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The Costs of Artificial Global Monetary Policies

Is Down The New Organic?

Not Hardly!!!

Or, Is Down The Demise …of A New More Organic Reality …One Forever Gone Missing?

If So, Then, Falling Is A Price For Artificial’s Failing

…A Boldfaced Lie!


After All, Make The Bed — Sleep In It.


Artificial Global Monetary Policies — A Bed Too Narrow …Too Short.

A Squeeze Which Can Not Be Covered

The long-winded title of this piece is a forward looking opportunity whose reality may only be realized …if and only if ….global artificial monetary policy is taken …seriously …within respect to the proportionally larger object in our rear view mirror.

So, as woe be Europe and the other global economies …woe be US.

Artificial Monetary policy applies to the title in that it could also be titled more appropriately; What Goes Around …Comes Around.

So, in the wake of QE-1&2 …just when you thought that it was safe to go into the water …..jaws-III European and World style!!!

Dwarf that …if you care to try!!!

What’s Next; a Tripple Dip or a Fire Sale?