certainly be short lived …and would have a quick huge negative impact should rates return to more traditional historical norms. How to get seems to be the conflict of interest which argues against growth. Thanks for Uncertainty? Thanks for Obama?


Should Wall Street indicate growth, what affect any larger move to exit Treasuries would make for an interesting conversation. Seems as though low rates are here for another lost generation …lost to rising health care costs …lost to rising taxes …addicted to debt and the variable uncertainty of changing interest rates.



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