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Wednesday, July 09, 2014


Superficially Misguided by Moving What’s on the Surface?

What is Lucrative is not Measured in Disappointments, but Rather Blame

I am disappointed by the erroneous deceit of the media’s misplaced focus upon domestic violence within the ranks of the NFL …those whose highlights have taken all aback by storm …almost with a shock-and-awe scale which has charted a righteous path through all their means ways which have ushered American viewers into the private lives of some of the leagues most famous star warriors’ and their family lives …and this sells. Very well, but it also serves as a smoke screen and a sidetrack to serve as an excuse for the NFL’s organizations’ head offices to turn a blind eye …on any number of its greater responsibilities upon any of its stages at any number of levels.

However, while the level of domestic abuse may only be a symptom of one of the NFL’s many stages ; it is far a field from the root cause …one which lies sight unseen …as one which remains well out of sight …covered up by a deeply seated marginalized cause whose mention has been intentionally avoided in deliberate policies of utter denial.

So what cause is it that actually lies beneath the surface of the media’s focus? In order to get to this symptom which is actually feeding and nourishing the media’s misplaced liberal castigations’ focus …I choose to look with more scrutiny at the character of what more accurately would better explain a well-orchestrated self-serving ploy, a diversion …one which …for that matter …could, would and should otherwise (if dug up and were to be exposed) would expose a script which more than might …should best serve public interest by swinging and swaying public outrage to a more righteous cardinal position and posture …up-righted to true north …uprightly and forthrightly perpendicular where a truly course more accurately must needs be a viewed as ….what is up? So, then …if it were not for the overarching reason of the profit motive and huge sum of revenues which flow to and fro between The NFL, major media and their lucrative sports networks’ domains …their sponsors not withstanding …the public’s view might see the NFL’s roots exposed in a deeper level …soil stained with the near blind-eyed, unspoken practice which has promoted and rewarded both the use and the abuse of performance enhancing anabolic steroids.

With this in mind, not more than four years ago, I submitted a post on MLB’s substance abuse practices. My post is available and may be read by visiting the address which follows at the end of this paragraph. The post highlights MLB management’s symbiotic (mutually beneficial ) relationship in so far as how doping was driving interests to turn a blind eye for the purpose of harvesting and enhancing gate revenues and attendance.


And for this same reason, today again …that which (in like fashion) remains likewise hidden and obscured from public scrutiny …the NFL may need to rethink some, if not a good number of its approach to its substance abuse policies and practices.

For this reason, I am equally incensed with the league’s (Roger Goodell’s) rather lame response to these closely covered incidences which have flavored this year’s season’s stew …as if Mel Brooks couldn’t have spiced it with any more self-serving interest …as when he portrayed the governor, in his movie, Blazing Saddles, saying; “…

…Harrumph …harrumph …harrumph …!!!”

But for a deeper and a far more revealing serious look into this conflicted profit driven motive, I stand and ask; why not make a strong unified call for a comprehensive look into league-wide comprehensive substance abuse policies and practices …one which, from standardized, cohesive and multidimensional levels of oversight …for the purposes of thereby providing and delivering a highly measurable degree of oversight and accountability which …could …which would and which should provide thorough and a consistent abundently enforceable means of delivering stark consequences that would stand and answer the manifest, unchecked, widespread abuses associated with the rampant practiced use of anabolic steroids.

These habitual norms have risen (if not altogether encouraged and fostered) in a blind-eyed culture which, all too long …has evidently fostered, covered up and added to what has stood to lift their various organizations’ competitive platforms to stellar heights. Steroid use now may be at the center of what their organization have come to rely upon in order to enjoy a more certain cemented firm institutional pedestal’s foundation of success. Therefore, it is upon the nature of this cultures’ character which is become under attack …not just their warriors families. So, who is responsible for those which have been forced onto these environment’s playing fields? The media …or those who man their front office and to whom they answer?

Any narrow media focus such as has been misleading the public thus far, in my mind’s eye …has fallen woefully short of getting a handhold on the deep roots of this symptom’s cause.

So, why continue (on the surface) to treat the symptom rather than the cause?

Shouldn’t the media be willing to dig down deeper to reach at getting a grip on the cause rather than merely gawk and gaff at the symptom.

Rubber-necking never helped to avoid getting at what would make a dangerous intersection’s transit to   enter.

To place this matter into a wider and more fitting cultural perspective …one which pertains to an indictment of any dysfunctional leadership culture which believes it is above and beyond question; I would like to call Washington on the carpet for the purpose of exposing a need for campaign finance reform.  

As with The NFL’s head office interests, what serves the head is not necessary what serves the body …let alone their players’ family members.

Martyring the warriors of the game’s playing field will not stop simply by making Roger Goodell out to be a scapegoat.

This is why I believe this NFL problem is Misguided. Why? Due diligence has been as lacking in the NFL as it has in Washington …namely as in regard to campaign finance reform; it is counter intuitive.

The rules which stand to serve in everyone’s interests are only as good as the practice of their due diligence and the measure of oversight’s accountability. Such an ounce of diligence is the veritable resulting pound of cure …the fruit of such if only willfully intentioned to lead at all levels equally  capable of furnishing, delivering and sustaining accountability at each level.

Otherwise, misguided and wondering “Why…?” these smokescreens and mirrors will always serve to rapidly advantage and propel a mere select few far more forward than those gladiators who must play and pay down on the field in a “…no-holds-barred…” disadvantaged environment where fair play is in no ways the norm fostered …nor desired.

So, on the surface …the paradox is the façade.


If only I had a dollar for every time I was asked to chip in by the politicians who have my address and phone number.

In the mean time, the media’s hype will always sell the bleeding heart’s appeal …the one which goes no deeper than the one on  the surface.

After all, why would the media bite their clients …the hands who feed them?

Are you being served?

Whose got your back’s better interest at heart?

Feel free that Washington is doing its best for you?

Who is causing you to play on a crooked playing field?

Have you paid your fair share?

Chipped in lately?

I rest my case and call.

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