Obama’s Budget Fudges It


Obama’s Budget Fudges It


After last month’s announcement to postpone the end of QE 2 …pushing its termination date back to a July 2011 deadline; I have to ask myself; what honestly will likely follow the proposed March raise of the Debt Limit Ceiling?

Well, the President’s budget all but answered my question.
Still, today …I have to wonder what next might and will happen to the President’s ownership of a 1.64 trillion dollar deficit in this budget proposal?

And in this, I would like to ask each American if they are prepared and willing to inherit and pay for still more debt in the purpose for which it is intended …one nation under God …indivisible with liberty and justice for all?

I personally see this 3.7 trillion dollar budget as a huge fiscal problem …set up and intended to divide Americans though …not so much in terms of its enormity, but rather in terms of it being the deceiving small tip of an iceberg …an ominous excuse of the thing below the surface …and just one more thing which will only serve to open the door to further indebtedness …a threat which is being poised to bring down the house from within.
This deliberate pursuit is nothing more than a carefully planned move to seize the opportunity to swing wide open …a particularly chosen door leading to the 2012 election …hope and change for four more years of Obama and his liberal socialist agenda …one which an overwhelming American electorate all but invited out the same door the liberals are still trying to open so they can break down the house.

But this derelict agenda’s door of opportunity has all but come and gone.

Yet, if the door is allowed to become opened wide enough, the dereliction of this irresponsible budget proposal will pave the way to usher in the invitation for arguments which may more aptly serve to justify just one more step closer to socialism and two steps away from the solutions a- plenty …those more abundant in a more prudent private sector approach to fiscal responsibility and economic growth.

In this regard, the President’s budget is merely one giant well-planned leap forward toward socialism …two impoverished poorly planned steps backward for American democracy and financial debt-free independence.
This budget proposal is akin to giving the congress and the executive branch a green light …carte blanch to continue unimpeded down the path of fiscal irresponsibility and dereliction of duty in service to America.

If this becomes the fate America chooses to follow …the American people deserve a failing grade in oversight of responsible citizenship.
Just when you might expect that the results of the mid-term elections were enough of a message for to cause Congress to get its act straight, in the true self aggrandizing style of a wolf in sheep’s clothing …the President is asking the public to buy into and swallow his budget proposal.

How guile?

I, for one …have not been taken in by the President’s more recent disingenuous moderate tone.
None the less, the President’s budget sends a clearly conflicted,  fiscally irresponsible, contradictory message to those who participated in the mid-term processes.

In this regard; President Obama conciliatory tone is full of a contrasting style which demonstrates that he has not moved toward the moderate center at all in spite of the mid-terms results.

Reality check, Mr. President; serve her …or she will kick your but again!
And this manifestly exercises the true socialist blindness of the agenda of our President which, in and of itself …shows no regard to promote a healthy economic recovery in and along democratic guidelines which in esteem and confidence …hastens to strengthen, reward, reinforce and ensure strong free market principals and ownership rights of individual enterprise interests.

In this regard, the President holds higher regard for his “…whatever’s …”  a cavalier disdain that deliberately has marginalized  the express will of the people.

That sort of cavalier dismissal of the democratic process is an affront to the sensibilities of all the American people …stinging like a sharp slap in the face.

For more on this see the post herein this site entitled:
The True Essence of O. …Half Hearted Reluctance or Merely Party Generated Scritpt?

Reference:   https://www.geoblography.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=120&action=edit

   I rather believe that the President is moving beyond the mid-term’s thrashing handed to him …and is now seemingly more intent and desirous of the opportunity to lead and feed his administration and party’s appetite into the upcoming foray …looking for retribution …paybacks.
No one likes a sore loser. Yet for all this hubris, the people’s budget was and is by no means intended to be used solely for the political purpose of a partisan self-serving agenda.

But in spite of the lack of a budget the last two years …that is what this one is shaping up to become …just another political hot potato …in just another round of shame and blame …a divisive contentious covetous conversation.

So, I guess unity and agreement …along with Kum bay yas are as passé as holding hands and sitting across isles.

Well, then …I guess the mid term did not send a strong and sobering enough wake up call to the Senate and the President..

And if that did not do it, I strongly doubt anything will …reason and logic not withstanding.
Never the less, the Essence of O persists and his game has not become any more fiscally responsible.

For more on this see the post herein this site entitled:

The True Essence of O. …Half Hearted Reluctance or Merely Party Generated Scritpt?

Reference:   https://www.geoblography.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=120&action=edit

This is a true picture of how Mr. Obama has chosen to demonstrate his disdain for the express will of the people who made their political will well known in choice after choice in November’s mid-term land-slide elections.
Yet instead of the facts, the President’s administration still seems to be more belligerently bent and intent …looking for to jab the electorate with a sharp stick in the eye …real unifying leadership stuff.

True to form, instead …in the administration’s pursuit of preserving its socialist’s power base; its continued chase to cause America to embrace socialism …it is more strongly tied off to grow and fall backward in its reliance’s dependency …upon the harmful fiscal addiction which must be aided more and more by fits (one treasury auction after another) of spending and deficit driven borrowing (printing not withstanding) …all of which are the illness …the deadly vehicle’s engines which are forcibly driving debt’s poison into America’s economic veins.

Have you not felt it cursing through your veins America?

Is this the feeling of life and the promise of hope …your pursuit of happiness?

Is this independence? How does this promote strong and proud American sovereignty?

Mr. Obama, please stop gambling with the future of America!

You and your rhetoric …and especially not you too cool for school cavalier act …none of it is fooling America.

So come to the table and smell the coffee brother. Reality is calling for some truth service to America.

 Otherwise, all you are doing …is looking forward for the opportunity to play an extremely dangerous, specialized, political, economic game in the run-up to the 2012 general elections.
But in order to be able to play….I guess you will preoccupy yourself with setting up the stage …I understand that you feel you have to set just so …so as to divide America all the more in a senseless class war by virtue of a self-serving, covetous politically driven conversation.

How senseless is that? How far from your hope have you wandered and erred?

And in this delusional and deceitful manner, the 3.7 T budget proposals is just the first act called; ”…Let’s you and him fight …”

where the protagonist (central organizer) plays no part by winding up a couple of antagonists and then …takes a step backward …so as to avoid the fray …while enjoying the view from the periphery of a disenfranchised vantage point.

How convenient!?

How to make it work?

Such a plot’s ploy is a gambit deliberately intentioned …merely to justify an embrace of  fiscal irresponsibility …doing so in yet higher levels of spending tied to still more borrowing and printed paper fluff.
The administration’s continuing act will be to deliberately build a class-divided, socially opposed environment …brinksmanship not withstanding.

There is no better example of this than that of the recent legislation which extended the former Bush tax proposals.

What a food-fight that party was, eh!?

Such a legislative struggle was a prime example of classical, sophomoric quid pro pro politics …kum bay ya.

And the rhetoric was classic party vs. party …and for what purpose and for what gain?

In my opinion, this produced nothing more than polarization in more than an abundant share of senseless political jousting at the end of the tax year …when much more was on the line than a partisan fight which sought to use a set of compromises for unemployed Americans. Such as it were, the unfunded billions which went to extend unemployment benefits was a piece of legislation which also came to be accompanied with an equally unfunded 2 % payroll tax concession.

Tit for tat is not a game worthy of this time nor where and how America was meant to be served at and in great times of her highest needs.

Preposterous child’s play in  ludicrous crescendos!

America’s needs are well beyond her solution if the games of party politics are allowed to become the prime objective …overshadowing and swamping out America’s better interests in terms of her needs for public service.
The American people have the opportunity to continue to ride heard over such wide spread political contention …or “…We the People …” may choose to turn a blind eye on our more pressing responsibilities to perform the exercise of our individual political rights as independent citizens.

As the posse, Americans must no longer be blind to the antics of cheap tricks played out from those who enjoy the periphery afforded the top tiers of our institutions’ more well-heeled vantage points.
If politicians will not straighten up and fly straight, it is time for Americans to force politicians off their rims range. And if congress and the President will not address fiscal responsibility …spend cuts not withstanding …I believe that the American people will stand tall in duty come 2012.

None the less, strong forces within the currencies, futures, commodities and the bond markets will in ·ex ·tri ·ca ·bly  cause and bring about an ultimate fiscal adjustment  (like it or not) to quash fiscal irresponsibility ….much in the same way $160 per barrel of oil impact wreaked havoc upon the Bush administration …much of which former Federal Reserve Chairman Allen Greenspan might take some credit for in overheating the economy via loose monetary policy.

In such a case, there is obvious much praise to be offered in honor of the prepared mindset of the Boy Scout motto; “…Be Prepared …”

America’s mindset …on the other hand seems to have become diminished in an entitled mindset; “…I Don’t Have to Be Prepared for Nut’n …”

That’s hubris’ belligerence for “…Nothing …”


After all, where will America find an Obama-Bush look-a-like, chia pet clone to inherit the greater mess after Obama is put on his bike to do the speaker’s circuit?

 What goes around, comes around …especially with regard to fiscal irresponsibility …or, in this case …the lack thereof.

Therefore, maybe we all could learn the lesson of honor in preparedness from an Eagle Scout.

Take note then, in America’s continued embrace of fiscal irresponsibility …equity markets will experience returns to higher volatility …providing the Treasury the better opportunity it both will be seeking and needing to raise cash …making it easier when it must beat money out of domestic and foreign managed stock market indexes.

Bond markets will not be fooled though, and like recent rises …yields will climb beyond expectations …at alarming rates of change …further squeezing equities at times least expected, or …when treasury needs a fresh infusion …as it will always will become the case …with commodity prices rising in step and then falling according to each and every treasury and European bond auction which will …in turn send waves through international currency markets like a skipping rock’s ripples in an otherwise calm pond.

However, the XLB materials’ index and its components will be anything but calm …and may very well be the rock which is being launched by the likes of artificial programs …whose futures  may  very well  spawn  QE-3, QE-4, QE-5 or even QE-6.

Sort of reminds me of Ozzys Osbournes latest telephone commercial higlighting the continual technological developements which promise to give us …4G …5G and 6G wireless carier technologies?

What’s the next greatest thing being flung into the pond Ozzy?

Will it be a fiscally  responsible Congress …or just another beaver …er; I mean …Bieber?

I don’t know; but it kind of looks like a cat or a girl …one might say. (inside joke)

To understand the inside joke:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGwjjsR1osQ&feature=related

or …


or …


By the time enough of the debt is monetized, debt loads will begin to be such that more and more drastic measures will be taken which obviously will invite inflation even though it will become a red headed step child …especially to all those living on fixed income.

And you thought health care posed a threat …think again.
The Kicker will that in a commodity dominated landscape the casualties of hyper inflation will litter the highways and byways and tax receipts will become as scarce as commodities in an over hedged world of sown-up commodity futures contracts.

Lastly, higher commodity driven input prices …will continue squeezing corporate profits and bottom lines and likely force equity prices lower …which may become hit hard …also by a combination in a flurry of rising rates and yields …directly competing with


At this time, helicopter Ben can then trade in his self pro-claimed ownership for QE-2’s impact upon the rise in equity indexes …for a new claim …one which is made to embrace the cause of unavoidable inflation and or the splash caused by the impact of speculation coming out of emerging markets …the delayed effect …in the wake of QE-2s commodity driven inflation.

By this time, America will be lucky to have a corporation which has not off-shored, or has not been bought out due to the attractive nature of US companies …a phenomenon …the result of the dollar’s continual erosion …another affect of QE-2 which the Ben Bernank will not own up to.
Enter Corporate tax relief/reform …which is already become a part of President Obama’s pre-2012 preparatory election rhetoric.

As it were, today …I heard the President specifically make a preemptive direct mention of this in a rather deliberate class-driven comment in his Budget Address this morning.
So, I guess that means Americans can all but kiss a stream-lined tax code good bye.

These last few topics items will be in the middle of the intentionally scripted conundrum which is now seemingly being offered solely to thwart any discussion of corporate tax relief …let alone the possibility of its mention.

The reason for that was clear in Mr. Obama’s tone …class warfare …and division of America along his perception of class.

Fine kettle of fish that is.

So, what’s left to discuss in terms of the private sector solution?

Nothing, for the President’s all but lined up the first act, and if it’s not my way; he’s made it clear …it’s the highway.

Well, that remains to be seen …as a matter of a more independent and clearer perspective …one that take independence more seriously that Mr. Obama would give the posse credit in his rather cavalier lack of esteem for rights and freedom in all things pertaining to an individual’s rights in ownership.

Hence, I can continue to look forward to …continuing high levels of unemployment and housing woes, slow recovery and continued dependency upon a deceitful government whose self-serving fiscal policies rather favor the body politic …more so

than “…We the people …”


The Body Politic …this administration especially …is playing with fire in a game called Let’s you and him fight.

Don’t be fooled again.

And with unfunded government programs like Medicare and Social Security, the best way to recover from the politically induced losses and stem the tide is to shore up the weaknesses caused by socialism’s embrace for all things weak …those things which invite still further …higher levels of lack …and lack of preparedness and loss …without hope of harvesting a return.

Socialism rewards such slack …the least of what we need.

So what rewards a continuing harvest?

I believe that the private sector solution offers the most hope …and Mr. Timothy Geithner knows this too, yet the moves to get there have been deliberately delayed and

are moving too slow to date.

So, do not be fooled by the president’s embrace of class warfare …nor by his attempts to divide and conqueror.

Agreement is here, Mr. Obama just has not got it yet.

Maybe he is just slow. Maybe it is a part of his attempt to maintain his cool.

If you are looking for the essence of the man, look for consistency.

And in this regard, Mr. Obama has not changed at all.

Instead pay all the more attention to his cavalier lack of esteem for the political processes, unity and agreement.

Above all …take note his conflicted self-serving denial …the lack of willingness and resolve to submit to the will of the American voters who have pressed hard in their cause for the right to vote for hope and change …only to have their expressions fall upon Mr. Obama’s deaf ear.

Yet, for all this and more … I say; in 2012, Mr. Obama will hear the American people

with both his ears.

And then, he will be made to submit to and be made to humbly understand wisdom from both halls …from both houses …the true meaning of justice in the balance of power and from whence it comes.

Power to the people …right on!

Until then, all the best,


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