Ducks of A Feather, Part 2

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Preface to Part 2

How do Liberal elements have cause and reason to mock conservatives …labeling conservatives as being small-minded?


Maybe America does actually need to map the liberal brain to chart where circular reason’s endless energy goes in a squirrel cage. Hmmm?


Part 2

So why does a liberal seek to obscure the meaning of the word is; as if to beg for an excuse to ask the question; “…What difference does it make?” …as if clarity could not stand alone without first needing what must ALWAYS hinge upon a liberally forced focus which strains at a gnat while  departing from any clear consideration of truth which …otherwise, pretty much stands on its own? So, why  is the  liberal definition of a word so simple as “is” in need  of  always turning to  a  dependent corroborating  conditional variable …as if  a co-dependant’s variable definition could be made to resemble any less  vague …and certain than the simplest consideration for the  truth ?

I am convinced that a long consideration of this …would serve a more sobering opportunity to entertain a just cause …the invitation for one to think more clearly.  

For what purpose is “is” caused to serve if such liberal definitions of injustice and irresponsibility must always first, be made into a veil of self-service, one which is made to forgo and dispense with all measure of transparency? In this primary pursuit, is not the flag of such hypocrisy raised above justice and responsibility?

As so often is the case, unavoidably …one’s ascription of fault, ironically has a way of turning back around and collapsing inwards on the accuser …as if a pointed index finger does not come fitted out with three others whose direction points out the nature of the irony of one’s inexcusable paradox.

Is there any other stronger pursuit more worthy aside from the standard partisan self-defense which  …otherwise would, could and should be brought to the forefront?

Is there not a spotlight that could be …stronger, more directed to highlight a more reasonable narrative?

What lengths which have so been unnaturally contrived …could not such energies and efforts be made more direct to a point other than those whose waste has forgone and obscured a logic which once stood on its own merit?

Why then needs now such unreasonable logic’s efforts to obscure the simple truth of a matter?

Do today’s greater injustices and irresponsible treatments of such serve to lessen their demise any less than when they were ascribed to President Bush?

So, since when and who empowered the President with the liberty and entitlement of such a far grander wild card’s green-go light? Has not …President Obama, in such an entitled meteoric indifference …risen above the truth and blame of his former ascriptions directed so scathingly at President Bush; and now has the audacity to stand above such …so as to look down with impunity in his smug indifference …acting as if blind to what all his makings have overshadowed …namely, far greater injustices which have been made by engaging in …almost every heretofore, unimaginable level of fiscal irresponsible folly in sight?

Speaking of sight, even in what is dumb and dumber hindsight …truth would not, could not and should not be made left so wanting …needing such abandoned treatment …attention whose greater consideration is so badly in need of which and whatever other means there may be found to conserve what clarity has not all been but sucked dry from the American mindset.

A mindset …that to a liberal …is all which needs must not matter the more.

 So when made to become overlooked, sidetracked or otherwise made …so as to be formed and fashioned …so as to skirt around higher priorities (…like the economy stupid…) in such an unjust and irresponsible manner? And why is there a need to redefine what clearly does matter the more in a more clear manner of transparency …as if Hillary could have lectured and hand-picked the members of her foreign affairs’ panel with any stricter sense whose considerations would have …could have and should have mattered more?

I personally find and take the liberal attempts to redefine the meaning of justice and irresponsibility as nothing less than an affront as if liberal expectations assume Americans not have the where-with-all to know the difference between what is unjust and what is irresponsible.

I find it equally an affront that Post-Child liberals expect Americans …to accept and swallow whatever pap they deliver …hook line and sinker …as if I should not know any better to say anything in opposition; as if I am incapable of knowing any better.

Imagine that, liberals, hiding the truth behind the line of their greatest expectations …in an assumption that,Americawill swallow indefinitely …one of their most ludicrous well-defined notions …that of what constitutes what and when they define injustice and irresponsibility. Imagine that liberals, furthermore …expect to sail on …merrily …merrily …merrily down the stream in spite of …the complete ignorance of their electorate …their opposition not withstanding …all taken liberally much …simply for granted. Now that’s not a liberal  assumption. Liberals go beyond assumption by a measure beyond what may be considered a denotative definition of the liberal perspective and condition.

Why? Because without  this  enabling mindset …entitlement’s hypocrisy would fail to be able to justify the liberal cause, one which leads by and in its  call for “…something for nothing.

Without which,  there would be no need to redistribute wealth and publicly champion the cause of those who can not privately and or choose not to do privately for themselves what the government publicly will choose to define what it must do in, when and if it can  make a just and responsible call to do …all within a liberal sense of course …most of which is liberally defined beyond the boundaries of reason and good prudence …priorities be dammed …full speed ahead.

Stoke the populists’ fires. Sidetrack and sway public sentiment at any cost …right!?

Ramming speed! Run the ship aground!

I think not …for, I have more hope and believe thatAmericais not so blind so as to be incapable of changing  its destructive liberal’s populist course.

I believe that America can see, does actually get it …is capable of discernment and therefore able to soundly judge what is detrimentally serving to grow  and bring about greater injustices to America’s shores in the wake of a continuing irresponsible drive to go no where fast by following  the chart of  a liberal license …one which cannot hope to even  put enough lipstick on a pig to make it appealing.

After all, avoidance …like burying one’s head in the sand, is no way to manifest divine-like courageous leadership …unless is anxious to lose ones head as did Charles the 1st.

Denial is not just another river inEgypt.

Thinking that it can’t happen here, no?

It already has though.

Take Vice President Joe Biden’s choice words …those which he used to characterize  the less than anemic numbers of last week’s Job’s Report. This, by itself …demonstrates just how satisfied his liberal camp’s expectations are with a failing  number. And in keeping with his  up-beat approval, Biden’s liberal low-grade  tendencies to accept paltry performance, it should come as no surprise that Mr. Biden would choose to define the disappointing number’s figure as optimistic indications that the economy’s recovery is moving in the right direction.

Since when did one step forward and two back become emblematic of the American spirit?

I find that disturbing on at least two typical counts; 1st that the man can’t see straight, and 2nd the man can’t treat the truth in an honest manner. How is just ever to be served if the man can’t see his way to be honest?

How can any be so inept in such a course of low expectation?

No basketball coach worth their salt ever made it to the Final Four with that sort of wimpy vision.

Go WSU Shockers!!!

But more revealing, speaking of the character of a manners’ habits; once again, the man’s words’ that preface his poor posturing …they reveal contempt for the better part of the American public’s superior intelligence …a collective majority which I believe knows that America deserves far better of Her leadership.

Sadly, the superior liberal attitude is fraught with an abundance of contempt in spite of its oft-mirrored rear-view reflections’ pattern of blame and shame …dropping and relinquishing more traditional values while choosing to whitewash its departure as “…moving America Forward.”

All aboard This Train?!

 This train don’t allow no jokers …this train …


End Part 2

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