My Plea; The ALS Association’s Walk to Defeat ALS


Turning the Battle to the Gate:

Forgive me in breaking from my posts’ usual subject matter, but I would like to take this opportunity to make an important personal plea.

As I do, please bear with  me …for it is my hope that what you read here  might  cause you to respond in kind  to a special request in which I am going to ask you for your help in supporting  a very dear, personal cause of mine …namely  supporting those  who  are committed to fighting the disease known as ALS.

Specifically, I am asking for your support in helping The ALS Association battle this killer disease.

In particular, ALS has mightily impacted my life …wreaked havoc  in the lives of all my family members …and touched  and affected the lives of all our friends.

In helping The ALS Association standing against this killer disease, there is a specific opportunity to swing the battle to the gate in so many ways.    The AlS Association is the single most  worthy warrior in the fight  for they are totally commited to stand and  do battle to defeat  ALS …Lou Gehrig’s Disease …a terminal illness which took and cut short my brother’s life …leaving all those near and dear to him in shock  …without  answers.

Yet in spite of the absence of a cure, The ALS Association stood in the  gap for my Brother and his family in a mighty way, demonstrating a meritorious generosity …doing so upon an exemplary unselfish stage …supporting  and sustaining the unalienable spirit and quality of my brother’s life at a level and in a manner which may only be described  as being reflective of the  genuine spirit of love.

And so,  in memory of their innumerous efforts’ and examples of public service, I am here to join so many others whose like experience cause us all to join together to form  an outpouring of a special type of continuing  opportunity …one which  renews The ALS Association’s  lively and active  seeds which they sow into the lives of those they serve …seeds of life and seeds of hope.

You may not know this, but ALS continues to take the lives of  no less than two in every 100,000 individuals annually.

Yet, The ALS Association remains resolute as an enduring foundation …the single greatest  source  of  hope which is engaged in a relentless  research effort to find a cure while also …at the same time privind  continuous comfort and relief to those in great need of such scarce means of broad support.

Yet, The ALS Association  remains to fulfill these  great needs and to swing the battle to the gate …fully commited to this enormous  task  for whatever time it takes …until this battle is over and won.

However, until then, and  …in order to sustain its efforts; each year …The ALS Association sanctions a series of  local, community-based fund raisers …affectionately known as  “…The Walk to Defeat ALS.”

In particular, since it is the case that my brother lived and worked in the Kansas City area …I would like to ask you to specifically consider, in some small way …lending your support to this year’s Kansas City Walk which is set for  Saturday, September 28th at Kauffman Stadium starting at 10:30 A..M.

Even if you are unwilling or unable to contribute; I welcome all of your thoughts and prayers  knowing that every consideration will go far in helping to loosen ALS’s death grips upon all of the lives of those it affects.

In keeping, and by all means available, I compassionately urge you to consider joining  my family and friends in support of the ALS’s relentless fight by honoring my  brother Bob’s Team  …Band for Bob Landman with your generosity.

To actively participate or just follow the team’s status, please visit, join and contribute generously through any one of my Brother Bob Landman’s team members listed at:|utmccn=(direct)|utmcmd=(none)&__utmv=-&__utmk=76595285

Thank you for patiently considering this …my personal request.

I can not add anything to cause you to more fully understand what I have seen the ALS Association do in support of my brother’s life and his family’s well being.

I merely know that my brother  and his family’s lives  and spirits (mine not withstanding) have been  enriched  in so many ways for reason as to  how The ALS Association strives to make a world of difference in the lives of all those to whom they so generously pour out their resources.

And in this unconditional kind and manner, again …I thank you for your time in consideration the nature of my personal plea for your generous help in this matter.

All the best,

Bill Landman


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