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Tuesday, February 26, 2013



Is Today like all other Times…?

Time to Pay No Attention to the Man

A.   Behind the Curtain …

B.   Behind the Pumps …

C.   Behind the Horse …

D   Behind the Times Whatever…?

Or is it …

Or is it …Resolved; Insanity’s hope and Change will forever be  …

Just a time ad nauseum …as if chained to a definition whose hope and change are limited to obsessive compulsive fixations which choose to define the limits of said hope and change within a single one-dimensional context whose proposals always will be doing no more than more of the same old thing?


Drive on Driver!?


Note, that  while I may not  wholeheartedly agree that variety is  the spice of life …monotony  most definitely  makes for a  bland and dull diet …even if and when its service  is spoon fed …one tank after another.


However, in keeping pace with  the times where the “same-old-same-o” seems likely to be the norm for a long time to come …looking backwards to  the dawn of the turn of the previous millennium, consumers have been given few, if but one viable choice with which to fuel their vehicles.

Moving forward a hundred years, isn’t it just about more than past time  to take a giant leap forward and break truly free of the chains of bondage which hold our nation captive …those which now are conspiring to keep us  bound to this uni-fuel’s mindless construct …lined up at the pump like sheep for the slaughter?

I choose to use the word construct because it smacks of a design whose time has come, served its purpose …yet now, is more and more serving to bind consumers to in an unhealthy and un-holy allegiance which no longer bears a semblance of service more than impoverished slavery.

Is this service becoming of hope and change? I rather think not.

By this, I mean to say; those who were indeed …once lord (consumers) have now become eternal servant-slaves …and have been taken …have fallen backward …and have been broken upon a certain rock …now, being taken …are captive …trapped by one who was a servant …at one time, but has now usurped land, deed and title; and has set itself King and Lord over all others …perhaps both church and state.

Without a choice, member-consumers have been brought and made low …to bow down before a mono-exo–a-theistic power fuel …crude oil.

And as long as crude can ex-clude all other members’ entrance; ENTRANCED it will continue to enjoy the trappings which have forever-long accrued  the industry its solely-reserved privileged opportunity …THAT of its dominant position to control supply …despite any varied conditions of demand …namely the pinnacle  advantage to  CHIEFLY  command  and dictate PRICE …that which is exacted from  we, the servants  …regardless the pain  of whose  portion has become a mere cold economic data point …a squeezable variable quotient …a disconcerting  unknown  factor …that which directly affects  and impacts one’s  expendable  income …and like a meteor’s crater  …can leave a large whole in one’s life style …by reason of what  historically is becoming a larger portion of that which is paid …is taken …and exacted at the pump …mostly because consumers’ imaginations have been deliberately led to believe “…their is no other way …no other choice.” And in this manner, consumer’s imaginations have successfully been narrowed and stifled  …for lack of an  imaginable alternative reason in which they could ever believe to find greater promises in a  more viable hope’s alternative.

Having said that, know this; while choice may be the god-send of the consumer …CHOICE IS THE DEVIL of Major Oil.

No wonder that it could be argued that the  “…the devil is in the details …”

Any uncertainty …any regulatory hurdles ….and anything fearfully which has promise to diminish the viability of CNG’s  clarity will most assuredly be certain to  favor the self-serving interests of  Major Oil  and the  Congressional members they have SUCCESSFULLY lobbied and bought to  insure that CNG …as a choice, is kept off the shelves and out of fuel terminals and stations which should and could otherwise serve consumers …chiefly by  freeing up their expendable incomes power (for the first time) to historically revitalize and fuel an otherwise  less than robust  economy.

Think of the historical impact that …putting a waste fuel to work would have.

Think of the impact  a TRULY PRIVATE SECTOR SOLUTION WOULD HAVE …that to lessen the government’s reliance upon what has  chiefly been an over reliance upon its whatever (chiefly pro large government) that it takes; spun to mean  “…all things artificial …”  within its narrowly defined and bureaucratically refined stifling attitude.

Keep in mind, when private sector earns the reward of its incentives …growth reflects organic confidence.

But America has had more than a nose full of its addictions to governmental destruction which has all but dismantled the confidence of the private sector …resulting in a marked lack thereof …one of the many things this administration is not now taking credit for having invented …produced …stimulated …or otherwise pulled out of its …errr, ahhH …well its hat.

Like Al Gore’s claim to have been the inventor of the internet, or …like, Michelle Obama’s having claimed to cure childhood obesity, the government is not the solution in most cases.

As Ronald Regan once said; “Government is not the solution, it is the problem.”

Simply limit government …like term limits …like the budget …like spending …like deficits …like taxation …like …like …like …till there is more freedom to solve our problems privately.

In any contrasting proof which stands to the contrary, robust growth will and always has come from the private sector …all the more whenever government has gotten out of the way of the private sector.

When that happens, it is like; build it and they will come.

And government does, a resulting economic boom might give cause to the Federal Reserve …enough so as that it just might have to exercise one of its two (express) mandates which favors a strong dollar …that with which it is chartered to control and check inflation.

That said; keep in mind, any likely benefit of any application of the Fed’s likely ancillary response to (what it may likely deem as …) inflation may likely come forth of its reluctant manifestation …by way of an approach to an appearance of a threat of an application of its most retarding agents …and that also within another rather subdued controlled context …as if it were actually more prepared to respond to any unlikely actual occurrence of an outbreak of rampant growth which would or could come close to bearing any resemblance to what may …might, can or could be termed “Robust.”

In contrast to what generosity Treasury has used to equip the Fed, Robust seems to me as a contradiction in terms …even when compared to Hank Paulsen’s use of the term “Bazooka.”

But rather than entertain the considerations and affects  that follow such  a term as robust, when applied to the matter of spending, I would ask that any considerations which regard any context of organic inflation …that they all be  kept and held in abeyance, at least as much as in and with respect to the manner in which the government has pretty much left the Private Sector’s solution on the back burner …in the same state of limbo’s abeyance …I.E., for a later discussion …which I take up later, in a brief and succinct mention here below.


At the Heart of Any Choice, Namely Competition …&  Contemplation of Price  

None the less, consumers may soon  have the choice major oil companies don’t want  to offer their captivated customers  to have …namely (CNG) Compressed Natural Gas.
Even after factoring in state and federal taxes, CNG’s (GGE) Gas Gallon Equivalent will cost consumers approximately $1.45.
This does not  take one to much time to realize  why major oil will stop at nothing to thwart this viable clean alternative fuel’s solution from destroying the precipice from which  they essentially have maintained the chain of command from  within which they have dictated what price  all shall pay without a choice.
Curious, is it not? I thought competition was the American way.

None the less, as consumers are becoming more aware of what is available …things are rapidly changing as a pure function of demand.
To date …to service a growing demand,  there are currently two types of CNG conversions available. One is utterly cost prohibitive due to several regulatory restrictions and requirements which require an installation  costing in excess of $7,500 per vehicle.
The other conversion is thus far less hampered by regulatory oversight and costs much less …approximately $ 800.00.


The latter is quite impressive, safe, reliable, flexible …easily installed and has become  well proven for some time.


(I personally would like to be certain that there is a safety shut-off and alert feature which could be used to  drive a shut-off solenoid in the event of a seep or leak. Hate to blow up my garage for no good reason.)  
None the less, I can’t wait for the day when I will be able to sign a two year contract with a company who will install and maintain their compressor-filling  solution outside of my garage.
All I would need is a small 75-90 mile capacity tank which I could recharge after returning home.


Any trip beyond this, and I need merely flip a switch …or, turn a knob; and immediately …without skipping a beat, I would be driving on gasoline again.


Back and forth …back and forth; either or is merely a matter of my choice to …lift a finger …which is much more than major oil  seems willing to do for me in a  contrasting measure of their considerations given to serve me.


Speaking of consideration, imagine this:


A CDMA wireless device that  monitors and keeps a watchful eye  on  the status,  condition and state of the compressor’s filling solution’s equipment as well as keeps tabs of my personal usage …sending me notices of any maintenance actions necessary (and a an app which sends me a note apprising me of these action’s scheduled calendar date) as well as my billing summary well ahead of the one I will actually pay to …say, Western Resources …or, perhaps …Kansas Gas Services.


Think of the opportunity to go on line and confirm and reconcile the two statements. That’s a unique measure of added oversight.

Filer up …and stick it to OPEC.


Now that is what I call accountability on a truly feel-good international stage.


I believe it is a stage upon whose play will play out in a production called …A Return to Sovereignty …act three …where dolly gets her oats.


I can smell a stronger dollar already …and it smells like CNG …a winner if ever there was one well beyond avant-garde.


One Problem …the Paradox

One problem, though …a Strong dollar (seemingly) runs contrary to where all of the  Fed’s and Treasury’s  hope lies in that which they seemingly  have been  willing to sow into the gardens of their entertainment …the single  solution sown by  growing nothing but our nation’s ginormous debt …and that has been their very clear, single  and deliberate choice …the most narrow of direct manners to inflate  the liberal’s administration’s appeal to power in a way out from under its debt laden hopes that it may finally YES we can …primarily …do “WHATEVER IT TAKES” simply by  deliberately weakening the  dollar’s strength …an  individual’s purchasing power …regardless of race, creed, sex, class, or whether one’s income is fixed, middle class or …whatever it takes.
So …don’t blame me if you don’t smell the CNG too soon.
It’s a Wizard of Oz conundrum …like; pay no attention to the Gas behind the curtain.


The motive for my post above comes from having met with and listened to a man who is pioneering a viable CNG solution forAmerica.


Interesting enough,  the man and mind spring behind my post has had years of experience working with various compressor technologies …having personally owned  a variety of industrial compressors manufactured by companies located in China, India, and South America …all of which (…he indicated) suffered from various design and or component weaknesses of one form or another.
Drawing upon  his  extensive experience with these compressors’ known weaknesses, he compiled a wish-list …as it were, and developed a compressor design  based upon a good number of  design criteria and  specifications of his own  choosing.


After achieving what he believed was a better mousetrap,  he  approached a domestic US manufacturer …and  engaged in a partnership which originally resulted in producing three prototypes …and later, a subsequent first-production run of twenty (I believe is the correct number …but don’t quote me)  compressors …many of which are now in the field.

These original units are now serving as his test bed  that is  feeding a database which is collecting  a number of important criteria relating to product safety as well as design and component quality and reliability …efforts, all of which will continue to establish and raise his compressor’s minimum run time intervals (TBOs) Time Before failure/Overhaul as and where improvements may be warranted.


Obviously, normal wear and tear maintenance issues are crucial elements which needs must form the basis of consumer product safety issues …those like reliability and quality. These  must  be proven and run in continuously. As is, it  has been my experience that these issues have  more than adequately  preoccupied  my friend’s leading concerns in all of his projects’ many matters.


Product safety is only as good as one’s due diligence, and one’s due diligence is only as good as the attention given to the weakest link.
In this regard, I  have been more than adequately impressed with my friend’s progress and product development.  Their is too much in the way of public safety not to take a stake  in  a diligence  that  dictates an order  of attention to detail  which demands  the most stringent and rigorous adherence to  the highest  safety standards.


In  order to achieve  a merit of equal product reliability …one  reaps no more than he sows.
That said, the approach which I have seen fist hand, demonstrates to me that it’s design takes a hard line at achieving success …a goal  which shares an attitude of equal regard for every consideration of the public’s safety …an approach to success wherein  attitude is thoroughly consistent throughout, from compressor …to fuel filler hardware, compressor design, along all of the product’s underlying supporting technical arts  and technologies  …as well as with all of the conversion’s components and safety backup systems.
The project’s owner  driver has literally put all of his thought processes, know-how, effort, time  and money into an investment where his design, approach and ethical approach to his business in a manner which  will stand to speak of the project’s merits itself …not withstanding, how  well this will reflect upon the city ofWichita.
That said, new leadership technology which has the merit to stand and speak of promise …will  always be tested and  proven first before being  taken  forward to serve the public’s better good, but the greatest opportunity which will pull the better of these  tests  to the forefront of the public’s attention ….are those driven by consumer demand …those which are actually capable beyond their  time and promise.


Such as this one is; its time is coming  to make a difference which will stand and deliver  more for less …to the widest cross section …doing so by offering  important factors like ….quality ….like reliability …for consumers  who, most of all, desire  the  FREEDOM which  offers the greatest  ACCESS …through  choice  …delivered conveniently ….at THE right price ….a preferred choice rather than to continue to sit and allow OPEC to DICTATE it …its price …to US without  …as though I should be satisfied, complacent  and thankful that I have at least  one choice.


Yes, in this regard; I am thankful that I have, at the very least …one fuel to choose.


But, major oil and OPEC will never prevent me from dreaming of my desire  to have  a choice …one which  delivers a better price by reason of greater  competition.


Above all, one can always be thankful  …for  the opportunity to live in a country which …above all …knows and understands the benefits  of an open  market place in which the affects of HEALTHY competition efficiently impacts  price  far above and beyond that wherein which a monopolistic schemes yield a harvest for a few in an environment contrived by equally well designed and artificially controlled ways and means.  


Can you say quality control without being given a choice?


If not, stand up. Seek a new choice. Make a better one which will actually make a significance.


Above all, do not settle for less …for less than one is now becoming none …as in no choice.


Given in this regard, why continue to drive more and enjoy it less?


Bottom line, choice should be a gas …and its suppliers; servants, not lords.


Make the choice …build the desire …demand the details …and the bridge …it will come.


Drive on driver!


Drive over to a brighter new day dawning.


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