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Thursday, March 07, 2013



Today, I wrote the following observations below to follow up a conversation that I had with a friend of mine who works as a master financial services an investment planner-advisor.
Today, in following up our previous brief conversation …I wrote;



Surf’s Up Dude!


Never Mind the Sea Foam.

A few weeks ago, I commented to you that I liked a specific industry group within the financial sector …namely and specifically those who operate …or have units which operate in the consumer credit space …preferably those who are well positioned and have access to large pools of cheap capital …among other principal advantages which give them dominant vantage point…from which to offer and deliver a vastly wider, more thorough and consistent integrated array of consumer services that are poised and targeted to reach and service a choice, higher-end clientele …those whose approach may be regarded in terms of their performance which consistently gives priority to the order of maintaining high levels of due diligence.

This careful focus gives every RESPECT of preference to those whose preferred credit scores, seeing that this naturally establishes an oversight which yields  a harvest that nets greater dividends in and by reasonable benefits accrued from  measured principals of consistent with achieved aims that make it a goal to establish accountability in and from a larger emphasis on that which is small or that which is the least as well as that which is great.

By placing priority on the details of due diligence …its wake leaves behind an ever expanding track record of lower losses in that which is greater …while harvesting a more certain measure of reward taken in higher profit margins.

Naturally, any level of accountability reflects the success and figure of merit given to how due diligence is performed. Conversely, any measure of certainty and consistency given to doing due diligence will reflect on the intermediate steps along the way to establishing successful measures of accountability …namely by way of oversight …in ways whose harvest’s figure of merit alone stands out above the cost of the most probable avoidable losses which stand to be suffered when serious consideration is NOT given to oversight’s responsibilities.

Now, if only the Obama Administration could see its way through its muck to establish this sort of oversight and accountability …wouldn’t that speak volumes of its execution of its levels of due diligence?

Sadly, such is not the pervasive nor the prevalent case …that is to say; as more than that which has …is …and will likely continue to erode confidence and the purchasing power of the US dollar …its good faith and credit not withstanding.

Speaking of which, in terms of any level at which good faith has been demonstrated in esteeming accountability; it should be noted that …as portions of expendable incomes become pinched more and more; by any number of aggregately additive reasons: namely …the recently 2% rise of the previously rescinded payroll’s tax …rising fuels’ prices …inflation …rising insurance premiums (not to forget to make mention of the impact which additional costs associated with Obama Care will have upon reducing discretionary spending) …replacement costs of long-postponed (multiple) coincidental purchases of major durable goods items …not to forget to include a mention of the higher costs of tuitions …among several other exasperating contributing factors which diminish and eat away at expendable income and discretionary spending; consumers are being targeted by consumer credit companies which understand how these additive pressures will have them eating out of their hands’ credit collective troughs.

I am speaking specifically of those consumer companies which service and furnish consumer credit to major retailers which vend directly to their respective consumer markets.

Today’s reported trend clearly depicts that the trend is clear.

Private consumers are becoming more reliant upon those consumer credit companies which service their retail clients. And it is these retail outlets that contract with and farm out their consumers’ credit needs to a group of choice service companies which…in turn, fulfill and provide their clients’ customers’ growing consumer credit needs and demands.

As such, which companies seamlessly are best positioned to best offer the best services in terms of enhanced customer experience in terms of a full services …turn-key support solution ….altogether, makes for an interesting and   compelling study, a reason for which any argument begs one (the investor) to take a closer look.

Certainly the trend stands to most favor those companies who have both growth and income potential …especially as consumer credit demands begin to swell ….Like catch a tasty wave Dude!

Surf’s up!

For details of the trend in consumer demand and use of consumer credit see the following report from Reuters reported under the title:  

“U.S.Household Debt Rose in Q4, Sign De-Leverage Cycle Bottomed”  

Mobile users: article/ idUSW1N0BP02S20130307? irpc=932


P.C. useres:

or, …


In summary:

As President  Regan once and often said; Government is not the solution; it is the problem.

P.S.:   Surf’s Up = Heightened Demand for Credit …regardless of falling or squeezed discretionary spending and or expendable income

P.S.S.: Sea Foam = Increasing headwinds which are the factors whose additive affects impinge upon consumers from every  imaginable source …non the least of which include latent measures which otherwise would or could compensate for inflation’s erosion of the dollar’s purchasing power …but don’t. Government policy is driving the dollar’s demise as fast as “Fast & Furious” while stuck in manners consistent with constant denial.

Such as is normally the usual case, personal income bears the brunt of inflation’s attacks for sometime …long before recovering …if its affects are ever recovered at all.

For the most part, most do not possess nor have access to the necessary investment insights to stay ahead of the forces which drive the waves which crash upon consumers’ home shores in ways which daily erode their dollar’s purchasing options.

In this and many other manners, is it any wonder why consumers are being forced out of and away from their good …albeit short-lived habits of de-leveraging?


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