Higher Property Taxes!

Photo Credit belongs to:  Lucle Bluebird-Lexington whose work speaks for itself.   Since when did paying more and higher taxes make anyone feel more free …?   Higher Personal Property Taxes […]

Look! Who’s Rocking The Boat..?

Photo Credits thanks to Dani McCreery at Wheatbelt Photography Look! Who’s Rocking This Boat? Look, who has principally been making the waves…! The Economy, amidst an environment of continued growing uncertainty, […]

Door Bell Debt Ringer

Depressing this:  And this doorbell’s debt ringer should serve you as a wakeup call, but it will not and does not even begin to take into account what future irresponsibility will […]

Jobs, Stammering Lips & Tongues

Thus, who should receive credit for a stellar December 5th Jobs Report is a no brain-er. Its credit goes …in my book to OPEC. I wonder if OPEC members had the foresight to short oil before tipping their poker hand’s and production intentions.


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Geithner, Tripping Out in Disney Land

In my humble opinion, Merkel and Germany should show Timothy Geithner the SOFA and offer him an early flight home.
After all, he has his hands full without needing to escape reality.
Isn’t Disney Land enough of a Fantasy?
Let’s get real …as in agreeing to equally embrace the necessary disciplinary measures of austerity.

After all, on this trip …there are no more short cuts to tune in …drop out …and turn on to any more.

Waxing Righteously Upon the Backs of Parables

Waxing Righteously Upon the Backs of Parables

I find it an interesting objective commentary to closely view and scrutinize the observations and comments of third-parties’ consternations….the lowest form of which is otherwise known as gossip.

My case in point today is one which I have deliberately chosen to make, taking it from a lesson which came to mind in a lesser-known and seldom quoted Biblical parable …one which chillingly reminds me of the today’s events and affects of all things European.

The Achilles Heel of Capitalism

The Achilles Heel of Capitalism

What is the Achilles Heel of Capitalism?

a. Too big to fail

b. Too small to succeed

c. No due diligence, oversight and accountability

d. All of the above

Mutually Inclusive or Exclusive?

Is The Failure of Capitalism …Too Big To Fail?

If the failure of Capitalism is deep seated in “…too big to fail …” where is China on a scale of 1 to 10?

The U.S.has long promoted …if not flirted with too big to fail. Yet, in spite of the recent past’s intertwined financial catastrophes …the U.S.A. is still …reluctantly unwilling to demonstrate an ability to adequately exercise the sort of responsible constraints and policies necessary to fully come to grips with the realities and consequences still facing her in the wake of her failures …both in the here and now, as well as with many compounding issues which will extend out like an outstreched long hand …well into the future.

Like road bumps and pot holes; the catalysts of America’s most recent failures are …those which have produced some most revealing wake up calls.

The Trouble with Tribbles

For more posts …please visit:   www.geoblography.com Monday, September 26, 2011 The Trouble with Tribbles The trouble with Tribbles was there just were too many of those little parasitic suckers. […]

Never Kick A Dog When He’s Down!

  First Published:   September 4th, 2011  Edited 2nd Revision:   September 10th, 2011 Related News Releases on This Subject: New York Times – Business Day Federal Regulators Sue Big […]