Door Bell Debt Ringer

Depressing this:  And this doorbell’s debt ringer should serve you as a wakeup call, but it will not and does not even begin to take into account what future irresponsibility will […]


Is the invocation of Presidential Privilege left to Mr. Obama a reflection of the office’s Executive Order privileges merely an continuation of over-steps whose unhealthy wanton displays of child-like disregards for our nation’s fiscal well being and security evidence enough that he is not for us …but altogether anti American?

Boeing’s Sandwich Recipe For Southwest Air

Boeing’s Recipe for a Southwest’s Sandwich

Addendum to Southwest Air:

An electronic capacitor is formed much like a sandwich …by taking one layer of meat and covering both of its sides with two layers of a common substance such as bread.

In an aircraft, when two layers of aluminum (which are analogous to two slices of bread) are separated by a layer of undesirable moisture …something has to give when the moisture becomes a solid.

After all, when condensation becomes ice, its covalent bonding causes its mass to expand.

The resultant increased volume acts like a lever in between this unlikely composite of aluminum layers.

And as a result, a work occurs which affects the primary fasteners which are designed to hold these aluminum sandwiches together.