Look! Who’s Rocking The Boat..?

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Look! Who’s Rocking This Boat?

Look, who has principally been making the waves…!

The Economy, amidst an environment of continued growing uncertainty, manifestly has produced fewer tax receipts …which bears noting …is relative to increased spending by Congress.

In this economic environment’s continused volitile change, I find it strangely curious that a wall of worry is now surgically being deliberately used to divide the media’s leading narratives into two distinctly separate bodies, namely; 1.) The Bodices Politic …and; 2.) The Body Economic.

I furthermore, find it equally curious that …perhaps the media’s deliberate attempt to separate its leading reclassifications’ news narratives is due largely in part …if not altogether in whole …due to the rapidly approaching Presidential Election cycle.

After all, is it not oh-so refreshing to hold accountability’s feet to the fire in saying; “…It’s the Economy Stupid…?!”

Understandably, that would be an indictment of the body politic …a narrative which doesn’t fit the liberal media’s  Ppolitical purposes.

Thus, with all due respect as to however one (…or how ones political party …) chooses to divide and separate these …regardless however unseemly their twins truly are; Me thinks that, while one narrative’s body lies in denial …the other is more inclined to tell a true and more accurate tale of the scale …one far more accurate than the Fed’s so-called “Dots …such as continuing reports would have me believe instead.

Hmmm…?! Plots?! That sounds rather suspicious if not altogether menacing ….such as I said; …to the point of hiding from the truth.

I mean, with respect to turning aside from honest transparency, shouldn’t one raise a Red Flag when the media says; “…pay no attention to the man behind the curtain …”?

Such as it may be, these attemps to separate and dismias half of the narrative, seems more like a qusetionable case in play more so than merely the Fed’s plot of its dots  …the nickname of Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ.

Let’s not get blown away by such attempts to change the prevailing political winds …ok?

So then, instead, let’s plot a few cases which point to some rather recent dicey dots, Okey Dokey?

Ffirst off, let’s consider all the missing and or deleted (God only knows how many) e-mails which are unaccounted for from Hillary’s private server.

Pay no attention to the …

Equally missing are the the emails, hard drives and PCs of the former IRS chief Lois Learner.

Again, pay no attention to the ….

And these are merely a couple of examples of of avoidance which surround an administration which was to have been the most transparent of all administrations ever.

Once again, it is; pay no attention to the …

Whether it be Fast and Furious and former President Clinton’s happenstance seemingly impromptu meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch, the claims of open honesty have been increasingly been met with a heightened public skepticism.

In spite of the 2010 General Election’s clear public mandate which favored fiscal responsibility and also ushered in the Tea Party, the Obama Administration stubbornly held fast to its tax and spend beliefs …following a tack whose course moved forward in a direction which consistently favored overspending at a pace which, recklessly has been more than is reasonably prudent …further setting a snare which …like its agenda’s Social Engineering …may likely also be very much be culpable in shaping and steering the Body Economic into still more dangerous waters.

In spite of placing the US on a course which is headed squarely for another economic trap, Helicopter Money is now more and moron being tabled as a PC acceptable plausible narrative …as if these two bodies are any more easily inseparable than say are or is ….a pair of Siamese Twins.

Consequently, the political narrative is returning to the old narrative of “…shovel-ready …” fiscal stimulus. Go figure what opportunities this short sighted approach to economic recovery has wrought …absolutely very little …at least no more than pandering to politically advantageous, self-serving pet projects. Can you say Solyndra?

Congress reluctantly is obliged to politically agree that it should therefore, borrow more so as to continue to escalate the opportunity(?) to live beyond its means …or, at the very least …hold on to the seats of its members respective service(?). Service? Go figure. If holding on is a service, why not let them go…? And if not …let them go …why not limit their terms and return service back to the people and that in dividends paid with a more true and genuine respect we deserve as those who were intended to be the true lords of our liberty and destiny?

As such, the liberal press has all but disingenuously forgotten discussions which consider the power this more private other body known as the electorate.

And in its embrace to favor the administration’s Social Engineered rush to participate in the New World Order, liberals (socialists) have swept incentive and private sector interests under the rug …as if to say; “out of sight …out of mind…”

However, with the administration’s opportunity to embrace the new PC ,,,there is a witness which will not go silently into the night …as those soon forgotten.

So what is this New Normal’s socialistic promise of Hope and Change which is inclined to replace the forgotten engines of our former economic NORM’s prosperity …?

The Treasury sympathetically …has acted beholden to Washington’s whims …and accordingly has been forced to consistently glut its Bond Auctions’ with abnormally high supply.

(I digress. Whatever happened to the adage; “…do not get high on your own supply…?” Don’t answer that..!” I digress.)

As such, this repeated habitual practice has embraced a “WHATEVER” set of policies necessary to inflate and fill in any and all of Washington’s spending gaps …hence, otherwise paving a glittering way forward toward whatever encourages deficit spending for whom …those in the Halls of Congress …who may say; “…read my lips; no new taxes…!”

But who will buy the Treasury’s $trings of Washington’s Debt?

Enter in …the co-dependent Federal Reserve.

Talk about some junkies addicted to their own stuff!

Therefore, I must ask; “Will the real co-dependent junkie please, stand up?

But wait…! Why stop listing the culpable who are the addicted and intertwined here?

Why not add still one more co-conspirator to these debt junkies? Why not add one who might be still more of a culpable agent and co-dependent agence provocateur. (fr.)

Enter, if you will …The Fed who will and has come forth to amass the +4.x trillion dollars necessary to mop up such as it were, Washington’s embrace of its gluttony we own by virtue of a compromised charter whose mandates have also been swept under the rug …only to be  conveniently forgotten.

But how can this be? How have they managed to do so in a manner which could possibly maintain a healthy open and honest respect for the Federal Reserve’s chartered “Dual Mandate …” that which encompasses the Fed’s responsibility to maintain full employment and or …keep inflation in check?

Truth be told; they have not …nor does the Fed seem inclined to honor its dual mandate!

Instead, the Fed has been sidetracked to become conflicted by the massive mass of its assets which is has taken onto its book …encouraged all the more by also being allowed to maintain its substantiations (dot plots) keeper of a nearly zero rate environment …to which I might add “ad naseam.” …or forever …if you will.

Ever since the end of the Bush Administration’s second term, The Fed has stepped well out of its way …going way beyond the boundaries of its so-called “Dual Mandate’s” chartered obligatory provisions …only now, to become the most compromised financial non-political body (?) ever to have argued that it is a non-partisan (so-called) private entity which operates at the behest of and in the public’s interest.

So, how has this so-called private, non-political agency now compromised its dual mandate so egregiously? Is it by no fault of its own? Or is the long rope that they have been given merely that whose implicit lack of grey matter one which conveys an expression of moronic conflicted culpability …one which favors power along the lines of absolute power?

Regardless, in my humble opinion …they have simply legally misused this mandate and printed money to beyond the limits of the very reason which define excess.

But why? And in whose interest, and at whose expense has this rope’s knot been woven…?

Enter in the much anticipated hopes that a weakening of the dollar policy might be able to monetize this nation’s debt …one which now, is synonymous with the Fed’s debt and its book ….respectively.

Respectively? Is not that the question at hand …managing respect that is?

At which point does the Fed’s book swamp out the genuine interests of “…We the People…?”

Moreover, this question’s answer is that which has disingenuously gone avoided in denial; that is, dismissed out of a preference given to such a conflict which has separated a due respect and honor to we the little people.

And I think this respect which has gone missing long enough has too far long been serving these men and women who sit at their respective vomit-filled high self-serving tables which are more and more losing a leg to stand on so as to in such a folly’s pretense …defend their increasingly obvious self-service which is gone forward toward being undeniably …more out-of-control in terms of what should be considered sustainable …let alone healthy for growing a more normalized economy which favors a return to whatever can respect and consider its people’s needs one and all.

Let me returning to the notion of Monetizing the debt.

After all, such as it were, this policy …it has always worked before …but never before at these lofty levels …nor at these heights’ wherein which lie the burdens of such magnitudes that such clouds have overshadowed the monumental unfunded increasing entitlements whose considerations have also been swept under the rug only to also be given little mention as to how they will be managed.

Alas …the devil’s in the rates one may argue, while others may take up the notion that the heavy burden of regulatory reform or poor public policy may have served to stagnate secular growth.

Obviously, we live in a multidimensional world. And I would say that, even a good boxer knows the power of an effective combination.

In the wake of any aircraft accident investigation, the ensuing report most always lists a string of inter-related causes.

And in the case of a doctor’s prognosis, it follows what is known as a modality …a string of lesser, but building symptoms which …when combined, act together in sequential form to make for what overwhelms the body.

Let me be honest, it would be foolish to turn our backs on an epidemic …not considering the sum total of the lesser parts.

But most men and women who chair and share seats at their respective lofty tables, would rather keep their conversations …much like their considerations …obscure, and well behind closed doors.

And that’s precisely my point.

If the patient is blind to their illness, they will never admit to …let alone seek help for an illness.

Therefore, let us see clearly that …The new normal is anything but normal.

It is anything but open.

It is anything but transparent.

So what is the new liberal normal?

Is it Avoidance? Is it Denial?

I for one, believe that The new normal is no more than a disingenuous, self-serving pack of lies.

I believe that it is deceitful at best.

Can you get behind that?

Should you get behind that?

I rather think not?

Drill down into the motives for Brexit, and one will see a genuine spirit which begs and longs for a return to normal.

Now, forgive me for mentioning what my father used to ask me; “…Bill, do you think that money grows on trees?”

Washington may think so though …especially, if the game it controls can manage to artificially hold rates low enough while it struggles to find a way to manage the unsustainability of its money tree.

God forbid that we should ever hope to return to normal any time soon …if ever …especially if we remain satisfied in and with what all has made for this low growth environment’s demographic …those which will be more adversely affected all the more in the years to come.

Now witness the quickness with which they carry on… the fortress of fables …

The whole world is weakening (easing ?) and that is to say …at a tortoise’s snail’s pace.

However, in a paradox …Central Banks seemingly can’t do “Slow …” artificially fast enough …all the while, disengenuously calling such “…$timulating. What a lie.

Since when did merely “…Floating the Note …” or, kicking the can down the road become “…Stimulating …?”

Therefore, the longer we wait for so-called real Hope and Change …let us call a spade a spade.

Bull Shit upon more Bull Shit is no more than a lot more Bull Shit. Whoop La…if you will at best…!

No wonder that people aren’t spending. They have and are still as spooked as never before …and in that way …for any number of good oxymoronic (?) reasons.

And this might just be honestly seen as having been manifest throughout all demographics…young and old …that is …if any one were honestly to be more so inclined and objective with oneself …let alone with his or her good neighbor.

So, where is growth headed?

I know where I am headed?

Rather than push on a string; I am going to push for Term Limits and Campaign Finance Reform.

That’s where I am putting my money…!

Yep, in these two things, that’s where I will put my money …in my mouth.

I am writing aren’t I…?

These two intertwined issues have been avoided too long.

I believe that they have been so well kept swept under the carpet, because …to those who sit at the tables which are now become so filled vomit that …the mere mention of Term Limits and Campaign Finance Reform form the combination punches which suck more than all the Calamari in the world …that is …of course, before their respective slaughter.

For this time to turn the tables, I believe it is time to make a call and turn to my Congressman and say; you are fired…!

Take your steak and lobster buttered dinners and your cheap-sleazy loyal lobbyists one and all …and take a hike!

As a member of a unified electorate, I …for one, will not relinquish until the Fed monetary policy relents of its self-serving policy.

As is, I do not think that I am selfish to hope for a return to sanity of the bodies politic and those institutions which have fallen under the Fed’s easy financial auspices. I thing it not unwise to otherwise cause the Fed to deliver a more normal playing field to those who hope it is and has been to look forward to living with more decent, lively opportunities for their families.

I also believing that …it should be liberty’s goal to offer one the best in the way of the greatest r private incentives’ hopes …that an individual may one day look forward to living at rest to enjoy the fruits of their fixed incomes.

Where is the hope gone in considering that today …to the Administration …to Congress …or to The Fed?

Have you been served?

Both to those who now know and those who are waking up to the reality that Social Security is a lie on a slippery rock’s religion …I can only write on …woe…!

…and the band played on Fleetwood Mac hypnotized.

I’m not aware of too many things.

I know what I know if, you know what I mean.

Choke me in the shallow water before I get too deep.

Don’t let me get too deep …

What I am is what I am …Is what you are …what you are …or what?

Philosophy is talk on a cereal box …

Religion …the smile on a dog.

Philosophy …is a slippery walk on the rocks.

Religion, a light in the fog.

Choke me in the shallow water …

Thank you Edie

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