Happy New Year …!

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Happy New Year from Geoblography.com …!

Here is wishing you a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year …even as your soul prospers.

If I give my body what it needs, my soul has a better chance at being content, happy if you will.

Note:  I did not say; “…fat, dumb and happy…” though.

Alternatively, if I were to feed my spirit; I would stand a far better chance at being content in a deeper sense …that in terms of generosity’s processes of giving and receiving which …by the way …is exactly how the body serves the soul. I breathe in. I breathe out. I take in oxygen. I expel CO2. I take in water and food. I give them off. My heart draws in and then, pumps out life sustaining blood.

In this manner, consider the following like chicken soup …or like steak …as like a hearty meal …as necessary food for your soul.

In my wishing you prosperity and health, here is a fitting personal dedication which I believe is well suited to the consecration of this particularly special New Year …one which is specifically offered in an optimistic spirit of whatsoever is well suited in preserving the best of the former ones …those which have truly proved to successfully demonstrate and serve what all has stood the test of time in maintaining a more open, transparent and unwavering dedication to the ageless conservative spirit, which was …originally purposed to encompass whatsoever things are true …whatsoever things are honest …whatsoever things are just …whatsoever things are pure …whatsoever things are lovely …whatsoever things are of good report (wherein …) if there be any virtue and if there be any praise; (I am given …to ) think on these things ….accordingly as to all things which work powerfully in those who believe in walking in the power of The Spirit of Liberty’s freedoms.

To this aim, see below Hillsdale College’s President, Larry P. Arnn’s letter which appears in December’s edition of their monthly publication known as Imprimis.

See the December Imprimis letter entitled …


Additionally, if one finds President Arnn’s December piece entreating, then …might I also suggest taking a further look at any of the other articles listed at the Hillsdale.edu’s Imprimis archive site?

Simply click anywhere on the paragraph above to view the list of their past monthly publications.

Thank you and have a tremendous Happy New Year …!!!

All the best …!


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