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Originally posted and revised,Saturday, October 05, 2013

Revised again November, 10th, 2013



G.S. = B.S.



                                                          Re:   George Soros, a real likeable chap …as it were? http://www.georgesoros.com/


Greetings Sports Fans …!

I would like to invite you to take a look well beyond what …like a cancerous tumor, politically festered to a head …spread through the rank and file members of Congress …and ultimately culminated in tumultuous verbal forays whose volleys were fired back and forth across the isle …one after another, as Congress ran out of the time needed to reach a decision as to whether or not to raise the U.S. public debt ceiling.

And just as an atom’s nucleus, such as it is, this no-brainer issue remains, still …pretty much still unresolved due to the ancillary issues which orbit and have …and are continuing to contributed to the gravity and weight of this single core issue.

And rather than effectually deal effectually with the root causes (yes, plural …for they be many, broad and far-reaching) the causes central to which revolve around the core at its issue remains un-resolvable …without solution and therefore irreconcilable in terms of what workable solutions lay beyond the grasp of most all members of Congress who have failed to come together in an agreement as to what solution needs be sought out to remedy the needs which lie before the nation.

In the meantime, political wants seem to have overshadowed both the sheer obvious most basic of needs which face the nation.

Therefore for lack of needs, irreconcilable political wanton greed shutdown of the Federal Government, and therefore …

in such a preface as I have made here, I would like you to look past the current sad state of affairs whose leading issues and conversations are those which have culminated in these eruptions in recent days.

And I would like you to consider the possibility that they have been tailor made …deliberately well planned …thoroughly and meticulously thought out …long in advance, scripted scientifically by more than shrewd political scientists and economists …in a familiar sense after a manner whose cold and callous calculations have led (…yes, led …) to a most opportune (..or not) long anticipated shutdown of the federal government as step two in a master plan which I would like you to see …even if it is just the tip of the iceberg, as it were.

Yes, I maybe asking you to consider the unthinkable.

Nonetheless, I would still like to ask that you entertain the likelihood that this plausibility …or scientifically planned scenario may more than be capable of being that which deliberately and unwittingly (to most) will most assuredly result in default …simultaneously while, being played out behind the backdrop of an obscure veil.

Consider the director …under whose instructions, what play’s story unfolds as the director directs players upon a stage …revolving around props which were ideally made to serve a purpose in a 3-act play.

Such is just that setting …and all the empty bickering and rhetoric in Washington continues to play out like a broken record …not making one bit of difference in the flow of the play’s acts and plot …for the outcome has been predetermined and no one character can intercede or intervene to affect or alter the climax.

We are but rivers of a single mighty water’s rapids, hurtling along our confined banks …trapped with no where else to go but down to a deeper gulf.

Once you can see beyond the storyline, the thickening theme’s subterfuge will chill you to the bone …well beyond merely giving you Goosebumps.

I believe that, in our lifetime …we may just get the opportunity to witness the height of what was meant by …the root of all evil; being …the LOVE of money.

Yet, this is a production whose particular scene …I really do not want to be present to watch; but …it is unfortunately unfolding right before our very eyes …most of which are blind and oblivious as to the dire consequences which grip this nation tighter with each passing day.

The makings of a perfect storm’s formation are rapidly taking shape …converging inward toward a final unavoidable devastation.

Now, more than ever …now is the time to put on your 3-D glasses.

Now, more than ever …all need to see clearly beyond merely tightly drawn curtain.

More than ever,Americaneeds look well beyond even the veil of the stage’s backdrop to realize the consequences of   our country’s lack of due diligence.

With this in mind, and if history has demonstrated anything in our lifetime …wearing our 3-D glasses; we will see that our dear old friend, Mr. George Soros  has more than adequately demons-strated that he knows a thing or two about how to make lots of money, quite handily, through and by divers ways and means thanks largely due to obsequious currency manipulations.

Don’t act surprised. This is not a non sequitur. Soros is a man who needs to be exposed for what and who he is.

Quite explicitly, wasn’t The G-man (Soros) the financial benefactor whose generous financial support given to Barack Obama, the very assistance which principally equipped, enabled and propelled the Saul Alinsky-trained Mr. Obama …the socialist-community organizer to become throughly furnished with just about what all he needed to launch his meteoric rock-star rise through the ranks in the political arena?

For a non sequitur on Saul Alinksky, see also:   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saul_Alinsky


Saul Alinsky’s 12 Rules for Radicals – Best of Beck (consider the source)


How Saul Alinsky Taught Obama to Say One Thing and Do Another.


Bill Moyers on Saul Alinsky (Note what Moyer’s reveals about Hilary Clinton with respect to Saul Alinsky)


Who is All in…ski.

Well, yes …and, now consider who might also be the premier patron saint …the hub who also happens to be the principal Bub at the center of a particular well-unified and equally obsequious world movement which supports a one-world ….cohesive, world-wide, equally well-funded, socialist movement …one, which is but one step away from establishing what may be so well poised in planning and purpose that it could easily turn a grand scale economic catastrophe into its advantage by way of what would likely be more than apt to usher in and move its agenda foreword towards an over-arching, imposing its one-world socialistic order upon every sovereign country it could control.

Imagine that …rule from the top-down; rather than from the bottom up.

Who would that likely serve; the rich or the poor …the free or the enslaved?

Yes, well if the shoe fits wear it, by Golly!

For the day and the age in which we live …such as it is; what we are living through …this may very well be the perfect makings of what these socialist-oligarch-opportunists have been waiting, planning and looking for all along …that which is all on their very own terms …a financial revolution …the “HOW” …the machinations of an opportunity …the likes of which the ages have never known on this scale.

Can you imagine how this ideal opportunity has been perfectly made to fit and serve to turn their dreams into a sad reality in our time?

Imagine what John Lennon might say about a revolution won without a shot fired; or not?

I, for one …am not deaf to the answers as to who has been and still is pushingAmerica’s buttons …each and every issue which has progressively challenged the Constitution more and more with each passing day.

That is why I’ve been writing adamantly about these issues for quite some time now, yet so many in America remain asleep at the wheel …clueless …responding merely with; “…Whatever …!”

Is that the level of the mindset which the liberals have cultivated and fostered over the years.

Someone owns responsibility for having sown the seeds of this pathetic lack of responsibility.

But seriouslyAmerica…! We all would be better served to pay more attention to what we are being spoon fed by the darling liberals’ and their pet puppets which man the public and private media outlets.

Let me explain succinctly what I am talking about. We all need to take a perspective which would allow a peek behind the curtain so as to see into and discover who has been up what and why and how.

Above all, I want to be informed as to who has been …and who is still, for that matter …still pulling my chain.

And I am speaking not for need but to stand against those whose GREED would have it all even if it meant using the poor and the environment to accomplish their ends.

I am speaking specifically of the international socialist organizations which have bought into and thrown their weight into what all now hides behind a label called AGENDA 21.

The following is from Google.   Re:   “What is Agenda 21 …?”





                                  DEMOCRATS   AGAINST   U. N.   AGENDA   21








Google it, and don’t come crying to me saying that I didn’t adequately warn you.

I’ve been weighting about this for the last eight plus years, and I couldn’t write now with any more simplicity.

Wake upAmerica.

Thank your lucky stars while there is still time …if you have half a right mind left to do so.

And get angry in the meantime.

Write something to someone who counts and matters.

Speak up and do so loudly.

Above all don’t be ashamed to be a free American …while you are.

I am, therefore …I think.

Please, wouldn’t you …join me by writing, talking, and saying something which will take and give back our government to “…We the People …?”

Thank you,


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