Recovery; It’s A Gas …Part 2

After all, without choice …America; She is an enslaved patient …force-feeding a system holding her as a slave to forces which are out of the dwindling subset of institutions which once served Her once dominant enablement’s …those which once upon a time added to …rather than detracted from Her self sovereign ability to control Her own destiny.
I would not call that service befitting the better interests of Americans …at this time.
I know nothing …indeed!
However, I do know one thing all the more; I wouldn’t mind having a better opportunity to make the choice to install a cheap …economical filling station in my home.
Now that …I know would be a total gas!!!
Wouldn’t it?
Well, maybe not for those who have put on and invested their bets in going long in calls …on CRUDE.
Talk about being made the cow’s tail …?
How now brown cow?
How now …is anything but CRUDE.
As a matter of fact …it just may just the gas America is looking for …the solution which the man behind the curtain does not want you to see.

Boeing’s Sandwich Recipe For Southwest Air

Boeing’s Recipe for a Southwest’s Sandwich

Addendum to Southwest Air:

An electronic capacitor is formed much like a sandwich …by taking one layer of meat and covering both of its sides with two layers of a common substance such as bread.

In an aircraft, when two layers of aluminum (which are analogous to two slices of bread) are separated by a layer of undesirable moisture …something has to give when the moisture becomes a solid.

After all, when condensation becomes ice, its covalent bonding causes its mass to expand.

The resultant increased volume acts like a lever in between this unlikely composite of aluminum layers.

And as a result, a work occurs which affects the primary fasteners which are designed to hold these aluminum sandwiches together.