To a Scout+What is Brave, Clean and Reverent?

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Revision 1;Friday, March 29, 2013


 Revision 1’s Preface:

This is the first of what will likely  require  one more  revision.

In this respect, I regret and apologize that my actions do not speak louder than my words. Take this any way you like. I, personally have to acknowledge that I have natural limitations and need supernatural help from time to time …and probably will …forever have to come to terms with both. In the mean time  …peacefully, I can only hope for and wait upon a stilling more quiet change.


Thank you one and all for the support of your patient understanding.





Nothing Like Nothing
Oh! Say, Can You See? O=O Obama's Nothing is Hillary's Nothing

Nothing Like Nothing




Nothing from Nothing leaves ZERO!


Ohoooo! Say, can you see?


…by the dawn’s early light …?


Note:   Supporting reference material and links may be found below, listed at the end of this post.



In my book, and in any language, nothing means nothing. No amount of liberal swill and spin will ever change that. Not even the relentless attempts of a power drunken president who would be king will change the order of nature.


In keeping, aside from all his supporters’ and their shakers and movers …like all the king’s horses   and all the king’s men …in the very sense of all their collective’s tireless efforts …none have been able to get it together again.


Yet, try as they may …and try as they might; all of their liberal darlings’ energies have failed to produce the sort of promise which merits a valued and cherished hope worthy of change.


Yet, the nature of a liberal’s mindset seeks to build a central stronghold and popularize the notion that its purpose is to push on a string. And in this manner, the liberal camp has poured their grapes and drink into cracked cisterns …pitchers which can hold no wine; and their every turn and attempt to move heaven and earth have failed to stir the winds well enough to produce a meaningful harvest. Yet, for all of that, the media’s mania continues to push …push …push in any way which will fail to give birth to any change whose hope will produce an atmosphere whose hope’s promise is capable to trump the priority of nature’s order.


Nature’s due diligence simply remains steadfastly unchangeable.


Man blows hot and cold; however mankind will forever remain subject to nature which reigns above the power of the human nature, regardless of man’s response in terms of any due diligence, or lack thereof.


Naturally, Zero= Zero is a statement whose elements and members’ product simplicity still and forever shall remain a yield which speaks of nothing …regardless whether applied to addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.


So why all the attempts to deny freedoms within such simple division?


Even when these princes winds’ tempests build to a fervor’s pitch …the rise of any overflowing divisive scourge will never produce any attempt which will change the natural order that Zero = Ninch = Nada = Zip = Nunc = Nem!


Therefore, the meaning of LBGT contains nothing more for me than what describes the bleating of bewildered, hungering and thirsting sheep …wandering in the wilderness.


A solution does not lie within the constructs of any earthly government.


There is no government which could satisfy and an individual’s same=sex solution. Government action simply lacks the capacity and ability which could ever hope to feed and quench such a never ending hunger and a thirst in forever wandering …forever searching for fulfillment in whatever should …whatever could be ….whatever would be right …if government just got out of the way.


Whose way is it …anyway?


As for me, I …at the very least; know that “…a Boy Scout is brave …clean …and reverent.”


After a natural manner …there is a pattern and type which has served long well beyond and above any like that of the physiological order of nature. And in this order there is an express priority …one which speaks to the soul from within a spirit of wisdom and knowledge …one whose unmistakable prophetic profit lays in simple truth …the truth whose legitimacy therein is such that even a child can grasp.


That form is also well contained in a time-honored command to; “…Go forth and be fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth …” To do so, requires two …two to become one flesh. This requires seed …seed life.


Seed life …indeed, contains an undeniable principal of nature …that of diversity well purposed and sustained in the seed of…its fruit, each after its varied kind.


Show me a catty-dog and I’ll eat my words.


Even I can see that this is well enough for it to have been called good …so much so that, to date …I have been furnished with no other sufficient reason to caused me to change my mind now …not to suit any other purpose under heaven …now, billions of years following a mystery …one hidden in nature’s initial original perfection …in spite of any apparent evidence of a subsequent big bang. Obviously, in a here-to-fore non-described manner, the lack of sufficient details fail to clue mankind in on the events prior to this (so-called) bang …a cataclysmic event which left the universe not perfect …not filled with light …but rather left the resultant impact …one whose darkness is that which produced profound chaos and confusion out of from that which had been established in an order which preceded the bid bang thing.


Supposition or not, none the less …out of “…whatever!” an order reemerged and re-established replenishment within a priority whose order still reigns as true as when the Genesis process originated.


Two by two …according to its seed …fruit bearing.


Zero of Zero, however …is a mathematically empty formula …one void of promise …lacking fruit …unable to multiply …a process whose product is incapable of moving beyond zero.


Zero and Zero is a zero-sum, feel-good dead-end.


Knowing this first, what is to be desired for the good of all in pursuing a no-fruit, Zero-sum product?


I understand the need to be accepted, to feel loved; but I also know what it is to be rejected both socially and spiritually.


However, what is hip; love?


Or is love so easily twisted that it has taken on a common lesser meaning …one which has casually applied to passing fads such as to the Hula-Hoop and the Frisbee?


Is = cool merely cool …in terms of pursuing a socially well ordered natural Zero=Zero agenda’s simply based upon the changing winds and whims of a populist’s target?


What is the soup of the day; Your constitution; Your prosperity; Your well being; your success …and the future successes of generations to follow?


Ask JC Penney employees these questions. Maybe Chipolte will get the message as well. At any rate, apparently …American shoppers have not gotten behind JC Penny’s express support of the same=sex/LBGT agendas and their various pieces baggage.


These organizations’ common can of worms strike me as attempts to push Bassackswardsfor …for what is and will not ever produce a pretty visual indeed.


A zero zum zero sum impact indeed.


On a higher spiritual plane, and in a more natural sense, a wise man of Biblical note, once referred to the institution of marriage in an expression whose reply to a tricky line of questioning serves as cause to take pause and reflect though the mirror of a bigger picture …one whose view is purposed in a long lasting context …one more enduring …one whose express intent lays in a hope which promised to yield an incorruptible fruit.


By compare to the shallow short-sighted nature of those who begged the question …their lack of foresight provided the prophet the means with which to offer a choice to see the existence of a higher measure of a spiritual opportunity to be reverent and honor more than that kind of fruit which is born of corruptible seed.


And in the context of the wise man’s reply, the prophet offered an answer which contained an unlikely, yet …unmistakable and unspoken spiritual expression which defined the quintessential implied purpose that supports marriage …that of a higher regenerative purpose …one which extends beyond a mere natural order.


This prophet was Jesus and this account can be found in the Bible’s book of Mathew, chapter 22, verse 29.


Jesus’ reply is a response which can be well understood in and after the order of an eternal or incorruptible seed whose form and type is that of seed-life …one whose pattern for life is in the spirit of liberty. As purposed in its kind …that liberty is an invisible product which springs forth from “seed-life.


To this very purpose and product, Jesus replied to the Sadducees’ question by declaring …rather matter-of-factly, I might add, that; “…You error not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God …” ;in reference to a divine reflection that applies both the natural design …as well as the eternal purpose of spiritual seed-life whose promise is believed by Christians to be purposed in everlasting, incorruptible life “…on earth as it is in heaven.”


However, in view of the developing progressive narrative which has been belaboring and is continuing to press …press …press for a same=sex (…congrats! It’s an …it?) legally “Zero” difference interpretation of “…in God we Trust …” with respect to the laws of our forefathers’ land within the constructs of our nation’s constitution’s express and implied definitions and interpretations of equality in freedom and justice for all.


Herein these express and implied interpretations, our nation’s Supreme Court Justices wrestle with man and spirit to move heaven and earth.


But beyond these varied attempts, none justify twisting, spinning and impinge upon the sacred and sanctimonious institution of marriage beyond acknowledging who our forefathers placed their foremost trust …a spirit of trust which this great nation is seeming willing to treat with flagrant disregard in pursuit of flaming abandonment.


Isaiah comes to mind. Oh, Immanuel!


In spite of their lack of caution, the liberal camp has chosen to perversely pursue hope as a populist appeal …one which has sought to craft a populist interpretation of what its camp’s team envisions as hope and change. And in moving its agenda’s definitions forward; much to do about nothing seems to have come in wave after wave of claims which are staked falsely to a façade which claims to support diversity.


Such arguments could be nothing farther from the truth, most if not all are forms of paper thin deceit that pathetically make flimsy assumptions which are sugar-coated with a thick, socially popular appeal and are somehow meant to promise an allure which will assail and dismantle useful, long-standing institutions by circumventing and bypassing the wisdom (both seeded in the spiritual and natural order of life which, when given due diligence, have long-ensued our nation’s vitality, propagation, prosperity in and throughout its many successes) and of the institution’s long-standing history whose endurance spans over 5,000 years of joys and sorrows …communism not withstanding.


Having mentioned communism, it goes without saying that by dismantling the strong family unit …this sort of aim’s target has always been centered around a bull’s eye focus …whose target objective has been to dismantle the family and its fabric which holds it together. This operation can be easily seen as a paramount manifest means by which to move its communist manifesto foreword.


Having said that, today …I had a conversation with a waitress who told me why she “backed” and was sympathetic to the entire set of same=sex arguments.


Listen upAmerica. This is grass roots …like way more than mere …Hula Hoops and Frisbees.


Her reasons were simple and two-fold; for she had a sister who she explained is gay and …secondly, some of her friends are gay.


And so, in passing …and aside from the fact that those she mentioned may likely never endorse, support and or contribute to the human gene pool (…that is within either a traditional or any other same=sex relationship’s context) I politely indicated to her that I empathized with her that the same=sex arguments appeal for what is fair seem to be within an overwhelming context whose considerations tend to spring forth from presentations which stand upon various liberal media outlets which offer, afford and lend liberals their microphones and soapboxes upon which they stand to make their pleas based upon woe after woe which enumerate the details of gays’ financial hardships …those matters which entail the legal structure of inheritance, taxes, personal property rights and so-forth and so on.


Obviously, same=sex proponents are set at a distinct disadvantage with respect to their legitimate counterparts who enjoy institutions sanctioned by current legal interpretation and practice.

Life is a choice.


Life has consequences.


Some of those come in the form of financial sacrifices.


However, a wise man once rhetorically asked; “…for what good purpose and who does it serve if, by strengthening the weak; the strong are made to become the weak?


None-the-less, after voicing my empathy; a thought occurred to me and, I went on to pose a question to my waitress wherein which I explained two reasons of my own which curiously seemed to have nothing to do with the same=sex context.



By this, I mean to say that I went on to relate to her a WELL-SPUN metaphorical “VERY TALL TALE.”


I should wear a tee-shirt which says; “I do not always tell the truth.”


Long story short, I told her; I have a sister who is also gay, but she also happens to be a PROSTITUTE.


Note:   This is absolutely WAY-Not true. Never-the-less, it served a badly needed purpose at the time, and it seems at times like these …it is only fair that the means should justify the ends. Obama and their liberal agenda’s Zero-sum target hides behind trees and takes pot-shots like any well armed revolutionary soldier. (Note:   I did not use the word patriot.)


I spun my yarn a bit wider and went on to reveal that like her; I knew others among my sister’s circles who were also engaged in the same old institution’s profession of illegal prostitution.


Her eyes widened and looked at me in disbelief.


Socially, I admitted …society has a word which describes these individuals as “whores.”


After saying this; I asked her a couple of questions which begged her to consider my sister and her friends’ common plight.


I went on by asking; “…shouldn’t Congress and the Supreme Court of the good ole US of A elevate the institution of my sisters and her whores’ institution of whoredom to a recognizable sanctioned level which should be …at the very least, at par with marriage?


Without hesitating, I followed by asking; I mean, wouldn’t that be only fair?”


My waitress was dumbfounded and in wide-eyed disbelief, she replied; “That’s ridiculous! I have other tables to wait on. Please, excuse me?”


Shortly afterwards, the manager came round and asked me if I was being served …to which I replied; “…I don’t know if I want to be. How much will it cost me?”


After all, same=sex marriage has already cost plenty …now asking for more …none the least of which is merely meant to just be equal.


Bottom line; if freedom is so precious and costly; why give it up so easily? Why cast your pearls before swine?



And I pose this not expecting any reasonable reply from the National Council of the BSA which has come and has been …for some time …under attack from the Zero-O’s of the Obama administration and his many sorted supporters.


Not surprising that, among other principal detractors in the Obama camp, their ranks would include the financial backing of heavy hitters …the likes of such bountiful generosity has come from the likes of a prominent Chipolte Mexican Grill principal executive board members …as well as from  philanthropist Bill Gates …who, I doubt ever rose above the ranks of Tenderfoot if …he indeed …ever was a member of a Boy Scout troop …period!


Such as it is, liberal distracters and their same=sex supporters have lined up to denigrate, berate and marginalize the long-standing venerable sanctity of the institution of marriage …The BSA not withstanding.


Still, the Scout motto will not change to deviate from expressions which assert a Scout is last, but not least; “…brave, clean and reverent.”


Regardless of any consideration due that could otherwise be given to a narrative which would, could and should otherwise demonstrate a slight bit of respect born out of regard to a spiritual principled purpose …the left continues to march and move forward in its adamant purpose which serves as a veil behind which it overtly is becoming bolder in its ways and means with which it continuously seeks to dismantle America’s Judeo-Christian heritage brick by brick.


Ghee wiz Wally! From whence commeth this spirit?


Straight from the gates of hell …or what?




Is it not more than abundantly clear that liberals who line up on the left …couldn’t be more happy to take every opportunity to tell America where it can go …where it can get off …how it can do so …when and why to go …as long as it is under the authority and dictates of the federal government.


I once upon a time believed that the Federal government’s job was to oversee, protect and safeguard an individual’s and states’ rights; but today …it seems that the power of the federal government is being sold in exchange for the right to navigate and steer the aircraft of America’s fleet of her most venerable institutions straight into the ground like a squadron of Kamikazes which would stop at nothing to go STRAIGHT TO HELL …led by their divine wind’s rumbling rights to advocate in support of an over-reaching …largely, all-assuming government.


IfAmerica’s legacy has been chucked in the bin and is no longer on the table; the fate ofAmerica’s future hangs in the balance by a thread.


And don’t say that it can’t happen here; for it already has as is evidenced in and by the case of the BSA’s treatment   …where a government’s executive branch and America’s Supreme Court has succumb to a lack of due diligence …carried by a fear which has been driven by a wind called greed …that has had a marked impact in the form of the crater left by a pair of over- reaching arm(s …yes, plural!) those consequential brokers which have joined together to encroach upon the freedoms enjoyed by all …as once also enjoyed openly by the Boy Scouts’ executive council, but no more dare tread as their former counter parts.


Now, overshadowed by the supreme dictates of a court …whose decisions seem likely to be more guided under the influence of an almost divine-rights-like executive …President Obama is beyond the mere appearance of one who will not stop at nothing in order to achieve the Zero Sum objectives of his party’s liberal agenda.


At every turn, the dictates of the liberal’s social agenda are being woven  …into and throughout the nation’s institutions sewn and being held together by bigger and costlier government mandates crafted principally by a prince who has enjoyed his king-like divine-rights’ reign …supremely …over and above those freedoms once reserved and enjoyed by a more free private citizenry …America’s institutions and organizations not withstanding.


Do not tell me that a King-like divine right privilege has not served as convenient grounds to dismiss and marginalize the freedoms of the BSA.


Do not tell me that the spirit which guided and helped craft the basis of the BSA’s charter and its principals has not been impacted under the attack of a pack of fruitless Zeros’ attacks.


13  And he said, Hear ye now, O house of David; Is it a small thing for you to weary men, but will ye weary my God also?



Lurch, no fruitful thing from no fruitful thing leaves  a ZERO fruitful Thing!





Nothing Like Nothing
Oh! Say, Can You See? O=O Obama's Nothing is Hillary's Nothing

Nothing Like Nothing




Boy Scouts ofAmericavs. Dale – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.



Here is the associated case which was decided in favor of the Boy Scouts in 2000.


Unfortunately, the BSA has buckled recently due to a push by Barack Obama and his administration’s attempts to reap a mutually aligned politically destructive harvest …one which both are seeking by mutually joining Obama’s horse to the same=sex carriage.


Watch out …for if the Supreme court is willingness to give its blessings to this …a tsunami is sure to follow; man-made or otherwise …those set in stone by any acts of God.


Could the joining of these two mutually self-serving camps form a match made in heaven?


Forgive me for even daring to frame such a question using this metaphor’s common elements. However, in a politically obtrusive manner, my use of the metaphor aptly describes the manner in which both camps mutually share common interests beneficial and holding promise to …move both of their agendas FORWARD.




So in pushing a more sobering context; perhaps I need not apologize at all. But, rather stand in defense of a more appropriate sobering spiritual consideration …one which needs must rise above those lesser interests so commonly found on the baser floors in whose realms are reserved for where individuals strive and seek to serve far less noble political ends …where truth and metaphors often meet in a context of sacrilege …not meant fit to serve either in the same context.


None the less, Obama’s efforts lead the charge whose assail and agenda caused the Boy Scouts to lift their ban on gay Scouts.



An Other Article Matter of Focused Interest:


Obama Opposes Boy Scouts’ Ban of Gay Members



Fox News posted the following …



CNN posted the following …



Then there are pressures from supporters:


Chipolte Cancels Boy Scout Event Sponsorship, Reverses Stance Due to Scouts’ Gay Ban…



CNN reports:   Survey asks whether gay and straight Boy Scouts can share tent.


By the way, I have a friend who is a member of his son’s troop’s executive committee, and serves as its Assistant Scout Master. He offered that it is a locally registered Eagle Scout, yet he has never heard of …let alone received such a survey.


Bill Gates, Former Boy Scout, Wants Group To Lift Gay Ban “Because It’s 2013”:


In response to the above huff post article; I am left to seriously doubt that he became an Eagle, let alone more than a Tenderfoot …at least not in a spirit which reflects the embodiments of the Boy Scout Motto …in the path of what all is brave …clean and reverent.


Isaiah 40:31 (KJV)

31  But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

Since when did Bill Gates and Barack Obama decide thatAmericashould take a hike …on my honor?



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