Ducks of a Feather …part 1

Birds of a Feather …

Ducks of a Feather

Ducks Off a Feather

Duck a Feather

Duck the Feather

A Feather of a Duck

Put a Feather in His Hat


Called it Macaroni


President Obama once defined the spending level of former President Bush’s budgets’ deficit-driven debt …ascribing them a measure of blame which, the then …Senator Obama adamantly defined by his use of his terms “unjust and irresponsible …among others.


This brings to mind what Roseanne Rosanna Danna is well known for saying; “It just goes to show you; it it’s not one thing, it’s another. It’s always something.”

In keeping, by choosing to stand up to  be deliberately critical of the level of debt which had resulted from former President Bush’s spending habits …Senator Obama, rightly chose to redress Bush for the nature of a level of spending which Obama rightly called “…out of control …”

However in the spirit of giving …President Obama doesn’t appear to be as willing  to  take it as he was  in  giving it. By this, I mean to say; If one  gives it;  should not one be apt  to take it?  That said; apparently …like the president before him …these ascriptions and their definitions have all been taken much less seriously as if no more than …water off a duck’s back.


How curious, I did not realize that being President comes with such a far-reaching license …one whose permit authorizes one the divine-right to form and fashion one’s own self-serving definitions …such as “…to make and give one the authority to redefine what the meaning of the word “is” is.

Is not this altogether so much like Hilary’s mindset, who recently ludicrously begged to ask; “…What difference does it make?”  

To the height of this liberal hypocrisy I ask instead; Rise above? Rise above what? The divinity and fear of God?

With respect to that, I say; good luck with hypocrisy’s absolute lack of consideration which is clearly absence of all respect.

In a liberal sense, I’m just saying; do not “…Ducks of a feather, flock together?”

However with and in respect of Flocking Ducks …they seem pretty skilled at ducking the toughest issues of the highest order …those which seem to be the first to be shelved, placed on the back burner …side-stepped and replaced with any number of a hole host of other lesser-ordered pet issues and projects which form a façade behind which high priorities are shoved and hidden.

And in keeping with the liberal manner in which this administration has failed, its efforts to hide its failures now …stands as a monumental testimony to a building legacy whose shadows will stand forever as his party’s attempt ot obscure the fact that The Obama era lacks the level of conservative justice and responsibility directly necessary to tackle and deal forthrightly to resolve efficiently and effectively with the issues plaguing the economy.

So why obscure, what is causing such heartache by skirting around the highest priority of such an irresponsible matter along the line of the ignorance of such a growing  injustice? After all, avoidance …like burying one’s head in the sand is no way to manifest divine-like courageous leadership.

After all, in regard to the spirit of God who changes not …the definition of what is definite …was and still is foremost, the economy stupid.




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