The Fed’s Comments; 50 Shades of Nay…!

Who are They to disagree? What’s Not Working for Wombs  to Be?

Re:   Central Banks’  foreseeable foreshadowing affects of their out of sync, uncoordinated artificial macro stimuli.

I.E.:   Oh, say; c’an you see …by the dawn’s early light …what so proudly we hailed, by the dawn’s early dimming …

Whatever…! The Future’s  stinging will be …!

For now, whatever is the unrealistic nature of such convoluted attempts in view of what forever more increasing needs must be.

Whatever’s futile power  gasps’s promise will  only wring Resolution’s neck  from under the Domissive’s heightened demands  …which will bring The Submissive  to its knees …the body not withstanding all will wreck.

Truth be told, in all honestly …this is one’s call whose will needs must be served in submission …The Fed’s hell’s-bent commands as beaconing service of all to bow before its dominance …to serve The Fed who wants it all …and wants its Self-Servings …Now.

Cue I Want it All …Queen; need I say it any louder any more NOW…?

Speaking of whatever’s means which speaks of its lust’s end …the love of it all; this sort of spirit wills not to stop until it has it all. This is a chartered public license which is become conflicted …having turned inward against the public good …having received a long rope which is often gone unchecked …as is Congress and the burden of the debt’s service …all of which seem to occupy the same S&M play room …not far from the same room of the movie, 50 Shades of Grey.

Speaking of such dominance, Have you seen the new movie featuring the Federal Reserve Chair…?

 It’s now playing and enjoying top box office receipts for some time …

 It’s called Fifty Shades of Nay …

 Can you say SD and S&M…?

 The sequel is already set for an  August 2016 release, and it is sure to play to an equally captivated  audience.

 It features the misguided lead …Government Consumption, and will be released under the title, Which Came First; the Chicken or the Egg…also co-staring …The Federal Reserve …who will again  figure to be chief among its supporting cast and lesser props.

I never metaphor I didn’t like …!

Re: 50 Shades of Grey, see this Christian woman’s fresh take;

Still, the truth is:

                                    Some of them want to use you.

                                    Some of them want to be abused.

In this regard, check it out! The time of The Eurhythmics’ YouTube video of the late 80’s chart-topping pop smash hit, Sweet Dreams …which features Pop Icon, Annie Lennox …is  now come of age …to move us forward no less, of course …in calling one and all  to join in submission.

 Perhaps, not for me?

                                    Oh, the allure of such Sweet Dreams styistic calls!

                                    Oh, the fleeting nature of one’s youthful lusts…!

 Why then run ye as  so swiftly to  be  the fodder …The flash in the pan …as if not one more  flower  will ever quickly fades in the field and pass?

 What else, then …is there which promises to abide  more valiantly, than that which could …in the wake of timeless truth, endure more nobly as honesty …so as to deliver any greater height and degree of justice?

What also, through the continuity which it has to offer could vastly  more and with greater certain  assurances stand immovable to deliver like no other way which has yet to eclipse a stability which is capable  and sure  sustain …have and hold …to keep and safeguard whatsoever is pure and lovely?

Is there anything above (“Whatever…) which is of good report …ever so full of virtue which is worthy  of all praise…?


Whatever …without truth and honesty is a deceit which is most certainly not all that and a bag of chips.

Whatever …is usually nothing more than a seductive, a deceiving lie. A trick …packaged and delivered with SWEET DREAMS.

Cue …The Annie:

Turn you at my reproof? I will pour out my spirit upon you.

For me, my Higher Noble …I will seek  your  still small  voice.

…your  peaceful calm …the safe harbors …the treasures which you keep.

I will serenely  …search Your wisdom’s seas so deep.

Only before your high thrown, will I bow down.

And before you …I will kneel to gladly cast my crowns.

Who are they (The Fed) to disagree? Whatever’s no will for working wombs  yet to be …not now, nor whatever the case may be.

Where do we go now… Sweet Child of Mine?

Guns and Roses?


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