Door Bell Debt Ringer

Depressing this:  And this doorbell’s debt ringer should serve you as a wakeup call, but it will not and does not even begin to take into account what future irresponsibility will […]

Part 2 to the Preface of; The Fate of the Wait Is in the Rate While the Cost is Lost

  May 10th, 2012 The post which was referenced  below (from Part 1) was originally posted:   Friday, September 02, 2011. It was then, edited, revised and reposted:  Saturday, September […]

Part 1 to The Preface; The Fate of the Wait is in The Rate While The Cost is Lost

The reason why I am prefacing and planning to re-post my September 16th, 2011’s original post is because, I believe today …it has become more pertinent today than ever before.

After the French Presidential Election, I am more convinced than ever Americans are being strung along …day after day …more than merely paying the costs to just tote the note …those service costs associated with America’s Public Debt.

Last year, I attempted to characterize this in other terms by referring to this cost in a way which explains the service costs called the “Debt Load” as …and in terms of “The Fate of the Rate …” as being actually “…the Cost of the Lost.”

The Fate comprises the lost factors of time and money in various unforeseen or unnoticed dimensions with respect to the added dynamics of various depths of rates whose limits are limited by finite time constructs.

Enough said for the time being; the Treasury Department holds a periodic recurring series of Treasury sales whose calendar period repeats over and over nearly every two months …just like clock work …come rain or shine …regardless of supply and whoever shows up to participate in these garage-sale-like auctions.

Aside from organic market dynamics, as deemed necessary, QE1 and QE-2 has filled the vacuum in the event and at the ever increasing times of waning participation …I.E.; a lack of demand …as if to beg the question; what if they gave an auction and no one showed?

The Trouble with Tribbles

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Know What I Mean Maynard?

  Know What I Mean Maynard?         Dear Vern, Do you recognize the following quote? “The market can remain irrational longer than you can stay solvent.” It […]

The Fed’s New AAA = BOA’s New Balance Sheet Tool

Here’s a novel organic idea for the Federal Reserve Chairman today …one which dose not rely on printed …or borrowed money to craft ..draft …implement and execute.
Actually, after thinking of this for a while …I think this monumental idea has more to offer the banking industry …Bank of America for one …above all.
I say so, because bank of America is scrambling about …trying to raise capital at a time when cash is king.
And if there ever was a cash generator, this idea has huge potential to rock and roll …recapitalizing an anemic sector like gang busters …like the Dallas Cheerleaders at halftime.
Shoot, I bet Timothy Geithner could figure a way to securitize and market this idea’s exotic specialized product’s potential.

Bring back the exotic specialized products division …in safety …with an eye …whose oversight measures actually support honest home ownership.


What is this idea?

Offer increment interest- breaks as incentives to home buyers as a measure and form according to the skin they bring to the table at closing.

In other words “…Skin for A Time Out.”

More skin would translate to a greater “…more time out” period.

S&P Grade; Looking A Gift Horse In The Mouth

Friday evening, I was reading and listening to as many media resources …such as I could get my hands on …so as to get a grasp on the various media takes on the recent S&P downgrade of America’s Credit.

My take away from the deluge of the various news agencies offered me a unique and insightful view on number of wide-ranging variety of takes on this news moving forward.

After learning of this event; this is what I believe I found out in my approach to the media’s window

The Costs of Artificial Global Monetary Policies

Is Down The New Organic?

Not Hardly!!!

Or, Is Down The Demise …of A New More Organic Reality …One Forever Gone Missing?

If So, Then, Falling Is A Price For Artificial’s Failing

…A Boldfaced Lie!


After All, Make The Bed — Sleep In It.


Artificial Global Monetary Policies — A Bed Too Narrow …Too Short.

A Squeeze Which Can Not Be Covered

The long-winded title of this piece is a forward looking opportunity whose reality may only be realized …if and only if ….global artificial monetary policy is taken …seriously …within respect to the proportionally larger object in our rear view mirror.

So, as woe be Europe and the other global economies …woe be US.

Artificial Monetary policy applies to the title in that it could also be titled more appropriately; What Goes Around …Comes Around.

So, in the wake of QE-1&2 …just when you thought that it was safe to go into the water …..jaws-III European and World style!!!

Dwarf that …if you care to try!!!

Moody’s Plausible Probable Likelihood

Moody’s A Plausible Probable Likelihood

Are you kidding?

“…in the wake of the worst political rancor since the civil war …”

Jim Crammer Friday, July 15, 2011

In Washington …the nature and rules of brinkmanship’s dynamics are always being written and rewritten, as they have been time after time again.

Why then would …or, what then could make the question as to whether or not Congress will raise the debt ceiling before the last minute …a question whose lackluster resolve’s and groaning dynamics different any more than any other thing which this “do-nothing” Congress has touched recently?

Well, then …consider this point of conjecture.

But let me set the stage first.

Is there any one you know that …when they walk into the room, there is a rushing like mighty sucking noise?

You know …the sort of person/organization who believes and acts as though the whole damned world’s charter was meant to serve as a mandate which justifies and encourages wiping their feet on any who take up an opposing issue …regardless of the costs.

And if you have any doubt about it …just ask them.

Well, in Washington’s play …I believe that its brinksmanship in its (ownership) matter of the debt limit debate …merely serves as just such a sucking example …one in which partisan politics extols all of the best virtues and all the worst vices of wiping one’s feet on the other …all at the expense of “…We the People …”