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Sunday, November 23, 2014




On Overweight Landings




Walking Away from the Hard Ones


(…or getting a second chance.)



Nothing says it better than getting it right the first time …particularly with respect to landing an aircraft safely.


However, even in failure …there is something to say of “…second attempts” particularly with respect to efforts which are purposed to lead to improvements.



In this light, Boeing’s definition of what constitutes an Overweight Landing condition and their SOP’s policies and procedures which address this inadvertent condition are contained in five pages of considerations in so far as they pertain to Aviation Safety. In the following well presented context of their SOPs, Boeing cites the FAA’s documented guidelines and regulations in their treatment on this subject and in so doing, raises a level of respect that stresses safety within the context of its aircrafts’ well known design imitations. For this example of Boeing’s respect for safety, take a look at this link.




Below is another link of a Google search in which I used the following search parameters:  


“Overweight Landing”




Ok, so next …on a lark’s whim; I substituted that search’s criteria with a nearly similar yet, distinctly different set of search parameters using:



“Hard Landing.”






Among this search’s returns, there is a particularly interesting YouTube video’s which illustrates and conveys these points of limits and safety rather explicitly.





Also, among the second search, I found the following Wikipedia treatment of this Hard Landing’s term.





It was here that I found what offers a variety of reasons that make for an insightful view of what conditions set up the highest probabilities which, when are strung together …COMBINE; resulting in what invariably winds up producing Hard Landings.


It was at this point in my searches that I found myself asking; Is America being incrementally being strung along in such a like manner?


To determine this, one must have both eyes open and be politically impartial   in order to say.


Nevertheless, the facts are hard to deny without first having a clear and accurate perspective …such as with the design limits of one’s aircraft …otherwise, one might as well be flying blindly.


I surmise that flying blind would not necessarily be as difficult as flying deaf, dumb and ignorant as to any aircraft’s particular safe operating limits.


For I know that there actually are well trained pilots who fly quite well blind, but they are anything but stupid …let alone  deaf and dumb.


However, if anything …both the FAA and the NTSA’s crash and accident records speak to one thing; there are bold pilots and there are bold pilots, but there are not too many Old-Bold pilots.

In other words, stupid kills.


However, if given the choice why would anyone wish to remain blind …then how much more so would one wish to remain so …also deaf and ignorant?


Yet the dumb know better …but chose to remain so in spite of knowing   better and the wiser choices and options which are given them freely.


Yet, for pride and the insanity of the limits a small box, they remain pinned fast, limited by the demons of their own making …flying in circles …going no where quickly …squawking like a chicken with their heads cut off.


Even the trained blind do not fly by blind faith, so why follow those who have eyes yet refuse to see?


Then who are those who would chose the stupid over following the blind who know better?


Chose the stupid once, well …ok? Continue therein …? Really…!


I rather think not…especially when one has been given to understand the consequences of dumb choices …ones strung together …one right after another …ones altogether lacking in both knowledge and wisdom …ones which have multiple track records of negative and unrecoverable consequences.




The above was taken from the returned results of a Google search which used the search parameters; Hard Landing. Note the good number of references which pertain to economics.


Consider then, these metaphors which apply to both economics as well as aviation. Thus, it shouldn’t be too far a field from one’s imagination to see how they apply as the nation has just barely managed to marginally stumble through the 2007-2008 economic meltdown like a pack of misguided drunken sailors.


Having said that, I must ask if our nation’s National (+17 trillion dollar) Debt …which is likely to eclipse 21 Trillion under the Obama Administration, if it constitutes a blatant disregard for flying blind …let alone deaf and dumb.


Notice, I say deaf and dumb …deliberately omitting the use of STUPID …for, in ignorance …I believe it is impossible to make excuses for this administration, for it is beyond my imagination to accept …let alone fathom that the Obama administration was oblivious and unaware to the detrimental crippling affects of the debt and its resultant annual debt load …the ancillary interest payments on which our nation’s credit worthiness rests in the balance in real time …which is a present-tense case beyond grammar


As such …the present tense carries …and it carries the weight of this administrations blame and shame in which it has done noting of significance to speak of save to divide a nation for the selfish and greedy purposes that have elevated partisanship above God and Country.


Therefore, I pose this question.


Does this present tense not continue to beg the question that; if ignorance is not the case, then what good purpose does continuing to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear do in and with respect to the voice of a nation which has voiced its will against illegal immigration?


Since when does  Presidential privilege extend  so far as to license Presidential over-reach to extend and threaten  the valor of the Office’s decorum?  Since when does a nation seek to  justify  illegitimately excesses  beyond the design limitations of  the Constitution? How is it become vogue to turn a blind eye on and validate such patronizing illegal attempts to stain  the founders leading interpretations’ respect  for the  balance of power?


And  since when is  one’s own private  interpretation so heavy that it may be allowed unfettered to tread beyond  and above the due diligence for that which  a more prudent order of restraint was ordained to establish an intended  provision of  the necessary and crucial   oversights  which also  needs must  strictly apply  equally to  stand protected …cherished in devotion to endure untarnished …defined by the ideals which know only the  limits of freedom’s expressions which also apply to protect and  define the boundaries of  even a simple Executive Order?


Is any above the law …the law which God …according to our forefathers …wrote on our hearts?


We should know better without having to beg to ask.


Yet, I declare; I don’t know. That is above my pay grade by several orders of magnitude.


But I do know nonsense when I step in it.


And, I also know what a duck looks like …walks and sounds like. And if this lame duck has demonstrated anything consistently, it is that his essence is more prone to continue along a path in which he has made himself as emperor-like as he possibly can.




So comfortable is he become in dolling out blame and shame in one over-step and lack of oversight after another, that …in terms of responsibility, nothing seems to stick to his feathers but shame and blame.


So be it so much so, that …he has become the monarch of his own pompas rhetoric’s making.


How can the use of the private whims which have white-washed as “Executive Orders” possibly resemble anything other that unhealthy wanton displays of child-like disregards for our nation’s fiscal well being and security?


His arguments totally overlook the fiscal impacts upon our nation’s economic fabric.


The answer is; they can’t be taken seriously …not with any credence which stands up to a valid constitutional test.


Instead, his flimsy misguided convictions are evidence enough that he is not for us …but rather …altogether anti American?


The spiritual adage which says; “…and you shall know them by their fruit…” stands well enough to scream and beg for a more true and honest discernment ….


…and if discernment, then …also judgment …


…and if judgment …then lastly but not least of which “…We the People…” must stand up and cry out. We must all make calls which stand to demand a unified decree of injustice …if not merely an ounce of a more certain preservative’s prevention!


For such a decree is that which also begs for swift justice and adjudication therein to extricate such from the body of which it is hell bent in producing deliberate harm.


In this manner, at the last Mid-Term election’s cycle, the Americans voice clearly stood to serve as such a strong call. In fact, it is more than obviously clear that the people’s will desires and longs for the proverbial ounce of prevention; knowing that a pound of cure …is that which is one at long last, sorely well overdue.


Should we not on this wise stand and deliver?


God forbid that we should not succumb to a submissive weakness.


For, it such is not soon prudently administered judiciously …in this nation’s current environment and condition …in this world of hurt, we shall (in the near terms …in the not too distant future tense) we will most certainly needs be made to brace ourselves and offspring once more for …not only an overweight landing fraught with excessive debt …but a hard landing …one whose management we’ve merely compounded.


That one …is the one of our own making …or should I say; …of our own breaking …one beyond the point of no return …one from which no one will walk away whole.


Let all therefore embrace what makes for due diligence. Let all refuse to turn a blind eye when oversight is calling is gone wanting of such a lacking due diligence. Pray for those who shamefully lacking in and without accountability. Encourage those whose will it is to stand against abject tyranny, for what little will can and will HOPE be left in common to cling to …save for blame and same if “…We the People…” are not willing ourselves to make the call and thereafter …stand behind those whom speak on our behalves?


Let us therefore, grasp at every reasonable, viable and efficient effectual solution …taking every opportunity to work frugally to recover our nation out of the hands of those who lie in wait to enter into baseless excuses to defraud, those which waste and the abuse precious entrusted resources …only to make for an environment in which still more have arisen in due diligence’s absence.


Let us all join in to do so that we may always walk safely away from such obvious wanton abusive harms and their mindless ways and means.


And above all …having done all we may possibly do to secure the order of our   nation’s fiscal security …LET US BE THANKFUL AT THIS SEASON OF THANKSGIVING that we have more in common which unites us than that which separates us …our freedoms and rights to pursue happiness not withstanding …for the time being.


For if we do ALL THESE THINGS above, all other things will have a better chance to fall into place organically …naturally for the good of all.


So, I would like to encourage all to ask our elected representatives …to get Big Government out of the way …in every manner which is prudently possible.


My father always lectured me …encouraging me to take stock of both my strengths and weaknesses.


And as is with any good competitive sports team, a good offensive plan is only as good as a good defensive plan.


For this sake, I offer this in perspective of whatever reason makes for healthy and balanced execution with respect to all our nation’s matters …no matter how hard and impossible the task …no matter how heavy and pressing the burden may seem.


Let the daunting heavy tasks of lifting our nation begin.


But let us run with endurance that we may obtain …that we may finish the race which has been set before us so that we may obtain a good report.


Let us therefore not only consider what has made for the strengths of our nation …let us fiercely and painfully take stock of what also most assuredly may more than likely will promise to make for its weakness and ultimate demise.


And I pray that God may grant us the spirit of wisdom, truth and strength of character in the spirit of the truth in which all our Lady Liberty’s freedoms reside and rest …to turn, to face and to embrace Her Spirit’s reason, knowledge and truth within an understanding whose borders of good prudence safeguards our nation’s health in terms of Her conditions’ limits.


We, in other words must not exceed her limits and boundaries.


To embark upon such a selfish path under any pretense, even and especially within the context of the privilege of so-called Executive Orders is akin a destructive nature and guided by a spirit of political suicide …one which lacks courage, conviction, depth of vision and overall …smacks of cowardice.


Is this always the case …the underlying motive which guides suicide?


Regardless, discernment is called for when great destruction is imminent.


So, in any case …I pray this before we embark any further down a path of continuing woe …down the erroneous path of hurt lead by our delusions which have too long be fed by emotions whipped up by greedy partisan Washington crackers.


I pray that our nation’s leadership instead may be strengthened and embolden to stand equipped and prepared firmly consider the nation’s more pressing convictions best sets of obligations before us in what aptly stands more reasonably capable and more promising best practices …those which will swiftly lift and enable one another …as individuals to rise first …so that many others who follow may also continue in the light of a united and unimpeded, richly rewarding   legacy of independence …one more worth leaving behind.


After all, divided we may never get another opportunity to leave anything behind at all if we cannot manage to walk away safely.


Let us all strive to make this nation’s craft and one another’s pursuits as whole today as we found them yesterday …in the way of our forefathers’ intentions as when they first landed here years ago.


I wish you a Happy, Healthy and a Joyous Thanksgiving



All the best!





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