The Fed’s Comments; 50 Shades of Nay…!

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Egging the Right to Private Ownership

Egging the Right to Private Ownership

In regard to private ownership; it really doesn’t much matter as to which came first; whether it was the chicken or the egg.

Likewise, jobs or housing …both questions are equally mute arguments.

But what does matter …especially going into the 2012 general election is the concept and principals that support and encourage an individual’s freedom to responsibly exercise their rights to private ownership. Notice the careful use of the word “…responsibly.”

And more specifically, at the very crux of this composition …there must be at the epicenter, an equally responsible body politic …long gone missing.

The Trouble with Tribbles

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Is Mr. Boehner, A Declaration of Ballance Rather Than Currency Wars? I Sure Hope So!!!

The following post is a revised form of a short letter that I sent out by e-mailed on Saturday, November 22, 2008.

At the time I originally wrote this, the VIX was at a 15 year high levels …if not, indeed …at an all-time high.

See: investopedia for a definition of the index called …The VIX.

This look back, perhaps is more relavent today than it was then in terms of what world economies are doing now to cope and struggle with how to service their respective sovereign debts and the debt loads which to a degree impinges upon and impacts a government’s annual budgets.

Among the factors mentioned above …there are considerable other weights associated with debt, spending and taxation …which must be juggled and ballanced symulteneously …in order to achieve a measure of responsible fiscal accountability.

To this end, these issues beg the questons as to how to deliver and reduce domestic spending while, at the same time …increase notable measures of austerity in a way so as to adequately address and alliviate the mess of bebt’s growing stresses..

Taking the osterich approach in “WHATEVER” is no longer a healthy option.

And we have to realize that we no longer can ill-afford to; “…have your cake and eat it too …”

Certainly, these difficult tasks conflict more and more withn the frameworks of a social system …one in which a more European public mind-set is historically conditoned …one which became strongly dependant upon looking to the government to deliever publicly chartered, socially mandated, obligatory goods, services and easy hand-out-like solutions.

One needs only look to the riots in Greece to realize what impact austerity has upon a socially conditioned mind-set.

Spare the rod and see what happens to a spoiled child …uh huh.

Yet, austere measures add to the challenge the questions as to how a socialist form of government can deal with its debt issues …while maintaing a grip on the means to coax their economies back to healthy recovery.

So, today in view of the change in leadership in our House of Representatives …I choose to go back into my archives …particularly because, we here in America …have an increasingly wonderful and new opportunity to embrace the new Speaker of the House Mr. John Boehner John Boehner – 8th District of Ohio in all the potential of promise which Mr. Boehner’s acceptance speach holds for America.

For, if he is indeed a man of his words …and I truly believe that he is all that and more; America is now on a track to a more certain properity.

As Representative Boehner declared strongly …he made spending cuts an express matter of America’s top priority.

This primary expression is a credible real opportunity which is cause for cheer and hope in that it brings to the forefront of the national conversation …for the first time …in a long time …the preimenence of an order for a matter of urgent priority …the order of spending cuts …not merely paultry reduced soending.

Mr. Boehner’s deliberate choice characterize this single matter in a recognition of its detrimental nature …and thus, Mr. Speaker declared spending cuts America’s number one matter of extreme urgency.

Therefore, it is refreshingly fitting that his game plan also receive its due recognition as an urgent priority …a plan, which …when placed in motion …will have the wieght, and the substance to produce massive …badly needed inertia.

And this is the sort of potential power …by a measure of which will posses the kenetic energy nesessary to lift heavy burdens off the shoulders of “…We the People …” possibly for the first time in perhaps …over thirty years.

Prosperity is on the way in this sort of game plan people.

And although spending cuts are not an end-all means by allbeit by itself; it is none-the-less …a good front end beginning from which and with which to compliment an approach of a whole host of other private sector incentives.

Public solutions …we just can not afford …nor the time which we have already squandered.

Such private sector combinations …are those solutions which will fill the nation’s tax coffers with needed tax revenue …not generated by debt sources …but by fertile domestic rich resources …organicly derived from an economicly revived incentivized economy.

This kind of approach is full of promise …in ways and means to organically produce hightened economic velocity …robustly grown and aided by offering a cultivated fertile ground …prepared with the fertilzer of favor which efficiently stimulates gowth environments with ecouragement rather than penalty.

In order to grow the economy …the mentality of any sucessful environment condusive of growth …is one which understands the values of attitude and principals of patience …those requiring time between when one sows and the season when one reaps.

Make no doubt, there are cycles and seasons in such.

But they are according to an order which has a priority in a time-honored purpose.

Therefore, make no mistake about the priority of what is esteemed in this order which involves patience and perserverance; in that …he which sows debt …shall reap also sparingly …in that debt, and he which sows bountifully …being a cheerful sower …doing so without necessity …and without obligation (in and with an understanding of incentive) …he shall reap also bountifully.

So let us give by sowing …by planting our seed into our fertile life-giving domestic field’s …into prepared soil …our seeds …seeds which produces return domestically …rather than reward our creditors abroad …those who have been lining up to strip us of ours …an otherwise rightful prosperity and the abundance of all our necessity.

To Speaker Boehner I say; Be not weary in well in well doing Sir, for we know that in due season …we shall reap …if we faint not.

…good measure …press down …shaken together and running over shall men give unto your bossom …

Take heart and enjoy the following look back to November 2008 ….and faint not!!!


Written: November 22, 2008 …partially revised January 06, 2011