The Consequences for Whom War Is Good


War costs.


War costs money …lots of it …!


No, I am not being facetious.


Speaking for Mr. Obvious, as it were …yes, of course; every one knows that.


But what difference does that make now …now that Americans have had more than plenty of opportunity to know that American law makers don’t give a second thought to spending money that even the next few generations don’t have to spend …let alone, what money that this generation has managed to scrape together …setting it aside for what will not be even close enough to what will be needed to enjoy even the least marginalized retirement.


However,Washington’s policies and power hungry politics have paved the way and given nothing but a green light to what all will usher in the onset of an inevitable tidal wave of inflation which is both heading and accelerating this way …with or without the any of the inevitable affects of increased demand if economic recovery were ever to accelerate.


Ah yes, but all concern for the oncoming landfall of any inflationary tsunamis aside, the current American mind-set has just about proven resolute in one fatally flawed aspect, that of disbelief.


As a matter of highlighting what this denial’s surprise is like; remember this popularized phrase?


It can’t happen here. It can’t happen here!


Believe me the surprise which turns to haste is no more than an encounter which embraces blame and shame. And being no more of a solution than that which ushered in haste in the first place …is also that which will continue in haste to hide it in further plausible deniability.


That’s right, admit nothing, deny everything while making false counter accusations …all of which further exacerbates a certain elevated level of haste …like grasping at straws.


In this state,Americahas sunk to its most vulnerable level of uncertainty.


So don’t think that it can’t happen here.


Believe me, this level of uncertainty can slip lower …especially as long as American disbelief continues to encourage the pervasive current standard practices of printing and spending monies it doesn’t have.


This in not to forget to include a mention as to how public policy and over-regulation has grown out the cost of big government …while at the same time, also wreaking havoc on environments which would have …could have …and should have been more organically concerned with sharpening a focused intent upon all things which would have …should have …and could have fostered atmosphere’s which would have …should have   …and could have otherwise built out a spirit of confidence which would have …should have …and could have stimulated economic growth in a more organic, business-friendly climate.


Be that as it may …unfortunately, this administration’s focus has proven to be rather the more business punitive in both policy and practice.


In keeping with denial, the administration leads with blame, but shamefully will not admit to having been little more than a whipping cracker.


Just ask any local Chamber of Commerce member and they will agree; It can happen here …for it already has happened here for much …if not all of the last five years.


However, with what precious little time is left to right the ship and turn it around; “It can’t happen here;” is merely an empty phrase which …by itself is not enough to keep the ship from sinking altogether below the waves …as it heads for a watery grave.


America hangs by a single thread in the balance in this one regard, and does so tenuously by a measure of confidence …only as long as the U.S. Dollar can enjoy its dollar’s status …that as the reserve currency of the world …a domain whose shadow’s boundary is that which the administration seems in principal …primarily hell-bent on challenging to the brink of destruction …both in principal and purpose …in swift pursuit of abject failure …both now and long into the future.






Dude! On what planet do you live?


Let me speak of the one on which I live.


I live on a planet and in a land where in which the American delusional and irresponsible spirit has all but empowered a fantasy which resembles anything but reality. In pushing this dream-like delusion as workable, American leadership has all but sold outAmerica.


But every coin has two faces, andAmericashares its responsibility with its leadership.


And having bought into what is still leading by lies …the delusion of the American dream is an unhealthy and unholy fantasy …one which is becoming more of a delusion than reality.


Furthermore, in all honesty …this lie is one which has led by building a mindset like a pied piper …made, shaped and formed in a manner in which America has become all too comfortable in turning its cheek time after time to embrace every hasty way possible to pursue the most unsavory hasty means of escapism in the wake of a slack stewardship which has altogether avoided more viable means of sustaining responsible economic health.


Now, in that same …yet escalating spirit of haste, America is being asked to swallow still more excuses prior to engaging in the pursuit of still more costly defeatist foreign policies …those without an endgame in sight. I would call this frivolity, but that definition is too short-sighted.


America knows …even if Her leadership won’t admit it; that the paths down which She has been led have allowed Her to avoid both Her true capacity as well as the responsibility of carrying Her fair share of what should have resulted in a more healthy prudent fiscal and lighter monetary burden …crafting such by accepting more responsibility.


In short,Americahas fallen tragically short of Her full capacities …and instead, for no good reason …public servants have become primarily preoccupied within full pursuit of partisan priorities.


Instead, at every turn,Americahas now become habitually more inclined to characteristically seek polarizing quick/hastily patched together stop-gap fixes …the result of one deadlocked impasse after another.


Washingtonlegislators which were sent to seek out solutions have become the greater portion of the problem.


They have erred and are out of order more often than not…returning to their vomit-filled tables …only to seek more means by which to engage …yet, an air of escapism persists.


As such doing the responsible thing has become difficult, if not altogether impossible.


Now, an atmosphere of unavoidable NON-Solution prevails having persisted now for some time as a cloud which hangs over a drunken binge. As such, a manifest spirit of denial has managed to cause Washington’s tables to become full of vomit …a quagmire whose continued lack of due diligence has passed up many greater opportunities of private strength and wealth-building opportunities.


InsteadWashingtonis now learning the woeful economic lessons of Opportunity Costs having avoided much greater opportunities which would have …which could have ….which should have resulted in building institutions of strength rather than breaking them.


Instead, Washington’s administration has pursued deliberate paths of weakness through poor public policies and intentional inflationary monetary schemes whose solutions have been to merely, single-mindedly, doggedly allow, foster, encourage and embrace less …not more broader possibilities for more robust and organic (private-sector) solutions.


Such is reminiscent of wishing in one hand and pooping in the other.


Such manners are akin to a two-faced disingenuous friend, but with such a friend; who needs an enemy?


Instead, harmful public policy …is continuing to turn a blind eye to what organically produces growth, namely the private sector.


Non-the-less, law makers have become obsessed with compulsions which merely seek to take (AND I DO MEAN TAKE) take and leverage every political opportunity (photo opps not withstanding) to place still heavier burdens upon the shoulders of the private sector. It would seem as if, no inconvenience has been deemed too small to thwart the opportunities and possibilities which would have …which could have ….and which also, should have encouraged confident organic growth …the likes of which must NEEDS come from free market capitalism …PRIVATE OWNERSHIP.


Continuing to avoid such is doing the greater harm in terms of a practice which otherwise has done nothing but its best to marginalize the potential of the private sector’s real-time present-tense solutions …where the seed-life of real hope and change live.


Yes, war costs, but the real costs of dealing with war in the same manner MAY HAVE A REAL-TIME greater final IMPACT …this time.


This war thing just may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.


No one wishes to usher in such a possible end-game’s final impact, but continuing along in the same general direction has grown nothing but a cumulative aggregate …the harm of which is a sum that has formed what may likely become “…The Perfect Storm …” one built and set up from a long-standing growing lack of a more responsible set of cohesively fiscal and monetary policies …those also mated with more workable efficient and cost effective prudent public policy not withstanding.


Until leadership wakes up to swing the battle to this gate   …all of these aforementioned sets of policies which have been doing their share to add INCREMENTALLY to the likelihood of that Perfect Storm …will do no more …nor no less than to continue to erode international confidence in the green back.


Therefore, it is vital to note, that by continuing to seek the softest way out under any condition …the national mindset which augustly turns to embrace lies in every circumstance will eventually run out of time, hope, ally and every opportunity honestly sought to make changes which are affordable …those which support our freedoms’Liberty.


In engaging in either acts of war or all-out commitment to full warfare …America is seeking to write a check nobody wants to pay …save for those who will benefit from the game; “LET’S YOU AND HIM FIGHT.”


Therefore, I ask; “Is war …limited or not …the straw which will break the camel’s back?


Ask the Russians.


Ask the multinational bank …those who form the greatest portion and interest in The Federal Reserve System.


Lastly, ask the members-players who have their life and movement within the defense complex.


Have you ever played the game, LET’S YOU AND HIM FIGHT?


Go ask mister obvious about the emotions at play …those which war against the Law of the Mind …those which war against the members of my five senses.


Where logic and reason fail, go ask the man behind the curtain about what’s at stake.


I doubt that if you could find an audience, he …or she would give you an answer beyond an answer.


What difference does it make now, anyway?


That’s the mindset which offersAmericano obvious answer.


But truth be told, the answers are abundantly apparent; are they not?


Yes, war costs, but it is our collective, blind-eyed, aggregate mind-set …and our collective willing suspension of disbelief that War will not cost us more that we can afford.


After all, we areAmericathe land of the brave …the home of the free.


What will war or its war-like acts costs …all loss of life not withstanding?

In departing from the American mindset’s current politically correct assumptions; such which WILL COSTAMERICAMORE …moving still further away all forms of prudence.


The world’s dependency upon the U.S. Dollar as THE world currency of reserve will NOT SO much longer suffer a weak and failing currency to remain the world’s standard …THE FRIVALITY OF WAR NOT WITHSTANDING.


War? Huh? What is it good for?


Absolutely nothing …!


Cept’n-less you’re the undertaker …


“Game on …?” ; …or, “…Game off …?”Americahas lost its spirit of freedom already, AS GONE ARE ITS WAYS AND MEANS without responsible public, fiscal and monetary policies.


These are not working …none the least of which are working together in uniformity.


All things must work together for good to rise …first here at home if good is …with any means exemplary …to be extended afterwards …and exported abroad.


Ask any baker how bread rises and he will tell you what is kneaded.


Pardon the pun, but …just sayin …


In keeping though, with the bread we do not have for domestic successes; things abroad may be working to conspire against hope and change here on the home front; and as such …America is not losing it …America has lost it altogether already.


If LBJ were alive today, he would point to a failed legacy, wherein which waging a war on poverty while fighting one in Asia just do not make good economic domestic outcomes.


However, no history of war will ever serve well enough to drive this understanding home.


Yet, some things are worth fighting for.


However,Americais not merely an emotional rag-doll nor a puppet in some kind of a game on a string.


God forbid that “…We the People …” should ever be made to be such …a puppet in a spectacle show some third party just happened to cook up to upset our apple cart.


Above all, God forbid that “…We the People …” should ever come to be unwittingly made the unwilling subject of an obsequious …unscrupulous third-party’s ploys which seeks to draw us like captives into watching the horrors of such a game show …as if we could justify and allow ourselves to become …merely “…the emotionally played audience …” of such a fake, well-scripted game show …one where the winners are the hidden un-named producers and their anonymous sponsors.


America! Come on down …! Let’s make a deal …!?


Are you willing to be played …?


Want to trade your world reserve currency status for what’s behind door number three?


I have to ask myself though; “…Is it worth it?”


America has already shown a propensity to be currently suffering from a deadly illness, namely delusion …having watched to much TV, listened to too many political speeches and fed too many lies …those which predominantly have manifestly placed the priority of party above public service.


The world is not so naïve.


However, the world is extremely emotional.


Therefore, the world is so easily drawn away.


Yet, in war, there are no winners; only losers …save perhaps a handful ofRussiaoligarchs just to name a single indifferent lot.


Good luck playing …or, paying the pain of ….The Price Is Right?


Best first ask the man behind the curtain; “…What’s My Line …?”




What is it good for?!


Who is it good for?


What difference does it make now …!?


You ought to think about these questions.


The answers are not getting any easier to avoid …the consequences not withstanding …not even for Hillary’s successor.


Now, successor …now there is an oxymoron if ever there was one.


I guess that it will never be enough to expect more if the blind are given to lead the blind hoping for different and better consequences.


War then is insanity, but then; go figure.


What difference does it make now?


Maybe, the difference might be in the successor to the thrown of Obamaland …!


Imagine that …!


Kerryland …huh …!?


I must admit; it does have a certain catchy RING to it, no …!?


Sort of like; “…I did not have sexual relations with that woman …”


RING …RING …RING …! Hello!


At any rate, war most certainly has consequences.


Just don’t get laid …err; I mean, just don’t get played in the process.




What is in a ring anyway …? Consequences?


What are those to a liberal anyway?


What difference does it make now anyway …!?




What Is …IS?


Yes, such should have a certain Ringing in your ears.


They are called consequences and they are unavoidable.

Meditate on that the next time you are hit with tinnitus.

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